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Riding Cindy’s Bicep

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This is the fourth in a series of stories of Cindy introducing her boyfriend to anal strapon play and fisting.

Who could have imagined that it could have all began with a single finger.

Cindy playfully stuck a finger up my ass and I moaned with pleasure. That was where it began. Soon we moved on to her fucking me with a strap-on, something I never imagined that I would enjoy. And then a larger strap-on and then ultimately her fist. My sweet and wonderful Cindy fucking me madly in the ass with her fist. And amazingly, I loved it all. Really loved it.

And little did I know, but we were just beginning.

Fisting. To say that I was addicted to fisting would be to use the wrong word. It wasn’t a physical need exactly. I didn’t need to be fisted, but I definitely wanted it. Not every night, but often. The intense stretching that wasn’t quite pleasure nor pain, the overwhelming feeling of fullness, the complete surrender of having Cindy’s hand and part of her forearm pounding relentlessly inside of me. It all felt so amazingly good.

But the most wondrous part of it all was the intimacy. The literal and figurative deep connection between two people, connected by lust and desire, but also by flesh, blood and bone. I cannot image any way to be closer to Cindy than having her hand and part of her forearm buried in my ass.

And Cindy wanted more.

One night, when I was on my back and Cindy was inside me with her hand and arm as deep as she usually could go, I could feel her hand moving around, probing, in a way she normally hadn’t. The feeling was very intense. It didn’t feel right. Suddenly, I felt almost frightened. I wasn’t sure what was happening or what I was feeling. My breathing quickened.

“You OK?” Cindy asked. Her fingers pulled back slightly. The entire sensation charged and I felt calm again. Part of the intimacy of fisting is that it is also a partnership.

“Not sure,” I replied. “Might be too much. I may need to take a break.”

“Sure thing, love.” She slowly and smoothly pulled her hand and arm back until her hand slid out with one last final stretch.

I rolled on my side and she laid down beside me.

“That was wild,” I said.

“Did it hurt?” she asked.

“Not exactly, but the sensations were so strong that I felt kinda scared. What were you doing?”

“I had my hand part way in the opening of your second sphincter, the big bend where the rectum turns off toward the colon.”

I laughed. “I just love it when you talk dirty.”

She grinned, reached over and gave me a hard swat on my ass cheek.

She looked into my eyes. “Seriously, we should talk.”

“OK,” replied.

“I want to go deeper. I want to reach up and grab your soul.”

“Speaking metaphorically, I’m sure.”

“Yes,” she smiled. “I have never gotten much further than halfway up my forearm. I want to feel my elbow slide inside your ass. I want to feel your ass lips on my bicep.” She paused.

“How does this sound to you? We’ll go slow and carefully. Would you being willing erotik film izle to give it a try?”

I have to admit, the idea of being impaled on Cindy’s arm to her bicep was both exhilarating and scary as hell. Part of me wanted to say, “no, but thanks for asking” while another voice in my head was screaming, “yes, yes, yes.” My rock-hard cock cast its own vote.

She was staring intently at me. I leaned over and kissed her then said, “Yes. Open me up. Let’s go as deep as you can.”

She reached over and grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth to hers, giving me a long and wildly passionate kiss. Then she whispered in my ear, “Let’s give your ass a day’s rest. Then we will get serious.”

I had no idea what to expect. I only knew that I should get thoroughly cleaned out for whatever Cindy had in mind. As I gave myself several enemas, my bowels filling with a rush of hot soapy water, I tried to image what Cindy’s entire arm would feel like deep inside me.

Later that evening, I waited naked for Cindy in the bedroom. She came in with a large bag.

“I’ve been shopping,” she said with a grin. With that she pulled out a black silicone loop that uncoiled to become a slender but very long probe with a slight bulb at one end and a handle on the other.

“It is called a colon snake. Not very big around but 20″ long.”

“Well, OK,” I replied. “Do you think I can take it.”

Cindy smiled wickedly. “We are going to find out.”

Cindy undressed. She reached for the lube and began to spread it on the snake and on my eager ass. I was on my back with my legs raised. She started to ease the snake in.

“Let’s do this together,” she said. “You’ll know what you are feeling as we start going deeper.”

I reached down and grabbed the slender flexible shaft and began easing it in. It felt good if very small compared to Cindy’s fist.

Soon the head of the snake reached the top of my rectum and stopped. I pushed gently and felt pressure but it would go no farther. I tried pulling and pushing the snake in and out, and pulling to one side and then the other, but could get no deeper.

“Try rolling on your side with your knee bent,” she suggested. “I’ve read that that may help.”

On my side with one knee bent up to my chest, I started working the snake in and out and around again, maintaining a gentle but constant pressure until amazingly, I got the curve of the snake just right and it popped through the opening. The sensation was intense and I gasped.

“Are you OK?” Cindy asked.

“I’m fine. We are through the bend. Wow. What an amazing feeling.”

I reached down and continued gently feeding the snake into my ass.

“This is so hot,” Cindy said with a gleam in her eye. “You are into the descending colon.”

She reached over and gently pressed on my abdomen.

“Feel this,” she said. “You can feel the snake inside you.”

With my free hand I pressed on my stomach and damn, there it was. The snake moving inside my intestine. I worked it in deeper and felt the film izle head move closer up toward my rib cage.

I pushed deeper until I felt resistance. I had almost all of the snake inside me.

“You are probably at the next big bend, into the transverse colon,” Cindy said. “We’ve done enough for our first attempt.”

With that her right hand reached for her crotch. She starting rubbing her clitoris, slowly then faster. With her left hand she reached for the handle on the end of the snake and started gently pumping in and out of me.

I lay back, my cock newly hard, and started jerking as well. The combination of feelings was overwhelming, if slightly distracting. I came shortly after Cindy, our moans blending as we each caught our breath.

After letting my insides rest for a day, we played with the snake again. This time it was easier getting past the second sphincter. We tried it several times more and each time it was easier; my rectum seemed to be relaxing and getting use to the invader.

The next week, Cindy bought a longer, thicker snake. It almost felt as if we were starting all over again. It took considerable working and wiggling to get my second sphincter to open up for the thicker snake dildo. Nevertheless after a bit of probing and twisting, it made it through.

This time I didn’t need to put a hand on my abdomen to feel the snake. I could see the bulge made by the larger toy as it slid up my large intestine. Watching the bulge move as I pressed deeper was both exciting and frightening. Cindy ran her hand gently over the bulge while twisting one of my nipples with the other. It was wild.

Just as with the other skinny snake, each time we played with the thicker snake, I opened up more easily. We managed to navigate the thicker snake well into my traverse colon. The bulge in my abdomen rose almost to my solar plexus.

Then, one night when I expected her to pull out the snake from the storage box under the bed, she instead appeared wearing her shoulder length red latex gloves.

I gulped.

“I think that you are ready. What do you think?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Only one way to find out.”

Cindy rolled over a full length mirror and positioned it so I could watch her sink her arm into my ass. She then took the lube from the nightstand and started to slather it on one hand and arm, well past the elbow. She took her time, obviously for my benefit. It was beautiful, exciting, and frankly terrifying, all in parts.

She lubed my ass. She slid her hand halfway inside, palm up, and, poured a stream into her cupped hand, funneling the lube inside.

Then she slid her hand deeper. After having played with the snakes for several weeks, her hand felt huge. She pushed a little harder and my sphincter relaxed as if welcoming an old friend. Her hand and half her forearm slipped inside.

I was both participant and voyeur, watching the wild look in Cindy’s eyes as she leaned into me while also seeing the image in the mirror her hand and half her forearm disappeared, seks filmi izle as I savored every sensation.

I had expected her to immediately dive in deep. Instead, she took her time, playfully twisting her hand in my ass and running her knuckles over my prostate. If felt so good and I had not realized how much I had missed this as we worked on going deep.

Then after a few more minutes of play, the expression changed on her face. The devilish smile was replaced by a look of concentration. I could feel her hand groping for my second sphincter.

“One finger, She said as she ran a finger around the opening. “Now two.” “And three.”

I felt a fullness and an increased intensity that was both glorious and frightening.

“Four,” she said quietly. “Now to tuck the thumb.”

“Oh.” I let out a deep gasp. It was overwhelming, a wave of sensation, almost too much to handle, that peaked and then passed. I caught my breath. My breathing slowed again and I lay very still.

“And we are in,” Cindy said at little more than a whisper.

For a minute or two, she held completely still and then she pulled back slightly before pushing deeper. And deeper.

I felt an amazing stretch as her forearm disappeared into my ass. I was mesmerized watching the mirror as her forearm sank deeper, seeing and feeling every inch. She was getting close to her elbow now. She rocked her hand inside my intestine and I saw and felt the bulge in my stomach.

“How are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m wonderful,” I said, amazed and exhilarated.

She pushed deeper. I watched her elbow disappear inside me. The stretch felt strangely pleasant.

She began to twist her hand and arm. “I am at the next bend, at the transverse colon. Tell me if anything feels bad.” I nodded my head.

I felt pressure, not much. Mostly it was the strangeness of having another person so deeply inside me.

She took her time, turning and twisting slowly and gently. Finally she said, “Oh yes.”

I looked at the mirror and she was well up on her bicep.

“Oh my god. Where is your hand now?”

“I can feel your rib cage, from the inside. Incredible.”

She slowly drew her arm back, pulling back to just past her elbow. With her free hand she grabbed the lube and rubbed more on her upper arm, then pushed back bicep deep.

“Oh, yes. Fuck me,” I murmured, overwhelmed and ecstatic.

I am not sure how many times she drew her arm out and plunged back in again. Her arm had become a part of me, a heavenly piston driving ever deeper. One thrust built upon the other until I was riding the crest of an otherworldly wave. It seemed to go on and on.

And then, in an instant, she pulled back and kept withdrawing her hand and arm. I felt her elbow slip free, the length of her forearm gliding out and then the final stretch as her hand slid free from my ass.

I felt exhilarated, exhausted and empty. I lay back looking up at the ceiling. Cindy get off the bed. I heard her removing her gloves. A moment later she was straddling me, holding my face with both hands, kissing me passionately.

She sat up. “That was amazing. How was it for you?”

“Beyond words. Fantastic. You said you wanted to reach up and grab my soul. I think you succeeded.”

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