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Sex Island Ch. 04: The Bet

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Samuel’s days were now settling in a rhythm. He would wake up every day having slept naked with Mia. He was by now used to sleeping with his hands wrapped around Mia, clutching at her boobs. Quite often during the night, if he would feel an erection, he would safely wrap his dick inside Mia’s soft and warm tushy.

Then getting up, depending on his mood, he would either hit the weights or give Mia a passionate early morning fuck for exercise. Sweaty after the work out, he would go for a swim in the sea joined by the other guys. Coming back, he was sure to find breakfast ready and his clothes down to his underwear and socks neatly set out by Mia for him. Getting ready while counting the minutes left to get to work, Mia would then give him a blow-job as a send off, quite often while Sam groomed himself in front of the mirror or while having breakfast.

Joining work and the other guys in his office, Sam would then spend the breaks in between swapping stories about the girls they had fucked with the other guys. Many a times during lunch the guys would opt to go back for a quickie, quite often swapping spots with each other.

Wrapping up work around 4, the guys would now move back to their villas to change over. Dave had a habit of going over to the beach at sunset with Rose for a sunset sex session while Vlad had Abie on a fixed schedule of fucking and sucking (the poor girl did have it tough). Martin could quite often be found drilling Angela out in the open near his pool, letting out loud whoops to wake the neighbourhood.

Samuel too had set up a rhythm. Coming back from work he would let Mia undress him in front of the large beach facing windows. Then with his mouth he would slowly pull-down Mia’s panties and feed on her pussy. When sufficiently wet he would then ram her from behind with her boobs pressed flat against the open windows for the entire beach to admire. The show as he called it would continue for a good few minutes as Samuel fucked Mia in different positions all the while framed against the windows for the passers-by to appreciate with a hoot or a whistle.

The guys would quite often spend evenings with each other watching football or playing poker. The girls would sometimes join in making it a game of strip poker. Such nights would generally end in wild drunk orgies that Samuel could never remember the next day. He had been told by the other guys that when drunk, he would fuck like a bunny, grabbing anything and everything in the vicinity and proceeding to drill it.

Once as a joke, Martin had guided a drunk Samuel to fuck a large teddy with a fleshlight inserted and had recorded the whole thing on his mobile. The video of Samuel wildly tearing at the teddy and drilling it had been joked about heavily for quite a few days. It had been shared around the island and Samuel would often see absolute strangers smirking at him as he passed by. Harry too had joked that it would be unsafe for them to have a guy only drinking session. You’d never know when Sam would get wildly drunk and then proceed to ram a guy’s backside!

When alone, Samuel and Mia would spend passionate nights together as Mia taught Samuel different Kamasutra positions. All in all, Samuel felt life could not have been better.

After a few months however things were starting to feel a bit humdrum and repetitive. The guys though a close-knit group were isolated from the larger mining community.

The employees güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on the island were classed into three tiers. At the bottom tier and the most numerous were the workers who would actually go down to the mine to operate the machines. The workers were a tough lot who would stay in military style barracks near the mine. Though taken care of with adequate lodging and food facilities, the workers were known to have a covetous eye on the extra privileges showered on their supervisors.

There had been an incident Martin told Sam a good twenty years back, where the workers had slipped during the night into the residence of one of the supervisors that they detested, and roughed him up and kidnapped his companion. Taking her back to their barracks, the rough lot had then proceeded to gang rape the poor girl.

The crime was only known the next morning as the guy had been missed at work and was found to be tied up in his home, bruised heavily and injured. The girl too had been found much later in the bushes outside the barracks. Naked, bruised and with deep bite marks on her body, the girl had been ravaged as though by animals. When she had been treated, the girl had narrated that she had been fucked brutally by more men that she could count. They had tied her up with ropes and suspended her from the roof for guys to fuck and brutalize as they please. The rough fucking had knocked her unconscious and she could not remember any other details.

The repercussions had been massive, Martin told Sam with the furious management sacking every last worker. No legal case could be filed under the local law existing at that time but there had been rumours of vigilante style murders of a few of the known culprits by the supervisors.

A comprehensive review had then been carried out by the company administration. It had been felt that the gap in the privileges was undesirable and the new workers were now setup with better facilities. The company knew then, that they had to supply the physical needs of the workers and was since then operating a brothel for them to visit, when needed, near their barracks.

Known to be a rough place, the brothel had constant supervision by bouncers and you couldn’t be shy while going there. Any worker desiring a session had to stand and wait in line for the pussy booths where one by one they could go and release their load in front of the bouncer and the other guys waiting in line.

The pussy booth was effectively a hole in a wooden wall with leather curtains. Only the legs and pussies were visible for each girl to prevent the rough lot from biting or scratching at the boobs or slapping or scratching the face. One could just grab and fondle the boobs through the curtain while fucking the exposed pussy or ass. The pussy would more often than not be a flaccid piece having served up to 100 guys a day and liberally dripping with cum. Only the oldest and toughest hookers would agree to take up the job of serving in the whorehouse whose very floor would be coated with cum.

As an added measure the supervisor residences had been shifted to their present spot near the beach on the island. The supervisors were the second level in the hierarchy. A tough lot used to dealing with the workers, the supervisors had a life of relative luxury in a set of apartment blocks on the cliff behind the beach. Each flat and the accompanying lady however were shared by güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri upto 3 guys.

The last and the top tier on the island hierarchy were the senior managers, administrators and technical staff like Samuel and his gang. Setup in beach side villas with exclusive companions, the managers led a life of luxury with only the barest need to step into the actual mine.

The privileges lavished on this class were something that Sam now knew in explicit detail. Even among this class the geophysicists were among the youngest and most pampered lot owing to their specialist skills. Their only rivals were the minos, a bunch of 10 mining specialists specializing in mining engineering.

The two groups known as geos and minos had a running rivalry that Martin was more than happy to explain to Sam. There was a running feud between the two sides not to allow their companions to sleep with the other side which both sides would constantly try to breach.

A bet had been made after a drunken brawl at an office party that the group to score the maximum shots over the other side within the next year would have unrestrained access to fuck the companions of the losing team as they wish. As the companions were bound with their master’s choice on who to sleep with and any violent attempt was a strict no no, the only available method was to fool your way into fucking a maid on the other side. Score was duly kept and so far after 11 months, the two sides were tied at one successful attempt each.

The geos had scored when Martin had come to know of a nude masked party being organized by the other side. Grabbing the opportunity, when the minos were sufficiently drunk, Martin had slipped inside wearing a mask. In the ensuring orgy Martin had successfully drilled each of the 10 companions of the minos. With some guys going for DP and some girls for lesbian action, the breach was only known when they lined up the pussies to have a group pic fucking a pussy each. Realizing then that there was a dick too many, masks had been yanked off to reveal the culprit. Enraged though they were, an ecstatic Martin had been awarded the first point on the scorecard.

The minos though soon had their revenge. Realizing that Dave was in the habit of fucking Rose on the beach in the middle of the night, one of minos who most closely resembled Dave had crept into his villa on a dark and cloudy night. Gesturing Rose in the dark, he had led the poor girl to the beach to a round of deep fucking. As Dave, now got up to satisfy his midnight cravings, he was surprised to find Rose missing. Sensing the noise coming from the beach he flashed a torch only to find Rose getting a royal creampie from one of the minos.

Only a month was left for the competition to get over but Martin had come up with a plan to win the bet. Over a work break he had outlined to the others how Kevin, one of the minos was into the habit of creeping up and surprising his maid from behind. As Samuel closely resembled Kevin in physique, this was a golden opportunity. The plan was hatched and Sam was dispatched to Kevin’s place during the lunch break to do the deed. Marin and the other guys had setup a fake alert to ensure that the minos would be at their desk for this lunch break.

Samuel in the meantime reaching Kevin’s place, had stepped in quietly into his villa looking for Tina, his companion. After quietly going through the drawing güvenilir bahis şirketleri room and the bedrooms, Sam spotted Tina chopping up vegetables in the kitchen. Dressed in the trademark French maid uniform and stockings, Tina had her back to him and had not noticed him.

As Sam stood in the kitchen doorway, admiring her beautiful ass as she bent down to chop stuff on the kitchen table, he was pleasantly surprised to notice that she was wearing no panties. Her pink pussy was glistening between her legs. Feeling a massive erection coming up, Samuel quietly unzipped his pants and released his organ. Spitting in his hand and lubricating his dick, he then stepped quietly towards Tina’s exposed ass.

Coming really close to her and waiting for the right moment, Samuel aimed his dick at the exposed pussy and then with one quick move drilled his dick in the luscious pink lips. Surprised Tina let out an ooh of pleasure and dropped her knife. Then grabbing at Tina with his hands, Samuel clutched at her massive boobs and started pumping her wildly from behind.

Samuel realized that Tina was under the impression that it was Kevin fucking her as she let out sensual cooing noises of, “Oh my baby, fuck me harder. Go champ, go baby, drill me.”

Not one to break the mystery, Samuel continued to bang her from behind, drilling her with an ever-increasing intensity. He now started spanking Tina’s butt cheeks with one hand while pressing at her boobs with the other. Tina would let out loud screams every time he spanked her.

“More, spank me once more,” she would say.

After a good 10 minutes of intense drilling, Samuel could now feel his cock throbbing and ready to burst. So, grabbing Tina tightly, he jacked up the intensity till his cock burst and sprayed cum all inside Tina’s pussy. Driving in a few extra shoves to squeeze out the last bits of cum, Samuel now let out a loud aah of relief. Surprised at hearing the different voice, Tina spun back shocked to see that it was Samuel fucking her and not Kevin. Samuel’s cum was now slowly dribbling down Tina’s legs as she faced him and then looking behind him said, “Oh I am sorry Kevin, I thought it was you.”

Glancing behind, Samuel could see an irate Kevin glowering at him with his face red. Sensing trouble, Sam quickly jumped out of the open window where Martin and Dave were waiting for him having recorded the act on their mobiles as proof of their score. The trio jumped into the waiting golf cart and sped off with an irate Kevin chasing behind.

“That was great, man,” Martin chuckled giving Sam a high five as he sped away from the crime scene. “You drilled her nice and deep. Let me just send this video over to our mino friends. I’ll even get the wallpaper changed on all the TV’s to a shot of you giving Tina a creampie to rub it in. The IT guy is an old chum. Look forward to a pussy parade now guys. Some of those mino girls are smoking hot, better than any pornstar.”

One more month passed as the guys kept a close watch on their companions to foil any attempt by the other side. Attempts had been made to impersonate but the girls were already on alert and they had been foiled. And so, at the anniversary of the bet a party was duly held, where the minos accepted defeat and agreed to offer up their girls freely for the next one year.

Gracious in defeat, the geos too decided to only call up any girl when convenient for the respective mino to spare her. And all girls would together be only called in case the geos were planning an orgy. Acknowledging the gesture, the minos too declared that the geos would have a free pass to join in on any of their orgy nights. After all what’s a cock too many! And so, the bet ended on a happy note for both the parties.

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