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Second Glory Hole Visit

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Second Glory Hole Visit
This is a continuation of the story A Gloryhole Virgin No More…..

After I got back to the hotel room, laid around for an hour to rest, and then went online to a few of my favorite chat sites. I realized there was quite a few bi-sexual chat rooms. I logged on one chatted with a few guys. One I told the Gloryhole Story and he asked “did you suck a dick.” I confessed no I did not, although I had in college a decade and half back. Experimenting in college was one thing, but after being married 10 years, it was a big step to suck a cock. But the thought definitely turned me on and I decided to head back to the adult store. This time I packed a hand towel with me so I would not have to worry about kneeling on the floor.

I entered the store, made my way back to the arcade, and scoped out the booths. I was surprised that even though the store had a few people in it, there were quite a few guys in the hallway of the arcade. I found a booth that was un-occupied. This one had a gloryhole on both sides and expected no door. I put a $20 into the video machine figuring I would be here for a while. I found a channel with some straight amateur porn and started to rub myself. Soon I was hard as a rock and horny as a toad.

I undressed hoping one of the guys next to me would see me and would like what he saw. I sat but naked on the bahis siteleri chair and bent over to look through each hole. There was a guy with a nice straight white cock on the right. I motioned that I wanted to suck, and as soon I heard him push the chair back, I put the towel on the floor and got on my knees. Wow, he pushed his cock right through the hole! I grabbed his rock hard shaft with a couple of fingers and slowly stroked it while I touch my first cock in a very long time. His shaft was not that thick but he had a flat wide head. I was enjoying looking at it when I heard a voice say “put it in your mouth.” I immediately did and sucked him for only about 30 seconds that I decided to see how deep I could take him. I pushed my lips down his cock taking almost all of his 6 inch cock into my mouth. He pushed forward pushing catching me off guard and gagged me. I pulled off and as I recovered he shot a huge rope onto my mouth and chin. I quickly engulfed my strangers head and sucked as filled my mouth with the remaining cum. It all happened so fast that I forgot to swallow and as he pulled back his cum oozed out of both sides of my mouth and down my chin. My heart was pumping as I immediately realized what I had been missing for the last 15 years. My neighbor quickly zipped up and stumbled as he left.

I reached up and got a few towels casino şirketleri to clean me up and the sat in the chair again. My dick was oozing precum, but I knew if I came, tonight would be over. A few guys came and went in the booths next to me. Finally, another guy came in and sat down. He looked Mexican and even at half-mast I knew he was pretty well endowed. I motioned to him and as he got up I took my position. His semi-erect cock came through the hole. Wow. It was beautiful and I sandwiched it between both hands and slowly jerked it until it was nearly erect. I held it up and licked from the base up to head and gently around his head then down the side. I gasp came from the other side of the wall, letting me know he was enjoying it. I licked it a bit more then opened wide to take his erect dick head in my warm mouth. I slowly sucked and licked wanting to enjoy his hardness for while. After a few minutes, my friend pulled back and wanted to touch me. I stood and was ready to put my cock through the hole when he reached through the hole instead. His wonderful hand expertly massaged massage my cock and balls. “Oh my! I thought This felt so good!” He continued and slowly brought me to the brink of orgasm before I pulled away. Breathing heavily, I got back on my knees and the stranger put his cock back through the hole.

I immediately casino firmalari went back to work on his cock, this time determined to finish him. I took him deep and increased the pace. I was able to take him till he hit the back of my mouth without gagging. He started to move back and forth in my sucking rhythm. I grabbed his cock with one hand and used it to follow my mouth as I bobbed up and down. All of a sudden, without warning, cum flooded my mouth. I pushed his cock deep letting him squirted deep in my mouth while I swallowed as best as I could milking every last drop from his cock. He slowly pulled from my mouth, dressed, and quickly left the booth.
My dick was as hard as it ever was, as I sat there watching some of the porn and waiting for the next guy. I had been there only 10 minutes and sucked 2 cocks to completion. But now I wanted relief.

One guy entered the booth next to me and jerked off his 6 inch uncut cock. He seemed oblivious to me (or ignored) me. Another guy came in but never exposed himself. After what seemed like an eternity, I heard a “psst” from behind me. Startled I rose, having forgotten there were no doors on the booths.

A tall stocky guy, said, “mind if I join you, I would like something a bit more personal”. I whispered, what did you have in mind. Soon we were both naked jerking standing side by side giving a guy in the booth next to us a show as we jerked each other off. We climaxed and nearly the same time as we shot our loads across the booth and onto the walls. We then cleaned up, dressed, and got left with smiles on our faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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