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One Life 2 Live Pt. 06

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Chapter One:

10 minutes before work, Toby walked in with a glow upon his face. His supervisor 22-years-old Leslie, noticed his usual glow as she watched him entered the store and head to the storage room. After he got the things he needed, he headed back to the front and Leslie stepped in his way. Toby couldn’t help but to let his eyes wander upon her mammoth breasts as she wore a tight black shirt with “Quickie Mart” distorted and stretched across.

“Wow Leslie. You’re looking lovely tonight,” Toby complimented.

Leslie looked at Toby oddly. He has never complimented her before. Especially in her work outfit of brown Capri pants, black Quickie Mart shirt and a visor, with which she had to wear her brownish hair in a bun.

“Why thank you Toby…I think?” Leslie questioned. “Why are you in such a good mood? I’ve never seen you glowing so much. You finally got laid? Didn’t you punk?”

Toby smiled and nodded his head. He started to think about an hour ago of fucking Mrs. McGee and her daughter Bree. It was probably one of the best fucks Toby would ever have. And it was the first official fuck and 3some he had ever had. Toby made sure, before he left their house a changed man, to fuck them several times each in every position and gives them facials.

During the day dreaming, Toby failed to realize his cock became vigorous again. Leslie had left Toby to go get a soda. When she returned, she dropped her soda and looked wide-eyed at Toby’s sprung cock bulging in his jeans. Toby heard the soda spill and broke from his daydream. He saw Leslie in a state of shock and looked down. He wasn’t surprised that his cock had become hard again. He anticipated his cock to grow again since he’d be working with Leslie all night. Toby looked up at Leslie as she is still in shock and awe.

“I’m sorry Leslie. He has a mind of his own now,” Toby said, followed by a smirk.

Leslie’s, shock and awe, expression turned into an expression of lust and desire. She walked over to Toby and reached down to fondle his bulge. He stood there and his body felt a tingling urge. But then Toby finally spoke.

“But Leslie. We have to open in 5 minutes,” he warned her.

“Not tonight Toby. Tonight, the store is closed,” Leslie replied.

She stopped fondling his bulged and walked over to the door. She locked it and turned the “We’re Open” sign around to the “We’re Closed” sign. She grabbed Toby by the hand and takes him into the manager’s office. The same office where Leslie and that guy Toby saw her with had fucked.

“Now take off your pants Toby,” Leslie demanded.

Toby hesitated but soon obeyed and undid his jeans and pushed them to his ankles. Leslie looked like she had just seen a ghost. Toby’s large thick cock just flopped out of the slit of his boxers. It throbbed for some attention and Leslie was more then happy to give it some.

“So how long were you going to keep that juicy cock away from me Toby?” Leslie asked in a teasing way.

Leslie unfolded her shirt from her jeans, lifted it over her head and tossed it onto Toby’s smiles face. He threw the shirt off and glued his eyes to Leslie’s wonderful mammoth knockers, which her black lacy bra could barely contain.

“I see you like big tits,” Leslie said as she stared down at Toby’s extremely throbbing hard on.

She reached over and took Toby’s large meat in both hands. Leslie had fairly large hands but was still barely able to grip his cock with one hand. She stroked and jerked his meaty sausage with one hand while her other hand teased his purple ballooned cockhead.

Toby could barely believe that in one day; three hot mega-busty girls had touched his cock. Leslie kicked off her work shoes and got down on her knees. She was face to face with Toby’s anaconda cock. She could smell the cum from Toby’s previously fuck.

“Ohhhh Toby! I bet you fucked her real well didn’t you?” Leslie moaned as she stroked and jerked his cock harder.

“Oh God yes!” Toby moaned his responds.

Leslie snaked out her tongue and licked his cockhead all around. She then moved her tongue up and down his thick shaft. She could faintly taste another women cum and Toby’s last load.

“Hmmm! It adds favor to your already big delicious cock,” moaned Leslie.

She gripped the base of his cock and lowered her warm mouth onto his shaft. She got several inches in her mouth. She slowly moved her lips up to shaft without releasing the cockhead from her lips. She let her tongue slip and slide all over his cockhead. She jerked and stroked his cock faster and descended down his shaft again long and slow. She savored his meaty tool between her lips. Her face was literally stretched out with her lips stretched to the max. Toby’s bulky cock stuffed her mouth fully.

Toby ran his hands through her hair. He tossed off her visor and undid her hair from the bun. Her hair fell straight down to her mid back. Leslie speeded up sucking on his cock. She bobbed her head faster and sucked harder. She stroked and jerked harder.

She released istanbul escort his cock from her slobbery clutches and spit on his shaft. She lubed his cock up and down in her saliva. She moaned and sucked his cock back into her mouth. She sucked his cock so hard, it felt like the skin of his dick was ready to rip off into her vacuum cleaning mouth.

Her lips slurped up and down his cock as rapidly as possible. Her head bobbed like crazy and saliva poured out from her lips. Toby was in ecstasy and moaned non-stop. He felt an orgasm surging through his body. He grabbed the back of her head and thrusted his cock in and out of her mouth. He moved his massive cockhead everywhere in her mouth. He made it poke up against her cheeks and rubbed it against the top of her mouth. He rubbed it up and down the back of her throat. Sloshing noises filled the room as Toby face fucked Leslie. His giant balls swayed against her chin and bounced from cheek to cheek. Toby speeded up his thrusting and Leslie’s chest glistened in her saliva as it poured out of her mouth with each thrust of his cock.

Toby face fucked Leslie for a good minute and pulled his slobbery monster from her lips. It stood straight up, dripping wet with saliva and he rubbed his enlarged cockhead against her cheeks, nose, and forehead. He slapped his wet shaft across her face. He aimed it at her mouth again and Leslie opened up wide to take a meaty mouthful of cock. He thrusted harder and faster in her mouth. Every time he pulled his cock up, he thrusted if further down her throat. Leslie moaned and gagged with her mouthful. Her face became buried in Toby’s crotch as she deep-throated his entire dick. Toby moaned and held her head steady in his crotch while he probed her mouth with his cock.

Toby had been waiting to fuck Leslie’s perverted mouth, and now he was given the opportunity to do so.

Chapter Two:

Toby positioned Leslie to the ground and hovered his cock over her mouth. His knees were under her underarms and her hands grabbed onto Toby’s ass cheeks. He dunked his giant cock in and out of her mouth. His huge balls hung and flopped against her chin. He thrusted hard and fast like he was fucking her pussy. Her mouth felt just as warm he figured. Toby gripped the carpet, moaned, and groaned as he thrusted in and out of her mouth.

Leslie took one hand off Toby’s ass and moved it inside her jeans. She slid it into her soaked panties and rubbed her wet clitoris rapidly.

Toby was about to lose it as he jackhammered his organ in her mouth. With each jackhammering thrust, Leslie’s nose pressed into his bald musty crotch and his cockhead invaded the back of her throat. Toby couldn’t believe how wonderful this blowjob had become. His balls were ready to give way to the pleasure of Leslie’s warm, slobbery mouth. He quickly pulled his dick from her mouth and beat it against the slopes of her massive titties.

“Oh god my mouth is so sore Toby! You want to fuck my tits?” Leslie teased as she suspected Toby wanting to do so.

“Oh yes! Let’s lose this bra,” Toby moaned with excitement.

Leslie sat up and unfastened her many bra hooks. Her humongous titties were exposed for Toby’s viewing pleasure, topped with pink eraser like nipples and large pink aureoles. Leslie jiggled her chest and her huge tits slapped across her chest and into each other. Toby’s cock throbbed more listening and watching Leslie’s chest slap. She laid back down and arched her back. Her enormous breasts pancaked out to her sides like natural large breasts do and she pulled down her work jeans and pushed them off her sock-covered feet. She laid back down with her breasts wobbling on her sides and only clad in her soaked panties.

Toby grabbed his monstrous dick and slapped it against Leslie’s large right tit. He watched the tit wobble on impact. He rubbed and pushed his cockhead against her big nipple. He thrusted his cockhead against her nipple. His huge balls dragged up and down the tender flesh of her breasts.

Leslie gathered up as much of her right breast in her hands and lets Toby slide his cock all over it. He held his cock and jiggled his big balls over her nipple. Toby had no such experience at what he was doing but enjoyed trying everything for the first time. He finally straddled her chest. His balls squished underneath her tits and on her stomach. She grabbed the sides of her gargantuan melons and engulfed his entire cock between them. Only his enormous cockhead peeked through the vest valley of her fat tits.

Toby planted his hands firmly on the sides of Leslie’s head and thrusted his cock up and down her cleavage. Toby didn’t waste anytime and rapidly thrusted between her soft melons. Her huge breasts rolled all over her glossy chest and the bottoms bounced off his thighs. She pushed her chin down into her cleavage so she could catch his cockhead into her mouth everytime it rose from her cleavage.

“Ohhhh God! Ahhh!” cried out Toby as he speeded up his thrusting.

His avcılar escort cock felt so warm as it nested in-between her jugs. He wouldn’t have wanted his cock anywhere else. Leslie bounced her big tits up and down his shaft while he thrusted. She licked and sucked on his cockhead each time it rose to her mouth. Toby grabbed the sides of Leslie’s breasts. He squeezed, mauled, and kneaded the life out of them while he fucked them savagely. His thumbs ran over her big hard nipples repeatedly.

“Ohhhh Toby! You like that? Hmmmm! That’s right! Fuck my big titties with that huge cock! Oh yes! Fuck my titties Toby! Beat them up! Ohhhh God yes!” moaned and teased Leslie.

Toby was lost in Leslie’s fantastic hooters. He didn’t want to stop fucking them but he wanted to give her pussy the same workout. He thrusted ups and downs her cleavage 2 more times before finally releasing her mountainous globes and pulling his cock from between her sweaty cleavage. His cock was raging hot and he was ready to put it out in Leslie’s cunt.

Leslie sucked Toby’s cock into her mouth and could taste her sweet sweat. She bobbed her head rapidly and slurped as hard as she could. She released his big dick with a slobbery release. Toby moved down to Leslie’s feet and grabbed the rim of her panties. He pulled them down off her crotch and off her feet. Leslie laid naked from her feet up.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me Toby! Give ma’am that big juicy cock!” Leslie teased.

Toby obeyed and rubbed his cockhead up and down her pussy slit. He found her clitoris and pressed his enormous cockhead against it. Leslie almost lost all control of herself. Toby teased her pussy for a few seconds and finally eased his big dick slowly inside her cunt. Her pussy was so wet, that Toby had no problem fitting all his meat in. Toby couldn’t believe it himself and right off the back, Toby fucked Leslie with all he had.

Her legs waved in the air with Toby thrusting in between. Toby lay down against her body. Her monstrous tits squished between them and bulged to the sides. That just made Toby thrust and fuck her pussy even harder.

“Uhhhh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Oh Shit! Unh! Unh!” Leslie cried out as she felt a giant log was ransacking her pussy.

Toby lifted his pale body off hers so he could watch her humongous tits move like jell-o across her chest with each thrust. As plain Toby, he has fucked 3 pussies so far and Leslie’s had to be the best out of them all. Her pussy was so wide from all her previous fuckings that it was easy for Toby fit his entire dick in her. He slowed down a bit and thrust long and hard in her cunt. Leslie moaned and closed her eyes as she was being fed the best cock of her life. Toby sat up and locked his hands around her waist. He pounded her like a rabid animal. He just watched her tits shake like an earthquake had just hit her chest. Leslie’s pussy was overheated with as much man meat she could take.

“OH FUCK! OH! OH! OH! OHHH! OHHH!” moaned Leslie.

Toby figured Leslie must be ready to cum. He didn’t want to continue fucking her missionary style, so he pulled out of her drenched cunt and turned her over on all fours. Her nice apple ass rose high in the air. Her thighs were slick with her juices. Her huge tits dangled beneath her. Toby was so turned on by her on all fours. Even the bottoms of her sock-covered feet throbbed his cock.

He kneed between her legs and rubbed his cockhead against her pussy before sliding it in and resumed fucking her. He held onto her shoulders and thrusted his huge tool in and out of her wet snatch. Toby was on cloud 9 fucking Leslie. Her smooth ass hides his entire view of his big dick thrusting in and out of her cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK YES!” cried Leslie as she clutched the carpet and embraced every impact Toby delivered.

Toby fucked her doggy-style in a steady pace. His big dick sloshed in and out of her pink pussy. Her huge tits rocked back and forth with each thrust. He had to turn to the side and watch her tits rock all over the place. That caused him to fuck her faster and harder. He banged her ass against his groin harder and loved the slapping sounds and the jiggling her ass made when correcting against his crotch.

“OH! OH! OH! OH! OHHH! UNH! UNH! UNNNNNHHH!!” she moaned as Toby jackhammered her cunt ruthlessly.

Leslie started cumming uncontrollably and that didn’t stop Toby from rapidly fucking her creamy pussy. He grabbed the bottoms of her freakishly large breasts and held them tight as he drove himself over the edge. Her creaminess and warmth of her pussy and the softness of her huge tits as they overflowed his hands drove Toby to the over the edge. He pulled his cock from her pussy and jerked a massive load of cum all over her ass and back. Jet streams just blasted from Toby’s cock. Her low back and ass have been plastered in gooey jizz.

After Toby emptied his last drop of cum onto her ass, he fell over, weaken from the sex. Leslie felt sorry for the poor kid to have to carry the plight şirinevler escort of having just a massive cock. She cleaned the cum off her and fixed herself up. She threw a blanket over Toby’s naked body and decided to open the store back up, while her big-dicked employee was fast asleep. Leslie turned off the lights in the office and was satisfied as any girl would be after just having the fuck of her life.

Chapter Three:

Monday morning rolled around and Toby was still fast asleep. The store’s janitor gave Toby a swift kick to the side and Toby immediately jumped up and fixed his glasses. He was dazed and confused.

“What? What happen? Where am I?” Toby questioned. “Oh shit!”

Toby looked at the clock in the office and it read 6:30am. Toby knew he only had an half an hour to get ready for school or he would be counted tardy. But something even bigger popped into Toby’s head. He knew his parents would be angry for him not coming home last night. He couldn’t risk getting caught and in trouble. Toby jetted home and entered the house through his basement. Just as his mom came down into the basement, Toby threw himself on the ground and pretended to have been in the basement all night.

“Toby! You’ve been in the basement all night?” his mother asked.

Toby yawned and rubbed his eyes like he had just woken up.

“Yes mother. I’m sorry. I’ll go get ready for school now,” he replied.

His mother looked at him oddly.

“You go do that Toby,” she said unsure of something.

Toby rushed pass his mother, headed up stairs, took a shower, got dressed, and quickly headed out the door to school.

Chapter Four:

His friends Marty and Josh waited for him outside of the school like they always do. As soon as Toby arrived, he spoke little about his very exhausting but pleasurable weekend.

When Toby entered his first class, he knew it was going to be a long day. Especially since it’s the beginning of the week. He made sure he didn’t think of anything sexual related including his wonderful weekend, so his new big dick didn’t spring to life while in school. But with so many hot attractive females walking around in his school, it would be the toughest challenge Toby has ever faced.

In his 5 period English class, Tommy Hicks, the man who’s cum is responsible for changing Toby’s life forever, walked into the classroom with his lovely girlfriend Sofia Myers. She didn’t have a pleasant look on her face. She even walked slowly behind Tommy as if she was mad at him. Toby couldn’t help but notice the way Tommy and her interacted with each other. Sofia completely ignored Tommy while he was shouting at her and she glanced over at Toby. She cracks a small smile at him and he cowardly hid his face in his English book.

Toby admitted to himself that, the only reason he wanted to be better looking was to have Sofia. He hasn’t completely forgotten about why he created the Hicks in the first place. Sure he enjoyed the sex-filled weekend, but found himself back wishing he was Jordan at this time. Instead, trying to recycle The Hicks only gave Toby an incredibly large dick.

Before English class ended, the English teacher assigned everyone a book report to do on someone famous from the 60’s or 70’s. Toby gasped as English class ended and headed straight to the library for some research. On his way to the library, he accidentally bumps into Amanda Wentworth. She was a major anti-social person. She didn’t hang out with any groups. She gave Toby a blank stare and Toby faintly apologizes for bumping into her. He couldn’t help but to fix his eyes on her gigantic lady lumps hanging loosely underneath her tie-dyed tee shirt. Even though she wasn’t cute and pretty to a lot of the guys in school. Since she was outspoke about wearing bras, her enormous tits got all the boys attention still. Half the school believed she’s a lesbian but since no one talks to her, they have no clue.

Her huge bra-less tits swayed and bumped into each other when he accidentally walked into her. Her tits settled down after a few seconds and she walked away. Toby got his focus back and continued on to the library.

The library just recently, became a hangout spot for all male students. The reason why is 6 months ago, the school hired a new librarian and she wasn’t one of those old farts. She was tall, medium size waist, and extremely stacked. You could compare her body to nude model Chloe Vevrier. Long autumn hair, green eyes, large luscious lips and only in mid 30’s, though she could pass for early 20’s. Her name was Virginia Duncan. Every man in school, whether they be a student or a teacher, dreamt during the day, and fantasized at night about her.

Little was known about Virginia. If she’s married or has kids, where she from and what’s her background. Though all the guys in school only cared about two things. Seeing our school librarian naked and having their way with her. Toby even caught himself daydreaming about what it would be like to fuck Virginia.

Everyday in the library, she walked around in a different color mini-skirt, which made her ass look fat and it showed off her strong legs. A white button up blouse with the buttons ready to fly off and hit someone in the eye and a pair of reading glasses. Her hair was always in a bun or a ponytail. Even though she looked geeked out, she was a sight for sore eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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