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Sexual Sacrifice Pt. 03

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All at once, time began. The woman I had just used as a cum depository continued her stumble, and the water too regained its momentum. The water unfortunately landed in my lap, as there was no way to avoid it without arousing some suspicions. I feigned surprise, quickly standing and grabbing the hand towel they provided with the utensils. I quickly dabbed at the water, forgoing the use of my powers in such an open space. The waitress ended up catching herself on the table, a look of severe confusion on her face.

I saw her hand reach toward her stomach, likely due to the large amount of cum inside of her. Her head quickly snapped toward me, and she spoke hurriedly, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I can be such a klutz.” She took another hand towel from a nearby table and moved to help wipe away some of the water on the table and chair. I used what remained of my towel to aid her, all the while keeping an eye on how she acted.

I wasn’t sure if she was going to act like the other woman from yesterday, but she seemed herself as far as I could tell. Who was that woman anyway? Why did she call me master? I had stopped wiping at that point, and the waitress was wiping the seat when I noticed a few of the men in the room staring past me toward the woman’s ass. Looking back at the waitress, I could clearly see her panties underneath the uniform skirt. Looking back at the guys who were checking her out, I decided I would make it a little fun.

In my head, I thought of a few conditions for this magic. I put a curse on all of these ogling men, that if they stared at a woman in such a way for too long, their dicks would shrink in length by 1 inch each time. If their dicks would go inside of them, they simply change and form a vagina. The only way out of this curse? Get fucked by one of the other men currently drooling over this woman. I was not overly territorial in my affections, but all those years of being hated for my sexual orientation by brainless men like this had left me with a bit of a vindictive streak.

Eventually, I was able to return to my seat, and the waitress excused herself to get me another water. While the waitress walked away, I could see quite a few of the men suddenly jerk a bit, and grow very still. Over the course of the next few minutes, they all went to the bathroom, and came out with very ghostly faces. Serves them right.

My stomach eventually had enough of waiting, and growled for what felt like an eternity. I was able to order food when the waitress came back, and it was luckily not a long wait. While I was enjoying my food, I received a text from my sister, who was stuck at home waiting for my mom to finish this week up at work. “Hows it going across the pond? Hope your not stinking up the place before we even get the chance to move in!”

I could tell that she was being playful, so I quickly responded with a smile on my face. “Its alright I guess, the food is good, the women are fine, and time is on my side. I think you’ll like it more than you think.”

After eating the rest of my food, I got up, and felt around my pockets. Shit! I had forgotten my wallet. It then dawned on me, that I have these powers for just such an occasion. I motioned toward the waitress when I was able to get her attention, and she swiftly made her way to me. I could see her walking slightly funny, which I assumed to be a product of the fucking we had done while time was stopped. When she finally got up to marks head bobbers porno me, I used some small magic to influence her thoughts. While I was doing this, I was able to see what she was thinking. “What is going on with me? I could have sworn that I was not this full, I didn’t even eat breakfast.” I quickly put the thoughts in her head. The first was that I was undoubtedly the love of her life. The second was that if we touch, she will orgasm at my mental cues. The third, was that she would always refer to me as master. I was curious if these would hold, and she seemed to be processing the information, as a weird expression was on her face.

I noticed a ring on her left hand, which made me realize she was married. Then without skipping a beat, she spoke “Hey master, how can I help you?” The look on her face was as genuine as I could have imagined, and her thoughts resembled her exterior. I could feel the necklace heating up a bit, like a dull heat on my sternum. Answering the waitress, “Yes I was just wondering if the owner is here?”

A moment passed while she thought, and then she quickly shook her head yes. “He is here everyday, and mainly sits in his office in the back.” I responded with a smile on my face, “Great! I’ll need to see him right away.” She quickly nodded, and then began to walk away toward the back, and I followed. The office was through the kitchen and down a short hallway. At the end of the hallway was a closed door, with a sign next to it signifying the title of the owner. As the waitress went to open the door, I stopped her, putting a hand on her shoulder. She immediately stopped, and turned around. I could see her shiver as she closed her eyes, moving in toward me. I brought her in, and began whispering in her ear.

Me: “You wanna tell me why your wearing another man’s ring?”

She immediately scrambled to pull it off, throwing it in the trash near the door. “I don’t know what came over me, I don’t know why I was wearing it!”

Me: “How many kids do you have?”

Waitress: “None, I am unable to have any.” A solemn expression crossed her face, which made me feel a bit guilty. “I hope you’ll still love me.”

Deciding what I would do, I reached past the Waitress, and opened the door. I walked in with confidence, and startled the owner at his desk. Not intentionally, but a byproduct of my swift entrance. He was an attractive guy, who was around the same age as the waitress. He quickly spoke up, “Honey, who is this?” His expression was wary, and guarded. I looked at the waitress and nodded, and then shut the door, and turned the latch locking it. Thankfully there were no windows in the room, so it was fully sealed to unwanted eyes.

Waitress: “Oh! This is the love of my life, I don’t actually know his name, but as soon as I saw him, I knew there was no one else. Love, this is my fiance, the owner.” The waitress spoke in a cheery voice, with a big smile on her face.

I turned around and greeted him. I then moved to the seat in front of his desk, and took a seat. I quickly reached into the waitress’s mind, and grabbed both her and her fiance’s names. Alexis and Marioni were the names respectively. Marioni was a childhood friend turned lover, with a sad case of impotency. His dick was above average in length, and his body was fairly fit. Alexis had fairly large tits, and a very smack-able ass. Her hair was a dark brown, with massage porno light green eyes. She was not supermodel thin, but had enough on her to provide quite the curves.

Marioni just seemed to look on in raw confusion, his expression changing from many different things consistently. “This is a joke right? You two are pranking me yes?” I quickly chuckled and spoke up, “This is no joke, I will be taking Alexis to live with me, and you will remain here. We will have many children, and you will provide me with funds with which to live. Does that sound reasonable?”

The room was silent for a moment, until Alexis spoke up, “Oh, I have always wanted to have kids! You should take the deal Mari, it sounds perfect!” Marioni looked at her, and then me, a form of anger and disgust forming on his face. “You come in here to tell me you are taking my fiance, and then you have the balls to say I will pay you to do it!?” This brought a smile to my face, as I leaned forward toward him. “It seems like you understand! Now if you don’t mind, I would like to get a head start on those children she wants, so i’ll need you to clear off your desk.”

As I said this, I was implanting thoughts into his head. The first was that I should be referred to as master, followed by an insatiable lust to see his childhood love screwed in front of him. The final thought, was that any order I gave him, he would follow. As I finished the implanting of thoughts, He stood up, and started shoving things into drawers, and swiping things onto the floor to make room. Alexis moved over to the table, and started removing her clothes. Again her body became on display, this time animated with the passage of time.

Alexis sat on the desk, leaning back onto her elbows and spreading her legs in the air. A look of passion was clear on her face as the bulge growing in Marioni’s pants. I saw him pull his pant’s down, and quickly begin jerking his erect cock. I moved over to Alexis, taking my own clothing off as I did. While I was doing so, I began molding my body with magic, increasing my dick size to around 8 inches, and increasing the girth proportionately. I molded fit dense muscle onto my frame, and decided to give myself an extra inch or two in height. I could feel the necklace burning at my skin, without actually causing any harm.

I moved up to Alexis, and pulled her by the ass to the edge of the desk. I took one of my hands and drug it down her stomach, barely touching her skin. I could see goosebumps form in a wave across her body as I moved closer to her pussy. I moved my finger around her pussy lips, teasing her as she pushed her hips toward me. “I need to be fucked! I need that huge dick inside of me.” she moaned, her Italian accent adding to the sensuality of the event. I dropped down to a crouch, and sniffed her shaven pussy for the second time. That same distinct smell found my nose, and I could feel the blood coursing in my veins.

Like a wild animal in heat, she began to rock her hips toward my face, “Oh god please just touch me, I need to cum. I need to feel you on me baby, I want you so bad.” Without hesitation, I dove forward with my mouth, sucking on the area where her clit was. I could feel the hooded button, and began swirling my tongue around it, sucking on it in between strokes. Alexis had moved her legs around my head, bringing me close to her pussy, and keeping me from escaping. She also used her legs to help grind meet-suck and fuck porno her pussy against me. All the while Marioni was standing at the side of the desk, furiously jerking his dick, his hand almost a blur. I could see the veins on his chest and forearms bulging out at his intense physical efforts. It was not long before he began spurting onto the desk near alexis, moaning to himself.

I had not had much practice with giving oral to women, namely none, so I used my ingrained suggestion to make her cum repeatedly, and lapped up the squirting juices, ravishing her pussy for as much as I could get from it. while she had my head in a leg lock, I brought both hands up to her tits, grabbing and pulling at them, I focused on the nipples, twisting and pulling them out and away from her. All the while I was mentally cueing her to orgasm nonstop. Her moans were load, and her whole body seemed to shudder. Her head was pushing back, with her shoulders on the desk. Her back was arched as she continued to grind into my face.

Eventually, I was ready to fuck her, and fuck her hard. I stood up, my mouth dripping with Alexis’s pussy juices, and my dick pointing straight for her sopping wet lips. Marioni was still at the side of the desk, his dick half erect as he watched, eyes glazed over at his fiance. He was still slowly beating his cock, milking a few drops of cum from it.

I moved in toward Alexis, rubbing my dick along the fold of her pussy. Once I felt lubed up enough, I slowly pushed myself into her. I could feel the walls of her pussy gripping at me, pulling me deeper into her. I pushed a bit harder upon feeling that, and found myself buried to the hilt. She began to rock side to side, rotating her hips so that her clit would grind against my pelvis. I began to respond in kind, pulling in and out of her, watching her pussy lips clinging to my cock. I moved a hand to her shoulder, and grabbed the opposite knee, using them like handles as I picked up my pace. Her tits were bouncing back and forth, struggling to keep up with her. I began using my mental cues to make her orgasm with every thrust, which left her screaming in ecstasy, “Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me, ooooohhh yes. Cum inside me, cum inside me. Fill me up with that cock and finish inside me.”

This led me deeper and deeper still, speeding up my movements. I barely noticed Marioni was cumming again while Alexis was spraying juices on each out thrust. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls tighten up, and I pulled her in for one last thrust. I was sending as many cues as I could, and began my own orgasm. I could feel the cum moving through me, spurting out into her with the time of her convulsions. I could feel her insides milking me for all the cum I could produce.

Once I had finished cumming, I remained inside of her, enjoying the feeling of her pussy. I looked over at Marioni, who was still furiously beating his limp meat, unable to stop at the current sight. Taking a little pity on him, I told him to stop, and to clean his mess up. While he was doing that, I grew quite tired. Who knew sex was so much work. Trying to figure out what to do from here, I simply thought about going back to the rental house. I decided that walking was a waste, so I told Marioni that I would be back in the future and that he should provide as much money for me as he can when I return. He nodded, and continued his clean up. I told him to turn around, and continue his cleaning in one minute. I then willed both me and Alexis to be back at the house, and in the bed that would later become my sisters. We simply appeared in the bed, on top of the sheets, with me still inside of her. With the use of more magic, I could feel life flowing into my dick again, craving more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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