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Reversal of Fortune

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I wasn’t used to this. I wasn’t used to not being in control.

Nikki and I had used bondage in the bedroom on more than one occasion. It was a favorite of both of ours, actually. But Nikki was always the one who was bound and I was always the one making her my captive. Which meant I was always used to having her at my will. With her sucking my dick, I was always able to hold her head and shove my cock deep in her throat. Cuffed behind her back, I could penetrate her pussy from behind. Handcuffed to the bed, I could lie on top of her and be as rough or as gentle as I wanted.

Not that she ever minded. She loved it. She never once uttered the word “stop” (unless preceded by a “don’t,”) because she knew even in roleplay, I wouldn’t be tuned on by non-consent. Neither was she. Sure, she liked to play the innocent one who needed to be seduced, giving a playful reluctance that I would need to wear down to my will. But she loved every minute of it.

Then one night a week or so ago, I’d mentioned that it might be erotic for me to be at her will…for her to take control one night. Not that I was losing my desire to control, but I wanted to know what it would feel like to be the subject of her whims.

I’d been serious, at least half so. We’d grown into a bit of a routine, so part of me never expected that things would actually change. Bondage and control roleplay wasn’t everything we did in the bedroom, but it had become a favorite of both of ours, and it was roles that included those that were easiest for us to slip into. Routines can be hard to break.

But one afternoon at work, I received an email from her:

Subject: Your Wish…MY COMMANDS

Tonight when you come home, you’re the dashing con man who’s finally been captured and arrested. And I’M the officer tasked with processing YOU into jail.

I had to hand it to her. It was easy to find reasons for women to be brought into jail in a bedroom scene. Dress them up sexy, they can be in for anything. Men are more visual. A woman dressed up sexy is immediately going to be a turn-on. Men can be a bit more difficult. But a suit-and-tie worker like myself being her dashing con-man criminal? It was a pretty realistic scenario, at least as far as bedroom play goes.

I finished up my workday and pulled into my apartment parking lot by six-thirty. I was all ready to jump in to the role, but I was nervous. I was giving up part of myself, making myself the ataşehir escort bayan vulnerable one. But it was a exciting nervous. I was looking forward to it.

I entered the apartment on the top floor, a two bedroom and she was waiting by the door when I set down my briefcase. She was already holding my set of handcuffs (the real police-style, not the cheap drugstore toy-aisle kind with quick-release levers). She wasted no time jumping into the role herself.

“So, you’ve finally been captured, Mr. Huntington,” she said.

I nodded, picking up my role, giving her a charming smile.

“Your charms are useless here, sir,” she told me. “Stand against the wall so I can search you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, facing the wall. I put my arms up and faced the wall as she’d instructed.

Her hands went to my hips, using a technique I’d used when playing in her position many times. She glided her hands over me and then slide them back below my waist. One hand hit between my legs and she was groping me, rubbing me gently, to increase my arousal.

My heart was beating faster.

“I never realized how thorough of a job you do here,” I told her, flashing my smile at her again as I looked over my shoulder.

“Keep quiet, prisoner,” she told me in an authoritative voice. “Turn around and start undressing.”

I complied, wondering what she would have me wear. We only had one orange prisoner uniform, and it was hers. It fit her perfectly (and she looked sexy as hell in it, too). I undressed down to my briefs, my shirt, suit, and tie, lying on the floor.

She looked at me.

“Did I tell you to leave any clothes on,” she asked. “Underwear off, too.”

I gave her a smile.

“I thought you said my charms wouldn’t work on you,” I told her.

She turned aggressive and pushed me against the wall.

“Let’s be clear. I’M in charge, here. You are a prisoner here. You will speak when spoken to and then you will answer only what has been asked of you. Understood?”

I nodded, giving my best look of compliance and she backed away. I dropped my briefs to the floor and stood in front of her, naked, cock protruding out toward her. She stared at it.

“You’re getting aroused by this,” she asked.

She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the bedroom, tossing me onto the bed the way I’d done to her many times. I’d taught her well. She was playing her role excellently. escort kadıköy Then it happened. Before I knew it, my hands were cuffed above me, secured to the headboard and I couldn’t move them. And now, I was completely out of control.

She took a length of rope that we kept in the bedroom and bound my ankles together tightly.

I watched as she began undressing herself, wanting to reach out and touch her body, but unable to do so. It wasn’t long before she was naked. Now I knew what she felt like the time I’d left her in this very same position in the bedroom unable to touch herself when I’d teased her and aroused her and then left her alone for half an hour while I went to get a beer, just to prolong the foreplay and the pleasure.

I watched silently as she climbed over me on the bed. She took my dick in her hand and began stroking it.

“Officer,” I grunted. “Oh wow, that’s…”

“Shut up, prisoner,” she said.

She leaned her head down and began to lick the head of my cock. When she stopped, I couldn’t do anything to make her continue. She began fingering her pussy and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It wasn’t that I hadn’t seen her do it before. But I’d always been able to gently rub myself.

She took her fingers, wet with her own juices, and put them to my lips. I took her fingers into my lips and sucked on them for a quick moment before she turned them away, giving me a dirty seductive smile.

“Mmmm,” she said. Her hand was back on my cock, rubbing it as I lifted my hips into it, trying to keep her in contact with me.

“Now,” she said. “Who’s in charge?”

“You are,” I said between deep breaths.

“You are, who?” she said.

“You are, ma’am.”

“Now beg me.”

I knew what she meant, and as much as I would have liked to have prolong it, I couldn’t.

“Please, ma’am. Fuck me.”

She looked down at me and she complied. She straddled over me and slid her tight wet pussy down onto my shaft and my body jolted. I couldn’t use my hands to hold her there and I couldn’t wrap my legs around her to keep her, but I used what little range of motion I had to thrust myself up into her. She probably didn’t need the help, though. She was sliding up and down on me quite capably and I was throbbing deep inside of her.

Then she stopped. She stood up.

“Ma’am,” I asked. “Ma’am, please don’t stop.”

“I can’t have the other prisoners hearing you,” bostancı escort she said. She picked up her panties, which were well moist, and she stuffed them into my mouth.

She was really enjoying this. I could tell because there was a large wet spot on her panties as she shoved them into my mouth. Not used to being gagged, I almost choked for a moment, letting out a gagging noise. She stopped for a second to make sure I was okay. Not wanting to break character, I simply allowed myself to get under control. Once she realized I was fine, she resumed.

“That should keep you quiet,” she said.

“Yes, ma’am” I tried to mumble through the makeshift gag she’d given me. I tasted her on them as I talked.

She slapped me.

“I told you not to speak,” she said.

She climbed back on top of me and slid my cock back into her and I felt myself throbbing again. She was not being gentle on either herself or me. She was bouncing hard on top of me and she was moaning out in pleasure.

She laid down on top of me and started biting at my neck. I was on the verge of cumming, but I was doing my best to control it, to sustain this. I tugged my ankles against the bonds, wanting to do anything, to wrap my legs around her. But she’d learned well from me. The rope was tightly tied and inescapable.

I was moaning through the gag as she continued to have her way with me. She pulled her panties out of my mouth and I leaned up and kissed her neck. She let me, this time.

I couldn’t contain it. I felt a flow of cum flow up and into her pussy which was still tightly clenched around my shaft.

It must have been around the same time, but I wasn’t sure, but she last letting out a scream of pleasure and I could that she’d peaked as well. A moment later, she had her head between my legs and was licking off the remaining cum from the head of my dick as I laid back still immobilized on the bed.

She laid down on her back next to me on the bed.

“Well,” she said with a smile, “how did it feel to be the one out of control?”

My heart was still beating quite rapidly.

“Different,” I told her, “but I kind of liked it. Not sure if I could do that regularly, though.”

“Good to know,” she said. “As much as I enjoyed it, I think I like being the prisoner a bit more.”

“Oh, is that a fact?”

She nodded. Then she leaned in and whispered in my ear.

“Maybe we can be Bonnie and Clyde and I’ll bring in my college roommate to arrest us both.”

The mere thought of both of us lying there bound while another woman had her way with both of us made me hard all over again. Especially since a large part of me believed she was one-hundred percent serious.

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