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Sexy Lexie

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*Tuesday Night- 12:30 AM*

Alex came home late from a meeting. His daughter Lexie would be asleep…or should be. Alex’s room was on the back side of the house, leading out to the pool. Alex was so tired, he undressed down to his boxers without turning the light on. On his way to have one last cigarette, movement in the hot tub caught his eye.

Lexie was in the hot tub with the lights on low, completely naked, her long white blond hair was soaked, her expression was of pure pleasure. Alex’s eyes first looked at her breasts. They were small but high and firm with small pale pink nipples. She had a flat stomach, her skin lightly tanned. Alex couldn’t see her bottom half, her hips barely rose out of the water. He didn’t need to see the rest of her to know what she was doing. Her right hand was between her legs, the other was holding onto the side of the tub. Carefully, Alex opened a window and was able to hear Lexie moaning.

Alex decided to sit and enjoy the show less than ten feet away from him: his 19-year-old daughter pleasuring herself. He pulled his boxers off and sat in his office chair, slowly stroking his cock, moving with Lexie. His breath caught as she swirled her hips and gasped loudly.

When she came, she let out a continuous moan, riding hard against her fingers. She shuddered and gave herself a few minutes before getting out and going to her room. Alex put on his robe, walked to Lexie’s room and knocked.

“Come in,” Lexie said. She wore a baggy Bob Marley t-shirt, combing out her hair.

“Hey sweetie,” Alex said, moving to sit on the bed with her, “Have a late night swim?”

“Oh yeah it was so relaxing. It’s great in the hot tub, too. The jets are amazing.”

I bet, Alex thought, smirking, “I’ll let you go to bed, baby.”

“Before you go, could you hand me one of my sleeping pills? I didn’t take it yet.”

Lexie had a mild case of insomnia, she’d taken prescription sleeping pills since she was 17. They knocked her out for at least mofos porno 6 hours. Many naughty ideas passed through Alex’s mind as he picked out a pill and handed it to Lexie. She thanked him and took it with a few sips of water.

Alex waited. The time it took for the pill to kick in was 45 minutes. He took a shower, had a drink and a cigarette before walking back to Lexie’s room naked. Her shirt was off, her body covered only by the thin sheet. Alex touched her arm, checking if she was asleep. When she didn’t respond, he rolled her onto her back. She didn’t so much as flinch. Alex pulled the sheet off, exposing her nude body. He took in the amazing sight before him. She was shaved completely, Alex was excited to see. He reached out and touched her lips. The only change was her hard nipples, her body reacting to his touch. His hands went up to her breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze. He lowered his mouth to her left nipple and sucked it in, pushing a finger into her. Alex knew she wasn’t a virgin. After a pregnancy scare at 17, she asked to be put on the pill.

Alex moved his mouth down to her pussy, swirling his tongue around to get her wet. His cock was painfully hard. Looking down at his daughter, Alex spread her legs wide. He played with her lips with his tip before plunging deep into her. He groaned, unable to suppress it any longer. She was so tight and warm. He was thrusting in and out slowly, groaning with each in-thrust.

*Wednesday Morning – 10:30 AM*

Alex woke in his bed to the smell of coffee and bacon. He walked down to the kitchen to see Lexie cooking, wearing her Bob Marley shirt and gray short shorts, her hair messy. Alex had fucked her twice the night before and was aching for her again.

“Morning, Daddy,” Lexie said, standing up on tip-toe to kiss his cheek. Along with coffee and bacon, she’d made eggs. While eating, Alex accidentally dropped his fork. He bent down under the table to pick it up and was delighted with what he saw. naughty america porno Lexie sat Indian style on the chair, her shorts were a bit baggy and gave him a clear view of her pussy, no panties. Alex resisted the urge to crawl across the floor to her and continued with his food.

“Do you work today?” Lexie asked.

Alex nodded, “For a few hours, not all night. I should be home by 10.”

*Wednesday Night – 9 PM*

Alex lied about being home late. He called Lexie at 8 and told her not to wait up. At 9, he pulled into the garage and rushed up to Lexie’s room. She was sound asleep, naked again. Alex took his time. He’d learned the night before that she would orgasm even while sleeping. He fondled her breasts and pussy, obviously arousing her. He ate her out and felt her come. He tried different positions. Laying behind her holding her leg up. On the edge of the bed twice, once on her stomach and once on her back.

* 5am*

Alex woke to Lexie shaking him.

“Can I stay with you?” She asked.

He nodded, forgetting he was naked. Lexie giggled when she saw

“It’s night like you haven’t seen a naked man, sweetie,” Alex joked.

“Yeah…but I haven’t seen you naked. But I Guess it’s only fair. You’ve seen me naked.”

“You were only a baby, though. You grew up.”

“So…would you like to see me now?” She asked politely, a playful smile on her lips.

Alex smiled, then quoted her, “‘It’s only fair’.”

Lexie sat up and pulled off her skimpy nightie. Alex stared down at her breasts and grinned.

“Like what you see?” Lexie asked, pulling the covers down to her thighs, showing him her pussy.

“Absolutely,” Alex said. His hand connected with her left breast. Lexie closed her eyes and let her father touch her. His warm mouth covered her right nipple and he sucked on it. His hand moved down and her legs parted for him.

“Isn’t this much better with me awake?” Lexie asked as he slid his public agent porno fingers into her.

Alex didn’t stop but asked, “How did you know?”

“I planned it all out. I called the office to she when you left the the other night. Luckily, I made it to the hot tub just in time. I Wanted you to see me,” she gasped when his mouth came in contact with her very wet lips, “I set up a video camera so I could watch you having your way with me.”

“I’m glad you did. This is much better,” he tongued her pussy violently making Lexie moan loudly. After she came, he moved up to continue.

“Wait,” Lexie stopped him, “Lets do it in the hot tub. I’ve always wanted to do it in there.”

“Great idea, baby,” Alex kissed her, then lead her outside. With Lexie facing away from him, Alex slid easily into her. She was soon trembling, pushing back to meet his thrusts, telling him to do her harder. He obeyed, slamming his hips against her and sending her into a loud orgasm. Lexie wasn’t about to leave her Daddy unsatisfied. Alex sat back in the tub seat and Lexie rode him until he came.

*Thursday Morning – 9 AM* Alex woke very pleasantly. The covers were thrown back, Lexie was sucking him hard. He smiled and watched her. Once he was hard, she climbed up and sat on his lap. Alex let her do the work. She gasped when he reached up and pinched her nipples

“Oh, Daddy,” She moaned, “That feels so good.”

“Go harder, baby,” Alex encouraged, grabbing her hips and helping her. He loved hearing her moan and watch her squirm. She came hard and rolled off him, breathing hard.

“It just keeps getting better,” she sighed, ” Come on…I’ll make breakfast.”

Totally naked, Lexie made pancakes and fresh orange juice. Alex watched, smoking a cigarette at the island. Lexie hopped up on the bar in front of him and put a leg on each shoulder.

“Eat me,” She demanded, leaning back on her elbows.

Alex wasted no time, plunging his tongue into her pussy. She wiggled her hips and encouraged him.

“Suck harder, Daddy! Right there!” She shrieked, “Oh yeah…fuck!”

He gave her pussy a little kiss before backing off. They ate breakfast together, occasionally touching each other. They shared a shower and a quickie before Alex dressed for work.

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