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Sarah Vanhorn Ch. 03

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The next part to the series.

Enjoy –


It was the day of Mr. Birk’s party.

Sarah was cleaning her apartment.

She was wearing an old pair of jean cut off shorts and a white tank top. Her brown hair tied back in a ponytail as she dusted off the furniture and ran the vacuum.

As Sarah cleaned, she thought about Mr. Birk’s party tonight. She mumbled to herself,

“Huh, I wonder what I’m going to wear to Birk’s party? Oh well, after I’m done cleaning, I’ll look for something in the closet.”

After an hour of cleaning, Sarah poured herself a glass of ice water and strolled in to her bedroom. Opening the closet, she began sliding hanger after hanger until she found something. It was a long black, low cut evening gown with two very thin shoulder straps..

She had a pair of black heels to go with it. Since Mr. Birk was known to have classy friends, she tried to dress very elegant. for the occasion. She set everything aside for later that night.

As the day progressed, she did some laundry and went over some off her bills, that were over due. She worried about getting money to pay them. Her job at the diner doesn’t pay much, maybe she could find something part time to help.

Later that night she started to get ready. Sarah took a long bubble bath. As she soaked in the tub, eyes closed, bubbles covering her young body with the scent of a candle burning, she felt aroused.


Sarah sounded out, as she slowly slid her hand down here stomach, over her smoothly shaven pussy.

Sarah couldn’t understand why she got so turned on, whenever she would think about that night behind the garage. When she thought about the day she sucked off Mr. Birk it made her wet, she just had to masturbate.

Finally, after enjoying a wonderful bath, Sarah dried her hair and put on her make up, she felt sexy tonight. Sarah slowly pulled up her thigh high black stockings, attaching them to her garter. Tonight, like any night that she’d wear a gown or dress, she wasn’t going to wear any pantys. Since it was a low cut evening gown, and part of her back was in view, she couldn’t wear a bra.

Sarah stepped into her gown and slipped her black heels on. Her hair was up and pulled back, and wearing a beautiful illegal bahis necklace and earrings to finish. Before walking out of her apartment, Sarah sprayed on some very sexy perfume.

Mr. Birk called to see if Sarah wanted a ride, but she declined, being she lives only two blocks away.

Sarah’s heels clicked on the sidewalk, as she arrived at Mr. Birk’s home. After a moment of ringing the door bell, Mr. Birk answered.

“Hello Sarah, come on inside. My, you look very beautiful tonight.”

Sarah blushed a little.

“Why, thank you very much, Mr. Birk. I see everyone is here, would you like me to start serving drinks?”

“Yes Sarah, the bar is right over there.”

Mr. Birk said, while pointing across the room.

Sarah made her way through the crowd, and walked behind the beautiful oak bar. Some of the Gentlemen were seated at the bar, while others would walk over for a refill.

She met a lot of important people while tending bar. Board members, lawyers, and even Mayor Montgomery was there.

After a few hours had gone by, Mr. Birk brought a Gentlemen over to the bar.

“Sarah, I’d like you to meet someone. This is a good friend of mine, Mr. Allen.”

Mr. Allen smiled and stuck his hand out, Sarah did the same.

“Hello Mr. Allen, nice to meet you.”

“Hello Sarah, it’s also very nice to meet you. You’re certainly a beautiful young woman.”

Sarah thanked him, then he and Mr.Birk went back to mingle.

After making sure everyone’s drinks were full, Sarah decided to take a break. She went outside on Mr. Birk’s patio and sat on a lawn chair. Not long after being out there, she heard to door open and close, it was Mr. Allen.

“Hello again, Sarah. I thought I’d come out for some fresh air.” Mr. Allen said while looking down at Sarah’s cleavage.

“Hi. I just needed to take a break.”

Sarah noticed where his eyes were looking, and she sat up straight, pushing her chest out.

“Do you see something you like?”

“Yes, I do. But I’d like to see a lot more.”

Mr. Allen said.

Sarah pulled both straps of her evening gown down, exposing her young, firm tits. Her pink nipples were already hardened from the light breeze. Sarah started to feel that warm and illegal bahis siteleri fuzzy sensation run through her body.

“How about now, Mr. Allen? Now do you like them even more? If you do, then show me.”

Mr. Allen opened and unzipped his jeans, pulling out his hard cock in front of Sarah’s face. Sarah licked her upper lip.

“Mmmm, you do like what you see, and so do I.”

Sarah slid her mouth down over his cock and sucked hard and fast. She wanted his cum so badly. Ever since the first time that she tasted cum, she loved it. Her head bobbed faster and faster while moaning. While licking up his shaft she would say,

“I want your cum. I want all that hot fucking cream in my mouth. Mmmm, Cum inside my mouth.”

Mr. Allen couldn’t believe how great it felt. He looked down at Sarah, sitting on the lawn chair with her ripe young tits out while she sucked his cock. She once again stopped and started to jerk his cock, looking up at him.

“Are you going to cum? Please cum inside my mouth? I want to taste it. I hope you have a nice big load for me, baby?”

Mr. Allen grunted.

“Yes Sarah, I’ll cum inside your mouth. Swallow it. Swallow all of my hot load.”

Sarah put her lips just on the head of his cock. She sucked as if sucking a thick milkshake through a straw, she knew he was about to cum. Finally Sarah felt his cock spurting in her mouth. Hot cum flowed from his cock head as she swallowed. Sarah loved the taste of it in her mouth, on her tongue. She sucked until his cock went limp, then leaving it fall from her lips.

Sarah stood, pulling her top back up. As she started walking back to the door, Sarah said,

“Thank you, Mr. Allen.”

Sarah went about serving drinks as if nothing had happened.

Later that night after everyone left, Sarah helped Mr. Birk clean up.

“Thank you, Sarah. You were wonderful tonight. One of my friends asked that I give you his card. He wants to offer you a job.”

He handed the card to her. It was a strip Club. Sarah looked at it and said.

“A strip club? Wow, I never thought anyone would offer me that kind of job. I’ll have to call him.”

Mr. Birk gave Sarah a ride home, since it was very late. When they arrived at her apartment, canlı bahis siteleri Mr. Birk walked her to the door.

“Would you like to come inside, Mr. Birk?”

While looking down at Sarah’s ass, as she unlocked the door. Mr. Birk answered.

“Mmmm Sarah, I’ve been wanting to cum inside that since day you were naked in front of me”.

Sarah started to get that warm and fuzzy feeling again. As they entered, Sarah spoke in a very sexy voice.

“Well, now’s your chance, baby.”

They went into Sarah’s bedroom. Mr. Birk pushed her onto the bed, and flipped her evening gown up over ass.

“Oh Mr. Birk, just what are you going to do to little ‘ole me?” Sarah teased.

He looked down at Sarah’s beautiful ass. She spread her ass cheeks apart, to show him her nice pink and puckered virgin asshole.

Mr. Birk opened and unzipped his jeans. Pulling out his hard cock, as he got between her legs. He placed it against her asshole and pushed.

“Ow Mr. Birk, that fucking hurts!” Sarah yelled.

Little by little, he pushed his cock into her.

When it was finally in all the way, he began fucking her.

“Oh, oh, oh,…. Mr. Birk, my ass hurts! Your cock is to big for my ass! my ass! my ass!” Sarah screamed out, as he fucked her ass.

Mr. Birk reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back as he slid his cock into her.

“Yes! Yes Mr. Birk! Pull my fucking hair! I love it rough! Fuck my ass, fuck my tight ass!” Sarah continued to yell.

The bed was rocking as he plowed his cock into her. Sarah was enjoying every minute of it. She always wanted to get fucked in the ass. Her pussy started to tingle as he fucked her.

“Oh Mr. Birk, don’t stop. Please don’t stop? Please don’t? I’m going to cum. Mr. Birk, I’m going to,… I’m going to c,… cum,… ohhhhh!” Sarah screamed as she had an orgasm.

Mr. Birk felt his cock start so spasm, as his cock erupted. Shooting hot streams of cum deep inside Sarah’s ass. She loved the way it felt.

Mr. Birk pulled his cock out of her ass, and tucked it back into his jeans. He watched Sarah’s asshole slowly close, as he buttoned and pulled up his zipper.

Sarah continued to lay there on the bed, as he turned to leave. She came down from that warm and fuzzy feeling.

“What the Hell is wrong with me? What comes over me every time that I think about sex? My cunt gets so fucking wet whenever I think about,… mmmm,… cock. I really need to call that psychiatrist tomorrow.”

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