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Playing Games

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Nathan sits down on the couch next to me, controller in hand, booting up the Xbox. I steal a glance at him while he is distracted by the screen. He looks nice, warm, and strong. I have this urge to keep staring at him. I look away.

He hands me the controller and tells me how to play. I explore the game for awhile, running around, mostly getting lost and confused. Nathan patiently explains everything to me. Eventually we come across an enemy that I just can’t get past.

“Can you do it for me, Nathan?”

“Sure,” he says, leaning over to take the controller from my hands. He kills the enemy in thirty seconds.

“I’m bad at video games,” I say.

“Nah, you’re doing fine, keep going,” he says. He passes the controller back to me, then leaves his hand on my thigh, nonchalantly, as if it were normal. I freeze, glancing over at him. My insides are fluttering. He is looking at the screen and smiling, saying something encouraging about which direction to go in.

So I keep heading that way in the game. As I get there, he grazes his fingers ever so slightly across thigh. I feel my cheeks get hot.

For a few minutes, I keep playing the game. Then he does it again, just barely stroking my leg. I try to casually shift my legs open. He notices and starts to stroke up and down my thigh more openly now. I breathe in and feel my pussy twitch. I try not to moan.

I keep running around the game as he strokes me, but I’m barely paying attention to the screen. I’m getting more and more wet. His hand starts getting closer and closer to my pussy, grazing the inside of my thigh. It takes a lot of effort not to moan.

Then I die in the game.

“This game might be too hard for me, Nathan,” I say.

“it’s too hard?” he say in a soft voice.

I glance at him and see him looking back at me with wanting eyes. I glance down at his crotch… without thinking I reach out and grab it.

He growls and grabs me hungrily, ripping off my pants and underwear in an instant and throwing me backwards against the arm rest. I lay there on the side of the couch as he spreads my legs apart, smiling to himself.

“You’re very wet, aren’t you?” he asks. I nod frantically. I’m already making the face that I make when I’m ready to beg.

He pulls down his pants, keeping on his boxers so I can see his thick bulge.

“I know that you already escort eryaman want me…” he says, “but I am going to torture you for awhile.” He presses himself onto my pussy. I can feel his cock pulsing. My pussy pulses back. I moan and squirm, wanting him.

He laughs to himself as he looks down on me. “Pobrecita,” he says, stroking down the side of my face as I squirm in need. He traces his fingers across to my lips and I suck them, looking up at him, desperate to do whatever he says.

“Let me see the rest of you,” he says as he traces his fingers down my face, down my neck, lingering there for a moment. I take off my shirt and bra quickly, frantically. He laughs, “How long have you been daydreaming about this?”

“I want you so much,” I say breathlessly, “please.”

Cruelly, he ignores me, tracing his fingers down my soft skin, between my breasts. He grabs the smallest part of my waist and squeezes my ribs, then curves his hands ever so slightly to graze the tips of his fingers across the bottom of my breasts. I notice my legs are shaking and I’m whimpering softly, squirming, trying to press my pussy harder against his cock.

“Shhhh,” he says as he strokes my hair with one hand and with the other softly plays with my nipple. I moan loudly, it feels so fucking good.

“You like that?” he asks, and again I’m nodding frantically, my legs shaking uncontrollably. “You want more?” he asks, and I nod again, squirming.

He begins to play with both of my tits, massaging them, teasing them. I’m moaning softly with every touch. Soon he brings his lips to kiss and lick my nipples. “Ohhhhhhhh, Nathan,” I moan. He leads his tongue up to my neck and starts to kiss my neck, softly, sensually, as his hands return to play with my nipples. I feel like I’m melting, or I’ve already melted, my pussy dripping wet and pulsing.

I’m whimpering, and whispering “please, please, please” again and again. “Please what?” he asks between kisses.

I moan, “Please fuck me, Nathan.”

He sits back up and stares down at my glistening, twitching pussy. “Please!” I say, I feel like I can’t wait much longer.

He strokes the insides of my legs, up and down, softly. “Your legs have been shaking for a long time,” he says.

“Nathan, please, you’re driving me insane.”

He keeps stroking my legs, which are still vibrating wildly. My ankara escort cheeks are flushed and my eyes are wild as he pulls down his boxers to reveal his cock. I moan at the sight of it. He slaps it on my soaking wet pussy, and now my hips are twitching in response, bucking uncontrollably in excitement.

“Wow,” he says, “I’ve never seen you like this.”

“Please fuck me Nathan, please fuck me, Nathan, fuck me, fuck me, please please please please please, I can’t, I can’t take it Nathan please fuck me please I need you inside me I need you so badly,” I’m almost yelling at him.

He smiles down at me as he slides his hard cock across the surface of my pussy. “God, you’re so fucking wet,” he moans.

“Please, put it in me, Nathan, please, I’m begging”. I realize I’ve wrapped my hands around his waist and am trying to pull his hips into me.

He finally relents, pushing his dick into my throbbing pussy, releasing a sexy, low moan. “Oh my fucking god,” I say, my pussy squeezing tight around him, I feel almost lightheaded.

He starts to thrust in and out very slowly, driving me wild. He moans with every thrust, a look of pure pleasure on his face. He looks so lovely that I just watch in awe, trembling with ecstasy myself.

He begins to thrust faster, and faster, until I’m yelling. “fuck yes!” I say. I’m tracing my hands all over his body, squeezing his arms, trying to caress his face, trailing my nails down his shoulders and back.

As he’s thrusting into me, i push my hips back up into him, fucking him back. “You’re gonna make me cum Nathan,” I moan, getting louder and louder, feeling myself build up. He’s laughing as I writhe, squirming on his dick. I push him up, climb on his lap, and start riding his dick, bouncing up and down frantically. I’m gripping both sides of his face and holding his gaze as I get closer and closer. I’m moaning so loud that I’m screaming, feeling something build in me, “Oh my god Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, yes!” my legs shake even more and I squirt everywhere, soaking the couch, my whole body twitching as waves of my orgasm wash over me. I rise to my knees and shiver, eyes closed, arms vibrating.

When I open my eyes, he’s looking up at me in surprise and laughing, saying “Wow, you seemed like you were possessed for a second there.”

I narrow my eyes, put my fingers under elvakent escort his chin and tilt his head up to look at me. “Your dick drove me insane,” I said.

I sink back down on his lap, feeling his dick stir beneath me. I wrap my arms around his back, bite his neck, kissing it softly, then tracing my fingers up his back, up the back of his neck, and pulling his hair to lift his ear, sliding my tongue up his jawline, to whisper,

“I’m gonna wrap my pussy around your dick

and then I’m going to bounce

ever so fucking slowly

up and down your dick

so slowly that you’ll want to die

and you’ll be the one begging me.”

His dick immediately got rock hard beneath me, and he looked up at me in awe.

I smiled and slowly let him deep inside me, then slowly pulled back up, rocking up and down on his throbbing hot dick. He shivered. “You’re gonna make me cum like this, it feels too good.”

“I want you to fill me with your cum, Nathan.” He moaned, “Ohh my god.”

“Yeah? You love my pussy, don’t you Nathan?” I’m riding him almost agonizingly slow.

“Yes,” he growled.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you.”

“Fucking yes!” he yells as I slide down his cock.

“That’s right. I bet you’ll be fucking dreaming of this pussy for a long time.”

“Mm..mhmm,” he tries to agree but can barely speak.

He’s breathing heavily now.

I’m caressing his shoulders, his chest, and his neck as I slowly inch up and down his cock. He’s moaning. The sound of him moaning and the fullness of his cock are making me feel dangerously good. I try to maintain control.

I draw my lips to his ear and whisper, “Cum for me, Nathan.”

“I’m so fucking close,” he says and starts trying to thrust more quickly.

“Mm mm, if you want that, you’re gonna hafta beg me for it.”

“Please,” he nearly whispers.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Please, Emma.”

“Please what?”

“Ride my dick. Make me cum. I need you.”

I smile and start to ride his dick faster while he thrusts into my pussy hard. His moans keep getting louder, uncontrollable, and I moan with him, saying yes, yes, yes,

until his breath hitches and he starts twitching. I can feel his cock throbbing inside me, filling me with the biggest load of cum I’ve ever felt.

He collapses against the couch, smiling, eyes closed. I press my body against him in a hug, then draw back and put my hand on his cheek and say, “You’re a good boy.”

He opens his eyes. “You’re a slut.”

I laugh and climb off of him. I hold his arm, lay my head against him, and we fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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