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Rick again

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Rick again
I’m beginning to think that he has some kind of magic in his DNA that transfers over to me every time I’m around him. To be in his presence, after our experiences with one another in the past, I feel so sexually charged and desperate for relief.

I don’t know why I feel like this, those were each labelled “one time things”. Now, as I’m at a family dinner for their dad’s birthday, my ex and his older brother on either side of me, I’m stuck.

Laughter breaks out, and Rick’s smile catches my eye. Seeing that look on his face instills a desire in me. I feel a small tingle in my panties, the kind that comes on when I’m starting to get wet.

His smile fades as he sips his beer. My wine drained already, my eyes have trouble focusing on the lines of his forehead right away. They’re harsh now, a look of concentration on his face. He studies the beer label before taking the last swig and standing.

“Excuse me guys, gone for a little break,” he dismisses himself.

“Sophie, more wine?” his dad offers.

I shake my head. “No thanks, I don’t want to get tipsy,” I answer. I have a feeling Rick is watching me from the doorway, so I excuse myself too. “Be back soon,” I say.

As I exit the dining room, Rick is in fact there and appears to have been waiting on me.

“Took you so long?” he jokes.

“You know your fam, talkative,” I smile warmly.

“C’mere,” he leads us out onto the front deck. We both lean on the rail. “Nice night out,” he speaks quietly.

“Yeah,” I agree. “Kinda cool, no wind.”

He looks at me and leans a little closer. “It’s cool over there maybe, but not standing next to you.”

I smirk. “You trying to hit on me again?”

“Is it working?” he laughs.

Hearing that sound makes my throat catch. “It’s working, who knows maybe it’ll get you güvenilir bahis somewhere.”

“Still upset about Matt?”


He sighs. “I want to stand here and sweet talk you more, but knowing that, man I’m a douche.”

“You’re not,” I touch his arm. “And besides, how do I move on if I don’t at least try to talk to other people?”

“You don’t,” his head leans down. His lips brush mine. My body feels awake, and I know for sure I’m getting wet now.

I kiss back pushing on him as hard as I can. He resists me, hand holding the back of my head.

He introduces his tongue into my mouth and the softness makes me rowdy. I do my best to contain myself and not grab onto his crotch right there. The only way is to move away.

His eyes devour me. “I’ve gotta fuck you right now or I’m going to lose my fuckin’ mind,” he admits.

“Good because I can’t stand to hide how horny I am anymore,” I gush.

He grabs my arm to pull me closer. He whispers in my ear, “They’re leaving soon, and once they do you’ll be busier than you have all night.” He walks back inside, leaving me out.

A short time later, the guests are bidding goodbye. Matt asks me, “Still staying?”

“Duh,” I smile.

I notice Rick standing by the stairs to the basement. His eyes are locked on me.

“I’m gonna go downstairs to shower now, then after we can chill,” I explain to Matt. I walk away downstairs and before I can step off the bottom one Rick reaches out to me. He kisses my neck and I get goosebumps.

He plucks me from the step and brings me into the bedroom, shutting and locking the door. It’s dark but we don’t fumble for each other’s zippers. My dress falls off to my hips, then he has to yank it over my butt.

His shorts slip down easily and his polo is a little tricky but he helps perabet me. He pushes me back to the bed and climbs on me. His hand dives into my panties and goes straight to my clit.

I begin a hickey on his chest. His fingers slip inside me which makes me bite down into his skin. My nails dig in too as he slowly fucks me.

“Babe that whimpering has to stop or else someone will hear you,” he warns. “In fact,” he gets up from the bed and my pussy throbs. He finds a roll of tape in the nightstand. He tears some off with his teeth and places it over my mouth. “I know you don’t mind.”

I’ve never felt so desperate to be touched in my life. He ends up taping my wrists together behind my back. He pulls off my panties and takes off his boxers.

His left hand rubs my breasts and hard nipples. He squeezes one and I squirm. He abruptly grabs me by my throat.

I wiggle on the bed. He slowly brings his pelvis in so I can feel his erection right on my pussy. He looks in my eyes and I see how much restraint he’s using on himself.

“Be a good whore now, open your legs,” he instructs.

I listen, and he immediately enters me. I moan but it’s barely audible.

He starts off fast surprisingly. My pussy contracts around his cock. He’s very girthy, I feel him stretching me out. When he moves out, he pauses to give my face a little slap. My eyes squeeze shut and he laughs.

“Fuck you’re so sweet and sexy,” he admires. He reenters me slowly now and sees that I like it better.

I moan as much as I can. He pulls out to flip me over onto my knees. My face is buried in the duvet, ass up ready to be spanked.

He hits me hard, then harder, and the third time is softer but he pushes my face further down so I can’t breathe. He slips back in and I nearly cum.

“You’re perabet giriş a slut, Sophie,” he comments. “You feel bad for fucking your boyfriend’s brother?” he goes harder as he asks.

I nod to respond. Rick yanks my head up and violently pulls the tape off of my mouth.

“Answer me,” he orders while licking my neck. I’m sat back on him, pussy filled with his dick.

“Yes sir,” I say. “I know I’m a slut.”

He lets go of me and I fall back down. He pounds me and I bite my lip so I don’t scream. I moan with tears in my eyes because of the overwhelming pleasure.

He puts his hand over my mouth and inserts two fingers into it. I suck on them and he grunts. My pussy is dripping wet down my leg. I feel how sticky his balls are each time he thrusts.

“Make me cum,” I moan. He stops fucking me and pulls out.

“Not a problem,” he answers before putting his tongue on my slit.

With my head still on the bed, he eats me out doggy style. He pays a lot of attention to my clit by circling it. This brings me close but I can’t seem to cum yet. He nibbles my inner thigh and puts a few fingers into my pussy. I whine.

Now when he sucks on my labia, the orgasm is building. I’m almost there, hips moving rhythmically when he whispers, “Cum babe, you know you’re not supposed to.”

With that it happens, some juices squirting out onto the bed. He gives me a lick to clean me up then pushes me to lie on my side. He lifts my left leg and begins fucking me again very hard.

Without a chance to recover from my orgasm, I’m able to have another one right away because the pleasure is too intense. He feels me cum a second time and speeds up to finish himself.

He hauls himself out of me and the cum drips down onto my clit and pussy. He rubs his tip on it and sighs. He leans down to kiss me, they’re gentle and warm.

He cuts my hands loose, then lies next to me and hugs me. “You’re addicting I’ve gotta say. Come over next weekend, I can’t get enough of your body, especially that tight pussy.”


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