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Salvation Between Two

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My name is Ralph. I work in a small engineering firm. The owner is called Albert. He is a stocky and outgoing man. He has a young secretary, named Ann; she is small with dark hair and eyes. Normally, she works cheerfully, but lately, I have noticed her to be sad and nervous. I have less to do with her that with him, since he is very possessive toward her.

My work is mostly in the office, assisted by computers, but my duties include visiting factories and other sites where they hire us as inspectors. Then the boss verifies my plans and certifies them with his signature, in order to give the projects the go-ahead.

One day, I knocked on his door to show him one of my designs, but he didn’t open for me. I heard some noises, to which I didn’t pay any attention. I didn’t see the secretary at her desk, so I sat down there to wait for him, because it was necessary to submit this work very soon. Suddenly, I heard shouts. The boss scolded her with filthy words and I believed that she had made a mistake at dictation. Although I didn’t want to pay any attention, it made me nervous and impatient. Then, she was the one who screamed; that surprised me. I could wait no longer, so I tried to open the door, but it was locked from the inside. Then, the noises were of blows, things falling and hurried steps. Somehow, the door was unlocked and I rushed inside. The scene was hellish. Books, papers and even drawers lay on the floor and the desk was in total disorder. But the worst was when I saw them. Albert crushed Ann against a bookcase, sodomizing her! She had bruises on her arm and she even bled through her lip and nose, her blouse was torn, her bra was undone and her skirt was bunched around her waist. Her panties and shoes lay on the floor. It was obvious that he was raping her! She begged me for help almost breathlessly. I tried to separate them, but he didn’t budge. I hit him on his back with him hardly feeling it. I pulled his shoulder, he loosened up a little and I was able to throw him against his desk, due to his premature orgasm and to the fact that he had his pants around his ankles. I demanded an explanation from him, but he threw me a punch. I blocked the first one, but the next one sent me crashing against the shelf. I tried to kick his penis, smeared with his semen and her feces, but he blocked me with more force. I grabbed on the shelves, trying to imitate Jackie Chan to release my ankle, but he already had an advantage over me. He hit me harder, and she tried to pull him off me, but he brushed her away with a backhand blow; I shouted to her about her taking advantage of this to flee, while he was distracted hitting me and insulting me. I didn’t harbor hopes for myself but I would feel some relief if she survived. But something strange happened. The guy gave a holler, vomited blood on me and collapsed. His breathing was labored, since had some stabs in the back and bled profusely. I lifted my gaze and I saw her in front of us. She held a letter-opening knife; I then remembered the threatening and mocking moves that he sometimes made with that instrument. Then she explained to me that he used it to subdue her when his pattern of sexual harassment became physical. We then got frightened, now that he was in his death throes. I told her to call an ambulance, and she did, but it was useless: our boss had died. I wanted to give him first erotik film izle aid, but I felt nauseous, besides, I could hardly move his large frame. The paramedics took too long to arrive and they also had difficulty when they lifted the corpse in order to carry it to the hospital. We also had to go to treat our multiple wounds and to extract evidence of the violation which that savage perpetrated against the unfortunate Ann.

The doctors in the emergency ward called the police, and they proceeded to interrogate us. Both of us narrated the facts as they happened, hoping that justice would be on our side, but they pressed charges on us, as if it were a conspiracy. We had to plead “no-contest” to some misdemeanors, and they put us on probation, being this our first offense. They hardly considered her rape and our self-defense, not even the fact that the autopsy showed that the boss was under the effects of drugs, perhaps cocaine or some hallucinogen.

When we came to work after the sentence, Dave, my boss’s partner, met with us. He began saying:

“From now on, I am taking charge during this trial period. I won’t fire you, despite a condition of your probation is that you cannot see each other, but this contract is worth a lot and I don’t want to lose it. Ralph, you’ll get more field work, and if you should come to the office, we will make arrangements so that Ann is not around. When we finish the project, you will go to a seminar that would enable you to certify the works that Albert used to sign, with paid expenses.”

We also had to go to counseling sessions, which we hoped that would repair the psychological damage, but court officials could also supervise us.

One day, Mr. Dave called Ann into the office to dictate a letter to her, but it seems that she still had very fresh memories of the incident, and she refused to step inside. The boss got very angry, but did not express it, because he could sympathize with her grief. But he grew impatient and he called me:

“Ralph, this girl is in shock! You come soon, I no longer know what to do!”

“And what about the probation?”

“Screw probation! Just help me!” (At least, she was not in the office, because the mention of such obscenity would have pushed her into a worse post-traumatic crisis.)

I went to the office and saw her. She made a supreme effort not to crumble, trying to maintain a serene demeanor. She begged the boss to dictate to her from the outside, but he flatly refused, saying:

“Miss, you must learn to overcome this, because if you don’t, you will never work in an office again.”

I cut in and I told her:

“Sir, go to the office, but leave the door open.”

He went in and sat down behind his desk.

I walked toward her, not afraid of being discovered by the authorities, and I told her:

“Ann, there is nothing to fear. That bad man cannot hurt us any more.”

She remained motionless and she looked at me with a blank expression. Then, I thought of something unexpected to say:

“You are my hero. Yes! You saved me, when that bastard was pummeling me. If it weren’t for you, Albert would have killed us both. Indeed, you are very brave!”

Tears streamed on her cheeks, but somehow, she drew strength from my words. I offered to walk her into the office, and then, she consented. The film izle boss allowed me to remain there while he dictated his first lines, but I had to leave soon. She looked for me with her gaze, and I turned around and said to her:

“I am here, my friend.”

She breathed deep and she replied:

“I am all right now. Thank you.”

I closed the door, and although I expected her to come out, or at least, open the door to avoid feeling claustrophobic, nothing happened. Only the voice of the chief engineer was heard dictating his letter, so I returned to the “field.” I had some difficulty to concentrate on my work that afternoon, and after arriving to my house, I was the one who broke down with tears.

Time passed and the boss decided to go into retirement definitively. He called us together again and he announced to us that the probation had already concluded because the socio-penal reports had been very favorable, so there was no longer any restraint order between her and me. In fact, our former boss did not die from the stab wounds, which were not so deep, but because of the drugs and his own adrenalin, although the loss of blood played a role in his death. I had already earned my professional license, so he gave me a free hand in order to take over at the office, according to my better judgement. We could even hire other employees, and so, Ann became an office manager, and were brought junior engineers and secretaries into the firm. We even hired draftsmen, technicians, a webmaster and a legal advisor; the prosperity of the firm allowed us those luxuries.

Everything went well from then on, but one afternoon, when we were closing for that day, she came to me in a certain mood that I didn’t understand at first, and she told me:

“Ralph, please come to my home. I need to get a load off my chest, and only you would be able to understand me.”

She gave me her address, which I didn’t know before, and I followed her in my car. When we arrived to her apartment, she put on a kimono-style robe, she cooked a light dinner, and after eating and cleaning, she led to me to her sofa, she took a deep breath and she began to say to me:

“I need to speak to you about something that I could not share with anyone else. Do you know why? Although I seem to feel all right, I have not yet recovered from my experience.”

I replied to her:

“It hasn’t been easy for me either. And I will tell you what has been the worst: the mere fact of being accused. I trusted that they would understand us and they would do us justice. And what hurts me more, even now, it’s not so much bureaucracy. It is the fact that you had to go through all that.”

She agreed with me, saying:

“They treated us like criminals.”

“Precisely! Especially you. You were almost branded a murderess. You! My sweet Annie.”

I had the impulse of caressing her cheek, but a voice inside my head screamed:

“Are you crazy? She has just suffered a rape!”

I forced myself to shut up. I didn’t even dare to look at her, unsure of my feelings.

She sighed and told me:

“I never had the opportunity to thank you for saving me from that monster. All this time has been horrible. And those psychologists! They were useless. They were only good for hurting me more with their prehudice. But you could really help me!”


“Come seks filmi izle with me.”

She led to her room. There she hugged me. I felt her tremble, and she stepped away from me. She met my gaze to gather resolve, and then, she took off her kimono, and stood naked before me. I was surprised, and she also blushed, but we smiled to each other. She approached me again, kissed me and helped me to undress. Upon seeing my penis, she motioned me to sit down to the edge of her bed and she knelt down to kiss it and take it in her mouth. She was not yet used to the sensation, so she soon dropped it and looked at me, but she remained determined to surrender to me. I lifted her by her arms and told her:

“If you want, we can stop.”

Ann began to say to me, full of mixed feelings:

“It’s all right. I want to do this. You see, that bastard left a stain in my body and only you could wash it off me: with your semen.”

My face brightened and I told her:

“On one condition.”

She smiled back at me and asked:

“What is it?”

“May I suck your breasts?”

She said, laughing:

“Of course!”

She leaned on the bed and I pressed my lips on her hardened nipples. I kissed them, I sucked them and I even opened my mouth wide in order to engulf her puffy areolae. She groaned from pleasure, and she begged me:

“Now, ‘eat’ my vulva.”

I gave her nipples one last lick, then I traced a path from there over her stomach until I reached her clitoris, and I licked it a little bit. I extended my tongue to stroke her labia, which swelled to receive such an exquisite caress, then I returned to her clitoris in order to bring her closer to an orgasm. Ann grabbed my head and pushed it toward her burning sex, and after shaking a little, she lifted my face to look at me in the eye and she asked me to penetrate her. She even put a condom on me. While I began entering her, she sighed:

“This was something that I always wanted to do, for such a long time.”

I felt very pleased and I pushed my penis deeper into her vagina, and I started with slow strokes, savoring the moment. She gasped loudly, and she hugged me tightly, relishing on the sensation. Then, she asked me:

“Take the condom off!”

I looked at her perplexed, but she met my gaze and insisted:

“My love, plunge it in my anus. Cleanse it with your semen, which is the only essence that should be in me.”

I pulled out reluctantly, and we shared a groan because of the void of my withdrawal. I pulled the condom off, and she daubed my penis with one of her beauty creams. She drew her thighs until her knees touched her round boobs and she relaxed her sphincter in order to draw my member into her rectum. I caressed her vulva to increase her pleasure, while I moved my glans over her perineum, to line my penis with her anus, I buried it up to my testicles and she sighed, and when I resumed my thrusts, she began having contractions, due to an intense orgasm. Her vaginal juices spilled out around her anus, easing me deeper, and I could no longer hold back, so I heard my own scream, much like in my childhood, and finally, I went rigid while discharging such a spurt of warm semen that I felt as if I were bleeding to death inside her bowels. She raised her face to kiss me in gratitude for healing her suffering once and for all. All of this felt so right, the best therapy that we could ever have, and we understood that all of the wrong done to us had happened for a powerful reason: to unite us in eternal love, for better or worse.

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