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Onsen Dreams

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One of the greatest masturbation sessions I ever experienced was in an onsen, a natural hot spring bath, in Kyoto in Japan. I had been travelling around that beautiful country for nearly two weeks, staying in the cheapest places I could find – which meant they were all communal rooms in youth hostels – before staying with a friend for a few days near Kyoto. That kind of living-in-public is not, for me at least, conducive to masturbation: even an occasional quickie had been out of the question. And I was missing my new girlfriend back home with something approaching desperation. So all in all, I was dying for a good wank.

My friend took me to an onsen in Kyoto. I knew that onsens were public baths fed by natural hot springs, but I didn’t know until I got there that you had to be naked when you were in them (my friend had neglected to mention that small detail, probably because she was so used to the whole idea). So while my friend went off to relax in the female area, I stepped nervously into the male changing rooms.

There were a couple of other Japanese men in there, but they seemed to be putting clothes on rather than taking them off, so I guessed they had finished their soak. I folded my clothes into one of the lockers, tied the vanishingly small towel around my waist, grabbed the small bucket and bar of soap that I’d got from reception, and ventured into the bath area.

The bath itself was beautiful. A wide, high room with individual open cubicles around the edge and the far wall open to the air, with a small patch of well-tended garden and a high bamboo fence. The bath took up most of the floor-space, the water clear and slightly steaming. There were three other men, all Japanese, lounging silently in separate areas of the bath. I picked a corner cubicle, put down my bucket and soap, removed the scrap of towel, and stepped quickly down into güvenilir bahis the bath waters.

The bath was shallow, only coming up to my mid-thigh, so that when I sat down (having gone over to the far side of the bath, near the open air) the water level rested just below my chin. I leant back and closed my eyes and soaked in the water’s clean, soothing heat.

I was naked in a hot bath with the open air playing across my face and the occasional girlish giggle coming from over the fence in the women’s area. Inevitably, I started thinking of my girlfriend, of our last night’s fevered sex session before I left for Japan, and of how wonderful it would be if I were to open my eyes now and find her rising naked from the water in front of me, her olive skin beaded with drops like diamonds, her long dark hair in wet veils around her face, her little nipples taut and her perfectly trimmed pussy advancing toward my waiting lips…

The almost-painful throbbing of my hard-on brought me to my senses, and back to a realisation of where I was – in a public bath. Red-faced for fear that I was being watched (not that anyone could have seen my erection unless they were standing right over me, because of the refraction of the water), I opened my eyes a little and took a surreptitious look around – and found, to my surprise and relief, that I was quite alone. There was no one else in the water, the cubicles were empty, and I couldn’t hear any sounds of activity from the changing rooms.

Just me, naked, in the water, with a raging rigid cock.

I looked down at that cock and was pleasantly surprised by how huge it looked in the water (refraction is a wonderful thing…). My foreskin was resting a little too snugly around the edge of the glans, so I reached down and tugged it ever so gently over the edge – and nearly shouted out as the hot water enveloped the sensitive türkçe bahis nerve-engorged area beneath. It was as if my girlfriend was indeed down there in the water and had just put her hot mouth around me. I started gently to wank my hand up and down, revelling in the heat and the subtle movements of the water on my aching cock.

There was still no sound or sign of anyone entering the changing rooms or the bath itself, so I decided to challenge my luck a bit. Keeping a gentle hold on my cock with one hand, resting my head and shoulders, with one arm stretched out, on the marbled edge of the bath, and bringing my feet slightly under me, I raised my hips slowly through the water until my cock broke the surface and thrust up into the cooler air. There was the slightest breeze drifting into the bath area from the open side of the room, but the change in temperature was dramatic enough to make me gasp. I lowered my hips again, the hot water closing around my glans in a smooth and glowing embrace. Up again, into the cool air, down into heat. My hand stayed on my cock to keep it pointing straight up, but other than that did not move.

I was masturbating myself with the elements, being gloriously wanked by the waters of the bath and the cool spring air.

It didn’t take much of this before I began to feel the pressure of a fortnight’s worth of cum building up in my loins. I knew I couldn’t let myself cum in the bath – that would have been unforgivable, and quite possibly illegal. So I regretfully stopped the elemental masturbation, settling my buttocks back down to the soft stone of the bath’s floor. I started a gentle rhythm with my hand, to keep the erection strong, and let the pressure to cum subside a little.

I’d been taking occasional glances at the changing room doors throughout all this, ready to duck my hips and my hard cock back below the surface güvenilir bahis siteleri at the first sign of company. Now, languidly running my hand up and down my shaft, I started imagining that someone did come in – that I was discovered by a group of men entering the room together; that they were Yakuza, tattooed and confident and dangerous; that they made me get out of the bath and lie on the smooth stone floor at the water’s edge and wank for them; that they watched me as I slowly lost my fear and found my latent exhibitionism, as I moaned and cupped my balls and ran my hand slowly up my body and pinched my nipples and thrust my hips off the floor and felt the cum rise to the bottom of my cock, watching them wank themselves as I began to…

At this point, shaken somewhat by this vision of myself having sex with myself in front of other men, my mind’s eye oscillating wildly between that and images of my wet and naked girlfriend, I scrambled out of the water and into my corner cubicle, my cock bobbing stiffly in front of me. I turned on the taps to fill the bucket, grabbed the soap, worked up a smooth lather, and sitting open-legged on the slatted bench I proceeded to soap myself all over then cup my balls with one hand and run the other quickly and firmly up and down the shaft of my cock until, moaning and then with a final stunned gasp, I shot a massive load of cum straight up in the air, then four more large spurts over my chest and thighs and the bench and the stone floor, the creamy jizz mixing with the white soap in bubbles and thick streams.

I had to sit still for a while, until my legs got their strength back. Then I quickly rinsed everything off and down the small drain grate in the floor of the cubicle and hurried into the changing rooms.

It was only as I pushed the outer door of the changing rooms into the reception area – fully dressed and breathing normally and hoping my legs would hold out – that another couple of men politely nodded to me as I held the door for them on their way into the baths.

Neither of them, as far as I could tell, had tattoos.

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