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Seducing Mom Ch. 06

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I changed my mind on the way home and decided to stop by the house and call Kathy first, instead of just dropping in. Most of my thoughts centered on what mom and Sarah did with me. While it was very unique and emotionally intense, it was not something I ever wanted to repeat. When I got home, I had to throw a wet towel in the dryer since my work clothes had been there for days. I went upstairs and noticed five messages on the machine. The first was from Mom’s boss asking for mom or even me to call because he hadn’t heard anything from her in over a week. Then my boss, first pleading with me to come in Thursday (that day). The next message was from him to call whenever I got in and that he wanted me in earlier than scheduled Friday (8 instead of 11). Then was a message from Kathy that morning saying she her lawn really needed mowing and to call her when I got in. Finally, it was mom from about an hour before saying the Dr had decided to release grandma that day, that she’d be home Sunday, and to call when I got in. I called grandma’s, and she answered. We talked for a few minutes about my drive and the weather and then she handed the phone to mom. She took the phone upstairs as we talked casually, then in a lower voice she said. “Now that I’m upstairs with Sarah. We have to ask. Did you enjoy what we did?”

I could hear Sarah near the phone and guessed they were sharing it as I replied. “Oh yeah! It was great, but I don’t ever want to do that again.”

Sarah replied, “Don’t worry Joe. We won’t be repeating that. We both feel a bit guilty.” I could hear mom voicing agreement as Sarah went on. “We probably took things too far, but when Mary told about what you had said, and given my past experience, we decided you needed to know what it was like to be on the receiving end of this, to an extreme. Obviously, you can never share or even hint that we did this with anyone, ever. Mary and you can talk about it more when she gets back, but I would guess you are no longer going to view Mary here as an sexual object, right?” After I agreed, they went on telling about how they scrambled to clean up, air the upstairs out, do a bunch of laundry, clean the bathroom (Apparently my job wasn’t up to grandma’s standards!), do the dishes, and take a bunch of stuff to the cleaners; and all in a big hurry. They were trying to get grandma to relax at home and not try to move around much. Her insurance was paying for a medical attendant to come in twice a day and a physical therapist three times a week for eight weeks starting Monday; and they were getting valuables rounded up to each bring with them, so they weren’t stolen. Grandma had told them both in the hospital that day about a friend of hers who was robbed by home care people and while she wanted everything back once she was well again (Due to another, more serious, fall this never happened, and she wound up on home care for the rest of her life.), she wanted it all out of the house in the meantime. They went on to tell me that grandma had agreed to leave some of her costume jewelry around the house and other things that looked valuable, so we all could check and that’s what they were doing.

Then mom added, “By the way, when we were going through the house mom said if you wanted the bedroom set from upstairs for your apartment, she’d gladly give it to you, since it was in your grandfather’s family and it is rather ‘manly’. If you want it, we’ll need to rent a small U-Haul to get the suite. I think we can just get one roundtrip and take your bed there in it. We need a full-size bed upstairs at least though, if you get my drift…”

“Yes mom.” I replied. It was a cool bedroom suite, all dark walnut originally made in 1840 (When ‘family beds’ were much wider, albeit large; with a vanity/desk; but it has (I still have it!) the four-post, queen-sized bed (which my grandfather had personally modified with matching walnut); the large vanity, with two benches; a bureau with beveled mirror, a tall chest of drawers, and a large shrunk with shoe rack. When my grandfather modified the bed he also built matching walnut banister bookshelves. That would fix my up in style in my apartment! It still is a beautiful set to this day.

We hung up and I called Kathy. When she answered and we got through the ‘hellos’, she said. “Cindy is out of town. Another teacher submitted her retirement papers on the last day of classes for next year. The other teacher was scheduled to attend development classes over most of the summer, and the Superintendent decided since she is retiring at the end of next year, she won’t attend. Well, Cindy is gone for the next three weeks, someone else is going to another class after that, and I’m going at the end of July and first week of August.” After I responded she went on. “I know that Cindy draws a lot more attention from the men than I do, and she has even attracted men that were attracted to me in the past. We have an understanding about that now, and that is the foundation of our trust and relationship. submissive cuckolds porno Let’s face it, Cindy is hot, especially when compared to me and other women my age. Wouldn’t you agree?”

I thought to myself, she’s right. Cindy is VERY, VERY, hot. After a pause, and thinking about what mom, Sarah and I had just discussed during one of our breaks during the past few days, I answered, “Yes, she is very pretty, and I know she turns heads when she walks in a room; BUT don’t sell yourself short Kathy, you’re very pretty too. If other guys don’t see that, they’re missing out.”

She immediately replied, “Well thank you Joe. I needed to hear that right now. I was worried after you met, and enjoyed, Cindy you might not be interested in me.” After a short pause she added. “I’m going to the salon and then shopping. I REALLY need my lawn mowed. With all the rain we’ve had, it’s out of control. I’ll pay you extra, but if you can take care of it today, that would be great. Then, when I get home and you’re done, maybe we can get together. What time do you have to work tomorrow anyway?”

I said, “My manager changed my schedule for the rest of this week and I’m in every day at 8, instead of 11. He’s short staff and I’ll probably be working until 8 or 9 each night. The good news is that because they are 12-hour shifts, I’ll only work four days per week; unless we have more problems.”

She asked. “When is your mother coming back? Do you think she’d mind you ‘shacking up’ with me in the meantime?” After a pause, she added. “We can watch movies and just enjoy each other’s company. I’ll get some steaks to grill. If you have things to do at home, that’s OK too, just bring your stuff for tonight if you can.”

I replied. “I’m on my way and I’ll bring a change of clothes.”

“Great!” She replied and added. “I was just headed out the door when you called, so I’m leaving now. I’ll leave the garage open and I already got the gas can refilled. Oh, and that reminds me. Cindy left her keys here in hopes that you could cut her lawn too. I’ve been getting her paper and mail and her lawn is not as long, but she’ll need it done in the next few days.”

I looking out at our own backyard, as Kathy was talking, and was grateful I had mowed before leaving for grandma’s—it could wait a few more days. Then I answered. “Well I’ve got a compressed work schedule for the rest of the week. I’ll be going in at 8 in the morning, and getting off at 8 or nine each night. I may have to do it this afternoon, or it will be Monday or Tuesday before I can get to it.”

Kathy replied, “Well come over and start with my yard. It’s pretty hot and humid out there, but just in case you get mine done before I get home, I’ll write directions to her place. Go ahead and take my gas and ‘Weedeater ‘ (For the younger crowd: That was a new thing then, and despite those early models costing nearly $100, they didn’t feed automatically or by beating them on the ground. You had to manually pull the line out, but it sure beat clippers!).

I replied, “I’ll get my stuff and head over.” I looked at the clock and it was almost 2. I knew her yards took at least an hour and a half with trimming under good conditions, but her grass was long. Hopefully, I could get them both before it rained. We said our ‘good-byes’ and hung up. I changed into cut-offs and a T-shirt, grabbed my pair of nylon shorts that mom liked on me and another T-shirt, unpacked dirty clothes from my bag and repacked those with my bathroom stuff, and went downstairs to see how my uniforms were doing in the dryer. The wrinkles were mostly out, so I grabbed a set and packed them and took the rest to my room. I unloaded all the stuff mom sent me home with, loaded my bag and headed for Kathy’s. As I drove up, I saw her lawn. She had a few really thick spots, but it wasn’t that bad. I got her Weedeater out first and trimmed everything, since that usually took longer, especially with her privacy fence in back. I got the trimming done, front and back yards, in about 45 minutes. Then came the mowing! The lawn was worse than I thought and it was slow going. I had to use the bag, and had to empty and bag about every three rows. I filled five garbage bags with grass and it took well over an hour!

When I was finished, I went inside to get a soda, cool off a bit, and get her directions. There they were on the counter with Cindy’s keys. The note read, “Hey Joe, go ahead and mow Cindy’s place too. It’s not as big so it shouldn’t take as long. Just come back when you’re done. xoxoxo, Kathy” I looked at her clock, it was just after 4 and I was already tired, but I grabbed another soda and loaded my car with the Weedeater, extension cords and gas can. I followed the directions and after about 15 minutes, found Cindy’s house.

Thankfully, it was a smaller house and lot and the lawn wasn’t as long. However, I also noticed storm clouds moving in so I went to her garage to find the mower: It sex parties porno was electric and she had a bag. “Just great!” I said to myself as I pulled it out with her extension cord that had many taped spots, some with masking tape or duct tape! I made a mental note to bring electrical tape and talk to Cindy about this. She was a true blonde! I got everything out and started mowing. An elderly neighbor came over to check on me. I introduced myself and I told him her full name and that she had asked through Kathy (I gave her last name too.), that I mow her lawn. He confessed that he liked watching mow, and then told me to get moving because a storm was coming. Then he left. I finished mowing and trimming in about an hour or so, and it just started to rain as I was trimming in back. I put or packed everything up, got her mail, and went inside. It was just after 6 and I decided to snoop around for a few minutes. Naturally I went to her dressers.

When I opened the top drawer, I found a folded note, with my name on it! It read: “Dear Joe, I thought you might come looking in here if you mowed. Well feel free to look at my stuff. I did truly enjoy the other night and wish I were there now. You have a lot of energy and the potential to be a truly great lover with some teaching. Please don’t ignore Kathy while I’m gone. She’s really alone and sad right now and really needs company. We have another friend and we went to her place after we left your restaurant, and we told her about you. She is interested in meeting you too, but that is up to Kathy right now since I’m away. You’ll find Kathy to be a rather warm and passionate woman. She has a wild streak too, you’ll just have to find it, but please don’t ignore her. To make things easy, my private tapes are behind my shoe rack in my closet. Now go see Kathy! xoxoxo Cindy.” She even left a lipstick kiss.

I asked myself, “How did she know I’d look here?” Then I looked at her bras and panties. She had them in two separate drawers. Her panties were medium (size 5-6), and her bra sizes were either 38-DDD or 40-DD! Like I said in Ch. 04, she had big tits! After some self-debate, I decided to take her letter. I figured since she took the time to write it and place it there—knowing I’d snoop—I ought to do her the courtesy of knowing I looked when she got home! I decided to not snoop further, locked up, and headed out. A heavy thunderstorm had settled in and it was raining hard. It started to hail on the way back, and as I pulled into Kathy’s driveway the emergency signal broke on the radio and the storm sirens started outside—a tornado warning! I saw Kathy as she opened her front door and frantically waved me in. I grabbed my bag and dashed for her door.

“Get in her Joe!” She yelled over the storm. As I got inside she asked, “Didn’t you see the clouds? Were you listening to the radio?” After I shrugged, she said. “We need to get downstairs.” After we got to her basement she went on. “Call it the mom in me, but I was getting worried about you. This is a really nasty storm that formed up this afternoon.” She motioned toward a black and white TV she had in her laundry room and added. “It should clear in the next hour or so. In the meantime, we’ll stay down here. Did you finish at Cindy’s?”

I replied, “I just finished trimming as it started raining. I put everything up and got her mail. I grabbed a soda and headed this way. That’s when it started really storming, but there was nothing on the radio until I pulled up and the sirens started.”

She went to her dryer, got a towel out, and handed it to me saying. “Well thank goodness you’re OK. I was getting worried. There’s a shower in the bathroom over there, if you’d like to clean up.” She motioned to the bathroom. I knew I was sweaty and probably stunk. I took my bag to the bathroom and took my clothes off and got in the shower. Of course, the power went out as I was all lathered up, but Kathy cam in with a flashlight and said. “Here you go, I’ll keep the light on.” I rinsed, got out and dried off, as she watched and murmured. “Mmmm, mmmm, you’ve got a great body!” As I was dressing, she said. “Well, if it doesn’t clear up we can’t grill, and if the power doesn’t come back on I can’t even broil the steaks and we won’t be able to watch movies.” As we stepped out of the bathroom she told me, “I got you some surprises Joe. I hope you have a VCR at home.” I nodded (VCRs were new then too, and expensive.) and she went on. “I stopped by the adult store and got you a surprise for later, if the power ever comes back on.” She had candles lit in her laundry room and we talked a bit about Sue and then we embraced and started kissing. After a few minutes we were kissing heavily and grinding against each other and she whispered, “Joe, you’re driving me crazy right now, but there’s nothing we can do down here.”

I replied, “We can do something if you want.”

She stopped kissing and asked, “What can we do down here? I’m tempted to spankbang porno just take you upstairs to my bed, but the sirens are still going off.” We kissed again as I started unbuttoning her blouse. She was pulling my shirt up as we continued to kiss and undress each other. As I undid her bra, I bent down and started licking and sucking her erect nipples. I could feel her lace panties getting wet as she ground against me and started moaning. I was naked and started pulling her panties down as she asked, “Do we need to go upstairs now, because I don’t think we can do much more here?”

I answered, “We can do it here, and I want you now. Just lift up and wrap your legs around my chest. I’ll help you up” She raised one leg as I grabbed her firm ass and pulled her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist tightly and put her arms around my neck as we kissed. I told her, “Now you’ll have to reach around and guide me inside you.” She reached around and guided into her wet and waiting pussy. “Now just start flexing your hips and I’ll help you up and down.”

It was awkward at first, but Kathy quickly got the hang of it as her moaning turned to screaming. “Oh yes Joe! Yes! This feels so damn good. I’ve wanted you so bad and I want you all night.” We kissed between her yells and moans and within minutes she was cumming. She squirted down my legs as she yelled out. “OH GOD YES!” Moments later the power came back on. I was getting tired and close and as she was building again I came deep inside her. She came again just as I finished cumming. We kissed softly as she got down and said, “That was incredible Joe! Now we both need a shower.” She grabbed another towel and we went back into her bathroom. We kissed and caressed each other as we showered. Once we got out, we got dressed again and she flipped on the news. The storms had passed and the sirens were off. We blew out the candles and headed upstairs. It was still raining, so she put the steaks in the broiler as we kissed in the kitchen. We talked over dinner, cleaned the dishes, and went to the living room.

After a few minutes of watching TV and kissing, she said. “I’m going to get your surprises now.” She got up and went to her room. She was in there for a few minutes and came out wearing a black satin robe and black stockings. She was holding another robe and a tape as she said. “These is a matching set. I hope you like it.” She handed me the tape and outfit as she opened her robe, exposing the stockings, sheer panties with a patent leather front panel, and a sheer bra with patent leather cups. “Go put yours on, so I can see it. I’ll load the tape.” I went to her room, stripped and put the underwear on. They were black, with a patent leather front panel too. The robe was satin like hers and went to my hips. I walked back out and she said, “OK, let me see.” I opened my robe and showed her as she walked over and let her robe hit the floor saying. “The best part about these is that these come off.” She grabbed her patent leather bra cups and pulled them. I could hear the Velcro snapping as she removed them exposing her breasts. We both pulled the front panel of our underpants at the same time. Mine exposed my growing cock and hers exposed her pussy. It was pretty cool. We kissed for a bit as she led me to her bedroom. When we got in there, she said. “I want to ride you again Joe.” I laid down and she got on top. We kissed and ground against each other for a few minutes and then my cock found it’s way inside her. Within minutes she was cumming and she quickly got into a chain of orgasms as I kegelled and held mine in. We fucked for about an hour, I’d guess, before I finally couldn’t hold back anymore. I exploded deep inside her and yelled her name as I came. As I was recovering, she was starting to cum again and the phone rang.

As I was getting hard again, Kathy continued fucking me, but her pace slowed, as she reached for the phone. “Hello?” she answered almost out of breath. “Oh hi Cindy…Yes, he’s here and yes he did mow your lawn right before the storms started…I was worried about him, but he got here OK. In fact, you called as we were getting ready for another round.” She giggled as they talked. She stopped grinding, but stayed on top of me as she described what we did in her basement. Then she looked at me, handed me the phone, and said. “Cindy wants to talk to you as we fuck again. She’s playing with herself in her hotel room and needs our help.”

I took the phone and answered. “Hello Joe. From the sounds of things, I can see you’re taking good care of Kathy. She deserves it. I wish I was there, but Kathy needs one-on-one time with you.” Kathy was speeding her pace up and starting to moan as I was getting hard inside her. Cindy started to moan as she said. “Oh yes, I can hear Kathy. Talk to me baby! I’m rubbing my clit, squeezing my hard nipples, and getting wet. You’ve got to help me cum with you two. Does Kathy feel good?”

Kathy was getting louder as I replied to Cindy. “Oh yes, she feels really good right now. She’s still riding me and I think she’s getting close.” Kathy leaned down to kiss me and tell Cindy she missed her. As I felt Kathy’s muscles contracting around my cock as she started screaming out again, I told Cindy. “Kathy is getting really close. She feels so good riding me. I love this position.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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