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Quick Little Sex Story Ch. 01

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I was very busy working in my home office when my wife came in and said hello. I responded with a very half hearty hello back to her. In hind sight, it was rude and it is inappropriate to greet my life partner in such an impersonal way. She is the love of my life and deserves so much more. I should have stopped what I was doing and taken a moment to greet her in a fitting manor.

My wife is a beautiful woman inside and out. After twenty-five years of marriage and two kids we have a wonderful life together and remain hopelessly in love with one another. At forty-seven she turns heads wherever she goes. She has long brown hair and a mom body that she keeps in really nice shape with a good diet and exercise. I am happy to be able to say, her medium size boobs are lovely and have somehow maintained their shape over the years. She only wears a bra when she absolutely has too for a couple of reasons, one is that she hates the restricted feel of a bra and the other is that she knows how much I enjoy the feel and look of her free bouncing boobs. If truth be told, we both enjoy the little bit of harmless exhibitionism that goes with being braless in public.

I work from home often, my desk is set up with two computers, one for work and the other for personal stuff. I was in the midst of a conference call with my female business partner and çankaya escort a client. When a video message from my wife popped up on the personal computer. She was the star of the video, which began with her standing in our bedroom fully clothed but it was obvious that she was up to something as she was running her hands all over her body feeling herself up. She turned her back to the camera and started to remove her clothes. In the meantime, I’m trying to carry on an intelligent conversation.

In no time she was on the bed completely nude with her legs spread wide giving me a full-blown view of her body including her dripping pussy. One hand was squeezing and pinching her nipples while the other was sliding over her pussy lips spreading the juice that was obviously flowing. Next thing I knew, she had a vibrating dildo that looked to be about eight inches long. I’m guessing she had just gotten it and this was her way of showing me we had a new toy. She was slowly working the phallic all over her pussy than with one motion drove it into herself almost to the fullest extent.

I was doing everything I could to remain professional on my call. I suppose I could have turned the video off but, that wasn’t happening. I received a text from my partner, she asked, “Are you ok, you sound very distracted?”

I replied, “Yes, I’m ok, but ankara rus escort you need to carry the call.”

She responded, “Is your wife playing with you again?”

I said, “Yup.”

She responded with a thumb’s up emoji. She is not only my business partner but she and her husband are really good friends. This is not the first time my wife has played little games while I’m on the phone and my business partner and her husband play the same kind of games. The reality is that we all recognize how healthy games are for a marriage.

After about ten minutes of fucking herself my wife had what looked like an incredible orgasm. She was nearly flat on the bed, legs spread wide and the rubber cock buried as far as it would go. She was thrashing around the bed almost out of control until she finally just stopped moving, the big cock fell out of her and lay on the bed shinny from her juice. After a minute, she got up and moved out of the picture with the only thing left on the screen was her dildo and a very wet spot on our bed.

Moment later she walked into my office, she was nude with the exception of a pair of black fuck me heals. I was a little distracted from my call but it was important and I needed to continue.

She went behind my chair and started massaging and kissing my neck while she reached a ankara yabancı escort hand down into my shirt to pinch my nipples. Her attention was making it extremely hard to concentrate on my call but I continued doing my best.

She moved around to my front and did a slow and methodical lap dance. She dragged her breasts across my face squeezing my face and phone while I continued to talk. Oh my god did she smell good. The air had a combination of her perfume and her sweet pussy.

All I wanted to do was hang up on this call but I really couldn’t and she knew it.

She got on her knees in front of me unzipping my pants and reaching into my boxers to release my straining cock. She wasted no time, taking me in her mouth right down to the base. My wife can suck cock like it is nobody’s business and today was no exception. I slid in and out of her mouth like she was a machine in high gear.

It didn’t take long and I was ready to shoot my load, I could not warn her because I was on the phone. My cock started spewing fluid into her mouth and she continued pumping, it was amazing and somehow, I was able to continue my call.

My wife typically swallows every drop of cum and today was no exception. She squeezed my shaft in an effort to get every drop. Then she straightened boxers and zipped me back up. Just as fast as she appeared, she was gone.

As I said, this woman is the love of my life and I need to make it a point of greeting her with my undivided attention whenever possible. We are both very busy, but we find opportunities to do little things for each other that is unexpected.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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