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Shadows in the Rain

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Big Dick

As I stand naked looking outside through the patio door at the light rain coming down I am somewhere lost in my own thoughts. I am quietly brought back to this world by light rustling sounds of clothes sliding down a body to the floor. I smile to myself knowing that you are near and have been watching me enjoy the first warm rains of spring. My thoughts and hearing now intense on your presence, I wonder how long you will stand there and watch me. Will you come near and touch me with that velvet magic touch of yours…I take in a deep breath remembering previous lovemaking. A warm shiver runs through my body. I love the way you make love to me. You can be so sweet and gentle, and then so teasingly erotic. You drive me wild with anticipation, not knowing how you will bring us both to our pleasure.

I hear you move stealthfully behind me…not really sneaking, but just quietly as if assessing the situation, trying to make a decision of some sort. I can feel the heat radiating from your body caressing my cooler skin. The warmth from you causes tingling sensation to run up and down my spine…or maybe it is really the anticipation of your loving touch. Your fingers gently glide around my waist meeting and my stomach where I feel your fingers gently caressing my skin with the slightest of movements. Darling you feel so good I cannot help but lean back into your warmth and embrace. The warm blood in your hardened shaft is almost burning my cooler lower back. I shiver, but not from being cold.

Your hands glide down my hips to my rear and I feel you squeeze my cheeks pulling them apart enough to slip your rock hard shaft between them and up against my most hidden and sensitive of parts. I can feel you cock pulsing against my tender lips. Each beat of you heart is causing your cock to lightly stimulate me. My insides are lightly tingling and I can feel the lightest of cooling breeze between my legs as my honeyed dew begins to flow out over my lips and onto your hot throbbing cock. Do you feel me becoming wet at your lightest touch my Love? Can you tell that just having you stand this close to me in this intimate manner is driving me wild?

My breathing immediately picks up as your hands simultaneously move. One hand moving to my breasts and the other down my abdomen to, to,… I gasp at the feel of your fingers touching my wet hardened clit. I separate my feet slightly to allow you easier access to my nether region. It feels so good to have you touch me. My nipples have hardened to tight little rose colored buds not much larger than peas. And each caress from your fingers over and around my nipples causes them to ache even more to be touch and squeezed, and even bitten. My head and back arch back unconsciously. Oh, I ache so. I cannot stand it much longer, the stroking of my lower lips and clit by your other hand is causing my breathing to quicken to almost a pant and each time I exhale it is in the form of a moan. You have me wound up like a toy top Darling just on the verge of spinning off. Each stroke of you fingers is tightening me even more. I groan with deeper pleasure as I can start to feel the building pulses of my climax not too far off.

But Sweetheart this is not how I envisioned our interlude together as I stood alone only illegal bahis moments ago watching the rain, waiting for you to find me. The rain would feel so good caressing us. I gently pull away without a word, only touching your hand with mine. I open the patio door, knowing you will follow like wisps of smoke follow a candle’s flame. Follow me darling. Let me cause you to burn like you have been doing for me. I want to taste the rain against your warm skin.

Once we are both outside I lean into you trying to totally eliminate any space between us. I want us to be totally flesh to flesh as we kiss. I love the feel of my hands on your face and chest. I love the feel of you flesh beneath my fingertips…and tongue… I gently pull from our kiss and nibble love bites over your chin and down your neck to your collarbone. I run my tongue along the protruding bones from one side to the other just enjoying the taste of you mixed with the light sprinkles that seem to do nothing to cool our heat. My mouth continues to work its way down your body making sure to stop at your nipples for some not so tender suckling and nibbles. Now that your nipples are drawn tight into the same taught buds you left mine in I am willing to continue my loving adventure down your body. Are you ticklish my Love? My tongue and light nibbles drift down your abdomen following the hair line beneath your belly button until I reach my destination. I pull away momentarily just to enjoy how beautiful you are. I reach up to touch your balls and cock ever so lightly memorizing you not only by sight, but also by feel. I love the way your flesh tightens up around your balls, bringing them tight against your body. My lips and tongue now follow where my fingers have been.

I lick your shaft from the base to the very tip tasting your precum and smiling at myself as I continue to bring you to a boil. I can feel your shaft enlarge even more beneath the constant stroking of my tongue and mouth as I apply quicker more intense strokes over your shaft. I continue to bring you in my mouth wrapping my tongue around your shaft flicking the tip of my tongue over the crown of your head. Over and over again I continue my loving flicks of my tongue, sucking from my mouth, and light nibbles from my teeth. I thought I heard quiet sounds coming from you as I feel your thighs begin to tense beneath my hands. Are you enjoying this my Love? With my hands around your shaft and balls stroking you at the same time I continue to suck on your cock more intensely now as I feel how engorged your shaft has become within my mouth. I hear you tell me you are going to cum.

“Do it Baby”, I murmur between bobbing movements over your shaft. “Cum, Darling.”

I can feel you tighten beneath my touch and taste the first stream of your salty cum as you begin your climax. You pull away from my mouth just enough to allow the next stream of cum to squirt over my breasts. I continue to stroke your shaft with my hands knowing you need this to truly enjoy the final bursts of your orgasm. We both watch as your cock continues to spews forth cum on my chest and stomach. Your knees give way for the slightest moment, and I lean into you to keep you upright until your equilibrium has returned.

I gently pull you toward illegal bahis siteleri me guiding your head toward my breasts hoping you will take some into your mouth so I can kiss you deeply and taste you totally at once. Mmmm what an erotic thought.

You whisper something wonderful in my ear about being your main course…shivers roll through my body again partly from your breath so close to my ear, but partly from anticipation as well.

You slipped away and brought back some blankets so we could enjoy the evening’s light warm rain all around us and lightly misting upon us. We lay down on the blankets you brought out and enjoy the feel of one another’s bodies. You have rolled me over on my back and I feel your messaging caress move ever closer toward the apex between my thighs, but stopping short and moving away. I moan in frustration. You now replace your mouth where your hands once were. Caressing my flesh with your tongue and lips now only this time I am hoping you will not stop.

I whisper to you, “Please don’t stop short” as you nibble and lick your way up my sensitive thighs.

My breath catches and stops for a few seconds at the touch of your mouth upon my clit. It is only the warm stroking and sucking that brings my breath back or maybe it is just time. Oh, I cannot express how good you feel between my legs Sweetheart. You have started some sort of rhythm with your lovemaking and my breathing falls in line with your strokes and sucking. My body is not my own, you have somehow taken control of it. You make demands and I have no choice but respond. I can feel various levels of tingling sensations coming from my nether regions because of touch. The tingles move all of the way out to my fingertips and toes. I am building too fast, I am going to cum soon. My female juices flow in response to your demands. Even my hips seem to be making slight bucking movements in response to your loving. Darling, my climax is building, can you feel it, I am close? Or do you already know by my whimpers and moans of pleasure? Please don’t stop darling, it feels so good.

I moan in frustration with the movement of your warm wet mouth away from my pussy, arching up wondering where you are going. Your mouth captures mine in a deep kiss that allows me to taste myself as you position yourself above me waiting for me to grant you entrance into my wet warm pussy. Surely you do not think I would want this to stop? I lift up arching my back and pull you fully, deeply into me in one swift movement, almost surprising us both. I hold you there deep within my, and I know you can feel me close around you now. Still holding onto your buttocks not allowing you to withdraw, I pull you into me a little more and lifting my hips, grinding my very swollen clit into your pelvis bone. It feels ever so good to have you so fully in me stretching me at the same time I am using my muscles to tighten and relax around your shaft…almost toying with you…no honestly toying with you…just as you did with me earlier. Teasing you, letting you know two can play this game. Can I feel your swollen head pulsing and enlarging within me or is that just my imagination?

We have not said a word to one another during this time I have held you captive deep within me, canlı bahis siteleri pulsing my muscles around your shaft, but I can tell by the tightening in your jaw, you are coming to your limit. Without a word, your eyes demand me to release you, and I know I am in for it now. My insides purr with delight. Putting on my brightest smile, I glide my fingernails up from you buttocks up your back lightly scratching your skin with my nails the whole way. I wonder if you can hear my thoughts hissing at you for being so naughty earlier. (You know I hate to lose even at the game of pleasure.) And at the same time trying to figure out where I need to hold on, as I know I will need a good grip now. I can see the intensity in your eyes. This is not going to be a slow lovemaking session. There is too much electricity now.

My smile widens with delight.

Resting your weight on the other hand, the fingertips of your strong hand glide down my entire upper body starting at my chin, down over one of my nipples where you lightly flick a nail over the very top which causes me to arch up into you with pleasure. I feel you letting me know who is really in charge here, my body shudders with delight. Your fingertips continue to move down past my breast and over to my rib cage where your hands mold around my side and you lightly squeeze forcing my breath out just for a moment. Your fingers continue to slide down to my protruding hip bone and then back beneath my buttocks where I feel you flex you hand open for a moment just like a cat before gripping my behind and squeezing none too lightly guiding my leg up around your waist. Your hand seems to be mocking me. My nails hissed at you, but you have turned this around. My mind flashes back to you teasing me between my legs. You have done it again.

You have me pinned.

You have me wet.

And you have me wanting.

And you have all the control again.

I smile.

Returning my smile you begin to move within me. We both know this is going to be good. Each stroke of yours full and deep, slow at first and very deliberate. I tighten my insides around you; loving the friction you are causing and wanting to pleasure you more as well. Your pace quickens, and I feel I am at the edge of my climax.

“Love me baby…”

“Fill me with your hot cum.”

I feel your thrust become even harder as you pin me to the blanket covered patio. I know you are close as well. Your have enlarged within me just as I have swollen even more around you. The friction is so tight… My nails dig into your back, my legs slipping from around your waist, and my hips arch lifting both of us off the patio as the intensity of the first waive of my climax grips me. Your thrusts continue deep within me as my waves of pleasure continue. I know you have been holding back waiting for the first signs of my climax. My lifting us both seemed to be what you needed.

I feel your hot cum squirting within me only an instant after I hear your intense groan. I wrap my legs back around you and hold you close as I continue to feel you move within me only now you are not in control. This somehow pleases me. I like being able to make you lose control… even if it is just for a few moments.

I just now notice that we are both wet not only from the lovemaking but also from the rain that shifted sometime during our interlude. The rain actually feels wonderful caressing my warm flesh as I am locked in your embrace.

I smile to myself wondering what is for dessert.

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