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Seduced by his Student

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Teaching at a University has its advantages, especially for a dirty old man like me. Yeah, I know what you’re going to say, I’m not really a dirty old man, I’m just an over sexed, erotically inclined man who knows how to seduce and treat a woman. Of course you would be correct, as the women I have seduced can attest to. But just the same, when it comes to the relatively young twenty year old sorority girls that wear realllllly short skirts, tight shirts and thong panties that peak over the top of their micro shorts, I do classify as a dirty old man. I mean really, I have kids older than these girls, and to be honest, as much as I might have a passing lust for them, they don’t know, or don’t care, that I exist except for the material I teach and the grade that I give them for their work. That is the way I thought it was, until the semester Amber was in my class.

There are a few rules to being a professor. Teach well, always leave yourself in a defensible position on how you grade and act, and never ever, ever, mess around with a student. That last one will get your ass fired faster than anything else. So to that end, I enjoyed the teasing dress of the girls I had in my classes, and on occasion thought (outside of class) what it might be like to undress one or two. But that is where it stayed, just idle fantasy. This semester looked to be about the same. Not a lot of girls take the courses I teach, comprising only about fifteen or so out of the hundred students signed up.

The first few weeks of class were normal, the students spread around the lecture hall, many sitting in the back and a small portion sitting toward the front. It’s usually easy to tell the first day which students will excel and which will just scrape by. I can frequently tell the first day just by where they choose to sit. The back row is there to get it over with, mine being a required course, and the ones in the front row are anxious to excel. The ones in the middle will usually do well, and tend to be more easy going. I rarely have the chance to memorize all the names of my students, having a bad memory for that kind of thing anyway, so a class roster with pictures makes a big difference for me.

It’s not unusual for the class to shuffle around from day to day, but in general the ones in the back stay in the back, and the ones in the front the first day stay toward the front. So on the fourth Wednesday of lecture I was checking my roster to see who the young lady was that seemed to be bucking that trend. Each day she had been moving forward, one row at a time, until here she was, sitting in the front row. My roster listed her as Amber, and boy was she cute. Brown hair slightly longer than shoulder length, brown eyes, cute smile, almost perfectly proportioned face with a perky little nose, and oh yeah… petite body with a killer set of C cup breasts, barely hidden by her black and white striped tube top. Her legs were long and slender and looked pretty sexy in the pair of sandals that had ties that wound up her legs a third of the way to her absolutely tiny white skirt. Yeah, there was no doubt that this one would be the target of a few wet dreams.

I did my best to keep my eyes off of her during lecture, not because I didn’t want to look, but because each time I did she distracted the hell out of me. The first time I looked she was leaning forward with her pencil rubbing back and forth across one breast, and teasing her nipple until it showed obviously through her top. The second time she was sitting with her legs spread and it was easy to see the pink of her panties up under the incredibly short skirt. After that I did everything I could to keep my eyes off of her and repress the hardon growing in my pants. I hoped that I was able to maintain my composure enough that the rest of the class didn’t notice how distracted she made me feel and it was a relief when she got up and walked out with the rest of the class.

Friday came and I wondered if Amber would still be so….provocative. I got my answer as soon as I walked into the room. She sat in the front row wearing a white button down sun dress that seemed to hug her slim form and large breasts. I went about getting ready for lecture, trying not to look and get too distracted, while at the same time trying hard to sneak peeks. I got my lecture started and glanced her direction, almost losing my train of thought as I watched her fingers undo the top most button of the sun dress. I collected my thoughts and continued with my lecture, periodically looking over to see the buttons slowly being undone, one every few minutes.

The lecture was almost over, and her dress had been undone nearly to her waist, allowing a long triangle of well tanned skin to be exposed to my view, along with part of her smooth breasts and the valley between them. It was all I could do to not stare open mouthed as she slid her hand inside her dress. Her eyes locked with mine, and my eyes darted to her hand as it stroked inside escort bostancı her unbuttoned dress and down over her round breast, her wrist pushing the material aside as she continued down to her stomach, the gapping material giving me an incredibly quick glimpse of her whole breast before she slid her hand out and allowed the material to move back against her body once again.

I shook away the thoughts that were surging into my head and tried my best to sound coherent as I suddenly announced a pop quiz. The class groaned in unison, all except for Amber who smiled knowingly. I turned and wrote a quick question on the board and turned back to the class, by which time the dress had been neatly buttoned back to the bottom of Amber’s breasts.

I watched the class dig for paper and prepare to write an answer to the question, Amber included, her dress gaping open and giving me a view of her entire hanging breast. I stood at the lectern and watched her as she wrote on her paper, an answer that was far too long to merely be the answer to the quiz. Then I watched as her hand disappeared between her legs, her eyes watching me to be sure I saw her actions. Moments later it came back out and a long, wet streak was applied with her finger across the top of her answer page. By that time the rest of the class was filing its way down to drop off the quiz before leaving. Amber waited patiently as she slowly packed her book bag, and subtly rebuttoned the rest of her dress.

With all the class gone except her, she got up from her chair and turned around, bending over to get her bag, her dress riding up her ass enough to reveal a pair of white panties with an obviously darker crotch from the same wetness that was smeared across her quiz answer. I was still staring at her as she walked toward me with her quiz, a sweet smile on her face and a smolder of lust in her brown eyes. My cock was already springing to attention before she got close enough to hand me her quiz, which I took. Her hand dropped after giving me her paper, and I felt it brush lightly across the bulge in my pants as she started to walk away.

I swallowed hard and stepped over to the podium to put the quizzes up, and turned hers over to see what she had written. I was shocked to see her feminine scroll saying “I think you are so fucking hot and I want to unzip your pants and suck your cock. Would you like to take my panties off and lick my sweet shaved pussy? I bet you can smell how wet you make me.”

I flipped the paper back over and stuffed it in my brief case with the rest of them, practically in shock, both at what I had seen and at the sentiment she had expressed. It only took me a few minutes to walk back to my office and drop into my chair, still stunned. She was flat ass hot, but any thought of messing with her was…well…unthinkable. “I mean it could be my job!” I reasoned out loud as I pulled the quizzes out of my bag and put them on the desk. I picked up her quiz and sniffed the top of the paper. Oh yeah, it smelled like pussy!

I shook my head hard, trying to dislodge the thought of what her pussy might look like under the white panties and put the paper down. It took an effort, but I managed to get back to the project I had been working on before class. My phone beeped at me indicating I was late for a meeting and I rushed out of the office.

It wasn’t a long meeting, only about half an hour. Returning to my office I dropped into my chair and moved to get back to work. After several minutes I turned to locate the data sheets on a flow control valve, as I sat reading the data sheet, the longer I sat the more uneasy I became. Something was amiss…

The seconds turned into almost a full minute before I realized what it was. The pile of homework that had been handed in two days before were missing, as were the stack of quizzes. “Oh Shit!” Ran through my mind in a fraction of a second. The only thing I could think was that my grader, a cute young lady from the previous semester’s class, had picked up the homework to grade, and taken the quizzes too. If she found that note from Amber I could be in deep shit. The only thing I could do if it came up was be honest….I hadn’t done anything and I didn’t know anything. Yeah. Yeah, I could make that stick.

The weekend was definitely long and stressful. I had no idea what would be waiting for me on Monday. But Monday did finally come and I was pleasantly surprised to not have the police, or worse, the department head waiting for me. I relaxed as the day moved ahead, and before long it was time for class.

I walked into class and started setting things up, logging into the computer and opening the files containing my class slides. I looked up from the podium computer as Amber walked in, her eyes connecting with mine as she walked past. The smile on her face was nothing less than sexy as she stepped to a chair right in front of where I usually stand and sat down; her tiny denim ümraniye escort skirt riding up her legs as she crossed them. She bent over to dig her notebook out of her book bag and her button down blouse fell open enough for me to look clear down her front, confirming my initial suspicion that she had no bra on again today.

I mentally shook off the image and got ready to start lecture. I struggled to keep my eyes off Amber while I conducted class, glancing her way occasionally, but never letting my eyes linger. I was most of the way through the lecture when I paused to allow the students to copy some information that I had written on the white board, and looked over at Amber. She sat slightly slouched, her knees spread about a foot or so apart. There was no doubt at all about what I was seeing. My cock practically jumped in my pants as I tore my eyes from her shaved pussy, clearly visible to me under her skirt. I turned my back and headed for the board to erase before starting again, allowing me to hide my sudden growth. It took a lot of effort, but I managed to avoid looking at her again until class was over and I could stand behind the podium and hide what would happen.

After the class room emptied, I headed back to my office, only to find Amber waiting at my office door. “Professor C, do you have time for a few questions?” She asked sweetly as I walked to my office door.

“Uh. Sure. Come on in.” I replied as professionally as I could. I dropped my bag by my chair and dropped into it as Amber pulled the student chair around the side of my desk so she was facing me.

“I have a few questions on the homework. I’m not sure I understand how to program the array processing loop.” She said as she pulled her laptop out and began booting it up. She crossed one leg with her ankle on her other knee to support her computer, which also pushed her legs apart and her skirt even higher. I couldn’t help but notice that in her current position it was easy for me to see her naked pussy under her skirt and her laptop. Finally after her computer had gotten most of the way booted she thankfully rotated her chair around and put her leg down so she was next to me and I could see what she was doing.

We spent several minutes working through how to program the software assignment, stepping through the process while she worked to create the program on her laptop. “So it then once we have this, all we have to do is put in the data set from a file?” Amber asked.

“Yep. Open up a text editor and create the array file.” I said as she navigated to the windows bar. What came up was far from a text editor, in fact it was a photo slide show, and the star attraction was Amber. “Um. You sure you don’t want to close that?” I asked as the images of Amber flashed every second or so, each one with her wearing less and less until she was down to her bra and a pair of thong panties, both of which disappeared in the next two frames. The images continued with her bent over, her butt pushed out at the camera, her sitting on a chair with her legs hanging over the arms and a large purple vibrator sticking from her sexy shaved pussy. The last frame was a picture of her lifting her hips toward the camera, nothing in her bare pussy, but an obvious stream of girl cum squirting toward the camera.

“I’m really proud of that last one!” She announced with a smile as she set down her laptop on the corner of my desk and swiveled her chair around to face me, pushing it back a foot or two. “The pictures just don’t do it justice though.” She said as she hiked her skirt up almost to her waist and spread her legs wide apart, revealing her naked shaved pussy and a damp spot on the chair. “You know. For some reason you really turn me on!” She confessed as she slid a finger down between her legs and stroked it between her pussy lips, drawing it out glistening with her juices. “So, do I turn you on?” Amber asked with a sensuous smile.

“Um…You’re going to get me fired!” I said to her, my eyes still glued on her pussy as her finger slid back inside her wet tunnel.

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to do that! But you have to answer me first.” She said in mock seriousness as she raised her legs a bit to expose more of her pussy to my view.

“Uh…Hell yes you turn me on! Now please pull your skirt down!” I implored quietly.

“Ohhhh Good idea!” She enthusiastically as she got up and stepped over to a corner of my office that was out of sight of the small window in my closed door. She turned around to face away from me, and in seconds her skirt was on the floor around her ankles, her ass pushing out toward me and her wet pussy fully on display.

“Amber!” I snapped at her.

“Oh, silly me!” She said as she turned to face me, naked from the waist down. “Of course you want to see my tits too!” She said in a low voice as she pulled her shirt up to her neck, leaving her naked from neck to ankles.

“Damn!” I muttered as I looked at her sexy body. “I’d kartal escort bayan love to do something, but that would get me soooo fired!” I groaned.

“Well, we wouldn’t want that!” She answered, dropping her shirt and turning around. She bent over to pull her skirt up again, her pussy pushing out at me looking soooo fuckable.

I groaned quietly as she slowly slid her skirt up her legs, leaving me wanting so badly to walk over there and shove my now hard cock into her pussy. I was both relieved and disappointed when she covered herself and turned around, once again presentable.

“See you tomorrow night then?” She asked me as she stepped to my desk, closed her laptop and slid it into her bag. “At the help session I mean.” She said with a sly grin.

“Uh, yeah.” I said, as she leaned over and rubbed her hand up and down the rock hard cock straining at my pants seam.

“I really want to see that sometime!” She said with a giggle and a quick squeeze.

“Uh yeah, maybe some time.” I replied lamely as she turned and walked across the office to leave.

Tuesday came and went as a normal day, except for the evening, when I had to come back for a help session. There were a number of students there, including Amber. I was thankful to see she was wearing a zippered sweat shirt which covered her adequately, and a matching pink skirt of the same material that was quite short. Fortunately, I couldn’t see much in the computer room we were working in.

After a couple hours I had answered all the questions I could and called it a night, heading back to my office. I dropped things off and was about to head out the door to leave when I heard a knock. Sure enough there was Amber, peeking in the single tiny window in my office door. I shook my head knowing that there was no way to avoid dealing with her. I had resolved to tell her that what she had done in my office was very dangerous and could not be repeated.

I walked over and opened my door.

“Doctor C!” She said brightly as she stepped into my office, her body nearly pressing against mine. “I have one more question before you go home for the night.”

“And what is that?” I asked her as she stepped toward me again, her breasts now touching my chest.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” She whispered as she reached for my hand and gently lifted it from the door so it would swing closed behind us.

“You know what you did in my office was very dangerous and we simply can’t allow that to happen again.” I said sternly to her, my cock growing in my pants at the feel of her breasts against my chest.

“I agree. We can’t, but you didn’t answer my question. Do you find me sexy?” She asked quietly.

“Hell, of course you’re sexy!” I answered, “But you have to understand that you put my job at risk!”

“Well, I don’t want you to lose your job!” She said stepping back. I took a breath in relief that she understood as she slipped her backpack off her shoulder and unzipped it. She dug into it for a moment and then came out with a long piece of black fabric. Her butt brushed against the bulge in my pants as she turned to face the door. Her arms reached up and with a snap secured a black fabric strip so it hung over the window on the door. “There. Door locked, no one can see in. That should help.” She said as she turned toward me and lifted her hands to the zipper of her sweatshirt. “Now where were we?” She asked as she pulled the zipper down and pushed the sweatshirt off her shoulders, leaving her naked from the waist up. After shaking the sleeves of the sweat shirt off, her hands went behind her, and in moments her pink skirt was sliding down her legs. She stepped out of the skirt and, wearing nothing but a tiny pair of white canvas shoes, stepped back to me, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Mmmmm.” I moaned into her mouth as her lips pressed to mine and my mind gave up trying to fight my body. We stood there for long seconds, our lips pressed to each other, wetly tasting each other as our tongues darted in and out, and danced with each other.

“Ohhhhh, I am so wet. Touch me and feel how wet I am already.” She whispered as she removed one arm from around my neck and pulled one of my arms down. She found my hand and guided it to her pussy, almost immediately grinding her sopping wet pussy against my fingers as she pressed them against herself. When she was sure I wasn’t going to pull my hand away, she released it and turned her own hand over to press against the bulge in my pants and rub her hand up and down its length.

“Mmmmm ,such a nice bulge. I wonder what is hiding in there?” She asked as her hand made its way to my belt buckle and began undoing it. It only took her a few moments to have it undone and working on the snap and zipper of my pants. I felt my pants slide down and pool around my ankles as I let one hand travel down and squeeze her small butt while my fingers stroked her wet pussy, dragging my finger across her exposed clit. Her hot hand closed around my shaft inside my briefs and she moaned quietly in pleasure as she stroked it slowly.

“Tell me, do you want me to suck your cock?” She whispered as we stood stroking each other. “Or would you rather have me ride you in your chair?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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