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Sandy , I Ch. 2

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Over the next couple of weeks Sandy and I spent all of our free time together, but neither of us brought up the subject of the rape again. I was seriously curious about the effect the clit ring had on her. I couldn’t imagine how a ring could be fastened to a clit. Sue Lin’s clit was so small and tightly hooded that the head never came past the skin. I had never had a chance to play with any other woman’s clit directly.

Trip to Molokai with Sandy

The big Friday finally got here. We were on a two-week vacation and the four of us were excited to be going some place. Naturally there was essential work that had to be finished up on Friday, and I was the last one arriving at the boat as it was getting on to six PM. Sandy and Sue already had all of the provisions aboard. Eric and I had installed fresh propane bottles for the Force 10 stove and oven the day before. We had sixty gallons of water in the tanks and toped off with fuel. We were ready as far as ‘Snuggler’ was concerned. I live on the boat so all of my clothes are there. Sandy spends so much time there, that she has a full wardrobe aboard, if you consider a couple of bikinis, a couple of pairs of shorts and shirts, a foul weather suit and a couple of pairs of long sweats a wardrobe. Eric and Sue had put all of their clothing in one large alpine pack and stowed it in the forward stateroom. They had also included their snorkeling gear and little items like hunting knives, climbing boots and harnesses. I had all of the climbing line aboard and neatly stowed away for when we went to the mountains. All we had to do was grab it up and go.

Everyone just knew they had forgotten something that was absolutely essential to their survival on the trip. No one could think of what it was, so we got ready to set sail. The foul weather jackets were hung behind the companionway ladder for easy access and the coffee pot was filled. The winds were normal trades at ten to fifteen knots. I fired up the trusty engine and we were on the way. Out Ala Wai Channel we went, putting up the mainsail on the way. As we exited the channel we set the number two Genoa, and felt that we were on our way at last.

We talked about everything under the sum, or in this case the moon. Eric and Sue were stretched out on the seat together and it looked like hands from both parties were exploring private places. Sue noticed Sandy watching and asked if it embarrassed her. If nothing had been said it wouldn’t have, but with the comment she became embarrassed. She said all kinds of smart things to Sue like making Eric take his hand out from under her shirt. This went on for quite awhile. I think Sandy was really having fun with the idea that Sue was being played with right in front of us.

Finally, Sue asked Sandy, “Have you two gotten around to sex yet? If you haven’t you are really wasting a beautiful body.” Sandy got very warm against me. I assumed she was blushing, I know I was. Eric was obviously messaging Sue’s breast under her shirt. Sandy finally said, “Why don’t you two get naked and screw right here. You may as well if you are going to keep that up.” I thought I detected frustration in her voice when she said it. I said, “Don’t say that, they will.”

About an hour later, Eric was on the helm. Sandy and I were on the low side, and she was dozing off and on. She turned toward me and kissed me full on the mouth. Not a little kiss, but a very passionate long kiss. Then she took my right hand and gently placed it on her breast, as unobtrusively as possible. I didn’t leave it there very long as it was definitely getting a reaction that I felt would be very embarrassing. She snuggled closer and chuckled. Then she went to sleep snuggled up as tight as she could.

The sun put on quite a show that morning. It lit up the clouds over the mountains with a beautiful passionate pink. It literally glowed. This was followed by a display of brilliant orange with silver highlights. We woke the girls up to see this. We were all in awe at the spectacle. It wasn’t very long before the smell of fresh brewed coffee was coming from the cabin. The world was good.

At sunrise we were about two hundred yard off shore at Kaunala Bay. It was completely vacant. The girls came topside looking very yachty in their neat white shorts and tank tops. Everyone was on a high from life in general. We considered dropping anchor there, but finally decided to continue sailing until we had a chance to examine the entire west side coast. Molokai is much lower on the west end that it is on the east end. It doesn’t appear as imposing and rugged as Halawa Valley does, but it is just as spectacular in its own way. The last time I had sailed here I anchored at Kawakiu Iki Bay near the North end of the coast. I explained to the group that we probably would get the most protection there and it was really a neat place to be. They all agreed to give it a try. We took down the mainsail and motored slowly along about one hundred yards off shore. Occasionally escort ataşehir we would see someone fishing or having a picnic on the shore. We waived at them and they waved back. The water is deep right up to the beach at Kawakiu Iki Bay so we could anchor within fifty yards from the beach. This made it a very nice swim to shore. We put down two anchors set at sixty degrees from the direction I expected the boar to ride, and shut off the engine.

Sandy had definitely taken over as first mate and chief cook. She fell right into it and was a wonderful hostess. Sue tried to help, but Sandy wouldn’t have any of that. She let Sue help set the table and get more coffee. Sandy said she was happy when she was taking care of us. That first breakfast was a big deal, with papaya, eggs, bacon and ham, and pancakes. I didn’t think we could handle that much food, but with the night sailing it was no problem. We all chipped in and washed the dishes. Sandy put up a fuss, but when I threatened, in a good-natured way, to tie her to the mast and flog her, she consented. Sue thought I should tie her to the mast anyway.

We all decided to swim to shore. Sandy put on her red bikini, which was conservative compared to the string bikini I had first seen. I took along my diving knife and dove off the boat headed for shore. I had been shown how to make mats from coconut palm fronds some years before. There were plenty of green fronds and I made short work of producing four mats. Eric and Sue decided to go for a walk. I decided that since I had been up all night, a short nap would be good.

I lay down with my arms behind my head. It was beautiful and very relaxing to look up at the crystal blue sapphire sky and watch the cotton ball clouds drift in the trade winds. I was about to drift off to sleep when Sandy came up, stepped over me and sat down across my groin with one knee on each side. I didn’t know what to think, but the mood to sleep disappeared very quickly. She just sat there and looked at me with a sexy little grin on her face. I didn’t intentionally react, but from where she was sitting she knew she was getting a reaction. She just sat there. Oh-boy, what was I expected to do now? She wiggled her hips a little, and then lay down directly on top of me with her elbows on top of my chest. She isn’t very big so she fit very nicely right there. And it took the pressure off my groin.

She said, “Now lets see you go to sleep if you can.”

My reply was, “We don’t want to have to rush the first time. In fact it will take several times to get it under control. You don’t really want Eric and Sue to walk up and catch us do you?”

She replied, “Nope, but you aren’t going to get off the hook that easily.”

She laid her head on my chest and was asleep in thirty seconds flat. She had really had given me something to think about. Not only had she been on top of me essentially naked, she had managed not to touch the raging erection that had managed to extend out of the bottom of my swimming shorts down between my legs. Yea, I guess it was about time to find out if we were going to make good love together. I would wait forever if that was what it took to keep her as my buddy, but she was openly asking to be loved.

We awoke when Eric and Sue came up to us. We were still laying as we had been when Sandy went to sleep except my erection had subsided and was no longer sticking out of my swim trunks. Eric and Sue made a big fuss over our position. They thought we were playing some sort of torture game to see who would go nuts first. They suggest that they stay ashore, and we go out to the boat and get everything straightened out. We thought it would be better to go to the boat and fix some sandwiches for lunch.

Lunch was great. A cold beer with a tuna salad sandwich was what I needed to get the old system up and running. Eric and I decided to go spear fishing for our dinner. When we told the girls, we met serious resistance. They wanted to go snorkeling in the reef area under the cliffs. Well, we lost. After all how could we go get fresh fish for dinner when we could have so much more fun swimming in circles with girls go “oooh and aaah’ at the Humuhumu Nukunuku Apua’a as they went swimming by. Our comments weren’t very well accepted and we both ended up in the doghouse over that one. They decided that we would be living ashore tonight while they stayed on the boat. Ok, we lost. I was sure it wouldn’t be the last time.

Since the girls were pretending to be mad at us, they were swimming as buddies and Eric and I were swimming as buddies. Eric looked at me and pointed at the boat. We headed to the boat at top speed. Once there we got out our spear guns and a catch bag. We weren’t going to be intimidated by a couple of girls who didn’t know what was good to eat. We went back to the sand area and the girls were swimming in the shallow water on top of the inside reef. This allowed them to see down into the gorges between the coral kadıköy escort bayan heads. The top was about four feet deep with gorges to about fifteen feet. Where we were intending to fish was fifteen to twenty feet deep. It took us about five minutes to bag four Kumu about a foot long. That should be plenty for dinner. We took our catch and headed for the beach where we had been napping earlier. The girls were so involved in looking at the fish they didn’t even notice we had done the fishing. I took the fish ashore and cleaned them while Eric returned the spear guns to the boat.

When Eric came to the beach, he had waterproof matches, aluminum foil, sweet potatoes, spices, and salad makings with him. We built a fire of kiawe wood and let it start developing a hot thick bed of coals. We seasoned the fish and wrapped them in the aluminum foil. We did the same thing with the sweet potatoes and left them covered in the sand while the fire burned down. We kept an eye on the girls while we were doing this and they were totally absorbed in their fish watching. We put back on our mask and fins and went back to where they were. We tapped them on the shoulder and told them it was probably time to get out and take a shower. They went docilely tothe boat and climbed aboard. Sue wanted everyone to get naked and shower together. Oh no, not me. Eric and I left our fins there; got out the small cooler, put a bottle of wine in it with a six pack of beer. We then swam back ashore. The girls went about what ever it is they do when they go about things.

When we got back on the beach the fire had burned down so we built a small imu and used rocks and sand to retain the heat. We popped a beer and discussed the girls. Eric had a very good argument why I should be having sex with Sandy. Very simply that she was the hottest girl in the islands. We discussed it at length and both decided that I should quit thinking about the results and do it every chance I got. I didn’t tell him that she was the one making the advances at this point.

We had a rubber boat on Snuggler, but none of us had the motivation to pump it up and put it in the water. We saw the girls wrestle it out of the locker and pump it up together. Watching them was like watching a Chinese fire drill, but they got it done and put it in the water. It actually took them less time than it would have Eric and I. We saw them putting things in the boat and head for shore. We decided to be cool when they got there and just not say anything. When they got ashore they had brought glasses for the wine and plates with silverware. So we hadn’t thought of everything. We were guys. We killed the monsters of the deep and prepared them to eat, the girls should be good for something. We were smart enough not to say that out loud this time. After all, we needed the girls for comfort after dinner. If they were angry there wouldn’t be any snuggling going on that day. We dug out the fish and potatoes then built the fire back up. The food was great the ambiance was perfect, and the company was the best there was in the world. We ate and drank and talked about life and what we were going to do for the rest of our lives. Some time before midnight Eric and Sue started playing boy and girl stuff, and Sandy and I decided to take a walk down the beach. As we were walking I remembered that the mats from earlier in the day were under the coconut trees. We went there and recovered the mats and took them back to the fire.

Sue was nude, but Eric still had on his trunks. We decided to walk up as though nothing unusual was happening. Sue took it all in stride with a hardy laugh. She said, “I had rather that clothes were not part of our culture.” She made no effort what so ever to put on any clothes. Eric laughed and made a comment that it was hard enough to keep her clothes on in Waikiki and he had no chance on a tropical beach on a warm spring night. We gave them the mats and took ours to the other side of the fire.

Sue sure looked great, and her being nude was very distracting, but it was because I wanted Sandy nude, not the nudity itself. Sue watched me looking at her, got up and stretched. Eric accused her of doing that to tease us. She made a comment about wanting us so horny we couldn’t help but get on with it so we would stop acting like a couple of teenagers. Then she looked me in the eye and said, “If you think I look good, wait until you see your buddy there. She has the most perfect body I have ever seen.” I could see Sandy blush in the firelight. Sue could not talk her into taking off her clothes try as she might. She told us to go for a walk so she could get some good sex in the moonlight. We did.

We went down the beach a way and discussed whether we should sneak up on Eric and Sue and watch them. We made quite a joke of it, discussing all the reasons we should. We both knew we wouldn’t do it, but the conversation was fun and very arousing.

Our conversation finally came back around to what escort bostancı had happed to the medical problems Sandy from her rape session with her former husband.

“You really want to know?” Asked Sandy.

“Yes, if it’s alright with you to talk about it.” I replied.

“I don’t mind so long as it doesn’t make you angry.” She responded.

“It won’t.”

“Well, the nipple rings healed up very fast. The holes are kept open with a small bar bell when I don’t wear the rings. They are fine and I like the feeling of the rings even though I can’t feel the bars. When I’m out for an evening I don’t wear either because I don’t want to have them show through my cloths. I like to go braless once in a while.

The clit ring is still in place. It is healed, but it is very sensitive. I don’t know what I’m going to do about it. I think we should make that decision together when the time comes. Now lets talk about something else before I have to rape you.

“Are you wearing the nipple rings now?” I asked.


We talked for hours. It was great. After some time, Eric and Sue walked up very quietly to see if they could catch us. Sue was really in a great mood. She wanted to know if we had sneaked back to watch them. When we said we hadn’t she seemed disappointed. She was certain that we would. She admitted that had they caught us they would have watched, at least to the critical moment and then made all kinds of noise. Sue still didn’t have on any clothes and seemed very natural that way.

Eric and Sue joined us in our discussion of the universe. We talked for what seemed like a few minutes, but turned out to be hours. We wandered back to where the fire had burned out long ago. The coals were just barely warm. Sue put back on her shorts and top and we gathered up all of the items we didn’t want to leave on the beach. Except for the mats, which we stowed under a coconut tree we took everything. The girls rowed the rubber dinghy back to ‘Snuggler” while Eric and I swam along side. When we stepped aboard there was a faint glow of light in the east. It was going to be another beautiful day in paradise. Sandy and I crawled into the double quarter birth under the cockpit and snuggled up. We kissed good night and immediately went to sleep dreaming beautiful dreams and sleeping soundly.

After about four hours sleep we awoke to the smell of fresh coffee. This was getting to be a good habit. I love fresh coffee as soon as I can get my eyes open. We sat in the cockpit and talked about taking a hike over the hills on the west end of the island to Kalani Beach Park on the north side. It would be a good days hike, and we spent the bulk of the day doing just that

We went back aboard and ate snacks for dinner. We had a couple of beers then everyone went to bed. With the wind scoop set there was a fresh cool breeze blowing through the boat. We had been on the go for three days and it was catching up with us.

On Monday we decided to do absolutely nothing. We would just sleep, swim, and laze around. That was a really good day. Sandy and I just played on the beach and in the tide pools like a couple of little children on an outing for the first time. What great mystery lies in that pool of teaming life? It was great fun. We took a nap on the beach and hadn’t thought to look up our friends for some time. Ok, so Sandy though we better go find them, after all they were only in their twenties, and the tidal pool monster might get them. Women!

We found them sound asleep at the foot of the cliff. There was one small sand spot and they had curled up there. Sandy couldn’t stand that so she woke them up. They were good-natured even though Sandy was full of mischief. We all decided not to let her get rested ever again. The vote was for Eric and I to go get fish and they would build a fire and get everything ready. Off we went. Four Kumu later we returned and good to their word the fire was ready to cook. We cooked. We ate. We drank good wine. We talked and talked and talked, like only really good friends can do when nothing is to be gained from the other except friendship.

Tuesday we decided to up anchor and sail around Llio Point and on to Kalaupapa. The leper colony was still in existence, but it was not open to the public. We didn’t intend to stop; we just wanted to look at the windward side of Molokai. We sailed all day that Tuesday.

I had always considered Wednesday to be pretty much like the other days. Nothing unusual about Wednesday at all. Sandy was another matter. She got up at the crack of dawn and quietly went on deck like a good girl so she wouldn’t wake anyone up. Then I awoke to a blood-curdling scream that caused me to smash my head into the bulkhead by the galley trying to get on deck. I came out of the companionway hatch as fast as it could be done. The first thing I saw was Sandy’s beautiful round bottom as she dove off the stern of the boat and headed for shore. It seems that she had gotten a bucket of cold salt water and sneaked up on Eric and Sue and doused them thoroughly. With them asleep, warm, and snuggled together in the cockpit, it was a terrible shock to their system. That’s what caused the scream that had resulted in the goose egg on my forehead.

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