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Recorded Progression

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September 1, 20XX

The first thing I remember that happened today (writing this at night) was lying down on my bed, doors closed, and fingering myself to incest porn. Lesbian incest specifically. Disgusting? Absolutely. Inappropriate? Definitely. Hot as hell? Fuck, yeah!

I suppose I should write down what this is, and a brief summary of who I am. I was told it’s “good for your first entry” or some bullshit like that. Well, my name is Star McClean. My nickname is Starrider. Self-appointed nickname, but I don’t care. I saw an opportunity and I took it after I was introduced to, and fell in love with, the rock band Foreigner’s “Starrider”. Mick Jones is a criminally underrated singer. But I digress. As of writing this, I’m 20 years old, in my junior year of college. . . and that’s it. Not much else. Real great way to introduce myself, huh?

I suppose if I wanted to brag about myself a bit, I could say I look good. C cup breasts, nearly D, about five-and-a-half feet, and while I don’t think I have the face of a model, I still try to make myself look presentable. And a little sexy, not gonna lie.

So I was given this diary as a means to express myself. My mom noticed that I can be a bit reserved, so she got me this to try and let it all out when I need to. She’s not a psychiatrist, but at least she’s trying. Thank God above that she said she wouldn’t look through without my permission. She would not approve of about 99% of what I would write down. Although, I wouldn’t put it past her to check this out in case my behavior gets too extreme and wants to see if my writing reflects it.

Anyway, I’m currently going to school to be a history teacher. Yeah, yeah, I know, history’s the most boring class ever. But I think I can make it interesting. History is so much more than WWII, and while it is important to talk about, I’m convinced that history teachers wait out the entire first semester talking about whatever, then spend the entire second semester picking apart every little detail about the war. But what I also study is hypnotism. I went to a hypnotism show a few years ago, and was totally floored with what the hypnotist made people in the crowd do. It was nuts, and I wanted a piece of that.

Ever since then, I’ve been practicing like crazy. I even managed to persuade my friends to be my guinea pigs. But it wasn’t until just recently that I finally succeeded. It was just a simple thing, but it felt great. I managed to hypnotize a friend of mine to remove all her clothes when we were in my room. It was the hottest thing ever. My friend, Amber, is someone whom I’ve had a crush on for a while. And how could I not? Long red hair, full D breasts, and gorgeous legs that go for miles.

Great, I’m getting wet just thinking about it.

But what was great about it was that she didn’t seem to be any the wiser about it. She just stood there totally naked like it was nothing. It took all of my steadily draining willpower to not just grab her and run my hands up and down her body while kissing her.

It’s no secret I’m a lesbian. I had a girlfriend in high school, not Amber, sadly, and I would openly kiss her in the hallways before we would split to go to our classes. Anyone who tried to reprimand us got a big ol’ “fuck you” and a taunt right after. Usually something along the lines of “tell your mom I had a great time last night.”

Fortunately, I was able to reverse Amber’s hypnosis. But now that I got that piece of what I wanted, I wanted more.

So back to today. Lesbian incest. That is my jam. Even though it’s all fake, I love watching “sisters” or a “mom and daughter” fuck each other. It is the greatest. I especially love it when the “mom” is the dom, and the “daughter” is the sub. Of course, other way around is just as hot. I just can’t get enough of it. I remember my orgasm was a pretty big one this morning. Maybe it was because I was watching my biggest fetish? Maybe it’s because incest, regardless of what kind, is just naturally taboo? Or maybe it’s because I was imagining myself and my own mom in the places of the actors?

I won’t write too much about my mom, cuz this diary’s supposed to be about me, but at 42, she is a fucking knock-out. A few inches taller than me, DD cup breasts, a nice bubble butt, and a strong, lightly muscled figure that still draws in looks from both men and women. So it’s no surprise that my lesbian nature and incest fetish have collided to make me lust super hard at my own mom.

After I climaxed, and licked myself clean, I remember today being a slow day. Classes weren’t anything special, couldn’t really talk to friends due to conflicting schedules, and then dinner at seven, and now here I am. Of course, I’m now wet and horny and ready to bursa escort masturbate to mental images of my mom. In fact, I’ll do that now. But man I wish I could make my fantasies real.

September 2, 20XX

I’VE GOT IT! Hypnosis! That’s how I’ll do it. That’s what’s gonna get me my desire. But to pull this off, I’m gonna need a lot more practice.

September 6, 20XX

So it’s been a few days, but I don’t care. I’m not gonna go straight for the kill today, but instead, I want to try something.

September 6, 20XX (2)

Yes! It worked! I decided to try out hypnotic suggestions. After I woke mom up from her trance, every time I would say the word “red”, she would count from one to ten. But the real kicker is that she would forget the number “six”. So for the next fifteen minutes, I would slip in “red” in my statements, and then she would count to ten forgoing six. I made sure to reverse it though, just to be on the safe side.

Maybe I should do a few more tests before I get really serious.

September 8, 20XX

FUCK THIS SHIT! The nerve of that limp-dick sack of shit! How dare that fucking Eli ask out Amber. AND SHE SAID YES!

Well. . . I suppose I shouldn’t really get mad over this. I am trying to turn mom into my lover. But I also want Amber. Man. . .

September 11, 20XX

Rest in peace to everyone who perished.

September 12, 20XX

All right. Today’s the day I go for it. I don’t quite feel comfortable trying to get her in bed just yet, but I am gonna try and get some naughtiness out of her. Fingers crossed.

September 12, 20XX (2)

I’m so happy I could cry. So what I did is I implanted a very special suggestion. I was worried it wouldn’t work, but surprisingly, it did. Every time I make physical contact with her, she would feel compelled to remove an article of clothing, and she would keep the bit of clothing off for the rest of the day. Didn’t matter which one, just any piece.

But that didn’t matter in the slightest. For the next hour, I would either give her a hug, or “accidentally” brush up against her. But what was especially great about it, is that she would think nothing of it. To her, it would be the most ordinary thing ever.

For the rest of the day, she would walk around the house naked, and was not ashamed at all. I constantly got great views of her tits, her tight round ass, and her gorgeous clit. When I saw it, I noticed that she shaves her crotch. As of now, she’s probably still watching TV naked.

Maybe I’ll join her and snuggle up to her?

September 13, 20XX

Oh my. So I’m writing this later in the day. Was too anxious to write a bit in the morning. I was ready to kick it up a notch. Plus, I still have school. Laaaaame!

So I had introduced mom to full on nudity around the house. I thought perhaps making it a little more. . . permanent.

I went through the motions, but when I had her under my spell, I went straight for the jugular and told her to strip right there and then. And from now on, when it’s just the two of us in the house, she would remain naked. She would only put on clothes if she absolutely needed to. Like if she needed an apron for cooking or something like that.

She woke up, and holy shit. She actually did it. She stripped down to nothing, and then resumed her day. I had to go to the bathroom right away to masturbate. When I was done, I got out and went to mom. I asked her how she felt. She responded saying she felt fine. Nothing wrong.

I was so happy. I was one step closing to realizing my greatest fantasy. I decided to try one more thing. I had her under once more, then told her that she would encourage me to be naked around the house with her. I had just masturbated, but I got so wet again when she got up and told me to strip. It felt so dirty and I loved it. And the best part was that mom didn’t think there was anything sexual about it at all. She just thought that the two of us being naked was something that should be par for the course.

That’ll be it for now. Don’t want to push it too far too fast just in case it all starts to unravel. As much as I don’t want to say it, it may be best to wait a few days.

. . . fuuuuuck

September 15, 20XX

Wow. I did not see this coming. It’s only been a week, and Amber and Eli broke up. As much as I was trying to play the sympathetic supporter to Amber, on the inside I was jumping and hollering and laughing at Eli. I wanted Amber first bitch!

“Get your damn hands off her!” Thank you Back to the Future.

September 16, 20XX

I’ve decided on today. After yesterday, I feel good. Also, today’s Saturday. I got all day. God, I hope this doesn’t go south.

September 16, 20XX bursa escort bayan (2)

Oh, fuck. Just had my fourth orgasm today. Oh, yeah. Today was very successful.

I’m holding off on the actual sex for just a little while longer. But instead, I actually managed to hypnotize mom to start thinking of me sexually from now on, and not freak out about it. I told her to give me little signs of attraction, flirt a bit, show off assets every now and then. However, it wouldn’t go as far as even kissing, or even masturbating. I consider that a next tier thing. Can never be too careful. Even when fulfilling your desires.

I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming.

Mom, in all her naked glory, was actually trying to seduce me all day. She would even call me by pet names. That wasn’t something I told her to do, which made it all the more hotter. Throughout random points in the day, I had to excuse myself to the bathroom. It’s clear it was to masturbate, and I think mom also knew that. She would even hold me in a more provocative manner than most. Hands on my hips, breasts pressed up against my back, that sorta thing.

I don’t think I can hold on much longer. I’m going to make my personal deadline be the end of the month. Hopefully by then, I’ll have turned my mom into my lover.

September 18, 20XX

Whoo, boy. So, no progress so far. It’s so hard to concentrate when you’ve got a sexy MILF seducing you at every turn. It gets harder when your friend is also dropping subtle hints of attraction.

Thanks for the added rush of feelings down below, Amber.

September 19, 20XX

All right. I think I’m now good to go. Let’s get to that “next tier” stuff mentioned earlier.

Go time.

September 19, 20XX

No porno can ever top what I just saw. I hypnotized mom to now masturbate to me whenever she needs to. She would also amp up the nature of her flirting. Rubbing her hands up and down me, especially on my tits and ass, whispering in a husky tone in my ear, etc. Now, mom is already sexually attracted to me, but I was still surprised when she excused herself to go to her room right away. Not without giving a show of her ass swaying to and fro. And before she entered her room, she looked behind her to me, gave me a seductive smile, and then moved her hand over her ass for a bit before smacking it.

She didn’t close the door all the way, which I took to being on purpose, and peeked in. I saw mom get on her bed, and then start masturbating. And she didn’t even start off slow, she plunged three fingers in her wet cunt and started hammering herself while playing with her boobs.

Her cries were also unmistakable. She was crying my name. She was most likely imagining the two of us having sex. But for some reason unfathomable to her, she can’t bring herself to do it. I have to hypnotize her.

As soon as she started moaning my name, I began masturbating too. I didn’t even try to hide my sounds as I cried and moaned in pleasure along with her, knowing she would love it. Eventually, we both came, and we came hard. I can’t recall any of my orgasms being so intense. I cleaned my hand and then went out to the living room.

Mom was flirting like crazy all day. Fortunately, she left me alone so I could do my school work. That is something I’m grateful for. Amidst all the craziness that has happened in our house, mom still manages to pry herself away from me when I need to work. Now, whenever she’s not trying to get to me, she just masturbates wherever in the house.

I’ll wait for Saturday this week. That way, I’ll have mom to myself for a whole day. A whole day spent with my new lover.

September 22, 20XX

Holy shit. Holy shit, holy shit, holyshitholyshitholyshit! Amber just asked me out! AHHH!! I don’t care if I’m acting like a little girl, this is the best! I told her that it would have to be Sunday since I’m spending tomorrow with mom. *wink wink* She agreed to it, so now I have two things to look forward to. And if I play my cards right, I may even be able bring in Amber to my soon-to-be family fun.

September 23, 20XX

Today’s the day. No turning back. All right, LET’S DO THIS!

September 24, 20XX

Oh. My. God. Yesterday was the greatest day of my life.

I’m currently writing this first thing in the morning with my new lover sleeping next to me. Yesterday, when I hypnotized mom, I first made sure to dial down the flirtation. She would still masturbate to me at home and would still flirt, but it wasn’t as extreme as it was. I figured too much of a good thing would be bad for me in the long run. Plus, even though she would give me space when requested, she was still very distracting whenever I would try to do my escort bursa work. Second, whenever she would masturbate, she would not be ashamed to do it in front of me. I also slipped in that she would love to have masturbation sessions with me. And lastly, and the one I was afraid I was gonna fuck up on, she would be my sexually, and romantically active partner. I really wanted it to be that we could be more than just fuck buddies. I was in total forbidden love with my mom after all.

I woke her up in anticipation, my body tense and unresponsive, waiting for what mom would say or do. With a burning desire I saw in her eyes, she lunged forward and pulled my face to hers so that she could make-out with me. She immediately went for the tongue which I responded to in kind after I pulled myself together. And I’m SO fucking glad I did. It was the best feeling in the world. But I would soon experience something even greater. But at the time, knowing that I was in a heated make-out session with my mom, rubbing our bodies against each other with hands exploring everywhere, I could’ve sworn I was in heaven.

Without pulling away, she actually managed to pick me up in her arms. I did say way back in my first entry to anyone who reads this that my mom is a little taller than me, and has got some muscles. She hoisted me up by my legs, which I wrapped around her, and then carried me to her bed. I was already so fucking wet by the time we got there, and mom knew it too due to my cunt pressed up against her belly, feeling my juices run down her body.

She placed me down so I was on my back looking up at her, and she told me to get ready to feel alive. I told her to do whatever she wants to me. But I ended it by calling her “mommy”. She placed a finger on my lips, which she then slid into my mouth, which I happily sucked on, and told me, in a voice that I knew she now considered me her lover, to call her Jessica, her name. I nearly came right there.

Jessica then lifted one of my legs upward, and without any foreplay or warning, pressed her sopping pussy against mine. A million electric volts shot through my body upon contact. I almost couldn’t believe it. I was scissoring my own mom. I must’ve had the biggest fucking smile on my face as I came all over our pussies. We both moaned in pleasure and delight at the feeling. Jessica then started gyrating her hips against mine. And holy fucking shit, the pleasure. It was the greatest fucking feeling ever. And Jessica wasn’t even done. She had days worth of pent up lust and desire waiting for me. She was gonna make the most of it.

Jessica picked up the pace, and we could hear the bed creak below us. I just kept cumming and cumming, even when it felt like I could cum no more. During it, Jessica would lick her fingers and then rub them against our clits, amplifying the intensity. She would also kiss and lick my leg and foot as she picked up the pace. Needless to say, her tongue and lips felt amazing.

But sadly, it couldn’t last. We were both moaning each other’s names to the heavens and saying how much we loved each other and wondered why we didn’t do this sooner. Jessica thrusted once more and then climaxed. It was so intense that I came again as well. We both felt our cum slide against each other and merge as we paused to catch our breaths. Jessica and I leaned forward after a little bit and began kissing.

But then she told me to switch places with her. I had no reason to decline or even question why if it meant more mind-blowing incestuous sex. After Jessica got on her back, she spread her legs open and told me to enjoy myself. Getting the hint, I positioned myself so that my dripping pussy was right above Jessica’s while her’s was right below my face. Without waiting for a signal, I dove my face in and began eating away at her delectable cunt. Her cries of pleasure were music to my ears. But then she stopped, grabbed my ass with both hands, and then moved in and began eating me out. It was, admittedly, my first 69, and I was so happy that my first was with my mom.

We ate and ate and ate and ate. We made sure to have our filling. And we both knew that this was just for breakfast. We need lunch and dinner too. And a good, creamy desert to chase it down. It then got too much for us, and we both came in each other’s mouths. It was the most delicious meal I ever had. And from the sounds Jessica was making, she thought the same.

Oh, fuck. Right now, Jessica’s awake and is now fondling a breast with one hand while fingering my soaked pussy with the other. She’s also whispering in my ear with lust and need and desire in her voice. I . . . just came all over Jessica’s hand. All I’ll say for the rest of yesterday is that for most of it, it was just sex. Pure, raw, unadulterated taboo sex. And we both loved every second of it. As much as I want to keep doing this, I’ve got a date.

Oh, fuck. I wonder how hot it’ll be to hypnotize Amber and have three ways with her and Jessica?

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