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Punishing with Pleasure

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Once again I found myself standing on my tiptoes in the entry of a hotel room kissing you passionately. I was a touch angry with you, hurt because you had ignored me on our last trip and had never really explained. A terrible lapse in common courtesy. But my body was hungry and you are such a delicious snack. I find you irresistible. Given your previous neglect, I wasn’t sure what your feelings were towards me emotionally, but I could feel the physical attraction between us tearing its way through your body. And honestly, I didn’t need emotion from you. I just needed the base physicality that we’d enjoyed previously.

As you held me close, I could feel your erection against my belly and it made me wild remembering the taste, the smell. I remembered being on my knees in front of you, hearing you murmur how sexy I was as I sucked you. I thought of the feeling when you spread me wide and entered me, touching me so deeply inside.

I was moaning your name in pleasure and the need to touch your skin reached an apex so I began unbuttoning your shirt. You watched my face as you assisted in removing it and when I glanced up our eyes met. The fire that burned low in my core from that eye contact made my whole body tingle. My nipples hardened and the muscles in my back tensed. As soon as your shirt was off, I ran my hands across your chest and your shoulders. I loved the strength I felt as my fingers wandered down your arms. You trembled and I remembered how ticklish and jumpy you could get if I touched you too lightly. I had always been careful not to trigger that reaction because I didn’t want to disrupt your pleasure.

Your body isn’t perfect, but you are strong and fit and anyway I wasn’t looking for flaws. My eyes were drawn to all my favorite parts. Your blue eyes. Your strong chin. The curve of the muscles in your shoulders. I reached up to kiss you again as you started to remove my jacket and unbutton my shirt. When my bra came off, our bodies brushed against each other and the heat in my body intensified.

As we kissed, you caressed the sides of my breasts with the backs of your fingers. My hands were brushing gently down your sides. I found my hands stroking the side of your hips, feeling the muscular tension under the cotton of your pants. My hands wandered back to your ridiculously cute butt. I guess it was silly that I loved your ass so much, but what a really fine ass it is. Lean and strong and frankly it looks years younger than it is. The combination of your touching my breasts and the feeling of your tense glutes under my fingers was almost all I could handle. My knees started to feel weak. One of my hands traveled to the front of your pants to caress your cock. I could feel how strong and delicious you felt.

I surprised myself by saying, “Go sit on the bed” in a commanding voice. That was not my style at all. Usually at this point, I was dropping to my knees begging you to release your hot erection so I could start pleasuring you. Instead I felt just a tinge of resentment about the unresolved conflict we had. This small measure of irritation was driving escort ankara me in a new direction.

You looked surprised and maybe a little confused, but you did as I said. “Lie in the middle of the bed,” I said. You moved to the middle and laid back. As I crawled onto the bed and started to straddle you, you reached up to caress my breasts. I had always been thankful that you’re a “boob guy” because my breasts are by best physical asset. Catching you looking at them had given me the idea to seduce you several months ago. I have a really nice shape, and I still turn heads, but nothing is as perfect as it had been in the past. I was grateful that you found me sexy and I enjoyed having you look at me.

I pushed your hands away from my body, pinning them lightly to the bed with my hands on either side of your body. “You can’t touch them. I’m annoyed with you. You’ve been terrible and you have to be punished.”

You looked somewhat confused. You knew I had been unhappy with you but I’m sure weren’t certain how unhappy since we hadn’t discussed it. I think maybe you were wondering if I was going to turn violent. I liked the look of concern on your face.

I firmly pushed your hands down on either side of your body and said, “Don’t move your hands unless I tell you to. I will tell you when your punishment is over.” I got off of you and stood next to the bed and you started to sit up silently. I put my hand on your chest and gently, but insistently pushed you back down on the bed.

“Oh baby,” you said laughing and nervous at the same time.

I took my pants and panties off and stood naked next to the bed. You were concerned, but I could tell by the bulge in your pants that the concern wasn’t reducing your excitement. Clearly you took my nudity as a good sign as I could see anticipation in your expression.

Next I took your pants off and began to stroke you. The feeling of the heat of your dick in my hands was luxurious. My first instinct was to suck you like I always had. I loved to bring you to the edge using my lips, my tongue and the deep recesses of my mouth. Instead, this time, I straddled you again, feeling your cock underneath me. That feeling really made me feel powerful and womanly. It reminded me why I love to be in bed with you.

I began to run my fingers lightly over your chest. You shivered lightly. I ignored it. I bent down to lick your nipple and you trembled and started to put your hands on my shoulders. I quickly sat upright and pushed your hands down onto the bed again. “Don’t move your hands until I tell you.”

You laughed gently and said, “Okay” but I could tell the jumpiness was setting in. I didn’t care. You would suffer at my hands.

I went back to teasing your nipple, adding in a tiny bite. You jumped from the pain and I liked that. I could feel myself getting more aroused as I continued. I sat up, still astride you and reached both hands behind me to run my fingers down your thighs. You involuntarily tensed your legs as I did it and I could tell you probably couldn’t take much more before it stopped being sexy and started escort etlik being nerve-wracking. I had no intention of stopping.

As I was leaning back with both hands on your thighs, you were watching my breasts sway. This was a position I knew you liked to see me in. I often sat this way while I was on the floor sucking your dick. My legs were spread wide and I could feel your cock jump as your hands began to reach to touch my breasts. Angrily I leaned forward and put your hands on the pillow above your head. “Don’t move them again. I swear to God I will kick you out of the room with no clothes if you move again. You haven’t upheld your duties as a lover and I will punish you until I feel you’ve learned your lesson.” I admit, this was a bit of an overstatement, but I was enjoying my power over you. I was glad you were playing along.

With this, I started ignoring your facial reactions, so I don’t even know what you thought about what I said. But I intended to increase the torture until I was satisfied. With barely any contact at all, I ran my fingers down one side of your ribcage. You kept your hands in place, but I could see your muscles tensing as I did it. You moaned in what could only be described as controlled misery. I ran my fingers down the other side. Your trembling helplessness was really making me crazy, but I could tell you had reached your limit. Every move I made was making you jump and your magnificent erection was softening.

I reached down between my legs to find your cock and began stroking it. I held it against my warm, wet pussy and moved my hips and my hands together to stroke you.

Touching you that way was making my head cloud and the annoyance I’d felt began to dissipate. I was less intent on punishing you and instead was thinking about taking the pleasure of feeling you inside me. You were beginning to relax and enjoy the feeling of my touching your erection. The jumpiness wasn’t entirely gone, but it was subsiding.

I couldn’t resist you any longer and raised myself to put you inside me. I slid down your shaft slowly, taking you fully inside me. “Baby, your punishment is over. i just need you inside me,” I said as I began to move on top of you.

Your hands came to my body and began caressing me, cupping my breasts. As you pressed inside me, touching me in ways and in places that I can’t touch myself, you raised up and sucked my nipples. I was getting so close to the edge with your touches. “God, I’ve missed your body,” I said. I had fantasized about fucking you like this.

“You’re my girl. You’re my fuck-buddy,” you said.

“I am. I’m all yours, baby. I want you to fuck me every time I see you,” I responded.

My ears were starting to ring as my pleasure intensified. You felt so good inside me and I had been anticipating this for so long. Soon I was tensing and throbbing inside as my orgasm made me blind with arousal and pleasure. My muscles were trembling and I could only make the smallest movements, but you moved inside me, thrusting and bliss was expanding inside me until I didn’t think I could take escort demetevler any more.

Without warning, you withdrew from me and before I knew what was happening, I was on my back and you were on top of me. “I’m not the only person who has misbehaved,” you said with an edge in your voice. I was so shocked that my mouth formed an O, but I made no noise. My orgasm was barely subsiding and I was just starting to be able to think clearly again. It took me a few moments to process what was happening. God, you were so strong and so fast. The memory of this has inspired more than one night’s fantasies.

I had assumed all along that I had probably done something on that last trip to annoy you. I had a few ideas of what it might have been, but wasn’t really sure. I hadn’t known how to bring up the subject without being needy or demanding – two things you’d stated you never wanted from me – and so I’d just kind of avoided the whole conversation and walked away from being involved with you. But my body had never stopped wanting you.

My head was on the pillow and you were moving your way up my body. Soon you were straddling me with a knee under each of my arms. Your beautiful cock, still shining from my juices, was coming towards my face. I knew what you wanted and I couldn’t wait to give it to you. “Yes, baby,” I said, “I’ll be good. I’ll be so good to you.” I lifted my head and put my hands on your hips to bring my mouth to you.

I started by gently sucking the head of your dick. This time, I took into account your sensitivities to give you pleasure instead of to punish you. I took you deep into my mouth, as deep as I could and I sucked gently. It was always a struggle to avoid scraping you with my teeth because your cock is so thick. I was careful, though, and tried to give the right amount of suction and stimulation to make your pleasure perfectly intense. You were murmuring my name and I could tell how much you enjoyed this. I was trapped under you, but I didn’t want to escape.

I angled my arm to allow one hand to cup your balls as I continued to suck you. You gave small thrusts, enough to keep me subdued, but not enough to choke me. God, you tasted so good. I loved to taste you, especially after you’d been inside me.

I could tell you were getting close and I sucked and swallowed to caress your cock with the roof of my mouth. As your balls drew up, I continued to caress them. Your right hand pushed my head away and your left hand took over stroking your dick. I laid my head on the pillow knowing what would happen next. “Yeah, baby, keep going,” I encouraged. I waited and continued cupping your balls and soon the warm hot cum was squirting across my face. I licked some off my lips and it tasted wonderful and familiar. Your orgasm was long and slow, not frenzied or hurried. You shuddered with pleasure as several more spurts of cum landed on my face. You stared down at me with your beautiful blue eyes, watching my face become covered with your semen.

As the intensity subsided, you smiled and said, “God, that was incredible.”

You moved aside and as I pushed up on one elbow, your cum dripped from my face to my breasts. I rubbed it across my skin as you watched. I could tell you were filing that image away to fantasize about when we were apart. I had a whole new batch of memories and fantasies, too.

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