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I’ve found the wildest BDSM checklist ever. I’m very much a subbie and a bit of a masochist but only to *proven” Dom men and Masters.
Are you looking for full time D/s or P/t: 24/7 when husband is away from home (usually 2-3 wks at a time)
Are you a SUB or SLAVE: I am a sub but would easily become a mans slave
Do you Smoke: I do not
Do you Smoke POT: How Much: I don’t
d**g User: How Much: I do not
Do you Drink: How Much: I do not
Your Name your Phone # Clare Ransome and only real contacts that would visit or I can go to get my phone
Your Location Your Interest in Serving Below Abingdon VA (near the center of the circle on my map)
Types of play :
SCALE Rating is as follows Your experience? Answer please with YES or NO if you have experienced this and your # showing your desire to explore this no matter what your experience is.
?? Unsure what that means
0 – No interest at all (Might consider doing it once)
1 – Slight interest but does not turn me on (But will do it if pleases Master)
2 – Have little experience but an interest in learning more
3 – Med Turn On (Have experience in this and want more)
4 – High Turn On ( I enjoy it a lot)
5 – Extreme Turn On (I want this all the time) What ever Master wants
These things can be modified if you have k**s or no k**s please just fill in the blanks as of interest
YES/NO answer and desire # 0-5 from the list on willingness to do.
Do you have any names that you wish your Master to call you by: (please list them below)
Whatever gives him pleasure to call me
Having a romantic dinner by candlelight? Yes, 5
Having a night out and told to wear a chastity belt? Yes, 5
Sucking Masters cock while driving? Yes, 3
Pulling Master aside in a mall in private and sucking his cock No, 5
Sucking Masters cock in an elevator. No, 5
I am spanked because I have been a naughty girl? Yes, 5
I am in the woods and suddenly this man comes from behind and grabs me? No, 5
I love fear and turns me on when Master just takes me and has his way with me?. YES!!! 5!!!
A stranger walks into my bedroom and finds me playing with myself? No, 5
My partner and I are making love in a public place? Yes, 4
I am are sold on a slave market? No, hummmm ?
I am used or displayed on the internet for money? No, 5
I am used to make money for my master prostitution? No, 2
I am willing to support my master financially? No, 0
I am used or rent out to other doms for money with master present? Yes, 4
I am used as a slave in public? No, 4
I am used by other doms? YES!!! 5!!!
I am rented to other doms for money? Yes,4
I am used as a slave in private? Yes, 5
I am ordered to please others? Yes, 5
I am a little schoolgirl? No, 3
I am willing to act as a bimbo slut? Yes, 5!!!
I am willing to dress like a prostitute? Yes, 5
I am willing to wear heavy slutty make up? Yes!!! 5!!!
I am willing to have my clothes picked out for me daily? Yes, 4
I am sitting/kneeling at my Master’s feet? Yes, 5
I am are tied and teased? YES!!!, 5!!!
I am grabbed by the hair and dragged into the bedroom? YES!!!, 5!!!
I am used as a dog, pony or pet? Yes, 4
I am told to sleep in a cage? No, 0
I am always to wear a collar anywhere I am with my master in private? Yes of course! 5
I am to eat my breakfast, lunch or dinner out of a bowl? No, 0
I am to wear my make-up how Master likes to see me. Yes of course! 5
I am verbally humiliated? Mmmm yesss, 5
I am tied, gagged and blindfolded and left alone? Yes, 4
I am tied, gagged, blindfolded and thoroughly whipped? Yes, what kind of whip?
I am interested in participating in a glory hole? (sucking unknown men thru a hole) Yes, 4
I am interested in jerking off other men YES!!! 5!!!
I am interested in getting gang banged (4-10 men) Oh gawd YES!!! 5!!!
I am interested in playing with another couple Yes, 5
I am interested in getting fucked by another male (couple swapping) yes, 5
I want my physical limits are tested and stretched? YES!!!! 5!!!
I want my emotional limits are tested and stretched? Yes, 4
I am willing to sign a sub/slave contract? Yes, 5
I am a total slave every day of the week when with Master? YES!!! 5!!!
I want my Master to use me at anytime without question or hesitation? YES!!! 5!!!
I am willing to wear anything my Master desires at home/public? Yes of course, 5
I enjoy Master making me do things that I would not normally do? Yes, 4
I want Master to use any of my holes at anytime regardless of where we are within reason? YES!!! 5!!!
I love to watch Master use other subs/slaves Yes I do! 5
I am Bi and I love to participate with another sub/slave Yes, ohh absolutely 5
I love to watch Master fuck other subs/slaves Yes, 5
I love to be used anyway that will make Master happy when playing with others. YES!!!, 5!!!
Hair, Make-Up Nails, Jewelry, High heels (Also include color choices where
I like my hair up No
I like my hair down Yes and free to grab
I like my hair styled No
I like my hair permed Sometimes
I like my hair crimped no
I like changing my hairstyles no
I like wearing Red güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Lipstick My FAVORITE!
I like wearing Pink Lipstick If Master wishes
I like wearing Purple Lipstick If Master wishes
I like wearing Black Eyeshadow Yes
I like wearing Blue Eyeshadow Yes
I like wearing Pink Eyeshadow Yes
I like wearing Black Eyeliner Yes
I like wearing Blue Eyeliner Yes
I like wearing Purple Eyeliner Yes
I like long nails French Manicure I do!
I like long nails Painted Yes
I like long nails Plain No – any woman should have them painted, I love bright red
I like long nails Glossy Yes
I like long nails Styled shrug
I like wearing rings yes
I like wearing neck chains yes
I like wearing earrings (Plain) yes
I like wearing earrings (Hoops) yes
I like wearing earrings (Stylish) yes
I can wear high heels 3” I can!
I can wear high heels 4” I can!
I can wear high heels 5” Hurts my feet but will
I can wear high heels 6” Only for limited time
I can wear high heels 7” Really? For a BBW???
I can wear ballet boots no
Types of Clothing or Fabric:
Leather Yes
Rubber, latex Yes
Patent leather, Yes
Sexy lingerie Oh YES
Uniforms If Master wants
Denim boring except on master
High Heels Yes
Boots hummm…
Wet suits ??? no
Servants uniform Oh of course!
Masks For me? No, I want my face visible unless Master wants otherwise
Others, please specify:
Do any of the following environments or scenery turn you on?
Your bedroom Of course!
A dungeon, castle Oh GAWD YES!!!
Churches and abbeys No
Farms and stables Yes!
Barracks Ohhh gangbang? YES!
Abandoned construction sites mmm yessss
Back alleys Am I a slut? YES!
The red light district I don’t want to compete with paid girls
A school or a classroom Ohhh wicked…yes
BDSM-clubs Oh of course silly!
Estates Yes
Junkyards and car dumps hummm…no
Woods and forests Yes
Medieval scenery Oh gawd YES
Nudist beaches My pussy would be dripping – yes
Parking spaces um…no
Truck stops yes
The bath room yes (great place for golden showers too!)
Hospital, dentist boring
Interrogation room Only if promised to be forcibly stripped ?
The shrink’s couch He can learn by doing
Boot camp nahhh
Jail, police station maybe
Others, please specify:
I enjoy the following psychodrama(s):
The dominant talks, the submissive is silent or speaks only when spoken to Yes
Dialogue in normal language Yes
Dialogue in adapted language (“Master” and “slave”) absolutely YES
Obey rules or else Yes, and I *will* misbehave!
Reasonable rules Yawn sure
Unreasonable rules Hummmm maybe
It is OK for the dominant to loose his temper No it isn’t but he may lose his patience
Swearing and filthy talk YES!
Military/jail type commands no
Strict training YES!
Obvious and explicit role play yes
Subtle role play yes
Total Sadistic Master (No warmup) I’m very much a masochist but he must observe a safe word
I like to be persuaded, rather than commanded um…no…command me!
Whatever Master wants pretty much yes
Make me feel guilty no, if I do something wrong or misbehave I expect punishment
Make me feel cheap yes
Make me feel used YES
Make me feel owned YES
Make me feel useless NO
Make me feel worthless mayyyybe ?
Degrade me any way could be fun
Objectify me as in?
The dominant must have compassion at least some
The dominant must have no compassion at all at least some
The dominant must only have compassion after the scene no
Others, please specify:
Sex and sexuality
I need to be sexually aroused when in scene no, it comes on by itself
I need to be sexually aroused before I enter into a scene no
I like as many orgasms as I can get well of course silly!!!
An orgasm turns me off HA, no.
An orgasm must only be allowed as a reward of course
An orgasm is a must to end the scene yes
Orgasms are not important, but nice duh no
Orgasms are not important at all they ARE!
I want to beg for an orgasm first no
I want my sexual abilities to be stretched YES YES YES!!!
I want/need sex during a scene sometimes
I love to have cum all over my face YES!!!
I love to have cum all over my breasts YES!!!
I love to have cum inside of me Oh HECK YESSS!!!
I love to have cum on my ass I do!
I love to have cum in my ass I do!!!
I love to lick cum from Masters Cock I do!!!
I love to lick cum from the floor I will!
I love to lick cum from a plate/bowl I will!
I love to lick cum from anywhere it lands Pretty much
I am a Cum Slut give it to me I AM!
I want no sex during a scene what? Where’s the door out of here…
Sex should be used to relieve the tension yes
Anal sex should the slave be required to have an enema before anal No but it is nice
Should a slave be humiliated to clean her masters cock if there is shit on it? Well…yes
Piss play should a slave be required to drink her own or masters piss on a regular basis? YES!!!
Others, please specify:
I love the following attributes – I’m sorry but I rate a Dom/Master by what HE has…
Leather cuffs and belts
Steel cuffs and chains
Ball and chain
Nipple clamps and clothespins
Riding crops
Silk to be tied with
Sex toys (vibrators, butt plugs)
Needles perabet güvenilir mi and pins
Cross, rack
Bondage table
Body bag
Others, please specify:
The following scenes appeal to me:
Being tied up, caressed and loved YES
Being in a public place and dominated in a subtle way yes
Being taken out with collar and leash I have and would
Being locked up and left alone boring
Being tied up in a comfortable position yes
Being tied up in discomfort sometimes
Being tied up and (in a sexual way) exposed YES
Being tied up and tickled no tickling!!!
Being tied up and (sexually) teased YES
Being tied up and whipped, flogged or caned shuuuu…I want to explore these
Not being tied up, but verbally commanded into certain positions and having to maintain these whimper
Caned, flogged or whipped without being tied or cuffed see above
Being spanked in the traditional way yes
Rough sex/being “****d” YES!!!
Used as a servant yes
Being tied and tortured um…yes.
Being tortured without being tied or cuffed How’s this fun?
Being used by more than one dominant YES
Playing in combination with other couples yes
Safe words and signals yes
The dominant should establish one or more safe words yes
When I cry, the scene should ABSOLUTELY CONTINUE!
I should be able to communicate in plain language no
The dominant should be able to read my body language yes
I want to be tested when I use a safe word or signal YES
All activity should stop immediately when I use a safe word or signal NO just ease up and let me catch my breath
I do not want to use any safe word at all and my signals should be ignored completely no
When I use a safe word or signal the dominant should establish if the scene can continue yes
A scene should go on up to the point where I use a safe word or signal no, beyond
The use of safe words and signals should be avoided as much as possible yes
Others, please specify:
Others, please specify:
Abrasion – yes but not to rawness
Age play – boring
Anal sex – oh gawd give it to me
Anal Sex Forced – YES!!!
Anal Plugs (small) – yes
Anal Plugs (large) – yes
Anal Plug (public, under clothes) – mmm yes
a****l Role (Pony Girl) – no idea
a****l Role (Dog) – no unless there’s a real one
Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders) – yessss
Asphyxiation – NO!
Ass (Rimming/Licking) – Ohhh I do give (and take)
Ass tonguing – see above
Baby Soother – no idea
Barking Like a Dog – no
Bathroom use control (Inside House) yes
Bathroom use control (outside House) yes
Bathroom use control (Public) yes
Behavior Restrictions (Home) yes
Behavior Restrictions (Public) yes
b********y (Dog/Horse) – WOW that’s here? Yes to dog and want other
Beating (Soft) – yes
Beating (Hard) – don’t leave lasting marks and no cuts PLEASE
Belt/Strap – I’ve a cushy bottom, yes
Blindfolds – oh yessss
Being Serviced (sexual) – plead do!
Being Bitten – um…gently
Breast/Chest Bondage – YES!!!
Breath Control – no
Branding (Permanent) – ask in person ?
Boot worship – no
Bondage Breast – YES!!!
Bondage Outdoors – yes
Bondage In bed at night – yes
Bondage (Light) – yes
Bondage (Heavy) – YES
Bondage (Extreme) – pls explain
Bondage (Multi-Day) – Yes
Bondage (public, Under Clothing) – yes
Bondage Full Body – no
Bondage Restraint Duration (0-2 hours) – yes
Bondage Restraint Duration (2-4 hours) – yes
Bondage Restraint Duration Overnight – no – well maybe
Breast whipping – YES!
Brown showers (s**t) – NO!!!
Cages (locked inside of) – no
Caning – maybe ?
Catheterization – yes
Cells/Closets (locked inside of) – maybe
Cervix penetration – lets explore!
Chastity belts – yes
Chauffeuring – sure
Chained and collared to bed at night – maybe
Choking – no
Clothespins – yes
Cock Worship – YES!
Collars (Worn in private) – yes
Collars (Worn in public) – yes
Collar and leash at night – yes
Competitions (with other Subs) – I’ll win!
Corsets (Wearing) – yes
Crawling – some
Cuffs (Leather) – yes
Cuffs (Metal) – yes
Cupping – yes
Cutting – no
Dilation – yes
Diapers- no
Dirty Sex (Hard & Verbally) – yes
Double Penetration Toys – YES
Double Penetration (Cock) – OHHH YESSSS!!!
Duct taped – hummm….yes
Eating (Food From Dog Dish) – no
Eating from Masters hand – yes
Eating (Real Dog Food) – heck NO
Eating (Real Horse Food)- heck NO
Electricity- TENS yes!
Enemas (Receiving) – yes
Enema Facials – yes
Enforced chastity – yes
Examinations (physical – yesl)
Exercise (forced/required) – do I have to?
Exhibitionism (friends) – yes
Exhibitionism (strangers) – wicked…yes
Eye contact restrictions – yes
Face slapping (soft) – yes
Face slapping (hard) – NO
Facials (Cum) – YES!!!!!!!!!!
Facials (Golden Shower) – YES!!!!!!!
Fantasy Abandonment – no
Fantasy **** – YES!
Fantasy Gang-**** – YES!
Fear – some
Figging (Ginger Root Anally) – no idea
Fingering Vaginally – yes
Fingering Anally – yes
Fire play – willing
Fisting (Anal) – maybe
Fisting (Vaginal) – YES
Fisting (Anal) – you asked this
Following orders – sometimes (wink!)
Foot worship – blech
Food restrictions – maybe
Food (what to eat) – maybe
Forced dressing – yes
Forced homosexuality – I’m bi how can your tipobet force that?
Forced masturbation – yes
Forced Oral (Throat Fucked) – YES!!!
Forced nudity (private) – yes
Forced nudity (around others – yes)
Forced servitude – yes
Full head hoods – if wished
Gags (cloth) – yes
Gags (rubber) – yes
Gags (tape) – yes
Gas Masks – huh? Oh…yes.
Gates of Hell (male) – want to see my husband in this!!!
Genital sex – of course!
Given away to another Dom (temp) – yes
Given away to another Dom – yes
Golden showers (Breasts) – YES!!!
Golden shower (Ass) – YES!!!
Golden shower (Face) – YES!!!
Golden shower (Swallowing) – YES!!!
Golden shower (pee on yourself) – Yes
Golden shower (Pee in pot/bowl/cup) – Yes
Gun Play – NO
Hairbrush spankings – yes
Hair pulling (soft) – yes
Hair pulling (Hard) – some
Hair pulling dragging to floor (Forced) – no
Hand jobs (giving) – yes
Hand jobs (receiving) – yes
Harems (serving w/other subs) – yes
Harnessing (leather) – yes
Harnessing (rope) – yes
Having food chosen for you – ok
Having clothing chosen for you – ok
Head (giving fellatio) – YES!!!
Head (receiving fellatio) – well I’m I woman so I’ll take the other ?
Head Harnesses – yes
High heel worship – me?
High Heel Shoes wearing – yes
High Heel Boots wearing – yes
High Heels Public (Shopping) – yes
Homage with tongue (non-sexual) – yes
Hot oils (on genitals) – um…YES
Hot waxing – YES
Housework (doing) – ugh, yes
Human Puppy Dog – no
Humiliation (private) – yes
Humiliation (public) – yes
Hypnotism – yes
Ice cubes- yes
Infantilism – no
Initiation rites – hummm…yes
Injections – depends
Intricate (Japanese) rope bondage – no
Interrogations – maybe
k**napping – for sex yes
Kneeling – yes
Knife Play – maybe…
Labia Clips – yes!
Leather clothing – yes
Leather restraints – yes
Lectures for misbehavior – n0, punishment
Licking (non-sexual) – what?
Made to Beg – yes
Manacles & Irons – yes
Manicures (giving) – yes
Massage (giving) – yes
Massage (receiving) – yes
Medical scenes – no idea
Modeling for erotic photos – ohhh yesss
Mouth bits – yes
Mummification – no
Name change – yes
Nipple clamps – YES!!!
Nipple weights – Yes
Oral/anal play (rimming) – YES
Over-the-knee spanking – YES
Orgasm denial – yes
Orgasm control – yes
Outdoor scenes – yes
Outdoor sex – yes
Pain (Mild) – yes
Pain (winching not crying) – YES
Pain (Made to cry) – YES
Pain (Make me feel it Master) – show me
Paddling- yes
Personality Modification – ok
Plastic Shrink Wrap – no
Phone sex (serving Dom) – yes, once relationship established
Phone sex (serving Dom’s friends) – why not
Photos taken of you – YES
Piercing (temporary, play-pierce) – yes
Piercing (permanent) – yes
Pinching Breasts – yes
Pinching Clit – yes
Pinching Ass – yes
Prison scenes – maybe
Pony slave- explain
Prostitution (Real) – nahhh
Prostitution (Scene) – yes
Public Exposure (Flashing) – yes
Public Humiliation – yes
Puppy Play – no
Pussy/Cock Whipping – YES!!!
Pussy Worship – yes
Riding Crops – yes
Riding the “Horse” (crotch tort.) – yes!
Rituals – yes
Rented out to another Dom – YES!
Religious scenes – no
Riding Crops – yes
Restrictive rules on behavior – yes (rules are made to be broken)
Rubber/latex clothing – yes
Rope body harness – yes
Saran wrapping – no
Scratching – getting – yes
Scratching – giving – yes
Sensory deprivation – no
Serving – yes
Serving as art – yes
Serving as ashtray – no
Serving as furniture- no
Serving as pet- no
Serving as a maid- yes
Serving as toilet-yes but not for s**t
Serving as waitress/waiter- yes
Serving orally (sexual)-yes
Serving other Doms (supervised)- yes
Sexual deprivation (short term)- yes
Sexual deprivation (long term)- no
Shaving (body hair)- of course
Shaving (head hair) – no
Sleep deprivation- no
Sleepsacks- hummmm
Sleeping on floor- really? no
Sleeping in cage- no
Slings and Sex Swing – YES!!!!!
Slutty clothing (private)- yes
Slutty clothing (public)- yes
Spanking- yes
Spandex clothing- yes
Speech restrictions (when, what)- yes
Speculums (Anal)- yes
Speculums (vaginal)- yes
spitting (spit in your face or mouth)- yes
Spreader bars- yes
Standing in corner-no
Straight jackets-no…well maybe
Strap-on-dildos (sucking on)- no
Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by) – yes
Strap-on-dildos (wearing) – yes
Strapping (full body beating)- lets find out
Struggling – yes
Suspension (upright)- yes
Suspension (inverted)- no
Suspension (horizontal) – yes
Supplying new partners for Dom- yes
Swallowing semen- YES!!!
Swallowing urine- YES!!!
Swallowing s**t- NO!!!!!!!!
Swapping (with one other couple)- yes
Swinging (multiple couples)- yes
Tasting yourself- yes
Tattooing- yes
Teasing- yes
TENS/EMS Electric Stimulator- yes
Tickling- no!
Triple penetration – ohh gawd YES!!!
Uniforms- yes
Urethra Insertions- yes
Vaginal Dilations- yes
Vaginal Dildo- yes
Verbal Humiliation- yes
Vibrator on genitals- yes
Voyeurism (watching others)- yes
Voyeurism (your Dom w/others)- yes
Video (watching others)- yes
Video (recordings of you)- YES!
Violet Wand- YES!
Water torture or waterboarding- no
Wearing symbolic jewelry- yes
Whipping (Back)- take me into it
Whipping (Breasts)- YES!
Whipping (Pussy)- YES!
Whipping (Feet)- yes
Whipping (Short Dressage Whip)- what is this?
Whipping (Flogger)- yes
Whipping (Cat-o-nine tails)- train me
Whipping (Bullwhip)- gawd no
Whipping (Crops)- YES
Whining like a Dog- no
Wooden paddles- yes
Wrestling-no, just take me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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