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Paradise Island Ch. 04

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This one takes us on a little detour, a little adventure, and building on some things that might happen. I have no plans on where this will go, and I don’t know where our couples will wind up, I’m eager to see myself.


Susie told me, “You know this is an adult only cruise.”

I asked, “What does that mean, some swinger cruise.”

She replied, “No Silly, I’m not into that and neither are you I hope. However, parts are clothing optional if you have the desire to go skinny dipping in the pool.”

“For now let’s go find our cabin, our stuff should be there already.” I said.

Our cabin was great; it was the top cabin on the right in the front of the boat. It looks like the boat was split so my guess there is another just one like it on the other side. The walls were ceiling to floor glass with the most spectacular view was of the ocean. There was a door in the living area I guess to connect the two cabins, that was locked, I assume from both side. The cabin was small compared to some of the hotels we’ve stayed at but it made up for it. The cabin had a well-stocked bar, A small selection of snacks under it, and most importantly a Menu for room service.

The bedroom was amazing as well. It had a small bathroom with a shower only. I say only, but really it was one of those with steam showers with Jets all around it and a hand shower head to boot. Even the bedroom had the ceiling to floor glass looking out,4 and a switch that turned the glass black when you flipped it.

I thought it, but Susie said it, “We better watch ourselves in here, I don’t want to sleep in a milk soaked bed. Maybe we need .. Oh my God there is a private little sun deck out here.”

I wouldn’t call it a Sun deck, but it had a table, two chairs and a two person large lounger. We couldn’t see any land or anything, not a soul in sight. So we decided to do what adults to. Actually she yanked my shorts down and dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. Her skills seem to have gotten better, but I think it was more the fact that I had went without for so long. As she tried to swallow me whole I was playing with her silky red hair that I swear was at least 6 inches longer than I remember it being I thought to myself “Have I really not paid very close attention to her at all?”. I spoke, and said “If you don’t stop I’m going to…” And then I came.

She swallowed every drop and didn’t stop until I was done. She said, “I love doing that for you, always have and always will.” Looking out at the ocean she pulled my shorts back up, “Let’s go check the place, out we have plenty of time for sex later.”

The boat was something else, if you have seen the movie Titanic, well it wasn’t that grand or big, but in its own way just as nice, and a lot more modern. It had two pools, one on a lower deck, and an upper one that was clothing optional. However, there were a few nude couples on the lower deck. No one seemed to mind. We checked them out, Susie touched my crotch and commented to me, “Looking at these guys I have to say I’m a lucky girl for sure.”

The map we got from the cabin had a insert that said the boat was clothing optional for this cruise, except for the indoor dining areas where shoes, Shirt and some sort of shorts/pants was required. We weren’t quite that comfortable yet, so we stayed dressed to check the ship out. That and we were hungry and planned on finding some food soon. There were a few hot tubs around the pool too. We were told it can get chilly on the ocean at night. There were lots of things to do different games, a movie theater, a broadway like way show was advertised that evening, some Ed guy was singing tomorrow night, Susie put us on the list for that one.

We found the Galley which had like 4 different themes, one was a Buffett that had seafood on it. We chose the Western Themed one, Living on an Island we tend to get lots of seafood. We both had steaks, I had A cowboy Ribeye, which was so much more than I could eat, but it was good, she had an smaller Fillet Mignon that she commented to me on “It just melted in my mouth.”

Being me I said, “Just like I did earlier!”

She said, “No you exploded My dear Husband.”

Okay, there was no wedding YET, but we agreed being lovers and calling each other brother and sister was a little weird even if it is true.

I said, “You wait, your turn is coming.”

After Dinner we thought about going out dancing in the club on board. But we had other things we wanted to do that were more private. We walked through the shops where she actually found a portable breast pump and bought it, it never came out of the package as I was more than glad to help her out with that problem. I actually found I love her milk.

When we made it back, we had a beautiful view of the sun as it was starting its descent. We soon were naked laying out on the longue together I was nursing on her and we were watching the sunset. As I finished her second breast I must have fallen into kartal escort what we call a “Food Coma” when the kids get them. She just held me, finally waking me up when she had to use the bathroom. She kissed my head, and told me “Thank you again, it’s so nice just having some alone time with you.” When she same back I knew she wanted more than just alone time now. She put one leg up over my head as I lay down, spread her pussy open revealing a very erect clit. I moved a little and brought the pillow with me as she lowered herself to my awaiting mouth. I licked her, sucked her, and fingered her, but I could not get her to cum, until she lay down beside me and I worked my face between her legs, two of my fingers were inside her and she was moaning loudly. She started cumming, I quickly moved up to her and rammed my cock through the fiery red curtain of her pussy hair, past her clit and into the stream of her cum that was leaking out of her. I gave it all I had, I was doing multiplication tables in my head, I was going to make her cum again. It took a lot, and there was lots of slapping noises as our bodies pounded together, I was so close, but holding on as long as I could, when I grunted my release, she threw her had back screaming one word, “YES”

It was good, Life was good, we thought we were totally alone until we heard the people in the next cabin over moaning and huffing and a big grunt from him and an scream of “Give it to me Daddy!” coming from her. We were quiet and embarrassed as they had to have heard us too, but we started laughing to ourselves, and we went in and closed the door before really cutting loose. We showered, had a few drinks, and she wanted to go soak in the hot tub for a while so we slipped shorts on. She stayed topless. When we opened the door, the couple in the next cabin was coming out, the Man was as old as our Dad, about 45ish, the girl was maybe 20, very innocent looking, a cute little black haired girl with pail white skin. Her breasts were not small, but they were really firm looking. I think they had the same idea we had, she was topless, and they had a couple towels in their arms. The Girl turned red as she must know that we heard them. I said, “I’m Sam and this is my wife Susie we are headed for the hot rubs if you want to join us.”

The guy responded, “I’m James, and this is Carol my daughter. I guess you guys heard us, so I’m not going to lie, just don’t tell anyone, since her Mom passed away it’s just been us, and we couldn’t help ourselves earlier when we heard you.”

Susie said, “It’s all good, your secret is safe with us, we won’t mention a thing or judge you. You two look happy, that’s all we can say. You are still welcome to join us.

Carol said, “Cool, no one else knows. We’d love to join you two.”

We walked on down to the pool area, it was late and there was only one other couple in the hot tub on the other side of the pool. We took the one on our side of the pool as to not disturb them. We all disrobed to get in the hot tub. When Susie pulled her shorts off James was almost drooling as her red pussy hair showed. James was not shy, and had nothing to be shy about, He was a little shorter than me and maybe a little fatter, with salt and pepper hair covering his crotch. I undressed to the wondering eyes of carol, as she was pulling off her shorts revealing a perfectly smooth crotch. I will admit I liked the look, but I looked back at Susie and decided I like the hair, and her much better.

We turned the jets on and got in across from one another. James’ and mine were both hard as we sat in the waters, the tip of mine just breaking the surface until I sat down flat. The girls noticed, and Susie said, “That looked impressive until you had to go and drown it.”

Carol said, “It looked good over here too, but I think I like this one.” With that she grabbed her father’s cock, and was stroking it underwater. His hand made it to between her thighs. Things got quiet in the group. Susie and I started kissing, as they did. Susie not to be outdone, climbed over me onto my lap, she tried to get my cock into her, but wound up rubbing her clit into what she had later said was a Camel slide. It felt good, really good, James got out of the water onto the ridge around the hot tub. His cock was circumcised and standing very tall, Carol got out and just climbed on her father’s cock her ass facing us, and right in front of us they were fucking. Susie turned around facing them to watch as his cock went in and of her smooth pussy lips, and her anus I swear was winking at us.

I moved up out of the water and Susie moved with me, I lifted her up onto my cock about the time a big thunder clap rang out and lightning lit the sky. The girls sped up, each blast building their lust. Carol turned around on her father, and not the two girls were watching one another get fucked. The guys were just there. Carol watching as a cock disappeared into the red bush of Susie while putting on her own show for the two of us. James maltepe escort bayan was also watching Susie’s cunt swallowing my cock. The feel was amazing as our red hair matting together at the base when she touched down as we neared our finish.

The girls went into overload about the same time and went into their orgasm spasms. I saw the couple from farther off had moved to where they could see. It was an older couple and they were just watching. When another crash of lightning came down, they moved along. I traded spots with Susie, she was on the edge of the hot tub and I was facing her, fucking her for all it was worth. James and Carol had changed to do the same thing. It wasn’t long until her grunted and he was done. They sat back into the water facing us, watching us fuck. When I was done, Susie kissed me and said, “Thank you.” And we sat back. James and Carol did a small clapping motion.

Another clap of lightning and one of the ships hands making his rounds came up to us and told us we were coming into a storm and to return to our cabins of go inside the galley. James and I got out first, and I offered Susie my hand and she came out. The crewman’s eyes almost popped out and I said, “I bet you love your job.”

He replied, “Yes, Sir I sure do Sir.” About this time Carol got out showing off her smooth pussy, “I really love it.”,

Susie commented when we got out of earshot, “You see the bulge on him, He was huge.”

Carol smiled at Susie, “I sure did, but I don’t think I could handle on that big.”

We went back to our rooms naked with just towels wrapped around us. I said, “If we are having a storm, would you like to join us to watch it? We have glass walls in our cabin.”

“Give us a couple minutes to shower, and get something on. The Chemicals in the hot tub make my skin itch if I don’t rinse it off.” James said.

15 minutes later, we had showered, they showered, and everyone was now in thigh length robes provided by the ship, and I bet nothing else on under them on anyone. I knew we were naked under them. Susie and I agreed we had no interest in trading off if they offered that, but it was neat to watch them earlier.

We set on the L shaped couch looking out the big window at the wave in the distance when the storm lit them up. All of our lights were off, except for a little one at the bar. We drank some, we talked, and had a great time in general. Robes were opened at some point, and I started nibbling on Susie’s breasts and got a taste of milk as sweet as honey. It didn’t go unnoticed, Carol saw it. “Are you lactating?”

Susie said, “Yes, we have 3 month old twins that are with our parents now.”

Out of the blue, Carol asked, “Can I try a little?”

James said, “I’ve tried it before it is great.”

Susie didn’t want to have them latching on to her breast said, “Get two glass from the bar.” She was able to express about 2 ounces in each glass and handed them over.

James savored his like it was a thousand dollar glass of bourbon. He was in heaven with it. Carol sorta took a little sip, and said, “I thought it would be like milk.” She handed it over to her Dad and added, “I’m sorry, it’s just kinda weird having something from a girls breast in my mouth. It was good and all.”

James said, “I understand, I don’t think I’d want a taste of something from a guy myself. But honey I do love this.”

I finished nursing her and while the light show played on outside, I laid her down on the couch, our robes under her, and we made love. We just made soft love, enjoying the light show outside, forgetting the other couple. Her body against mine, her supple breast pressed into my chest, my cock buried into her pussy. I felt us being watched but didn’t care. My cock felt wonderful inside my lovely wife/sister. I could feel the velvety folds of her pussy around my cock, caressing it on each stroke. Nothing was rushed, everything was smooth and relaxed. On their end of the couch, they were doing about the same thing, but she was on top of him. I had the perfect view again of her smooth pussy and tight ass. My mind wondered off for a little bit but soon came back as I felt Susie’s legs wrap around my waist and she ground her pussy on my cock. She came and I was close so I kept going, she came again (that hardly ever happened), and then I felt something wet strike my back. Carol let James’ cock slide out of her pussy as he cam. Only one squirt went astray as she landed back on his cock to ride it to her orgasm.

We all got up calling it a night we were thoroughly fucked and ready for bed, Susie saw James’s cum on my back, Told Carol, I think this belongs to you. Carol stepped closer to look at it, opened her mouth can kissed, sucked it off my back, and I was getting hard again, so I covered up with my robe, and thanked them for visiting with us.

We turned in, still not totally recovered from having kids we were tired. After emptying her breast the next morning, we mad love. She escort pendik said, “every time you cum I don’t have to, it’s okay!” We ordered breakfast and it came to the room, I wound up eating my pancakes off her stomach when I bumped the little tray they gave us. We wound up with a sticky mess in bed, ate my pancakes off her stomach, syrup got everywhere and Well I had to lick up as much as I could, and She got to cum, so we were even.

We showered, getting all the syrup off of us, the bed was another issue though. I told Susie I had a solution and took out a 100$ bill from my wallet in safe put it in an envelope with the words, “For house keeping So Sorry!”

Susie said, “That’s Cheating! But it works.”

The only thing we had planned the whole day was the concert that night so we went and enjoyed the pool for a while. There were pretty girls around the pool, but mine got the most notice. Was the only red head I’ve seen, and the only one I think that was not totally shaved below the waist.

Pointing to a young blond woman Susie asked, “Do you like that?”

Oblivious I said, “Well she’s cute and all and I don’t dislike her, I hardly know her even, If you are thinking about get her for me for Christmas I’d have to say it wouldn’t be a welcomed gift.”

“Silly, I meant, her shaved pussy. I’ve thought about shaving mine.”, Susie Looked down at hers, and ran her hand over it.

I pleaded, “Please don’t.. I love the feel, especially when I go down on you. Plus, it looks beautiful! Haven’t you seen people looking.”

Susie responded, “Yes I saw James looking hard last night and the worker at the hot tub, I thought his eyes were going to bludge.”

I asked, “Speaking of James and Carol, I wonder where they are off to? I didn’t hear the this morning at all.”

Susie’s response was simple, “Okay, Now put some sunscreen on my back!” And that was the end of James and Carol for now.

We went for a walk around the shops before lunch, we just happened on to James by himself, I said, “Greeting neighbor.”

“Hay guys, If you see Carol send her my way, She was going shopping and I think we keep missing each other.” James Said.

“We’ll keep an eye out.” Susie said.

We continued our walk around into some of the shops, and saw a small movie theater that was playing “Poseidon Adventure” I thought, Great movie for a cruise ship, and we wondered in. We slipped into the very back row, Still only dressed in our birthday suites with a towel draped over our backs, Sitting on the towels. About 3 rows up from us, we saw a couple making out, not even seeing us enter. They were getting more and more involved, and now Susie had her hand on my ever hardening cock. The girl stood up facing us but not seeing us really. It was Carol, but the guy was not James.

Carol whispered, “I think that’s the security guard from last night.”

I confirmed, “I do believe so,” as she turned and sat on his lap.

We heard over the movie soundtrack, “Oh my god that feels oh… ohh.. so good!”

I was in shock. She’s cheating on her Dad. Susie, whispered, “Let’s get out of here.”

Now we are fairly open minded, however, cheaters kinda disgust us.. We ran into James, and told him we thought she went into the Movie Theater, and we went to get lunch. They made us get dressed. Well saying made was the wrong word; their little sign said “Shoes, Shirt and Shorts or no service!” The food was great, we did the buffet and they had lots of other non-seafood items. We got a small togo for desert, and we went to the front of the ship and ate as we watched the dolphins swimming alongside the boat. We were actually alone except for the crew on the command deck about 30 feet above us and about that far back too. After we ate the two of us just lay together enjoying the view for a while, and giving the crew a show of our naked bodies. I’m sure they could have done without mine, but 3 month after having a baby, Susie is back to her normal knock out body.

The thought ran through my mind what I would do if she cheated on me, and I think she read my mind. She started, “What do you think of Carol, I find it sickening, I would never do that to you. I don’t even want another man to touch me.”

I said, “I agree, I’d be lost without you, and I will admit I’m male, I looked, and I thought she was cute, but she is nothing compared to you. When she sucked his cum off my back I was very uncomfortable. I did love watching them have sex, but not wanting to join them.

“What about the Dad – Daughter thing. I mean I know we are brother and sister, but sure I’ve checked dad out, and I know you have checked mom out a time or two too, but I don’t think I would go that far Watching and looking is one thing.” She said.

“I know, but they both lost someone, so I can sorta understand it, and he was probably her first, and maybe the guy was just to experience something different.” I said. “Have you ever wondered?”

She giggled and grabbed my limp cock, “With this thing, NO WAY.. It’s all a girl could ever want. It’s mine, It’s always going to be mine, it tastes yummy, and best of all. “, Slupring my soft cock into her mouth, feeling it get hard as she pulled it out of her mouth, “… Mmmmm .. It’s hard now.”

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