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It had started out as the Monday from hell; first the secretary that John had shared with three other guys in the office, whom was secretly dubbed Stephanie the Stupid even if she was hot to look at (and rumored to be banging one of the district managers), had called off again.

Then the Xerox machine had blown up and the computer system had gone down within an hour of each other. Christ!

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, during his lunch hour, John found out that his bitch of a wife had gone over the spending limit on the Visa yet again.

He wasn’t a millionaire, but Jenna sure as hell spent money as if he were, and it pissed him off. John didn’t even know why he kept her around; she wasn’t even a good fuck anymore.

If today was any indication of what this week was going to be like, it was going to be a long and grueling one. John had already felt worn out from all the day’s bullshit.

There was a true joy in the office that day, though – efficient and resourceful, with a sweet personality.

Her name was Mickie and she was the receptionist….about to become a re-SEX-onist by the end of that day, only she hadn’t known it yet.

If it hadn’t been for Mickie on this particular day, John truly believed the office would not be able to function, especially with Stephanie the Stupid being MIA.

She may not have been as sexy as Stephanie, but Mickie was pretty in her own way; at twenty-six, she had a smile that could light up any room, five feet, four inches of creamy fair skin, shimmering dark brown hair, and wonderful breasts.

John was always a tit man and secretly wished Jenna’s had been bigger than her B cup; Mickie had to be a C or barely a D cup. Mother Nature had certainly blessed her.

But Mickie wasn’t a bag of bones that lived on salads or a gym rat that bit people’s heads off; she was a real woman with curves.

John couldn’t understand why someone so desirable couldn’t get and keep a man in her life with her ebullient personality, intelligence, her unique prettiness, and fantastic tits.

“That’s just life, Mr. Grant,” Mickie had told him when he did inquire her about it. “Don’t worry; I’m used to it by now.”

On this particular disastrous Monday, Mickie had walked into his office, checking to see if there was anything he needed since she wasn’t busy, the computers were still down, and Steph was off.

Always glad to see her on even the most hellish days, John motioned for her to sit down.

She had a nervous look on her face, but smiled again when he expressed his appreciation on behalf of the others in the office for keeping things running so well despite of the day’s disasters.

“Well, aren’t I being paid to work?” Mickie had asked, smiling back at him. “And besides, Mr. Grant, you’ve helped me out a few times, especially after my last boyfriend left me for a Barbie type.”

“I wish someone would give Stephanie escort ankara the memo that she’s being paid to work. This is the fourth day she’s called off. Why the district office hired that lazy idiot is beyond me. I don’t know what we would have done without you, Mick, especially today.”

“Oh Mr. Grant,” she said, smiling wider, then coming over to give a quick hug. “You have always been nice to me. And you’re really cute, not a stick in the mud like the rest of the guys around here. Do any of them even smile?”

He was surprised at the hug, but had loved the feeling of her boobs pressing against him, no matter how brief it had been.

“Now,” she asked, “Is there anything else?”

“Just these things that need filed, Mickie.”

She had picked up the files on his desk to take with her to be put away in the file cabinet, dropping one on the floor.

“Sorry. I’ll get that,” she commented.

John moaned to himself as she bent over to pick it up. Her ass was rounded and beautiful, and he wondered for the first time what Mickie would be like in bed.

He knew it was wrong to feel this way, but John’s body was taking over his mind.

He and Jenna hadn’t had sex in weeks, and he wondered if the slut was cheating on him again as well as spending money.

He’d already caught her in bed with a delivery boy once and now he felt like an asshole for forgiving Jenna. And with her overspending, it was definitely time to get rid of the bitch now before she bankrupted him. The question was when.

John’s eyes gazed at Mickie longer than they should, making her wonder what was going on.

“Is there something wrong, Mr. Grant?”

“First, Mickie, when we are alone, you can call me John. I think we have gotten close enough to be a bit more informal with one another. And…no, never mind, I don’t want a harassment suit brought against the company.”

She stared back at him, a caring girl who was concerned about him, yet she was curious.

“Never mind what? You can tell me; I won’t say anything.”

“Mickie….I want to make love to you.”

Wow, Mickie had thought. And she thought these kind of things only happened in porn movies!

She had harbored a secret crush on John when she first began working there, but quickly banished it when she found out he was married, thinking she’d have no chance with such a dark, sexy man anyway.

And she had seen Jenna at company functions and had the impression that the woman was a high and mighty type.

Jenna had seemed more interested in rubbing elbows with the big bosses and their wives than associating with her husband’s colleagues, much less some lowly secretaries and Mickie herself–the receptionist.

She had also heard about Jenna’s fling from the typing pool and felt a little sorry for John. If he was in Mickie’s bed every night, SHE certainly wouldn’t sleep around on him.

That made escort etlik her dislike Jenna even more; the woman was not only a spendthrift phony, but also a whore.

So if John wanted sex with her, who was Mickie to say no? She usually didn’t fuck married men, but she was wildly attracted to him….and obviously, he to her.

Mickie smiled at him again, quickly becoming filled with lust. Her deep blue eyes drew John into him even more, and he couldn’t wait to have her.

She looked at John, her lips glistening with anticipation. “So does this mean I get promoted to be your re-SEX-onist?”

“Whatever you want, baby. I’m all yours to do what you want.”

Locking the door, Mickie then came over and grabbed John by his tie and pushed him down into a chair.

He had a giant hard-on that was ready to burst out of his pants, but before he could think fast enough, he saw Mickie kneel down in front of him, pull down his zipper and take out his cock.

“Would you like your cock sucked? How would you like to feel this in my mouth?” she asked huskily, playing with his balls and throbbing hard prick. “Your re-SEX-onist wants to do good work for you.”

He moaned instinctively in reply; her lips parted and she took in his entire prick in one gulp. Sucking slowly at first, she increased her precision as her head bobbed up and down on John’s cock.

It had felt so good, he knew he would explode if he let Mickie keep this up. She certainly had a mouth made for blow jobs!

Just when John thought he would cum in her beautiful mouth, Mickie stopped suddenly and looked up at him, and then slid his pants down and off, tossing them aside.

His cock stood at full attention; he needed more of her.

Stripping completely naked, Mickie looked down at his cock and then up to his eyes again. She climbed up on the desk, pushing everything on it aside and bringing John down with her, pressing her body against his.

John felt his cock rubbing against her smooth, bare pussy. He shoved his entire length into her, amazed how easily he was able to thrust all the way inside her tight, willing cunt.

“John,” she panted as he began pumping in and out of her. “Fuck my cunt real good….but I want you to cum in my ass!”

Her pussy muscles clenched around him as they fucked furiously, John’s hands making their way to her ass. He caressed her smooth cheeks sensually and then squeezed them while he fucked her harder and harder.

“Do you like this, baby? Doesn’t my tight little cunt feel good around your nice big dick? You’ve wanted this for awhile, haven’t you? Your uptight bitch of a wife doesn’t fuck you like this, does she?”

John grunted in response, pumping her pussy furiously as more filthy talk escaped her lips.

“I bet she doesn’t even suck your cock. Come on, John, make me your whore. Fuck me like a dirty gutter slut…I’ll suck your cock escort demetevler and give you all the pussy and ass you want!”

John became more turned on by her dirty talk; their thrusts soon became a smooth rhythm, their bodies moving in perfect sync.

Completely embedded in her twat by now, John ran a hand between their bodies and one finger played with her clit as Mickie lunged her head backward and she began to cum.

He felt her walls pulsing and milking his cock to the maximum while a stream of juices flooded her pussy and his cock.

“Oh, John….you make me feel so good!”

John felt ready to explode, but he remembered what she desired, and was ready for it.

Reluctantly pulling out of her, he got up and pulled Mickie by the hand to have her flip over, exposing her ass. Her head and arms rested on the desk as she still panted from her previous orgasm.

Mickie spread her legs instinctively. John salivated at the sight of her bare asshole and pussy; both hot and begging to be fucked.

Pressing his body against hers, John spread her pussy lips and plunged inside her once more. His hands gripped her hips as he thrust in and out of her. She whimpered as John fucked her faster and harder, giving an occasional slap on her ass.

His cock throbbed intensely and they were both moaning as Mickie had another intense orgasm. soaking his prick with her warm, wet cum.

This was just the lubrication he needed to take that gorgeous, plump ass of hers.

She lay there resting as John pulled out of her pussy and pushed the tip of his cock into the opening of her bunghole.

He looked wide eyed in amazement as he saw her ass spread open and take him inch by inch. He had an indication she had had anal before.

John moved from side to side as he began sliding his shaft inside her tight asshole. Her insides felt warm and wet. He thrust in and out, each time pushing inside her ass a bit further.

Her moans grew louder. John could tell Mickie loved being fucked in the backdoor, and, ramming in her ass faster now, he felt his own climax building.

A familiar heat rose inside of John as he pounded Mickie’s ass and long ropes of hot cum spurted out of him, filling her tight hole.

John felt he had been cumming forever as his cock continued pulsing inside her as she cried out her final orgasm. He never knew a woman could have anal orgasms, and he loved it as much as Mickie did.

He lay down on top of her and they stood there for a few moments resting before he pulled his now-soft dick out of her ass and got up.

“Thank you, Mickie, ” he said as they got dressed and smiled at each other. The day may have started out like shit, but had a great ending.

“So is there anything else you need besides this filing done?” she asked, her voice a little more seductive now.

Not quite sure what to say next, John asked her if she’d like to go out after work.

She eagerly accepted, knowing they would most likely have a repeat performance of what just happened on his desk and she wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to fuck him again.

He filed for divorce from Jenna the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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