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Thanks go to my editor Althefish. You’re the best.


It is a cool crisp Saturday morning in autumn. I am spending my morning running some errands and doing some shopping. It’s ‘College Football Day’ in the house, and we have rules, I don’t bother Mike during College Football Day, and Mike doesn’t bother me during the Green Bay Packer games. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement. We’re not completely fanatical about the rules, we go to birthday parties and weddings and such, but we would both rather be watching our respective games.

During one of my shopping stops, I go next door to the office store, just to wander the aisles and kill some time. While I’m there, I see the store has a buy-one-get-one-free sale on a few of the nicer scissors. Mike has a crappy old pair of scissors in the kitchen. I have trouble opening plastic bags with the ancient thing. So I pick out two scissors, a blue one and a black one and add them to my cart.

Shortly after lunch, I have all my errands done, and just a few more shopping stops to make. I head for the thrift store to get some ideas for a Halloween costume. You never know what you’ll find at a thrift store. I’m going through the women’s tops and I find a sheer, short sleeve, brown shirt with gold highlights. It looks pretty nice; except that it’s completely see thru. Where would I wear this? I can’t think of anywhere, but an unusual idea pops into my head. I must have been very happy with my scissor purchase, because I pictured myself cutting the shirt into pieces with my new scissors.

This idea almost immediately leads to the thought of Mike cutting the thin material off me. That would be sexy. I put a bit more thought into it, while standing in the aisle at the thrift store. I check the price to see if it’s even worth it to cut it up. It has a red tag, and all red tagged items are half price today. The shirt is priced at $2.50, so that would make it only $1.25. I can afford to cut that up.

My first thought is that one shirt is not enough, there needs to be layers. This brown shirt would make a perfect outer layer. I have a red with white polka dot chemise at home that I detest and never wear, I could easily sacrifice that. I also have black undies that are starting to rip by the lace seam, and an old comfy bra that has seen better days.

OK, so I’m getting closer to an outfit. I continue down the women’s aisle and find a cute black shirt. It’s sleeveless, with cute ruffles over the shoulders, and it has a wide neckline. It would cover the red chemise, and look good under the sheer brown shirt. It has a green tag, so it’s not on sale, but it’s only $2.00.

I don’t have any skirts or shorts I would want to sacrifice, so I check if there’s anything here. I find a pair of black shorts that flair at the bottom and look like a skirt. It’s a pretty thin cotton material also. I think it would cut easily. I’m in luck and the tag is red and says $4.00. So, that’s only $2.

I do the mental list in my head: bra, panties, short/skirt, chemise, black shirt, brown shirt. I think that’s it and it’ll only cost me $5.25. The scissors I just bought cost more than that!

Now, how do I start my little adventure? I still have a few more stops, so I think about it while I’m shopping. The grocery store is my last stop and it has a paper products outlet store next to it. I stop in there before I go to get the groceries. In there I find gift boxes of all sizes, even scissor size. I go back to the car and get one of the scissors to see if it will fit. It’s a tight fit, but I can get the top of the box to go on. Also in the store, I actually find brown tissue paper with gold flecks in it. It almost matches the sheer brown shirt, so I buy that also.

OK, now I have my plan, my delivery system, and my outfit. When do I give Mike his gift? I know Sunday morning he is planning on helping one of his friends move some large items out of the friend’s parents’ house, but that shouldn’t take more than an hour. Weather is supposed bostancı escort bayan to be nice, so I am thinking of going for a bike ride in the morning, and the Packer game doesn’t start till 3:15. If I’m home by 11, or 12, that would be enough time. I would even get a shower and shave in before I got dressed. My scheme is falling into place, easy as pie.

I return home, and Mike is in the living room, watching football (where else would he be on College Football Day?). I go into the bedroom and find the bra, panties, and chemise that I’m going to sacrifice. I put them, along with the clothes from the thrift store into the washer and add some of the stuff from the basket of dirty clothes.

I head back into the kitchen to put the groceries away, and then back to the laundry room to wrap the gift. Mike is oblivious to anything but the game, so I don’t have to be real sneaky about it. Then the load of laundry goes into the dryer, and I keep myself busy while they dry. When they’re done, I find all the pieces of my outfit and put them in a paper bag with the gift on top and put the bag on one of the shelves. The laundry room is mostly a storage room, so Mike will not look in here in the next 24 hours. Everything is set, now I just have to wait ’til tomorrow.

Sunday morning, Mike heads out around 9 to help his friend. I head out on my bike ride a short while later.

I get back from my ride around 11:30. It was fairly chilly, and the one thin jacket I had on was not enough, but the fall colors were beautiful. I hang my bike, and store my gear before heading into the house. Mike is in the kitchen, getting a drink. He’s wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap. At 53, Mike is 22 years older than me. At 5ft 11, he’s a few inches shorter than me too. He has warm brown eyes and an easy smile.

We talk about our morning as I take off my shoes and jacket. That was my first mistake. With the chilly bike ride, let’s just say my nipples were a bit perky. Mike immediately comes over and starts kissing me, his thumbs stroking over my hard nipples. I laugh as I try to fend him off. I tell him to stop but I still tease him a bit before I can get away. I grab the paper bag from the laundry room, and head for the shower.

After a long warm shower and shave, I finally step out of the water. Drying myself off, I run a brush through my shoulder length red hair. Watching my reflection in the mirror, I see flawless, milky white skin, nice firm tits with large areolas, and long, strong legs that go on forever.

I do the normal routine after a shower, and then I dust myself with some orange/vanilla dusting powder on my tits, along my tummy, and my inner thighs. All the yummy places.

I slip on the black with white lace panties, and the black bra. Then the red with white polka dot chemise goes next. The black shorts fit nicely over my hips, followed by the black sleeveless shirt and the sheer brown top. Considering I put it together on the spur of the moment yesterday, it looks pretty good.

I grab the boxed wrapped in brown tissue paper and head into the kitchen. Mike is sitting at the table eating a sandwich, his baseball cap sitting on the table next to him. I can’t help smiling as I think of the old saying about men: All they think of is sex and food. As Mike tries to figure out what I find so amusing, I hold out the gift. He finishes the bite of sandwich, wipes his mouth as he stands up, and walks over to me. He knows something is up, and he keeps looking between the present and my eyes.

“What’s this?” He asks.

“A gift.” My obvious and coy reply.

He looks into my eyes again, trying to figure out what it could be, before he starts to tear off the tissue paper. He tosses the crumpled paper on the table. He tries to open the box, but the snug fit of the item inside is giving him some trouble. He finally coaxes the top off and looks at the brand new pair of shiny scissors with black handles. He pulls them out of the box, with ümraniye escort some difficulty; they were pressed in there tighter than I thought. He scratches his temple and looks back at me, not quite sure what to make of the gift.

With my best mischievous smile, I hold out the bottom edge of the sheer brown shirt toward him. Immediately, Mike stands up straighter. He looks from me, to the scissors, to the shirt. As most men know, destroying a woman’s clothes is a very, very, very bad idea, and he needs to triple-check that it is OK first. I nod slightly informing him it is, in fact, OK. He opens the scissors and moves it toward the shirt. One last look at me, just to be sure, and he makes the first cut.

It is completely quiet in the house, and the ‘snip’ of the blades is clearly heard by both of us. I lower my hands to my sides, and let Mike figure out the next move. He looks up at me again with a big grin on his face, and his eyes twinkling. He pulls the brown shirt away from me and takes another snip. And another. And another. He cuts all the way through to the neckline. He runs his hand over my chest, feeling the layers he has to get through yet. He cuts the sleeves of the shirt at the shoulders and pulls it off me. Dropping it to the floor, he leans in and kisses me.

“You are so fucking sexy. You have no idea what you do to me.” His voice is a few octaves lower as he speaks to me.

I laugh and say “I have a pretty good idea what I do to you. You gonna stand there all day, looking at the scissors, or are you going to open your ‘other’ present?”

He gives me one more little kiss before grabbing the bottom of the black shirt and making his next cut. Snip. Snip. Then he grabs the bottom of the black shirt in both hands and pulls it apart. The rip travels up the shirt toward my ribs, then makes a sharp turn toward my left side. Mike makes another snip in the middle and pulls the shirt apart all the way to the collar. The collar doesn’t rip, so he has to cut that.

He reaches for the red chemise, curls his fingers under the material and with a quick tug, he exposes one of my breasts. He leans in quickly and starts sucking and nipping at it. My hands run thru his soft, salt and pepper hair as he works my nipple to a hard nub. He sucks it into his mouth, and pulls away. I gasp as he pulls my tit with him. With an audible ‘POP’ my nipple is free. Mike leans in and kisses me, and I can taste the orange flavor on his lips.

Mike steps back and starts stripping. His jeans, grey undies, and t-shirt come off in record time. His cock is hard and standing at full attention. He leans in for another quick kiss before he gets back to undressing me.

He quickly snips the shoulders of the black shirt and throws it to the floor. Kneeling down in front of me, he runs his hands over my mound and between my legs. He starts cutting my shorts from the bottom of the left side, all the way to the bottom of the right side. He pulls the waistband away from me and snips that also. Tossing the material on the suddenly messy floor, Mike starts rubbing me through my panties. He spends a few moments at this before standing up again.

With his hands giving a gentle pressure on my shoulders, I drop down to my knees. His cock swaying in front of my eyes, I lean forward, his masculine, musky scent filling my nose. Leaning forward, his cock slides easily into my mouth. My tongue running over his head, as I gently start sucking on his shaft.

“Oh fuck!” I hear Mike moaning above me. He lets me work his cock for a minute or two before pulling me off. I watch his cock glistening before my eyes, as Mike pulls me to my feet. He reaches between my legs and starts rubbing between my legs. Slipping a finger under my panties, he works on my clit. I start moaning as he rubs the sensitive nub.

Mike sticks his finger in his mouth, as his eyes roam over my body. My hand starts gently tugging on his cock. He grabs a handful of the red chemise, right in the middle escort kartal of my chest and pulls it away from me. He cuts a huge hole in the chemise and throws the scrap away. He grabs both edges of the hole and rips it open. The chemise gives way easily as I’m watching the muscles in his arms and shoulders bulging.

He cuts the straps of the chemise and adds it to the random piles already on the floor. Running his hand over my neck, Mike quickly snips the straps of my bra. He pulls the cups down and starts sucking on my nipples again, working one and then the other. When my nipples are hard, he reaches up and snips the bra off me and lets it drop to the floor. His hand is roaming freely over my chest and stomach, as he holds the scissors away from us.

He steps into me, as I step back I feel the jolt of cold as I am pressed against the refrigerator door. Mike’s mouth is on mine as his hands roam over my body. I run my fingers over his shoulders and through his hair. I feel his cock pressing into my stomach as he presses against me.

I give out a startled cry as the fridge gives way and slides back until it hits the wall. I start laughing as I realize what happened, Mike just moves me against the counter. His hands on my hips, he helps me up and onto the corner countertop. He lifts up my right leg and sets my foot in the sink, effectively holding it in place. The other leg he hoists up over his shoulder.

He runs his hands over my panties one last time before pulling the material away from my skin. He brings the scissors up and slips the panties between the blades. I will admit at this point I was holding my breath. Even though he hasn’t even nicked me yet, those shiny, sharp blades are close to something very near and dear to my heart. I feel a moment of panic. Without even noticing, Mikes cuts the material from between my legs.


He tosses the scissors on the counter, leaving the panties hanging around my waist. His hands on my ass, he pulls me closer to the edge of the countertop, and steps into me. He runs his finger between my folds and finds my opening. Lining himself up, he slowly presses forward. Inch by inch, he presses himself inside me.

He feels so good inside me. The heat pouring off his hard cock is inflaming my need. Mike starts thrusting into me, hitting my spot with every thrust. His hands wrap around my ass, drawing me back into him.

My breath is coming in short gasps and Mike brings me to the edge. His eyes lock on mine the instant before my orgasm washes over me. Crying out, my back arching up, I actually push Mike away when my legs straighten involuntarily. I can feel Mike trying to get back inside, as the world comes back into focus.

Breathing hard, Mike is close to cumming as he slides back inside my warm wet pussy. His thrusts are frantic from the moment he gets back in position. I know he’s close. I can feel another orgasm building inside me as I hear Mike’s distinctive growl. His hands squeeze my ass as he lets out a shout. I can feel him cumming deep inside me.

Mike leans over me, resting his head against my chest, his cock softening inside me. We lay like this for a few minutes. Eventually he stands up and reaches for some paper towels. He slowly pulls himself out of me, wiping up some of the mess. He leans in and kisses me again.

Giving him the saddest face I can muster, I call him a big meanie.

“What?” He’s confused now.

“I buy you a nice pretty gift, and you don’t even say ‘Thank you.'”

He laughs. “Thank you very much. I loved the scissors. I’ll probably get hard every time I use them.”

Smiling up at him, I hop off the countertop. I tell him I bought two scissors, one for the laundry room and one for the kitchen.

His head snaps toward the laundry room. “There’s another one?”

He has me laughing now. “Down, boy, or I won’t let you use them.”

I head for the bathroom to clean up a little better, then to the bedroom to get dressed and put on a Packer jersey. Heading back into the kitchen, I find Mike has picked up all the clothes, mine and his, and put them into one big pile on the kitchen table. I start laughing as I see him sitting at the kitchen table, naked, finishing his sandwich.

Sex and food. Sex and food.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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