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Pool Girl

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I used to rent a basement apartment from a divorced high school teacher. The apartment had a shared side entrance and a private walkout up some stairs to the backyard and pool. The landlord was a bit of a party animal so there was always something going on. He spent a lot of time at the local tavern and since he lived close by with a big yard and pool, sometimes the party came home with him. That is to say, he had many friends and they came around a lot, especially in the summertime when he wasn’t working.

This was a problem sometimes, when they were partying and I was trying to sleep, but mostly I got used to it. On weekends and holidays, I would often participate and got to know some of the people. Most of them were much older and frankly, just drunks and potheads, so I made many acquaintances but few friends. There were a few interesting women but most of them seemed either too old, were already taken, or in a couple of cases, out of my league.

The landlord would often take off for the weekend and usually went camping for at least a week each summer and when he wasn’t around, there were a couple of friends that still came by to use the pool. One was a nice couple that lived across the street and hung around a lot. The other was a former exotic dancer named Amber, now a cook at the tavern, that had a key and came and went as she pleased.

Amber was a bit of an old soul, or at least seemed that way due to a great deal of adult experience in her young life so far. She had washed out of her career as an exotic dancer after a near death experience with drugs and alcohol and was getting herself back together. She still liked to drink and smoke pot but not to the excesses that she once enjoyed. Despite all of that, she still had a tight dancer’s body and looked good in a bikini, when she chose to wear one.

I think Amber was lonely and would come around often because the landlord and I would sometimes keep her company by the pool and not “harass” her since she was a pretty woman. She could be at ease with us. There were many times that her and I or all three of us would sit up late by the pool drinking and her and the landlord would smoke pot and we would just chill. In fact, she was so comfortable with us, she would often sunbathe nude in the backyard whether we were around or not. I would often find here laying naked around the pool when I got home from work and even when I got up late in the morning on weekends. We would say hi and I might go for a quick dip in the pool, but I never hung around for too long. I had seen her enough that I knew every detail of her naked body and didn’t need to “ogle” her.

It was not uncommon for us to have a few drinks and conversations at the picnic table in the evenings, with me in my bathing suit and her completely naked. She was an exhibitionist by nature and I think a nudist by choice so even when I invited her inside occasionally to share some dinner that I was making, she would come in and help or sit and talk while completely naked. Every time we had a “naked” encounter, she would invite me to join her and disrobe myself, but I never had the self-confidence to do it until one particular day.

I rose from bed late one Saturday morning, having been out with friends the night before. My morning routine involved starting the coffee maker and then opening the sliding patio door that lead to the stairs up to the back yard. As I opened the glass door and slid the screen door in place, I heard someone say “hello” from the backyard. Since the landlord was away for the weekend, it could only be Amber, so I walked outside in my boxers and returned her greeting.

When I got to the top of the stairs, I could see that she was once again sunbathing in the nude. “You’re here early today,” I said.

“Well, it’s already 11:00 AM so, not early, and besides, I need to even out my tan lines, so I need the mid-day sun,” she replied.

“Fair enough,” I said with a smile. “I just started up the coffee maker – would you like a cup?”

“Oh, yes, that sounds great, thank you. Can I help?”

“Nah, thanks anyway. It’s an old slow dripper so it’ll be a few minutes anyway,” I explained. “I’ll go grab a shower and bring it up when I’m done.”

“I’ll be waiting,” she replied, as she rolled on to her back to bake the other side.

I turned quickly to go back downstairs, before my growing erection found its way out of the slot in the front of my boxers. After a quick shower, I was “Ivory-clean” and feeling much better. As I exited the bathroom naked, towel in hand, there was Amber bent over with her head in my fridge. In the light I could see the fine peach fuzz on her cute bum and could tell that she must have shaved this morning, based on a tiny bit of razor rash around her pussy.

While I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist, she spoke without raising her head from the fridge and asked, “Do you have any cream?”

Biting my tongue, I paused for a moment and explained that I did not have cream but there should be some milk in there. I went on, “Even better, there escort eryaman should be some Bailey’s at the bottom of the door. It’s almost noon anyway, right?”

“Now you’re fuckin’ talking,” she replied and grabbed the bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream and placed it on the counter beside our mugs. Seeing me standing there holding the towel around my waist, she said, “Oh! Are you finally going to join me naked today?”

“Hmm, I don’t think so, sorry…”, I replied.

“Oh come on, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s so freeing to be naked all day. I guarantee it will change your outlook.”

I didn’t say anything, but I think my colour was starting to rise (along with my dick). After a moment, she looked at me with a serious expression and asked, “What? Are you afraid of getting a boner? Guys are so obsessed with their dicks. It’s just a penis and nobody cares if it’s hard or soft or somewhere in between. Besides, I’d be disappointed if you didn’t get a boner…”

Well what could I say to that? Amber turned to sit in one of the dining chairs and I leaned against the counter, waiting for the coffee to finish dripping. Amber continued, “You know, girls get erections too. Look at my nipples – they’re rock hard. And when I get turned on, my clit pokes it’s little head out too.”

Fuck – the blood was slowly draining from my face and filling my cock, so I turned to the counter to start preparing our coffee’s and replied, “I know, and I understand. Frankly, I never considered that I have any kind of sexual hang-ups so I can’t really answer why. I guess I had a “prudish” upbringing so it’s a little taboo for me.”

“I get it, you’re no different from most people in that regard,” she said.

I finished adding the Bailey’s and a bit of sugar to our mugs and grabbed them both. Turning to hand one to Amber, she popped up out of her seat and said, “You bring those, and I’ll grab the door.”

I followed her to the patio door and stepped through after she opened the screen. As I turned to go up the stairs with my hands full, she grabbed the towel from around my waist and tossed it on the floor of my apartment behind her. Then she slapped my bare ass and said, “Come on, up the stairs you go.”

I carefully walked up the stairs trying not to spill boiling hot coffee on to what was now a boiling hot erection. Upon summitting the stairs, I stepped over to the picnic table and set the mugs down and straddled the bench seat with my hot, red cock sticking straight out and my hot, red face cast down in embarrassment.

“Please don’t be mad at me,” she said.

“I’m not mad,” I replied without looking up.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about either. You have a great body and a beautiful penis. Please don’t ever be embarrassed of showing it to others – you’re an Adonis.”

I smiled and said, “Thank you, you don’t need to say that.”

“I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true,” she said.

“Well, thanks,” I said. Trying to change the subject, I picked up my mug and said “Cheers!” and we clinked mugs and drank our coffee.

“So, I have tonight off work, so I was just going to hang around here all day and work on my tan. I brought a cooler with drinks and snacks. If you’re not going anywhere today, you’re welcome to hang out with me,” she stated.

“I actually have some errands to run but should be back in 3-4 hours. We could hang out after that if you’re still here”, I replied. “In fact, I have to pop into the grocery store, so I’ll grab us a couple of steaks to grill and we’ll have dinner later on,” I added.

“Mmm, that sounds great, thank you,” she said.

We chatted for a few more minutes, each of us stealing glances at each other’s bodies, and my hard-on throbbed the entire time. Standing up, I announced that I had to go get dressed and take care of my errands and we said our good-byes for now.

“I’ll leave the apartment open and the coffee maker on if you need anything. Mi casa, su casa,” I said as I walked back downstairs.

“Thank you!” she shouted from her post on the beach towel.

My errands took a bit longer than expected and I didn’t arrive back home until around 4:00 PM. I brought my groceries inside and went back to grab a cooler that had been chilling a case of beer for the last two hours. I had to bring that down through my apartment and back up to the back yard since Amber had locked the side gate to the yard for privacy.

When I emerged into the backyard, Amber was laying on one of those old fabric covered lounges that has no arms that allows you to raise or lower each end. She had her head slightly raised and her legs were spread with her feet on the ground on either side. The tanning oil was glistening on her tanned skin and you could see the peach fuzz on her legs and belly reflecting the sunlight. I was instantly hard again and I continued to hold the cooler and hide it.

“Hi, I’m back,” I announced.

“Great! What did you bring me?” she asked, nodding to the cooler.

“Case of Canadian, pre-chilled,” I replied. Setting the cooler down, I reached ankara escort in to grab two beers and handed her one.

“Thank you so much. Cheers!” she said with a smile.

We clinked bottles and drank deeply, and the cold beer helped with my steadily rising temperature.

“I picked up food for later too, so we’re all set for the evening,” I said.

She just smiled and made some kind of purring noise and I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like she hadn’t taken her eyes off the tent in my shorts.

“I was just about to jump in the pool and rinse off. Are you going to join me?” she asked.

“Sure. Let me just go get changed and I’ll be right back.”

“Nonsense! You’re getting naked with me again, come on,” she replied, and with that she stood and took the beer from my hand and set it down, then start pulling my shirt over my head.

I responded by kicking off my boat shoes and raising my arms so that she could remove my shirt. Then Amber knelt and grasped the waistband of my shorts and pulled my shorts and underwear down together in one slow, smooth movement. As she lowered my clothing, my rock-hard cock flopped out and after almost clipping her chin, left behind a string of pre-cum connecting her cheek to the tip of my cock. She ignored this and continued to disrobe me, and I stepped out of my shorts.

Standing up, she licked her lips (Fuck! Had she just licked the pre-cum from her cheek?) and handed my beer back to me. I finished the beer and followed her into the pool, executing a perfect rip-entry on my dive.

We swam around a bit and then the horseplay began, with Amber trying to dunk me. I am a strong swimmer and she didn’t weight more than 110 lbs. so no amount of effort on her part was going to get me under. I casually fended her off and dunked her each time she tried to dunk me. There was lots of touching, groping, sliding hands and exquisite body contact and my erection was so hard it was becoming almost painful.

Realizing that she would not be able to dunk me by forcing me down, Amber resorted to cheating and grabbed my balls tightly and said, “All right, I’ve had enough! You’re going down or I’m going to squeeze until you do!”

I crossed my arms and scoffed, daring her to try. She slowly started increasing pressure until I gave in and allowed her to push my head under the water. Once she released my balls, I spun around under her and came up with my head between my legs and stood up with her on my shoulders. She shrieked with delight and held on to my head for balance while I walked to the precipice to the deep-end and fell forward, dunking us both.

Once we were under the water, Amber held on to my head and spun around so that her pussy was right in my face instead of the back of my neck. I wanted to latch on to her pussy and lick and suck until I passed out but I’m such a chicken-shit that I reached up and gave her a raspberry on her belly button. The surprise caused her to inhale a bit of water and she pushed away and thrashed a bit, coming up to the side of the pool coughing.

I surfaced and watched her for a moment and said, “You can’t win – I have too many tricks.”

“I’ll think of something, you just wait,” she replied.

Heaving myself out of the pool, I got two more beers from the cooler. I handed one to her and sat at the picnic table with my cock hanging heavily between my legs.

We sat together at the table for a while and chatted, enjoying the hot afternoon and cold beer. Around 6:00 pm I announced that I was starving and needed to get dinner going.

Together, we grilled steaks and some vegetables on the barbeque and the hardness of my erection, and her nipples, never flagged. Sitting beside each other at the picnic table, we ate our fill and when I was done, I turned sideways on the bench seat facing her, my dick laying on the bench between my legs.

Glancing down, Amber said, “I can’t believe how much pre-cum you’re still leaking. Have you been on the edge this whole time?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” I replied.

Reaching down, she scooped some of my pre-cum with her index finger and licked it off. “Best dessert ever,” she purred.

Fuck, this was too much, and I was struggling not to cum right there on the spot. Amber noticed my balls tightening up and with a sharp intake of breath, she almost whispered, “I can’t believe it – you’re going to cum!”

And, well, I did. I shot six big ropes of cum, covering her left side and thigh and dribbling the last bit on to the bench seat.

“Wow, that’s a lot of cum”, she said as she dragged her fingers through it, then scooped some up and licked it from her fingers. It was such an erotic sight that I sat mesmerized while she continued to spread my cum around on her skin, occasionally licking her fingers. My cock was still hard as a rock and she reached down and scooped a drop of cum from the tip of my cock with her fingers. She spread it on her nipple and then cupped her breast and licked it off, never breaking eye contact.

I groaned at the sight and elvakent escort my cock was bouncing and throbbing with my heartbeat again while I started leaking more pre-cum. Seeing this, Amber scooped up more pre-cum, using both hands this time to milk out as big a drop as she could, and then smeared it all over her other nipple. Then, turning to face me, she cupped her breast and offered it to me and I cleaned her slowly with my tongue, loving the salty taste mixed with a hint of her coconut tanning lotion.

While I gently sucked on her nipple, she continued to slowly and gently milk my cock and gather a big drop of pre-cum on her fingers, then brought her hand to her mouth and spread it all over her lips. Smiling, she leaned in and we kissed, and I licked all traces of my pre-cum from her lips. I drove my tongue as deeply in to her mouth as I could and tried to clean any traces of my cum, both of us moaning and gasping for breath.

“My turn”, she said and then pushed me backward so that I was laying on the bench with my head hanging off the end. Then she got up and walked around to my head, facing my feet, and lowered her pussy to my lips. She was dripping wet and I almost came again when I tasted her sweet pussy. I licked the sides and perineum, cleaning all the juice that had dripped and smeared on the outside of her pussy, then slammed by tongue as far in her as I could and scooped as much of her fluids as I could, sucking and licking and swallowing while she shivered breathlessly above me.

She tasted sooo good and I was in heaven. I withdrew my tongue and gently sucked her clit, swiping my tongue back and forth on the little nub and she started grinding her pussy on my face. This really got the juices flowing again so I dropped back and sucked and swallowed whatever she had to offer. I put a lip-lock on the bottom of her pussy and inserted my tongue as far as it would go while sucking on her perineum and she gasped and reach down to pull my head tighter to her.

Relaxing my lips for a moment, I took a deep breath and locked back on to her perineum and sucked harder. This caused a squeak of delight from Amber, so I started pulsing my suction and slowly slid back to capture her bumhole in my mouth. Keeping up the suction, I swabbed her bumhole with my tongue and grabbed her cheeks and spread them as far as I could so that I could get my face buried as deeply as possible. This caused her to pause her grinding and deepen her squat over my face. Taking this as a signal, I slowly and firmly inserted my tongue into her bum hole, pushing and stretching her cute little hole as best I could.

After a few quick thrusts of my tongue, she grabbed my head and held me so tightly and so long I almost passed out. The only thing that kept me alive was the sweet nectar pouring from her pussy, coating my chin and neck. After a minute or so, she released my head and fell forward, laying on my torso.

Two deep breaths and I was back in action and I gently cleaned her pussy and bum and thighs and anywhere I could detect a hint of her fluids.

As I lapped at her pussy, enjoying every delicious lick, I felt her pull my cock toward her and engulf the head with her warm mouth. While slowly stroking the shaft, she did something with her tongue that caused the most powerful pleasure emanating from my cock that I have ever experienced. With renewed vigor, I focused my attack on her clit and sucked and batted at it with my tongue as hard as I could. As I felt myself getting close, I was rewarded with another flood of her juices and eagerly drank it down while I watched her pussy and bumhole pulse and contract through her orgasm.

After her orgasm faded, Amber suddenly released my cock and stood up and swung my inside leg over the bench. Grabbing my arm and displaying strength I didn’t know she had, she hoisted me to a standing position and pushed me toward the old lounger chair. Taking a hint, I quickly laid down on the lounge.

Amber straddled my lower legs and sat down and leaning forward, took my entire cock in her mouth in one swift movement. My breath caught in my throat and I could only watch while she slowly and thoroughly stroked the entire length of my cock with her mouth and throat. The pleasure was beyond imagination and after a minute or so, I reach down to guide her off my cock before I came again. I needed to kiss that pretty, little mouth before my head exploded.

As she moved up and locked lips with me, she guided my cock with one hand and took it to the hilt in her hot little pussy with ease. As our tongues had an epic battle in our embrace, she planted her feet on either side of the low lounger and bounced her pussy up and down on my cock with amazing speed. Struggling for breath, we broke the kiss and she straightened up, pressing her clit hard on my pubic bone and grinding. This is when I showed her another trick.

A few years ago, I had an overzealous girlfriend that like to ride cowgirl and grind herself forward and backward on my cock really hard. One time, she got bucking so hard, it ripped the tendon that attaches at the top along the base of my shaft. This means that when I push down at the base of my cock, it actually pulls away from my pubic bone as far as the skin will allow and effectively gains almost an inch in length.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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