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Pinecrest Inn

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Christopher and Fleur had been planning their getaway for some time now. Their busy lives and jobs had at last relented and given them a whole week off. Their plan was no plan, a drive out of the city, find a nice Inn or Bed and Breakfast, put away their phones, de-stress, and just enjoy the simple things for a few days.

Fleur looked stunning, her dark long hair tied in a ponytail under a baseball cap, sun glasses hiding her alluring bedroom eyes, tight jeans, running shoes, a tight t shirt and one of Christopher’s flannel shirts. It gave her that “I’m on vacation” look.

They were on their way to a large Flea Market they had read about in a local paper, when stopping for gas.

On the road, Chris started a good natured verbal sparring match. A favourite pastime of the couple when times like this allowed it.

“Oh yes, the flea market, I bet you, ten big ones ,we see a Norman Bates type guy selling badly stuffed squirrels within five minutes of walking in there!”

“That’s way too easy,” she laughed.

“OK,” Chris thought for a moment, “We see at least three guys selling cheap white tube socks by the time we leave!”

“You’re on, if you had said two, I wouldn’t take that bet,” she smiled.

They spotted the sign for the Flea Market. Chris slowed and turned down the road and into the parking lot.

He parked the car. The couple walked through the main gates and began to look around. They made their way by the usual stands you would expect to see selling cheap tools, second hand clothing, cheap white tube socks and badly stuffed squirrels! Chris nudged Fleur to look at the socks and squirrels and smiled.

Fleur pointed to a large hanger with a sign “ANTIQUES” and grabbed Chris’s hand. They walked into the massive building.

Fleur grinned “Look at this stuff,” squeezing Chris’s hand, “See, I knew we would find some cool stuff.”

They wandered up and down the aisles looking with interest at the items on sale. They spotted one nice piece after another, but the price tags were shocking!

There were table displays of jewellery set up near the back that caught the couple’s eye. They wandered over to tables of pocket watches, old lockets and cameos that attracted Fleur’s attention and she pulled Chris along with her.

She scanned the table and saw nothing of particular interest at first, then suddenly she saw it and pointed it out to Chris.

A slender silver pocket watch with an engraved cover showing a wooded scene, and an elegant braided chain and right next to it a matching woman’s locket.

“That’s different,” she whispered to Chris.

“A silver anniversary gift,” the soft voice of the Merchant behind the table said “Turn of the century, in excellent condition, a fine piece, sold as a set only”

The Merchant stepped back to give the couple time to talk.

With a gleam in her eye, she said to Chris, “We have to get those, if the price is right.”

Chris smiled and said, “See what you can do.”

Fleur was a born haggler and was very good at it. She looked at the merchant, “Ok how much for the set?”

The Merchant offered a price, Fleur offered half of what he is asking. The Merchant surprisingly agreed.

Puzzled Fleur asked, “Does the watch work?”

“All my watches work,” he said quietly, “Well, we have a deal then?”

Chris got out his wallet and paid the odd looking man. He fastened the chain to his belt and slipped the watch into the watch pocket of his Levis.

“Looks good,” Fleur smiled. She opened the locket. It was empty.

The quiet voice of the Merchant addressed the couple again, “For a small fee I can take your picture for the locket, it will only take a few minutes”

They both agreed and posed for the miniature picture to be taken.

Satisfied, their shopping was done for the day, they walked back to the car. Fleur admired the small photograph of the both of them placed inside the locket.

“A lovely memento of a “getaway weekend” together.” She thought.

At the car, Chris helped clasp the locket on Fleur’s lithe neck and the couple shared a romantic kiss. He unlocked the car and handed Fleur his wallet, a custom of the couple when he drove. She put it her purse and hopped in the car.

Sometime later, with a light rain falling and nearly dark the couple were lost.

“Hey baby, turn on the GPS. I have no idea where we are,” Chris instructed Fleur. She turned on the unit. The screen lit up but a message said, “Cannot link to satellite”.

“Great,” Chris sighed, “Well, this road has to go somewhere, so keep your eyes open.” The rain started to grow harder.

Chris spotted a sign “THE PINE CREST INN” with an arrow pointing to a gravel side road. They took the turning onto the road and a short time later, they saw another sign “PINE CREST INN ¾ MILES”. The road was bumpy so Chris carefully crept down the narrow road. The fog began to thicken, the further they drove. They were soon in a thick fog bank.

Chris could barely see a foot in front of the car. An eye on ataşehir escort bayan the odometer told Chris, they had gone about a ½ mile and the fog was getting even thicker by the second.

“Rain and fog? How great is this?” Fleur said a little uneasy. As her words trailed off, the car spluttered and died.

Chris tries to start it… Nothing!

Chris reached for his cell phone but there was no signal. He checked Fleur’s phone but it was also saying the same.

“Must be the mountains,” Chris finally said, “Looks like we have to walk to that inn, it’s not far”

“Ok pop the trunk so we can get our bags” Fleur said, not looking forward to the walk in the fog and rain.

“That’s not going to happen, this car is electronic key, and the battery is dead!” Chris cursed as he tried unsuccessfully to do so.

Fleur grabbed her little coat off the back seat, “Looks like we will have to share this as a head cover and make a run for it. It does look cold and spooky out there” She shivered at the thought as she looked at the driving rain and thick fog.

“You ready babes?” Chris exited the car and went round to the passenger side to open the door for Fleur. They fixed the coat over their heads, slammed the door shut and ran, following the directions to the inn.

The rain soon soaked them to the skin. Their clothes were dripping and their jeans felt like cardboard on their legs. Both looked like drowned rats!

And then, they saw the welcoming sight of the Inn. Welcome yellow lights from the windows guided them in the fog. This spurred them on and they ran to the door, laughing at each other’s bedraggled look, thankful they could get out of this sudden change in weather.

The Inn was made out of a sandstone brick and the door of dark oak with black iron door handle and hinges. They entered and both felt the warmth of an open fire and then saw that the Inn was themed from the 1920’s.

“Bye Bye Blackbird” by Gene Austin was blaring out from a big old radio.

“This is quaint,” Fleur remarked as they made their way to the bar to speak to the Inn Keeper.

Fleur smiled at him and his strange looking clothes. He smiled back. “You city folk, don’t know how to dress for our weather out here,” He teased. “What would you two like to drink?

Chris grinned and asked for the House Ale for them both and a shot of whiskey to warm them up. They were both dripping rainwater on the wooden floor and the Inn Keeper shouted for his wife.

“Can you get these two city folk some fresh clothes to wear and some good old Irish stew to warm them up”

“Oh, you Poor Dears, I’ll get you something right away” She sympathised.

“Actually, I was wondering if we could have a room for the night” Chris interjected, warmed by the friendly reception.

“You can have room 17 on the second floor, ” The Innkeeper checked his book. ” I’ll take you right up so you can change, the Wife will bring the dry clothes up for you with the stew.”

“Damn,” Fleur muttered, ” I forgot my bag. We’ll have to leave you something for collateral until, I can fetch it in the morning to pay you. Our car broke down, everything is in that”

The Innkeeper looked a little concerned. “And what were you thinking of leaving for collateral?”

Fleur looked thoughtful and didn’t want to cause the Innkeeper to distrust them. He already thought they were strange city folk.

She looked at Chris. “What about the locket and pocket watch? It’s the only thing of value we have on us”

Chris nodded in agreement and they handed them to the Innkeeper who suddenly looked delighted.

“I might not mind if you don’t return to claim them back,” he smiled.

He placed them safely in his cash register and led the way to room 17. It was very quaint and old fashioned.

It was a simple room. It had a double wooden bed with linen sheets, blankets and eiderdown bedspread, a couple of wooden chairs, a wooden table and an en-suite bathroom with a huge enamel bath. A radio stood on an old dresser.

The Innkeeper lit the little coal fire in their room, previously prepared for new guests. He then bade them goodnight, indicating his wife would be up shortly with the clothes and stew.

They grabbed towels, undressed and dried themselves. Whilst doing so, the Inn keeper’s wife brought the tray with two bowls of steaming stew and crusty bread.

“Hope these clothes fit you, it’s all we have, I’m afraid. Another guest left them a ways back and not returned to collect them yet. I’ll take your wet clothes and dry them over night. They will be placed outside your door for the morning. You can leave these clothes hanging up and I will collect them sometime tomorrow”

Chris emptied his pockets, smiling as he placed a small hard blue plastic case on the side dresser, near his chair. The Innkeeper’s wife took their sodden clothing.

They both smiled their thanks at her kindness and she left the couple to eat. They were both ravenous and tucked heartily into the stew and bread. Soon escort kadıköy the room warmed with the little fire going and with a full meal in their stomachs. They both leaned back in their chairs contented.

Christopher switched the radio on and 1920 and 1930 music blared out.

“I love this place is themed, so different from the usual clinical hotels we stay in,” Fleur commented and stood to look at the clothes bought for their temporary use.

“Oh wow, Chris, I love this outfit and yours. They look like the Gangster outfits of the 1920’s. I can’t wait to try them on.”

The dress was black with white lacy trimming and matching lacy front panel. It had thin black straps on the shoulders. The bodice shaped trunk had a central white lacy panel, covering the breasts and tapering down, complimenting the black material underneath it and surrounding it. The lace tapered down to a thinner point joining a lacy double band that circles the hips. The short dress had a diamond cut with the same lacy edging design. It was truly is elegant and expensively made. There were matching heeled ankle boots, grey and white, the white covering the top of the boot, broken with the grey bands surround and grey toe caps.

The charcoal grey pinstriped suit was also elegantly made with a petrol blue shirt, slightly patterned with a lighter shade of the same blue in the material. A matching handkerchief was in the left breast jacket pocket and to finish the look a pair of black and white brogue shoes. The toes and upper sides of the shoe were black completing the gangster shoe of the era.

Fleur and Chris dressed in the clothing admiring each other and the amazingly perfect fit.

“You could be Al Capone, and me, your gangster moll!” Fleur teased Christopher, twirling round to show him, giggling.

He grinned, eyeing her up, moving slowly towards her, “And you know what that means don’t you? It means you need to keep your man happy, very happy or, you might find yourself wearing concrete boots in a swamp somewhere”

Fleur recognised that gleam in his eye. “Is that so, Mr Capone,” and started walking towards him, purposefully, swaggering her hips.

They met in the middle, toe to toe, looking each other in the eyes a moment. Hungry passion reflected in both their depths. Chris made his move, suddenly pulling her hair, forcing her head back to kiss and nibble her neck.

Fleur moaned a little and pushed against his crotch. She felt his hot breath, his teeth grazing her neck and his hand moving to grope her left breast, then moving over, to squeeze the right in the same manner. Chris never was a gentle lover and she was glad of it.

Hot heat flooded to her core and she began to throb immediately. Her breasts swelled, revelling in his slightly rough handling of her.

She raised her hands to his head, scrunching them in fists, pulling on his hair and now controlling him. He moaned a little in protest as she pulled his lips from her neck and began walking him backwards to a waiting chair.

All the time, she maintained eye contact and with Chris groping her chest with both hands. The feel of those hands squeezing her mounds excited both of them. The back of his legs hit the chair and he was forced to sit down with a bump. Still holding his hair in both hands, she leant over him and brought her lips down to his. She kissed him deeply, passionately, and unashamed of the lust that was building between them.

Both were breathing deeply as they kissed. Chris brought his hands to her thighs and she stood astride him. He moved up underneath the dress, knowing she was not wearing any panties. He lewdly fondled her butt cheeks, squeezing them, parting them, allowing the air to tease her intimately.

She groaned into his mouth. He then moved his left hand to her pussy, wet with excitement and plunged two fingers deep inside her. He began to finger fuck her, slow at first, then building to medium speed , and was encouraged more as she rocked to his rhythm and pulled his hair a little tighter, losing herself in her pleasure.

His right hand reached for his little hard blue plastic case on the dresser and expertly flicked it open, still maintaining the finger fuck rhythm and deep kissing.

His fingers checked the contents and he was happy with his findings. His right hand returned to her butt, then joined his left hand and the fucking fingers swapped hands. Fleur gasped at the interchange, as the two fingers of the right hand were slightly cooler in her heat.

Chris moved his left hand to her butt and rimmed her anus, spreading the quim juice on his fingers around her little puckered star.

Fleur groaned more and gasped for breath as he touched her there so intimately. She thrust her bottom out a little, wanting him to probe her there too.

Chris chuckled, and sucked on her bottom lip gently as she broke the kiss a little in her excitement, anticipation building up. His lips moved to her ear, whispering to her,

“Tell me, what you want baby.”

“You know, bostancı escort what I want,” Fleur gasped

“You want this baby?” Chris teased and pushed his finger into her anal channel. Fingers probed both her openings.

“Yes, yes,” Fleur breathed.

“Give me your tits baby,” Chris demanded and Fleur pushed her breasts into his face. As a reward Chris obliged and finger fucked both openings as he kissed and nibbled on her tities over her dress. She rocked her hips to his probing fingers, throwing her head back as he pleasured her.

They enjoyed the moments together, then he pulled his head back, “Suck on my cock baby,” Chris gasped. His erection was now throbbing for release in his trousers.

Fleur looked down at his pleading face, still rocking her hips on his fingers.

“In a minute,” She teased, letting him know that he was not in full control of this situation.

She spoke in a low voice, intent on teasing him, “You want my mouth on your pulsating cock baby?, You want to feel the heat of my mouth there? My tongue licking your length, sucking on your knob?”

Chris groaned at her naughty words, “Yes, yes, you know I do!”

Fleur left it a few more seconds, letting the seeds of her words grow and form into erotic images in his thoughts.

She then rose from his fingers and lowered her head to his crotch, burying her face there and rubbing her cheek against his hardness.

She teased him for a moment, but he was impatient! Chris grabbed the hair on her head and in one flowing moment, released his cock and pushed it in her mouth. Fleur took it readily and he pushed it in further, to the back of her throat nearly causing her to gag. He looked at her, mouth filled to the hilt in cock, eyes wide. He liked that image.

“Suck baby,” He instructed. Fleur obliged, sucking on his full length as best she could with the fullness of cock in her mouth. He then lifted her hair, guiding her into a mouth fuck rhythm and he moaned in pleasure.

“That’s it baby, just like that,” he released her hair, leaving it to her expertise. He closed his eyes and threw his head back to enjoy her.

Fleur began a steady rhythm, sucking, licking and nibbling his delicious cock. Chris seeped pre-cum on to her tongue and she tasted him. She massaged and squeezed his balls to enhance his pleasure. She was rewarded with his groans. Her tongue rimmed his little slit and scooped out the little bubbles that formed and oozed from his tip. Then she started the blow job rhythm again he so wanted.

Chris was losing it in the moment, and he stilled her head with his hands in her hair. He pulled her off him and slid sideways from the chair, making her stand and he place her hands on the back of it. She was bent double over the seat.

He leaned into her ear. “Shut your eyes baby and don’t move”

He moved behind her and lifted her dress so her ass cheeks were bare and exposed for him.

He reached for a tube of lube from his blue case on the dresser and squeezed some on her little anal rosette, using his finger to massage it inside and out. Fleur moaned and writhed enjoying his attention.

He reached for the other item in the blue case and unfurled them from the plastic packet, 10 small cerise pink anal beads, each slightly bigger than the other. An unexpected present for Fleur!

He teased and played with her some more before slowly inserting them, one by one. Soon all that can be seen is the soft plastic ring to pull them out again. He bent down, eye level, to inspect his work and then kissed her pussy, lapping her creamy juices and tongue teasing her swollen clitoris that was protruding from its little hood.

Fleur moaned and groaned and thrust in pleasure, quite liking the strange feeling of fullness in her anal passage as he teased her little swollen nub.

Chris enjoyed her taste for a minute or too, then stood and bent over her, unzipping her dress to feel her naked breasts. He removed his trousers and jacket and undid his shirt so it hung open, looking at her naked bottom throughout.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Time to fuck baby” and slid under her to sit in the chair again.

She stood astride him, the ring pulley protruding slightly from her ass. She took his cock in her hand and stroked him as she began to position herself for his entry. He was rock hard. Fleur positioned his cock at her vaginal opening, staring into his eyes and lowered onto him.

They both moaned as they joined and then Fleur started to fuck him.

Her breasts bounced with the rhythm of her movements before his eyes.

He grabbed her tits and fondled as she set the rhythm.

He enjoyed the moment as Fleur went into total fuck mode.

The effect heightened his own desire and he began to buck into her, feeling her cervix as he entered her body deeply. His hands moved on to her hips, guiding and encouraging her rhythmic strokes.

Both felt the excitement build now, both were lost in their own greedy pleasure, using the other for their own needs.

Chris’s fingers sought and found Fleur’s clitoris and he began to masturbate her, while she fucked him.

Her tight channel, on his cock, the beads in her ass, moving up and down, caused his balls to tighten with cum and the imminent explosion.

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