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Sean Meets Vanessa Ch. 01

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Sean sat looking across the table at the gorgeous girl opposite him. Could he really believe what had just transpired? He thought quickly back on what had happened…

He’d left the farm to come back to town to study and from that had ended up at this party. There was a lot of drinking going on and he’d been more than happy to be a part of it. He’d joined a group of people playing drinking games. Slowly the numbers had dwindled until there ware the two girls who remained at the table, two other guys and himself.

One of the girls, Cindy, had suggested that they change the game to “I never never”. Sean had never heard of it and Cindy had explained the rules.

“I say something like, ‘I’ve never never drowned a cat,” and anyone that actually has done that has to drink from their drink, admitting that they’ve done it. Then the next person gets to say something and anyone that has done it has to drink. And on it goes. If you ask a question and no-one drinks, then the person that asked has to drink instead.”

Everyone had started it off fairly tame, exploring things like where people had lived (I’ve never never lived in New South Wales) and whether they had brothers or sisters and the like. It went on quite a while and was starting to get interesting (I’ve never been an 18 year old virgin) when someone came past and told the other two guys at the table that their ride was leaving. They reluctantly left the game, saying that they had a long ride home and couldn’t afford to stay any later.

By this time, the party had cleared out quite a bit and there were a few people carrying on in the next room and only Sean and the two girls remaining in the game at the kitchen table.

The questions had gotten progressively more risqué,

“I’ve never never kissed anyone of my sex,” Sean said. Both Cindy and the other girl, who Sean now knew to be Vanessa drank to that one, giving Sean a boner.

“I’ve never never had sex with more than one person of the opposite sex at once,” Vanessa had parried with. Sean had had to drink and expected to the girls to look at him as a sleaze bag or something, but they’d simply laughed and smiled when he did so.

It had gone on from there and just when he thought it must be about to peter out, Cindy had said, “I’ve never never kissed someone of my own family in a sexual way.”

And so here Sean sat, stunned. Could he admit to having slept with his cousins? No one here knew Kylie and Rachel, so it couldn’t really hurt them… but… he looked over the table at Cindy and Vanessa. Cindy was watching Vanessa intently, like she was expecting her to drink or something. Sean decided. He picked up his drink and swallowed some. Both of the girls looked at him in shock. They obviously hadn’t expected that! Then Vanessa picked up her cup and drank as well, staring into Sean’s eyes over the rim.

If he’d been erect before, he was positively rigid now! It must be the alcohol he though warily to himself, there was no way he’d have admitted that otherwise. But now he had a whole new line of questions to probe with.

“I’ve never never kissed my auntie sexually,” Vanessa said. No one drank, so she did.

“I’ve never never kissed my brother like that,” Sean said. No one drank. So he picked up his glass and drank as a penalty.

“I’ve never never kissed my sister,” Cindy said rather smugly. Vanessa picked up her glass and drank. Sean knew from earlier questions that she was bi, but hadn’t quite expected this.

“I’ve never never felt my sister’s naked breasts,” Sean said. Again Vanessa drank.

“Oh God, I think we have to stop this,” Vanessa said when it was her turn. I’m getting sozzled and I know that its going to get worse!

“But it’s just starting to get really interesting!” Sean protested.

“It is, isn’t it?” Cindy said, looking at Vanessa. Sean felt a foot slide up between his legs to rub at his cock under the table, and Vanessa said, looking into his eyes, “I for one am happy for it to get a lot more interesting, I just don’t think that we need the drinking game to keep going. Now are you going to put that nice hard cock of yours to use, or am I going to have to strap you down on the table and please myself?”

“Well, when you put it like that!” Sean said, picking his jaw up off of the ground, “I guess I’ll take the option where I get to put it to good use!” Vanessa stood up, taking his hand and leading him off to a more private room in the house. He turned back to shrug something of an apology to Cindy for leaving her there on her own. She smiled at him in an understanding way and stood to leave the table. Sean was a little disappointed. He knew that the two girls had had sex together and that they’d even been in a threesome from previous questions and he’d hoped that that would be the case tonight. Apparently that wasn’t to be the case though.

Vanessa led him into the bedroom and Sean pulled the door closed behind him. He turned back to Vanessa and found fake hospital porno her sitting on the edge of the bed, her skirt pulled up about her waist and her legs spread, showing off a red satin g-string.

“Get down on your knees and eat me,” she said rather forcefully. Sean wasn’t about to ask questions and dropped down between her legs and pulled her g-string down her legs to give him access. He was surprised to see that she had no hair at all on her pussy and amazed at just how exciting it was.

Then he applied his tongue to her bald pussy, exploring and probing its nice smooth folds. She was very vocal about what she wanted and Sean tried everything that his cousins had told him worked on their pussies. He found it quite exhilarating to have someone tell him exactly what she liked and applied himself diligently to the task of working her pussy towards its climatic desires.

He looked up Vanessa’s body to see her pulling her top off, her breasts enclosed in a gorgeous bra that matched her g-string. She pulled at her breasts and ran her hands over her stomach and through his hair, smiling at him as she enjoyed his ministrations. She reached behind her to undo the bra and released her breasts to the air, her fingers immediately pinching and pulling at her nipples. Sean was amazed at how far she pulled them, thinking it must be excruciating for her. As she released her nipples, he admired her breasts from below. They looked to be smaller than both Kylie’s and Rachel’s breasts but were magnificent in the form.

“Stop. I need to see your cock,” Vanessa said to him, looking him in the eye before pulling his t-shirt over his head.

“Wow, your chest is totally gorgeous! You must work out a lot,” She said to him, pulling him to stand.

“It comes from working on the farm,” he told her as he stood, her hands attacking his pants, pulling them to the floor along with his boxers.

“Mmm, farm life seems to agree with all of your body!” she laughed as she took his erect penis in her hand and lowered her mouth over the tip, twirling it around before licking it up and down like a lollipop. Sean moaned as Vanessa opened her mouth and lowered it as far over his cock as she could, sucking back up along his length to twirl her tongue around it again.

Sean stood there, loving it all as Vanessa made a meal of his cock, sucking, licking and biting it, pulling gently on his balls. After a bit more attention, Vanessa stopped and stood up before him, sucking and biting at his nipples before plunging her tongue into his mouth, Sean’s erection trapped against her belly and her rock hard nipples spearing into his chest. She turned him around and pushed him so that he sat down upon the bed. She placed a hand on his chest and laid him down before dropping to her knees between his legs and engulfing him in her mouth again, bobbing up and down, lubricating and pleasing his cock, the fingers of her hand buried in her pussy.

She stopped sucking on his cock and started kissing and biting her way up his body, starting with his calves, over his thighs, nibbling at his taut tummy, biting his nipples before kissing him again. As she kissed him, she twisted and turned until her body was perpendicular to his. Then she stopped kissing him and straddled his face, her pussy millimetres from his face as she lowered her mouth back down over his cock in a 69 position.

Sean hadn’t ever had anyone as aggressive with what they wanted as Vanessa, but he liked it and plunged his tongue back between her bald lips, working and massaging its way around before settling on her engorged clitoris in an effort to make her explode.

Sean gasped as his cock luxuriated in the mouth of the young minx attacking it.

“Hey Ness, don’t mind me, I just need the dunny,” Sean heard someone say with a laugh. He stopped licking, shocked and surprised, thinking he should be hiding or something, but he was somewhat stuck with his cock in Vanessa’s mouth and his head between her thighs. She slapped his testicles just hard enough to sting and said between mouthfuls of his cock, “You don’t stop until I say so mister!” And with that lowered her mouth over him again. Mark recommenced licking at her clit. He heard the toilet flush and this time identified the voice as Cindy’s as she said, “Show me his cock, Ness, I want to see if it’s as good as we were guessing,” Sean felt her mouth leave his cock.

“No disappointments here!” he heard Vanessa say, feeling his cock twitching to try and get harder than it could be possible as he thought about the two girls complimenting his meat whilst he ate one of their pussies.

“Mind if I have a taste? There’s no one else here worth mentioning and knowing you two are in here doing the dirty is just getting me horny.”

“Go ahead, suck it for me, I’m sure Sean wont’ complain. Besides, I’ll twist his nuts off if he does.” Sean felt extra hands spreading his legs as Cindy knelt between fake taxi porno them and took her turn at sucking his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmm I love watching you suck cock, Cindy,” Vanessa said, running her hands through her friend’s hair as her head bobbed up and down on the cock. She pushed back against Sean’s mouth, grinding her clit into his tongue as she felt that familiar build up to the rush that would be her climax. Sean licked for all he was worth, he himself approaching the moment when he would control it no longer.

Vanessa came, her pussy exploding, her climax surging through her, she gasped and cried out as it happened. Listening to her enjoy her climax was too much for Sean and he tensed and thrust at Cindy’s mouth as his cock erupted, spraying his warm seed into her mouth. She swallowed it before kissing Vanessa who licked the final remnants from her face as she recovered.

Vanessa climbed off of Sean and lay down by his side.

“Come on Cindy, strip for us, show us that hot little body of yours.” Vanessa said, “I haven’t been fucked yet and Sean here is sure to get hard when he sees your amazing titties and bald little pussy.”

Sean lay back enjoying the show as Cindy commenced seductively removing her clothes from her body. Vanessa’s description hadn’t been a lie and as the layers of clothing came off, he was far from disappointed. Her breasts were bigger than either of his cousin’s but very firm and perky. He was mesmerised by them, but when he saw his second silkily shaved pussy for the evening, his cock sprang back to life of its own accord.

Vanessa lowered her head down onto Sean’s tummy and sucked gently on the head of his cock. Sean flinched at little having so recently cum, but quickly rallied as Cindy climbed onto the bed behind Vanessa and reached around to cup her breasts and massage them gently.

“I think its time you fucked me, Sean” Vanessa said, laying back in the middle of the bed and spreading her legs. As he adjusted his position, he watched as Cindy ran her fingers all over Vanessa’s body, at the same time kissing her deeply with their tongues entwined. Sean was sure that he’d never tire of watching two sexy naked girls kiss. He couldn’t believe he’d found two more that would do it!

Sean pushed the head of his cock against Vanessa’s sopping wet pussy and slid easily between her lips. He was amazed at the slickness of her as he slid in and out. He held himself up on his arms, Vanessa and Cindy kissing and playing with each other’s breasts and he thrust in and out of her.

Cindy was sucking on Vanessa’s nipple and Vanessa was thrusting her hips up to meet the timing of Sean’s plunges into her wet depths.

“God, this is a nice cock, Cindy, I think you should feel this. Fuck my friend now Sean, fuck Cindy for me.”

Cindy laid herself back on the bed and Sean took up position to pound her pussy with his cock as he’d done to Vanessa. Cindy was at least as wet as Vanessa had been and again his cock slid effortlessly between her sopping lips.

“Oh, my, that is worth having, isn’t it,” Cindy commented as he thrust home within her. Sean fucked her for awhile and Vanessa lay alongside, playing with Cindy’s wondrous breasts. Then she knelt behind him and pushed her breasts into his back as he continued to fuck her. He felt her hand reach down between his legs and grab his balls as he pounded her friend.

Vanessa then told Sean to get on the bottom and let Cindy ride him from the top. Sean did as he was told. Cindy mounted him from above and Vanessa got behind her friend to play with Sean’s balls again, occasionally hugging Cindy as she had Sean. Sean loved it when he saw Vanessa’s hands reach around and play with Cindy’s tits as she fucked him.

Sean felt Vanessa’s fingers probing her friend’s pussy alongside his cock and nearly lost his load. But he was even more surprised when he felt her finger rub against his cock inside Cindy through what felt like a glove, but couldn’t see to work out what was happening. All he knew that Cindy suddenly convulsed and exploded on his cock when Vanessa reached around to rub her clitoris at the same time as she did the other thing. Cindy collapsed onto Sean’s chest and then rolled off. Cindy happily climbed up on top of him in her place.

Sean reached up and played with her breasts as she worked herself up and down on his cock. “You can cum when I have,” she said, “and I want it in my mouth, so don’t lose it early!” and with that she squatted on his cock, pumping her pussy up and down its length, one hand rubbing furiously at her clitoris.

Sean started to wonder if he’d have the stamina to survive this and was relieved a little when Vanessa moaned and squealed and wiggled on his cock, her pussy lips grasping and tensing around his shaft. She then hopped off and sucked his cock into her mouth, sucking at the combined juices of hers and her friend’s juices that coated the shaft.

Sean family stroke porno thrust himself up at her mouth as she knelt over him, letting him fuck her mouth. He thrust, tensed and his second load for the night burst into her mouth. Vanessa swallowed his seed and smiled at him before kissing Cindy again.

“Well, it’s been a pleasure, Sean, are you going to be in town long?” she said, picking up clothes and starting to dress.

“Until the next term break at least,” he told her.

“Oh good, here’s my number, I’d like to talk to you about who in your family you’ve kissed sometime ..”

Vanessa and Cindy walked out the door and made their way home from the party. Sean dressed and made his own way back to the dorm.

Vanessa entered her house and was surprised when she went past the living room to see her father sitting watching TV.

“What’s the matter, Dad, couldn’t sleep?” she asked him, sitting down next to him and accepting the deep tongue kiss that he offered her.

“Yeah, just unsettled… how was the party?”

“Excellent! You know, I might just have found someone willing to have some fun with us,” she told him, rubbing at his crotch with her hand.

“Oh, boy or girl? And what makes you think they’d want to join our crazy little family for some fun?” he asked, his cock stiffening under the ministrations of his daughter’s hand.

“Well, we were playing I never never and Cindy, the cheeky little bitch said, “I’ve never never kissed anyone in my family in a sexual way.” Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just pick up my drink and go admit it, but Cindy was looking at me in a way that must have been giving it away, because this guy (there were only three of us at this point) is kinda hesitating and then picks up his drink and has some. It kinda blew my mind and Cindy nearly fell off of her chair, so I picked mine up and drank.

We stopped the game after a bit, and I don’t know if he’s actually fucked anyone or not, but from the time I spent in the bedroom with him, he’s no stranger to a bit of a tumble. And he’s been with more than one girl before too. I’m going to catch up with him again one on one and quiz him about it. I really want someone to fuck my pussy when you have that big cock of yours in my arse and he might just be the one.”

“You know, I’d be stunned shocked and appalled at you young lady if I didn’t like fucking that cute little arse and pussy of yours so much,” laughed Phil.

“Well, would it help you sleep if I had you pound me arse for a bit?” Vanessa asked, laughing. “No one’s been there tonight and I’d really like someone to fill it for me.”

“Well what sort of a father would I be if I didn’t satisfy all my daughter’s desires?” he laughed.

Vanessa bent over the couch and pulled up her skirt, offering herself to her father. He stood behind her, his cock now happily engorged. He rubbed it against her bald pussy and then thrust inside her, much to her pleasure.

He fucked her for awhile before she begged him to put his cock in her arse and fix her up properly.

Phil pushed his cock against his daughter’s anus and slowly worked his way inside her tight puckered hole. Vanessa pushed back, urging the huge cock further inside her before Phil started fucking her properly, sliding in and out of her butt.

Phil reached under to caress his daughter’s clit as her arse clenched at his pumping cock. Neither of them could last long like this and soon Phil pumped his seed deep inside his daughter’s butt as her pussy convulsed and clenched in its orgasm.

“Mmmm, thanks Daddy, come and have a shower to clean up and I’ll give you a blow job too,” Vanessa said as she grabbed her g-string from the floor and walked towards the stairs.

“Deal,” laughed Phil following her up the stairs, watching his cum ooze from her butt and slide down her leg.

In the shower, Vanessa and her father caressed each other’s bodies, kneading tired muscles, arousing each other, washing the day’s grime from them.

“Pass me the scrub brush, Dad,” Vanessa said. Phil handed it to her and she dropped to her knees in front of him. She slid the handle of the brush between her legs so that as she moved up and down on her knees, it slid in and out of her pussy. Then she took her father’s cock into her mouth, sucking it as the water cascaded down his body and over her as well.

Vanessa enjoyed sucking her father’s cock, running her tongue up and down and around the head, sucking him deep into her mouth and tickling the underside of it with her tongue. She bobbed up and down, her hands reaching behind him to hold his butt cheeks in her hands, pulling him into her, urging him to fuck her mouth.

Phil gladly thrust himself at his daughter’s willing mouth and moved his hands to the sides of her head as he worked her mouth over. He pulled out as he was about to cum and his seed spurted from the tip of his cock, splashing over her face and down over her breasts to be washed away in the flow of the water.

“Mmm, thanks baby, you don’t know how much fun it is to give a girl a facial now and then!”

“No problem Daddy, you know I love feeling your cum on me.”

With that, they departed the shower and went off to the respective beds to spend the night.

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