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Party Favors

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This story is dedicated to a very sexy friend of mine. Thank you for all of the inspiration!


I was stuck going to a bachelor/bachelorette party that I really didn’t want to attend, to help my friend Jean. Her younger sister was getting married and she needed someone to help her with food and entertainment. Now that those tasks were finished and the party was under way she needed someone to answer the door to greet guests and entertainers. That’s what I did, said hello, offered to take coats and point people in the right direction. It was becoming routine and boring; I really wanted to be in the main rooms to have a good time with everyone else. I could hear music, applause and laughter, but could see nothing. A few good looking guys came in here and there, heading straight for the action, barely even looking my way. I sat in a chair, bobbing my head to the music and staring at the hardwood floor beneath my feet. I heard the bell and got up from my chair automatically reaching for the door knob, looking past the person walking in the door. I closed the door and turned around to sit down again, expecting the guy to head straight for the action.

When I turned, the side of my head collided with his. I was so embarrassed, I looked into his face (he was only two or three inches taller then me, maybe 5’6″ or 7″) and turned bright red. He had a big smile on his face as he rubbed his forehead. “I’m Jamie, Adam’s brother, is he around here some where?” The guy was talking, and all I could do was stare. He had a gorgeous smile, dark blue eyes, a dark goatee and a great bod. His lips had this perfect shape, I couldn’t stop looking at them, perfectly pursed at the top and slightly pouty at the bottom. I stopped staring long enough to mumble “Umm in the living room, that’s where the entertainment is.”

A gorgeous smile lit up his face. “Thanks,” he paused, he stared at me with his hand out to shake mine, “Oh shit!” I thought, “He wants my name, I’m dumb.”

“Maggie.” I said while I was silently cursing myself for turning into such a moron just because of a pretty face

“…Maggie.” He said as he picked up my hand and shook it. Just as soon as he had it in his hands it dropped and he turned around, heading for the living room.

Damn he was sexy, I didn’t want to admit it but I wanted this guy instantly. He didn’t smell like cologne or anything perfumed, it was just him, he smelled great!

After helping more guests in and taking coats Jean came to get me. “You want to come party with us yet?”

“I would love to!” I smiled in anticipation of getting out of this hallway.

The living room had become strange since the last time I was in it, and only an hour had passed! The men and women were finally mingling not caring the sex of the stripper putting on the show. Quite a few, including the bride and the groom were already getting tipsy. There were two half barrels on tap, and several bottles of hard liquor. We knew this was going to be rowdy, and I was glad it was, I just wanted to have some fun.

I saw Jean’s little sister, the bride, standing against the make shift bar across the room. “Hi Cindy, are you having fun on your last night of freedom?” I asked.

“As much as I can, that’s why the wedding isn’t until 4 tomorrow!” She giggled into the top of her glass.

On the other end of the bar was her husband-to-be, standing with his gorgeous brother. One drink was all the liquid courage I needed to finally try to strike up a decent conversation with Jamie.

“I thought I’d be locked up in that hallway forever!” I thought this might be a good starting point.

“Glad to see you aren’t!” His smile seemed slightly wicked. “Want another drink?” He pointed at my glass.

I nodded, smiled and boldly stared at him while he talked to our make-shift bartender. He really was beautiful; I didn’t need alcohol to get courage to seduce this young thing. I knew I looked good that night, decked out in a short black skirt, white cotton istanbul escort men’s dress shirt and high heel black boots. It gave me more confidence and when he turned to me with the drink I continued to appraise his body. He seemed a bit uncomfortable under my gaze and looked out into the center of the room, watching the belly dancers. At that moment a beautiful stripper in a nurse’s costume came dancing up to us. I watched her wiggle in front of Jamie, pressing her stethoscope against his neck. He smiled at her and pulled a wad of singles out of his pocket and handed me half of them.

“Have some fun with me Maggie” He whispered in my ear.

The stripper noticed the dollar bills folded in my hand and moved closer to me. She bent over in front of me exposing a garter belt and grinding her ass into the air. She had a beautiful body and was succeeding in turning me on quite a bit. She turned back around to face me (after I stuffed a dollar bill in her garter belt), and wrapped her arm around my neck, pushing my head into the cleavage that was spilling out the front of her dress. I pulled my head back, put a dollar bill and my mouth and pressed my face between her large breasts again pushing the dollar bill down with my tongue. She squealed in delight and started to grind her hips to mine. She seemed to start a dance just for me. She unbuttoned the front of her costume exposing a black lace teddy while rotating her hips. She placed one arm to the side of me holding onto the bar and began to dance, grinding down the length of me then back up over and over again. On her way down she would stop near my crotch and smile up at me batting her eyelashes. I was wet with anticipation.

Jamie couldn’t take his eyes off of this scene, and I was glad, this maybe the ice breaker we needed! The nurse continued her show for me until she was completely naked. When her clothes were completely off she threw her arms around my neck and pulled me closer, making me dance with her. She stuck her knee between my legs and pulled my skirt up with it, I grinded against her knee, held her around her waist, and pushed my leg against her crotch. I could feel her pussy getting wet against my stocking – clad thigh which made me ooze, I could feel her leg between my thighs becoming moist. This seemed to encourage us further and we both worked harder to try to bring the other to orgasm. I sensed her body tensing and dug my nails in between the swell of her ass cheeks, reaching for her wet pussy. She sighed against my neck and grinded harder against my thigh, my fingers found her little wet hole and explored the outer edge of it. Not many people could see the extent of what was going on; we were in a dim corner in the back of the room.

To most of them it looked like I was receiving a private dance, the rest were watching the belly dancers. Jamie had the perfect view and watching him watching us was more fuel for my fire. The girl began to pant hard and wiggle her crotch against my hand and leg. Her body went completely tense, her fingers dug into my thighs right under my ass and I felt cum running down my finger tips. She continued to push her knee against the panty hose that covered my crotch, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to orgasm from this so I relaxed and let her recover from her orgasm. She stepped back and whispered in my ear “Thank you sexy that was great.” She kissed my lips hard, grabbed her clothes from around my feet and made her way to the other end of the room for more dancing.

Jamie stared at me while I leaned against the bar gulping down my drink. Finally he had something to say.

“Well damn Maggie, that’s the best show I’ve ever gotten, she really liked you!” He said with a huge smile.

I felt so confident at this point “Can you blame her?” I said teasingly.

“Not at all.” Was his quiet reply. I looked over to him and noticed a bulge in the front of his pants that he was trying to hide by facing the bar. At the same time avcılar escort he saw the direction that my eyes were looking and boldly faced me.

“I guess you really did enjoy that show, looks like you need a private dance.” I said to him quietly letting my gaze linger on the front of his pants then looked into his blue eyes.

He grabbed my hand and led me from the room. His grasp on my wrist was hard, like an angry parent pulling a naughty child to a punishment. We came to the back of Jeans house, behind the kitchen to a tiny laundry room, I knew the layout and it was obvious that he didn’t.

“This is a huge house, what’s this?” He asked.

“The laundry room.”


He turned towards me one hand on my wrist the other on the doorknob. His lips smashed against mine, he tugged at my wrist so that my body collided with his causing us to fall into the room. He kept his tight grip on me, moving his lips harshly against mine, his tongue darted into my mouth, moving over my lips, the kiss becoming tender now. He pushed my back against the open door and slammed his body against mine, the door closed with a loud thud. He pulled his lips from mine and moved them to my neck just below my ear. They felt soft and moist playing against my skin, moving towards my ear. A Street light shining through a tiny window was the only light in the room; it allowed me to watch the side of his face while he covered my neck and ear in tiny bites and kisses. He was beautiful, such high cheek bones, long eyelashes and no matter where I put my hands I felt hard muscle. His scent filled my nostrils as his fingers slid up my thighs digging into the flesh at my hips. He stopped abruptly, stood up straight, and looked at me.

“You can dance for me now.”

It almost came out as an order; my heart beat hard against my bra. It sounds very strange but it almost seemed as though I was born to follow Jamie’s direction, to obey his every demand.

“But… I can’t hear the music that well in here.” I said.

“I told you to dance for me.” Jamie stated plainly.

I had never done a strip tease before but I watched my nurse closely so I began to move, playing a little rhythm in my head. I closed my eyes, and began to move my hips. I unbuttoned the front of my white shirt, slowly exposing my lacy white bra and a lot of cleavage. Jamie smiled with approval and placed his hands on my hips, pulling me closer to him. I continued to grind my hips against his, down to his calves then back up to stare at his gorgeous neck. He plunged his knee between my thighs so that my entire body was mostly supported by his leg. I could feel the heat of his leg against my crotch, the wet spot in my nylons getting bigger with each pressing stroke of his thigh. My insides throbbed; I wanted his hands up my skirt, his fingers pressing into me. As though he read my mind, he suddenly fell to his knees; his hands grabbed my legs and pulled them further apart. He lifted my skirt and pressed his tongue against my nylon covered pussy. I could feel the coarse hairs on his chin pressing against my thigh, as his tongue worked up to my clit, pushing against the nylon, to separate my lips.

I felt the muted sensation against my clit and shivered, I could feel cum oozing out of me. I pushed my hips against his face, needing more contact. He tore at the crotch of my panty hose, making a huge hole. His fingers held my lips open while his tongue stabbed into me, his nose collided with my clit, and I gasped. The sensation was unreal, my head was spinning, and I could feel my heartbeat through every inch of my body. I looked down at the top of his head; he must have sensed my gaze because his tongue moved from the inside of my pussy to the folds between my lips and all the way up to my clit. I dug my nails into his scalp to push his face deeper into me. He pulled his head back; the tip of his tongue pressed hard against my clit, his eyes locked with mine and my entire body shook. His tongue made hard circle şirinevler escort trails, prolonging the orgasm, racking my body with wave after wave of ecstasy. My entire pussy throbbed, my clit became too sensitive, and I begged him to stop. I fell against the door panting and shaking, my mind still fuzzy from the orgasm.

When he stood in front of me and looked at me I Threw my arms around his neck, pulling his face towards mine and attacked his lips. I kissed him hard, sucking his bottom lip into my mouth and nibbling just a bit before I let it go. As he kissed me he pulled at my shin, wrapping one leg around his waist, and then the other. He pushed my back hard against the door. I felt the front of his pants grinding against my inner thighs while his lips explored my neck and cleavage. He had his arms around me with his hands together just under my ass so that, it was like I was sitting on his hands. He pressed into me hard, his dick still covered by his pants pressed into my lips. I gasped and thrust my pelvis, rubbing against him as hard as I could. I wanted to beg him to fuck me, end this torture.

Jamie dropped my legs abruptly, stepped back and unbuttoned his pants. I watched him undress in the small amount of light. His body was perfect, defined abs and pectorals, a slim waist leading down to hard muscular thighs and calves. He reminded me of Satan himself, his blue eyes sparkling at me in the dark, my mind and body ached for him.

“Sit on top of the washer.” He demanded.

I obeyed and moved to the other end of the room, faced away from the machine and hoisted my ass onto the cold metal surface. He was between my legs before I could even get my balance, nibbling my nipples through my bra. I grabbed his hair and pressed his face into my breasts, squeezing him closer to me with my legs. He pulled his body back and pulled me with him so that my ass rested on the very edge of machine. His hips slowly moved deeper into my thighs, I felt his cock rub against and down my clit, to my pussy. He plunged into me hard, and let out a moan against my throat. He pounded into me hard, but slowly, every thrust seemed thought out. I wrapped my arms around his neck and locked my ankles behind his back, so that my body moved with his.

While he fucked me he talked, told me I made sexy noises and I was beautiful, told me how to move my hips and when to stop. He grabbed the back of my head, held me still and began driving into me harder and faster. I tensed my entire body and braced myself so that I wouldn’t lose balance. His teeth were clenched, with each thrust he grunted into my cleavage. He grabbed my arms and pulled them from around his neck, and dropped them. He told me to hang on, then grabbed my legs and tipped my body back. My legs went up the front of his chest, his body bending me almost in half. My ankles were locked around his head; I could feel every inch of him drive into me. He pounded me harder and harder until I felt his body tense. He buried his entire length into me, let out a loud cry and collapsed against my legs. He lowered my legs and helped me down from the washer. As I slid down the washer his hands roamed over my body once more. He pulled me to him and kissed my lips softly and sweetly. It was just a feather light peck but it killed me, by the time I recovered he was across the room getting dressed.

We left the laundry room together and joined the party. The bride and groom were both near passed out and the herd was thinning. Just then Jean came wobbling towards me.

“Heya girl…” she slurred. “You can take off now, this thing is over, the bride and groom are going to hit the sack and I am too.” She stumbled over to one of the male exotic dancers and slipped her hand in his and led him away. Just before she disappeared from sight she yelled “thank you!” over her shoulder.

“I have a rental car; I should drive us to your place.” Jamie said with a huge grin on his face.

I smiled back, took his out-stretched hand and let him lead me to his car.

We stayed up all night in bed; he was a very tired best man. He stayed with me the entire weekend; it was the best sex either of us ever had. We agreed to see each other whenever possible before he left.

The plane should land soon, so now my story is done. Jamie will be waiting for me at the gate, and I know he will give me something new to write about.

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