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Redhaired Lit-together

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Author’s note: RedhairedandFriendly and I had a wager on the Superbowl, the loser having to write a story pertaining to a scene the other person provided. I lost and Red requested I write about us meeting at the Chicago Lit-together. Unfortunately I am unable to attend. If I were able to make the gathering, I hope this story would be a part of the weekend.


It was only an hour or so into the meet and greet cocktail hour at the Chicago Lit-together, but I was more than ready to split off with Red for some one-on-one meeting and greeting. Don’t get me wrong, I did want to meet all the others, and wanted to get to know them. However, we had the better part of an entire weekend to accomplish that. It was Red who I most admired, knew best, and we had that online relationship to take to the next level. We had already introduced ourselves to each other earlier. The hugs and kisses were just as I had expected and Red was just as beautiful in person as she is online. We kind of separated to meet others knowing we would meet back up later.

Many, well most, of the fellow authors I didn’t know and only rarely posted along side of them in the forums. Hell, I really don’t even consider myself an author, having only written a few short stroke stories along the way. The one thing I knew about each and every one of these authors was how friendly and loving they are. They deeply cared about their fellow Litsters, just read any of the threads in the forum and one will easily see just what a great group of people were now all standing in this large room, sipping drinks and chatting away as if they had all been best of friends for years.

I had already introduced myself to pleaz_me, and Yes_yes_yes both genuinely warm and funny ladies. What red blooded man wouldn’t want to be sandwiched between these two exquisite women? We hugged and kissed as if we had known each other for much longer than we had.

Sharingfantasies, we go a ways back but we had never met in person. She was one of the first people I met at Lit. She was always there for me, to listen and offer up advice. Lately I’d not been around so much, so we had somewhat lost communication. She had traveled a long distance to attend this event and I was sorry it was before the baseball season began, I would have loved to take her to a Cubs game.

MistressJett, ah, everyone at Lit knows her and admires what she has done for herself in life. How could one not want a kiss from her along with a nice warm bear hug? Belegon and I had never even acknowledged each other in the forums, but I had to shake his hand and let him know I often read his posts, admire his sense of values.

The others would have to wait; I caught a glimpse of Red setting her glass of wine down, finally no longer in the middle of a group of admirers. I wouldn’t say I pounced, but I do admit to being pretty quick in siding up next to her. My arm wrapped around her waist as I whispered in her ear, “I really don’t want to wait any longer Red.” She turned her face towards me, her red hair lying across her back as I pulled her hip into the front of my pants, just to make sure my message was clear. Her smile warmed me and the fact she was blushing made me chuckle. She always did tell me she blushed easily.

She chided me, telling me how rude it’d be to come all this way and not stick around with the others. The twinkle in her eyes told me she wasn’t the least sincan escort bit serious, but she did put on a good show. Her sense of humor and ability to kid me came through just as it does online. I pulled her tighter against me, letting out a quiet moan as her breasts pressed against my chest. She was sure to feel my excitement and her lips against mine felt even softer, moister than her AV indicates. I took her hand to begin leading her through the door when rgraham stopped her. I knew she wanted to meet him and even though I was extremely anxious to get her naked body against mine, I knew I’d have to wait a bit longer. I’m sure it was only a few minutes but it seemed forever before someone else caught his attention and we were free to exit to our much anticipated rendezvous.

Once alone in the room we couldn’t contain our curiosity to explore each others bodies. Bodies we had explored, pleasured, and enjoyed so many times through the written word. I grabbed her ass tight; pulling her abruptly against me, my hunger for her was taking over. I kissed and sucked along the line of her jaw while using my fingers to work the zipper on the back of her blue skirt. I looked into her eyes as her skirt fell to the floor and my hands felt her butt. I smiled knowing she had worn this thong for my benefit.

Her fingers inched up under my shirt and ran along the center of my spine sending a shiver through my body. I went back to kissing her neck, nibbling on her ear and taking in her soft fragrant scent until I could feel her hands wandering to the front of my body.

“You feel and smell better than I ever imagined Red.”

She grinned sheepishly while concentrating on undoing the buttons of my shirt. The shirt fell open when she tugged them from my pants. Like an eagle her lips dove to suck in my nipple, making it harden under her tongue. I moaned out finally able to feel what she could do to me. I yelped and slapped her ass when Red sunk her teeth down on that nipple.

“You’re being naughty Sweets,” I said as my hands pulled her face to mine. I slid my tongue into her waiting mouth before she could do the same to me. The rough texture of my tongue felt the smoothness of her teeth before she used her tongue to fight back for control. I let her have her control, for now, opting to concentrate on the removal of her blouse. By the time her blouse was off her shoulders and on the floor, our tongues and lips had become friends, exploring one another, playing nicely together.

I cupped her breasts, squeezing and fingering her nipples through the lacey bra. I pressed my leg between her legs and could feel the heat against my thigh. I wondered if she was wet, as wet as she always told me I made her. The need to know overtook me, my fingers slowly glided from her breast, over her stomach until I reached the top of her thong. She sighed knowing where my fingers were heading. Two fingers dipped below the top and slid between her legs, she was more than ready for them to probe and feel.

Red’s fingers were doing their own probing and squeezing against my cock and I was leaking my own fluids inside my boxers. I had to pull off her mouth, needing to take a deep breath when I realized she already hand my pants open, her fingernails raking over my cock. The moan was loud when I felt her fingers move into the opening of my boxers and run along the length.

Not wanting to be outdone in administering ankara escort pleasure I slid a second finger into her dripping pussy, feeling the heat that would soon envelope me. The aroma of sex permeated the room encouraging me to finally get a taste of my dear Red. I grabbed at her thong, ripping it while mumbling I’d buy her a new one. I finally had my sexy vixen alone, naked in front of me, free to do all those things I described during our online conversations.

Red stepped backwards under my guidance until we reached the king size bed. I laid her down on her back, moving my body over hers and spreading her legs. I could feel her hands tugging at my boxers, exposing my ass and knowing it was not really what she was trying to expose. I gave her a wink and muttered, “In time,” while planting kisses upon her heated skin. I slowed only momentarily at her nipples to suck and lick, too preoccupied with the thought of licking her pussy and tasting her nectar. Her hands went from my back to my shoulders and finally to my hair as my lips traveled over her stomach, licking her navel, until my face was finally between her spread legs.

I took a moment to breathe her in, closing my eyes and relishing the scent. I used two fingers to spread the fold of her sex, glistening and begging me to feast upon. Her hips rose as I darted my tongue across the opening, licking up my first taste. I could feel her body shiver as my tongue raked across her clit. Her fingers ran more quickly through my hair the move I licked and probed.

“Move around please,” she asked, “I want to taste you while you taste me.”

I knew if Red could suck a cock even close to as good as she can write about it, I’d be unable to concentrate on pleasing her. Sure I wanted to feel her lips and mouth around me, I wanted to know what it felt like to be that lollipop in her AV, but, I wanted to be able to concentrate on nothing but the taste of her pussy at the time.

“Not until you feed me more of your nectar Red, not until I feel your orgasm around my tongue.” I mumbled before returning to slide my tongue along side my finger, licking deep. Red’s legs alternated between a tight grip on my head and loosening as I alternated between her slick pussy and her hard clit. Sucking her clit in, I hummed as I held it, licking and biting. Her hands gripped harder onto my head, pushing my face harder against her sex, her signal she was close. I probed deeper with my two fingers, licking all the juice that appeared when I slid them out. Her hips changed from slow thrusts moving with my tongue, to bucking up off the bed, needing more, needing it deeper.

“Come for me Red, let me feel your orgasm, let me taste your come.”

Red groaned, gripped my head with both her hands and her legs, arching up before her body tensed completely. I lapped at the juice she was providing me, letting it coat my moustache and beard. I couldn’t seem to get enough, Thrust after thrust her body released more for me to enjoy; her orgasm shook her into oblivion. I wanted more; I wanted to drink it all the time. All too soon I felt her tug at my hair, raising my head up until our eyes locked. Beautiful, Red was looking ravishing, her eyelids half covered her eyes, her smile more radiant than before. Our bodies rubbed together as I moved over on top of her, pressing my lips to hers, sliding my tongue into her mouth to let her taste what I enjoyed etimegut escort so much. Red’s legs were moving too, first raising and then sliding down my hips; we continued kissing as she worked my boxers down. The head of my cock could feel her wetness and I began moving to coat it with her natural lubrication.

“Quit playing and teasing Jus, fuck me, fuck me good, I want to know what you feel like.”

I always was a sucker for giving Red anything she wanted and it just so happened we wanted the same thing, how convenient for us. Her hand reached between us and grabbed hold of my cock, placing the head at her opening. Slowly, she pushed up while I pushed down. Her pussy spread open for me, accepting me inside her. The fluid coming from her providing the slickness, coating my cock, her tightness provided the friction, her pussy touching every nerve ending in my cock.

Red’s hands were running up and down my back while I moaned into her ear as my cock sunk deeper into her slick tight cunt. It began as it always did in our conversations, long slow strokes, in and out, feeling each other’s sex, exploring before the frenzy would begin. Her hands grabbed hold of my ass, my pubic hair scratched at her skin and she tried to hold me down buried deep inside her pussy. I was not about to lie still, pulling up with my hips regardless of how tight her grasp was on my ass.

Our bodies moved together, slow and fast, soft and hard, becoming nothing more than pure pleasure, pure enjoyment. Our hips smashed and ground together like they could not get enough. The bed cover moved with us as I spread my legs further apart and Red wrapped hers around my hips. She began thrusting up to meet me as I pounded down hard and fast. The room was now filled with sounds, mixing in with the aroma of hot sweaty sex.

“Fuck…,” I grunted, feeling Red’s pussy contract around my cock, her orgasm coating my cock with even more lubrication. I slammed in hard, pushing myself up with my arms. I was beyond that point that all guys know about. Now it was all about my orgasm and using Red’s tight slick cunt to achieve it. I could feel her fingers rubbing and pinching my nipples as I drove in and out. My cock began thickening and my balls tightening under her expert muscle control.

I leaned down and sucked on her nipple to muffle my grunts as I felt my come shoot through my cock. Spurting inside her and mixing my fluid with hers. My hips continued thrusting; hers continued meeting mine and my body rocked through a most intense orgasm.

Red pulled me back over her, guiding my face to nuzzle against her neck as we regained our breath. I kissed her softly and she traced my body with her fingers. We didn’t have to look at each other to know we both had those after sex grins going on. We laid there in our own little world, relishing in the knowledge that we finally were able to meet.

It wasn’t long before Red nudged me to roll off her, which I did, ending on my back to feel her moving over half my body. Her fingers went about teasing me, first my nipples but not taking much time before playing with my balls. I looked down, my cock half limp, still glistened with the wetness of our sex. I laughed when I saw Red licking her lips and smiling back at me.

I’d like to tell you how Red used her tongue to clean me off and then her mouth to envelope me, bringing me back to full hardness and even how she gave me the most fantastic blowjob. Of course, I could never give her oral skill and talents justice with my writing, so I guess y’all will just have to imagine.

Oh, yea, we did all re-join the rest of the group…eventually.

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