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Rivka – Chapter 1 – Gynecology appointment

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Rivka – Chapter 1 – Gynecology appointment
Rivka – Chapter 1 – Gynecology appointment

It was a beautiful summer day and Rivka was sitting patiently in the doctor’s office quietly reading a book that she just really wasn’t into. Because of this, she found her mind wandering often and a lot, making reading the book a chore. She swears she has been reading the same page over again at least half a dozen times in the last fifteen minutes.

She is at the doctor’s office not because there is something wrong with her, but because she just moved to the Pacific Northwest from Vermont for her first year of college and has decided to put herself on birth control. She wasn’t seeing anyone, so it wasn’t out of convenience, instead it was something she was doing to be responsible. It made her feel like an adult that she was making this decision for herself.

She was never a nervous patient in the past, but that all changed when the nurse opened the door adjoining the waiting room and called her name. It caught her off guard, but that’s not what made her nervous. Thirty seconds later, as she was being escorted down a hallway to one of the far exam rooms, she noticed an extremely attractive man exiting one of the other exam rooms.

“It was a pleasure seeing you again, thanks for choosing me as your physician. Take care of yourself and I’ll look forward to seeing you again next year. Bye, bye now.” He was finishing up with a patient, leaving an exam room as he entered the hallway.

He was her new doctor. The overwhelming attraction she felt for him was instant.

He was tall, broad shouldered with a chiseled face and sun kissed skin. His dark brown hair contrasted nicely with his piercing green eyes, which were at this moment piercing Rivka. She smiled a goofy smile and mumbled a “Hi” as she walk passed him. She thought that was a stupid thing to say after she had said it. Picking up on her slight embarrassment, he smiled big and didn’t say a word.

From that moment on, she couldn’t concentrate on anything, which frustrated the hell out of her. The nurse was asking her questions about her health and making small talk, but she didn’t even know how to respond or really what the questions were. One thing she did notice was the tingling sensation coming from her pussy. She knew this feeling well, and also knew that with this feeling came: heat, wetness, and swollen labia. She suddenly freaked out in her mind.

Trying her best to snap out of it, she looked at the nurse and said, “I’m a college student and need to go on the pill.” Once again, she heard what she had just said and it sounded stupid. The nurse smiled and replied, “That’s nice.”

Rivka had to get out of there and she quickly made a plan in her fuzzy head. “I just arrived from New England to attend college here and need to get a physical and would like to go on birth control. I just remembered that the college has those services so I could just as easily go there.” she blurted, completely unrehearsed.

The nurse didn’t immediately respond, but instead looked through the pile of papers Rivka had filled out in order to enroll as a new patient. “It looks as if your insurance will cover anyone you choose to see in this state, and though you can use the college medical services, they are only primary care mid-level practitioners and you would only be able to address issues on a drop-in basis.” Rivka knew this, and that was precisely why she was there. She attempted to open her mouth and say something, but it was interrupted by a knock on the door.

The door opened and the attractive man walked into the room, closing the door behind him. “Hello, are you ready for me yet? I had a no-show and am running a little ahead of schedule. My name is Dr. Eric Sewollen, I’ll be your gynecologist.” He offered his hand and she instinctively reached out and shook it. Randomly remembering something she was told once about handshakes and how you can tell a lot about a person from their handshake, she gave his hand a firm squeeze before letting it go. Immediately, she wished she hadn’t done it.

“You have a nice firm handshake Rivka, that’s a sign of a healthy woman.” he chuckled while beaming a perfect smile showing his perfect white teeth.

“Oh god”, she said to herself, “I’m such a dork.” She smiled and cocked her head, making fun of herself in her mind.

“Rivka has just moved here from New England and will be attending college in the fall.” the nurse began. “She is here for a physical and is interested in hearing about birth control options. I’ve reviewed her health history and there is nothing of note to mention. We haven’t had a chance to take vitals yet, but we can do that at the end of the visit if you’d like to get started?”

“Great, welcome to the Northwest Rivka. I’ll take her vitals since I’m ahead of schedule, that way we can chat and you can let me know of any specific issues you have on your mind.” he added. With that said, Dr. Sewollen spent the next five or so minutes taking her blood pressure, measuring her height, weight, and making small talk about college and other random things. By the end of that time, Rivka was a little more relaxed, finding him very easy to talk to, not to mention a charming sense of humor. Also, she couldn’t help but notice the outline of what looked like a huge cock through his pressed slacks. She couldn’t help but stare each and every time he looked another direction.

“For the next part of your visit, we’ll do a thorough examination. It will take about fifteen minutes and then we can talk a little about birth control options. I’ll step out of the room while you undress and put a gown on..okay?” he asked.

“Okay.” she responded. Her heart was thumping loudly in her chest, she could hear it clearly in her ears. The tingling in her crotch had kind of went away, but now it was back in full force. He exited the room, followed by the nurse who indicated they would give her a few minutes before they returned. The door closed and she inhaled deeply, trying to calm her nerves. Her exhale consisted of a long breath, followed by the word, “Fuuuuuck.”

Rivka was about 5’6” with beautiful thick brown hair that looked auburn in the sunlight. She worked out almost everyday, a combination of weightlifting, cardio and core exercises. This resulted in a well toned body that she was very proud of. Her proper posture helped display her natural 34D breasts high and pert, which were accentuated by large sensitive nipples. Her tight, flat tummy was in stark contrast to her firm bubble butt that her ex-boyfriend called a “black girl booty”, describing it as “defying gravity.” Her legs though, were her favorite part of her body, sporting long smooth muscles, unblemished and complemented by her light olive skin tone.

She knew she looked good, but that didn’t have anything to do with her predicament at hand. Removing her v-neck t-shirt and folding it nicely before setting it on the guest canlı kaçak bahis chair, she then unhooked her bra and did the same. Taking a deep breath, she unbuttoned her jeans and slipped off her sandals. Pushing her jeans down over her hips and round ass always presented a slight struggle, but again, that was the least of her worries. Folding them and placing them with the rest of her clothes, she looked at herself in the full length mirror on the opposite wall. Just as she thought, the crotch of her white cotton panties were soaked by her hot and bothered pussy.

She quickly peeled them off and tucked them in her jean pocket, then helped herself to some tissues and started dabbing the entrance of her drenched pussy in attempt to dry it off. This was relatively easy due to the fact that since she was a young teenager, her older sister taught her how to shave her pubic hair in different designs. She had mastered the art of shaving her pubic region and kept it super smooth with only a thin, perfect landing strip. She and her sister nicknamed it their “homemade brazilian.”

Finding the gown the nurse had left for her, she took one last look at herself in the mirror before poking her arms through the holes and fastened the single button behind her neck. Confident she had done the best she could at cleaning herself up she sat down at the end of the exam table and waited.

A short two minutes later, she heard a knock at the door and responded positively by saying, “Okay.” The nurse entered the room followed by Dr. Sewollen. As he explained the process of the examination, the nurse was busying herself by gathering instruments and sterile stuff, placing them on a little stainless steel table next to the exam table. This helped take Rivka’s focus off the handsome doctor standing in front of her, but did little to ease the tingling in her crotch. She was wet again, she could feel it.

Dr. Sewollen put on a fresh pair of examination gloves and worked his way over to Rivka’s left side. “Let’s take a listen to those lungs, shall we?” He then put his left hand across her body, resting it on her right shoulder while placing the stethoscope on her open back even with her lungs. She melted at his touch, then jumped at the feel of the stethoscope on her bare skin. This made her arch her back, consequently pushing her firm breasts against his left inner arm.

“Oh sorry, was that too cold? These things can get cool compared to the temperature of the human skin.” She was pleased that he had left his arm where it was, but now her nipples were painfully hard and the pulsing between her legs was getting more intense. “I’m fine, just shocked me for a sec” she replied.

He moved the scope to a few other places on her back and asked her to breath in at different times. Each time she did this, her firm breasts would heave forward, smashing into his inner arm. He then moved the scope to her chest to listen to her heart. When he did this, he set his gloved hand on her bare back, sending shockwaves throughout her body. His gloved hand was warm and felt like heaven touching her skin. This resulted in her heart rate racing for a second, which he responded to with a quiet, “Hmmmm?”.

“Okay, everything sounds pretty good Rivka, I can tell your consistent workout routine is treating your body well.” This confused her as she was wondering how he knew she worked out often. Then, she remembered it was part of the health questionnaire she filled out. “How nice” she thought, “he actually reads that stuff.”

“Now, I’m going to ask you to unbutton the gown and lay back on the table,” he said as he d****d the stethoscope around his neck. This excited Rivka very much, and she was grateful she was asked to lay down, because her head was now spinning like a top, making her dizzy with anticipation.

Dr. Sewollen then moved to the other side of the table, standing next to Rivka’s right side. He explained that he was going to do a breast and abdominal exam, and for her to let him know if anything hurt or was tender at any point during the examination. She nodded in approval and took a deep breath. The doctor then pull the gown down over her perfect, ample breasts, exposing the top half of her naked body from her pubic bone on up. Her nipples were hard and aimed towards the ceiling. She noticed Dr. Sewollen pause for a long moment, wondering if he was looking at her body. Too embarrassed to look up at him, she simply closed her eyes and smiled inside.

“Okay, Rivka, I’m going to start the examination now,” informing her before gently grabbing her right breast while slightly leaning over her. Her eyes remained closed while he made small circles around her breast, using his expert fingers, not missing any part of her full breast as well as the surrounding area. Around her nipple, underneath, along the top, side to side and even raising her arm and examining her armpit, she was in ecstasy. She fell into a slight trance, only to be woken by her own involuntary hum of approval. She caught herself quickly and pretended to clear her throat. Otherwise, with the exception of random typing coming from the nurse ever so often, the room was pretty much silent.

Eventually, he slowly worked his way to her left breast and repeated the slow, thorough ritual. Every so often, he would graze her nipple with his hand which sent electric shocks directly to her already, ultra-sensitive pussy, “Was he doing that on purpose,” she wondered…she kind of hoped so. Nevertheless, it was bringing her pussy to a boil and she could feel her juices dripping slowly down her outer labia. What happened next nearly pushed her over the edge. While the good doctor was massaging the far left side of her left breast, he leaned over to accommodate his reach and suddenly the outline of what looked like his huge, thick cock was pushing against her right arm. All her senses suddenly focused on her right arm as she was desperately trying feel his manhood with her arm skin, wishing it was her hand. Meanwhile, her vagina muscles started contracting, she was having a mini-orgasm! All this was going on while the nurse was still in the room, typing notes into the electronic medical record via a PC mounted on the wall. Again, she was thankful she was lying down, otherwise she most certainly would have passed out.

When he finished examining her left breast, he slowly moved his hands down, over her ribcage, telling her he was now going to perform a pelvic exam. Rivka’s lower half was extremely sensitive following her mini-orgasm and she flinched and giggled when his hands made their way to the side of her thin waist. Her stomach muscles tightened and her pelvis jolted up, raising her Venus Mons above the d****d gown exposing her landing strip and soaking wet labia. Her hips seemed to be locked in the thrusting position and she quickly looked down to see what the view might look like to him. It enthused her casino firmalari when she noticed that he was staring directly at her pussy, almost forgetting she was in a doctors office but instead on a first date. Like the professional that he was, he simply grabbed the d****d gown and pulled it back up, covering her wet pussy again. “You must be ticklish,” he said with a smile, “I’ll be more careful and try to not startle those nerves again.” She closed her eyes for the rest of the pelvic exam and tried hard not to moan or smile.

When he finished the pelvic exam, he pulled the gown back over the top half of her body and helped her fasten the button behind her neck. “We’re now ready for the vaginal exam Rivka.” With this being said, the nurse joined Rivka at her side and automatically positioned the table so Rivka was propped up slightly. Next, she pulled the stirrups out of the end of the table and positioned them spread apart. Meanwhile, the good doctor had taken a seat on an exam stool and was putting on a fresh pair of gloves. The nurse then explained to her the process and helped her put her feet in the stirrups. The small stainless steel table on wheels was positioned next to the doctor and he asked her if she was ready. Rivka hummed a small, “Uh huh” with a head nod and then the d****d gown was lifted over her knees.

Rivka bit her lower lip because she knew what he was going to see. She was certainly right on all counts. The vaginal fluid that escaped her body had pooled below her pussy at the base of her round ass cheeks and her swollen pink lips were still glistening. Her inner labia was engorged as well, blossoming out from between her outer lips. At the top of her vaginal opening, standing at attention was her well pronounced clitoris, throbbing in unison with her heartbeat, which she again could hear in her own ears.

The good doctor didn’t say a word, but instead cleaned her up without incident. She could feel him wiping her fluids from the exam table and then a little off her thighs, then slightly between the crack of her well-rounded ass. He left her labia soaking wet as he was going to need the lubrication to insert his fingers.

“I’m going to do an external examination, then two internal examinations,” he started, “the first exam I will perform with my fingers, feeling for any abnormalities, and then the other with a speculum so I can see your vaginal walls and cervix to make sure everything is as it should be. During the speculum exam, we’ll do your pap smear as well.”

“I’m going to begin now,” he announced. Carefully spreading her wet, swollen folds with one hand, the good doctor examined every centimeter of her vaginas’ outer surfaces with his free hand, switching off between hands as needed to reach every part of her engorged sex. Starting with her outer labia, then moving to her inner labia, even spreading her ass cheeks apart to investigate her anus. He never touched her clitoris, and thank god for that, as she would have probably screamed in pleasure. He made a mental note that this particular vagina was probably the most beautiful he had ever seen, and he had seen a lot of vaginas.

“Rivka,” the doctor started, ”I’m going to insert two fingers into your vagina and you’ll feel me touching your surrounding walls. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you feel any discomfort or tenderness during this part of the examination.” “Okay” she answered in a husky, breathy tone, thinking to herself how silly she must have sounded.

With that said he slide two long, thick fingers into her hot, wet vaginal canal and started to probe around. She came almost instantly. It was when he lifted his fingers and came into contact with her large, bulbous g-spot while pushing down on her lower abdomen that it happened. All it took was a touch, then the chain reaction began. Her stomach muscles tightened, her anus closed tight, as did her vagina. There was no doubt in her mind that he could feel her vaginal muscles clamping down around his long thick fingers, milking them like it was a cock. She lost control of her bodily functions and was only focusing on not making a peep.

It occurred to her that she was holding her breath and that she should probably breath before she passed out. Inhaling slowly helped her regain control of her convulsing pussy, though her body was still in orgasmic ecstasy. He slowly removed his fingers from her pulsating pussy without saying a word and then quietly cleaned up her newly made mess off of the exam table just as before. She thought it was very nice of him to not mention anything, sort of like keeping a secret between them.

Her face and chest felt hot and red while laying there, her head was still spinning, desperately trying to regain focus and come back to reality. The placement of Dr. Sewollen’s warm hand on her upper thigh and his smooth, deep voice brought her completely back. “Everything looks and feels very good Rivka, very healthy.” She found the irony humorous and perhaps intentional, wondering if he used those specific words on purpose.

“The next part of the exam I’ll be using a metal speculum,” he continued. “We keep the speculums in a warming drawer, so it ought to be close to your body temperature as not to cause any discomfort.” “Oh, ok” she quickly replied. “Body temperature…I’m absolutely on fire down there,” she thought, “no way that speculum is even close to the temperature of my pussy!”

There was a slight pause so Rivka peeked her head up to see what he was up to. Dr. Sewollen was lubing up a chrome speculum with KY jelly. He gave her a quick smile asking, “Ready?” She replied with an affirmative nod. With his left hand, he gently pressed into her swollen, puffy lips and spread them apart with his thumb and pointer finger. She then felt the tip of the warm, lubricated speculum start to slide into her already soaking wet vaginal canal. After just a momentary pause, the metal slide deeper in her pussy as he slowly applied pressure, being careful to not make any jerking movements. Either on purpose or just the way his hand was placed, his pinky and ring finger were pressing on her already sensitive clitoris, still pulsing from her previous orgasm. This made Rivka almost lose her breath at the same time the speculum stopped its inward progression. Her vaginal muscles were starting to do that whole pre orgasm thing again and once again she was forgetting to breathe.

Suddenly, Dr. Sewollen let out a “Hmmmmmmmm?” She wasn’t sure what was going on, other than the fact she was on the verge of another insane orgasm! “It looks like I need to try another speculum as this one is too short. I won’t be able to see your cervical opening as it’s still deeper in your vaginal canal” he updated her.

Rivka focused to regain her thoughts and finally asked, “Is that a bad thing?”

“Oh no, not at all.” he replied with a comforting smile. “You see, no human is identical casino şirketleri except for maybe twins, but even then, they are not the same internally. Some women have very short vaginal canals while others may have very long vaginal canals. This is not a problem either way, and often it is a good thing to know as you now have more information to accommodate your future needs and wants.”

“Future needs and wants?” she thought, “What the fuck can that possibly mean?”

“You see,” he continued, almost reading her mind, “If you have an abnormally short vaginal canal for example, you may only be able to accommodate say, about three inches in an extreme case before you would come in contact with your cervical opening. That may cause uncomfortability regarding tampons and the such. In your case, you happen to have an abnormally long vaginal canal…in fact, I’ll be using our longest speculum which is about eight inches in hopes we can get a good view of your cervical opening. There is nothing wrong at all with your vaginal canal, you obviously won’t have to worry about the tampon situation I just mentioned in my example and now, if you ever switch gynecologists, you can tell them about your specific condition with the knowledge you just gained.”

Rivka was pleased with his response, wondering why her c***dhood pediatrician and/or her primary care physician in her hometown never previously mentioned this to her. “Maybe they told my parents?” she thought, “that would be weird, I suppose.” Her mind only touched on that thought for a second. She was actually mostly thinking of the future. She remembered the first time she had sex, thinking her boyfriend at the time had a huge penis, but it was actually average sized, around six and a half inches and of normal thickness. Besides the initial penetration, there was no other discomfort, and aside from inexperience on both sides, it was a relatively positive experience though she did not cum; he did though.

She also remembered the time when they visited the adult video store on the outskirts of her hometown and bought her first dildo. They stood there embarrassed and in complete awe at the selection and had no idea where to start and what to choose. Sure, there was also the leering group of older men looking her up and down throughout the entire experience, but that secretly turned her on in some weird way. It wasn’t until a scantily clad, older woman walked by them on the way to the video booths and pulled a seven inch dildo off the display, handed it to her and said something to the effect of, “Here’s your first lover without a heartbeat doll, get to know him well because he’ll outlast all your other lovers in the flesh.” They both nervously laughed at her comment, walked up to the counter, purchased the flesh colored dildo and quickly left.

Rivka enjoyed sex with her boyfriend, but especially when they incorporated the dildo. They would usually start with her boyfriend entering her, then switch to the dildo after he got himself off and she would almost always cum hard, loving the feeling of being filled up and often kept fucking herself long after she orgasmed, enjoying the length and perpetual hardness of the fake, silicone cock. This new information the doctor shared gave her ideas and plans for future purchases and little did she know at the time…conquests.

Snapping back to reality, she looked up again over her body to see Dr. Sewollen lubing up a much longer speculum, giving her the same friendly grin as before. “Ok, Rivka, are you ready? I’m going to continue the examination with the new speculum.”

Just as before, he lined up his pointer finger and thumb against her swollen labia and parting her inner labia, lined up the chrome apparatus. A gentle thrust touched the chrome metal with her outer lips, then just as before, a more forceful push guided the lubed speculum into her still quivering vaginal canal. Deeper it traveled, until just like the last time, his pinky and ring finger pushed firmly against her now rock hard clitoris, which almost pushed her over the edge again. This time, unlike the last, the speculum kept traveling into her abnormally long vaginal canal until he once again let out a curious, “Hmm? It seems that your vaginal canal is still a bit longer than the speculum, however, I think that I may be able to still get a good view of your cervical opening if I make some minor adjustments. Let me know if at any point you feel pain or discomfort.”

“Ok,” she barely replies, trying to catch her breath and composure.

Very slowly, the good doctor pushed the speculum a little deeper into her long canal, slightly twisting, adjusting the angle in order to see her cervical opening. During this process, his fingers increased their pressure on her clitoris, smashing it hard while gently rocking them back and forth trying to line up the speculum. This technique had the same effect as before, except times ten. Her vaginal muscles started convulsing, creating an instant orgasm she had no power to stop. Clamping down on the speculum at full force, it made it very difficult for the doctor to twist it back and forth, but he kept trying. The pressure of his fingers seemed to increase on her clitoris as he continued his method of pushing harder to get the speculum deep enough and lining it up.

Rivka‘s fit abdominal muscles started involuntarily contracting, she raised her hips up and started fucking the long speculum as the doctor held it tight, driving it forward into her wanting body. She grit her teeth together hard and balled up her fists, barely breathing out of her nose. The orgasm she was experiencing was definitely the most intense of her lifetime and she cared about nothing else in the world at that moment except seeing it through to the end.

“Ah ha,” the doctor eventually exclaimed, “I see everything is more than perfect…you are healthy inside and out.” After a quick swap, he slowly pulled out the long speculum and as he chatted with the nurse, Rivka came down from her life changing orgasm and slowly caught her breath. She was hot, sweaty, red and swollen from the experience. Dr. Sewollen cleaned her up for the third time, this time using extra tissues and taking the time to absorb all the generous fluids that escaped her fertile, wet pussy.

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Sewollen and the nurse left the room in order to give Rivka a few minutes to dress herself. She collected herself, drank about four Dixie cups of cold water, and sat in a trance until they returned about five minutes later. After a quick discussion about birth control options, she chose the pill and prescriptions were sent in to the pharmacy of her choice.

“Rivka, you have been the model patient and I thank you for choosing me as your gynecologist. I look forward to seeing you next year for your annual exam, and sooner if you have the need.” Dr. Sewollen announced.

Rivka smiled a delirious smile and simply said, “Sounds like a plan.” Shaking his hand as he left the room.

Driving home, Rivka’s mind was plotting, planning, scheming and celebrating her sexy vagina with its abnormally long canal. What did it mean? She was on a mission to find out!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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