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One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 24

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One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 24
Karen and her son, Keith, loaded their suitcases in their SUV and pulled out of the driveway for their spring break vacation. Karen had kept their destination a secret from Keith until now. After his sweet request for a just-the-two-of-them vacation, she wanted to make it as special as possible without spending too many hours traveling.

“So, mom, are you ever going to tell me where we are going? You said to pack light, make sure I had swim trunks and other than that, you haven’t given me a clue.”

“Okay, I guess it is time I told you. We have about a four hour drive to the coast. I booked a resort on the beach where the water this time of year is supposed to be warm and the waves moderate and when we aren’t at the beach, there are plenty of other fun things to do. We have a week all to ourselves. And the only rules are these: have fun, no smart phones unless we are lost or have an emergency, and we spend the seven days together, just you and me.”

“That sounds awesome, mom! I wasn’t expecting anything like that! I thought we might just get away for three or four days in a hotel and take in a couple of movies and a decent restaurant or two. You sure you want to get this carried away?”

“Absolutely, son! After you said something about wanting to take a trip, I realized we haven’t taken a trip in years except to see family. I think it is high time I took you away for a few days of true vacationing. And I realized that I needed it too.”

They drove along making small talk and simply enjoying each other’s company and Karen could not shake the feeling of how much this trip reminded her of her honeymoon so many years ago. She was excited and looking forward to just spending time with her son. There were no worries, no bills to pay, no one making demands of her time and no complications. It was just a carefree vacation with her son. And she was amazed as they talked at the maturity level Keith showed in the things they talked about. He had obviously thought a lot about life, the things he wanted to do, his desire to make sure she was happy and enjoyed her life. It warmed her heart and even further heated up her desire for him. They stopped at a roadside diner for lunch and they laughed all the way through their hamburger and fries and she felt like she was in her 20’s again.

They arrived at the resort mid-afternoon and Keith’s jaw perpetually rested on his chest. There were three large buildings surrounded by trees on the outside of the semicircle they formed and the hillside was green and lush. Inside the semicircle was a series of swimming pools that progressed from those designed for k**s to one surrounded by a thick hedge that was labeled for adults only. That one had an outdoor bar with bikini-clad servers constantly walking around with trays of drinks for those either lounging around the pool or those who were soaking in the warm water. Beyond the pools and slightly further down the hillside were a series of outdoor game areas that ranged from mini golf to shuffleboard and badminton, to sand volleyball. Beyond that were 50 yards of sandy beach that met the blue ocean water in a smooth line that ran almost as far as the eye could see. There was no sign of city life in either direction. In the middle of the afternoon, there was plenty of eye candy for both of them to enjoy, but they were oblivious. They were thinking only of each other and the fun they would have together. They did, however, feel terribly under dressed in their denim shorts and t-shirts that they had traveled in.

Once they were checked in, they headed for their room. They were on the next to the highest floor and both were glad they had packed light. Even with the elevator, too many bags would have been a pain in the ass. Now it was Karen’s turn for the jaw drop. As they entered the room, the first thing they saw was the ocean view. The windows went wall to wall and the d****s were open all the way. In the center were sliding glass doors leading to a deck with privacy walls on each side. The room itself was huge. There was a California king bed in the center of the room big enough to sleep four. There was a large screen TV mounted on the wall opposite the bed. The bathroom had a very large walk in shower with multiple shower heads and tiled in mosaic from floor to ceiling that presented the images of beach, ocean, bikini-clad women and men in skimpy trunks. The shower alone stirred the erotic in anyone who was inclined that way to start. There was a double sink counter and separate room with the toilet. There was a second room that served as the living area with another large TV, a pool table and kitchenette. All of the appointments and decor was high scale and Karen could have just enjoyed the week without ever leaving their room.

Karen suggested they change clothes and get ready to go for a walk on the beach and scout out all of the amenities the resort had to offer. Keith changed into his swim trunks and a quick dry polo shirt his mother had surprised him with for the trip. He went out on the deck and sat at the table just taking in the view while his mother changed. When she joined him on the deck, his dick instantly went hard. She was wearing a bright orange floral bikini top with no shoulder straps to hold it up. It showed plenty of cleavage and looked like she could easily pop out of it with the least provocation. She wore a matching bikini bottom that was covered by a very sheer solid orange sarong and coordinated sandals. She had also put on some makeup to finish the look and Keith had never seen her look so beautiful or young before. She was grinning from ear to ear as she enjoyed the look on her son’s face. The stunned, yet aroused look on his face was worth the trip and the cost.

Keith stood up to meet her face to face and put his arms around her and kissed her gently. He didn’t attempt to grab her ass or make any other lewd moves and Karen wasn’t sure at the moment whether to respect him for it or to be disappointed.

“Mom, I think it is time we went for a walk on the beach and show everyone here just how lucky I am.”

That was it. She respected him for not starting anything just yet and she beamed with pride that he wanted to show her off. They headed for the door and in a few minutes they were walking the beach, hand in hand. Karen tried not to look, but she was pretty sure she was turning some heads of the young and old alike and she loved it. She had no interest in anyone else other than the wonderful young man she was walking with and she was just as proud of him as he was of her. They walked along the beach with the gentle ocean breeze blowing over them. Every little bit, they would come upon a couple making out on the beach and in some cases neither of the lovers were wearing anything. When they got far enough away from the resort, they even came upon a couple fucking like a****ls and could care less if anyone saw them or even stopped to watch. Karen was getting aroused and when they were out of hearing range of anyone near them, she asked Keith if he wanted to fuck her on the beach right now or have her give him a blowjob. He smiled and kissed her, but said he wanted the first time at the resort to be “special”.

They made their way back to the adult pool area and Karen ordered a couple of drinks for them. They canlı bahis siteleri found a double lounger for them to sit in and leaned back, enjoyed their drinks, with Keith’s arm around her shoulder. Most of the couples in the pool area looked to be a little older and probably retired. There were some couples in Karen’s age group as well, but no one in Keith’s age group at all. He and Karen got plenty of looks from the other couples, obviously wondering what kind of arrangement he and his mother had. He assumed that most of them formed the opinion that his mother was a wealthy cougar treating her young lover to nice vacation in exchange for his services and attention. He smiled at the thought that they were mostly right.

He smiled again when a couple of the men gazed a little too long in his mother’s direction and had a bit of a tent showing when they got up from their chair or out of the water. The women mostly had a slight hint of scorn and jealousy in their expressions and tried not to look in their direction. As the sun went down and breeze got cooler, Karen and Keith decided it was time to go into the restaurant for dinner. Keith looked at the menu and then looked at his mother with something that looked like fear in his eyes.

“Mom!” he whispered with concern, “everything on this menu starts at $25! Are you sure you want to do this? We could drive into town and get some fast food. You don’t have to break the bank on this trip.”

“Relax Keith,” she reassured him, “I knew what I was getting into when I booked this place and I am perfectly fine with this for a week. We won’t eat here every night. We will go into town for a couple of evenings and check out the night life eat a little cheaper when we do.”

They both tried a couple of seafood dishes and tasted what each other ordered, trying not to get too full and ruin their fun later. Both agreed that the meal was excellent and took their time to enjoy the extravagance.

Karen was badly needing Keith to take her and do anything he wanted with her. She rushed him to their room as quickly as possible without looking ridiculous to everyone around them. When they reached their room, Karen was just about to jump all over Keith, but he stopped her in her tracks.

“Mom,” he said quietly, “I want to undress you and you to undress me and then I want us to take a shower together and go slow. If it takes all night, I don’t just want to fuck. I want to make love and I want to do it all. But I want to slow down and enjoy you for the special woman you are. Can we do that?”

Karen took a deep breath. “Of course, son. I want that too.”

He kissed her slowly and deeply, pressing himself into her to make sure she knew how much he wanted her. Her pussy burned like a lava fire and she was sure it would glow when he revealed it to the outside air. He sat her down and slipped her sandals off and neatly put them beside the same chair. He took her by the hands, pressed himself into her again and untied the string that barely held her bikini top over her tits and removed it. He looked at her tits as if it was the first time he had seen them. He leaned over and kissed the nipple of one and then the other and then cupped her tits in his hands, causing her to shiver with desire. Then he lowered his hands to her hips and untied those strings and slid the small bit of material from between her legs to reveal the neatly trimmed mound.

He rose up and kissed her deeply again. Then she removed his polo, revealing his muscular chest and well defined arms, running her hands down his chest to his waist and untied the string to loosen his swim trunks. She tugged them down over his hips and his hard cock sprung forth like a lion bursting from its cage. She was on her knees helping him step out of the trunks and let his erection rub against her cheek. She wrapped one hand around his pole and kissed it from the base to the head, but stopped short of slipping his cock head into her mouth. Keith helped her to her feet and led her to the shower.

He made sure the water was a comfortable temperature and brought her into the shower with him with both shower heads spewing forth the warm water, one aimed at each body. The shower was stocked with bottles of liquid soap and shampoo, so Keith pumped some body wash into his hands and started lathering up his hands and then rubbed them all over his mother’s body, starting with the shoulders and back, working down to her beautiful, shapely ass. Then he repeated the process and soaped her chest, tits, abdomen and the mound between her legs, making sure to run a finger over her clit between her pussy lips, eliciting a moan from his mother. Then he made the final pass over her shapely legs to her feet. The stimulation was almost too much for her as her legs became slightly wobbly. She braced herself against the shower wall and contemplated begging him to fuck her hard and fast right there.

But she held back and then began to take her turn and bathing her son. She embraced him, face to face, his hard cock stabbing her in the stomach as she rubbed the body wash over his shoulders and back down to his ass, paying it some special attention. Then she repeated the process to his chest, stomach and cock, definitely paying special attention to that. She finished by dropping to her knees again to wash his legs and intentionally allowed his cock to rub against her face throughout the last phase of the shower. Then they dried each other off and just as Karen was about to lead Keith to the bed for a major fucking, he surprised her by sweeping her off her feet and carrying her to the bed. He pulled back the coverings and laid her back in the bed. But instead of getting in with her, he went to his suitcase and retrieved a bottle of lotion he had stowed away.

It was a lotion that had the faint fragrance of mint and had a cooling effect on Karen’s skin. She loved it and for a few minutes, she just closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his hands treating her skin to something special. Without warning, and with Karen’s eyes still closed, Keith buried his tongue in her pussy and slid a finger inside her at the same time. Karen instantly, after such a long build up to this moment, came hard and pressed her pussy against his face and gripped his finger as it slid in and out of her. She held nothing back, crying loudly through the entire cum and pulled at his hair that she grasped by the handfuls. Keith was unrelenting and kept it up, “forcing” her into multiple orgasms that left her limp and exhausted.

Keith finally pulled his face away from her pussy and eased himself up her body until he was face to face with his mother. She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist, hooking one ankle over the other and he entered her with a single stroke and began riding her gently at first, then picking up speed, then slowing down and repeating until he brought her to another climax. Keith could not last, given the long delay in enjoying his own satisfaction and came hard himself before her orgasm was complete. Stream after stream of cum soaked her inner linings and he could feel the slippery juices engulf his still erect cock. Karen relaxed as her son pulled out of her, but then as he lay beside her, he lifted one of her legs and entered her in a scissor position and resumed his steady makrobet fucking rhythm. He cupped one tit in his hand as he began pummeling her pussy again. The position allowed him to study his mother’s reaction to his steady penetration. He had decided that if he was the focus of this vacation, the least he could do was make her the focus of their sex. He was going to make sure she knew she had been properly loved and fucked by the end of the week and nothing was going to stop him from making it happen. He brought her to another series of orgasms, nearly one after the other with little time in between before he filled her yet again with another load of hot cum.

“Holy shit, son! Save some for the rest of the week!”

“I don’t need to save anything, mom, I just need to reload!”

Karen laughed at his attitude and was grateful for his stamina. She reached out and found that his cock was still hard as well as soaking wet with their cum juices. Then he rolled her over onto her stomach, face down in the bed. Keith moved behind her on his knees and lifted her to her knees with her head facing to one side and her shoulders on the mattress. He began pressing his cock into her asshole and she was eager to give herself to him that way. She didn’t bother fingering herself this time. She simply relaxed and enjoyed having her ass reamed by her loving son. He leaned over and cupped her tits in his hands and he slowly humped her ass and even having his cock in her ass was bringing about moans of contentment from his mother. It only took a few more minutes before he emptied his balls into his mother for the final time that night. When he was finished, he rolled over on his back and she rolled over on hers, laying one arm over his chest with her head in the crook of his arm. She fell asleep in that position and he just stared at the ceiling and occasionally looked around the room, amazed that she would treat him to something so special and to give herself entirely to him like she had just done.

Sometime during the night, Keith woke up to his mother playfully stroking his cock, which had clearly woke up several minutes before he did. It was rigid in his mother’s hand and she smiled at him when she saw that she was awake.

“You did such a wonderful job earlier tonight that I thought it was time for you to perform the second act. Let’s clean this thing up. I am getting hungry and need this for a late night snack.” They took a quick shower together and then she led him to the deck. She sat him in the chair and went down on his diamond cutter of an erection, starting slowly by licking his balls and the base of his shaft and working her way up to the head of his long cock. Then she repeated on both sides of his cock, driving him to distraction like he had done to her earlier in the evening.

She finally got serious about sucking his cock and took the first couple of inches into her mouth, using her tongue to stimulate him to nearly the point of erupting in her mouth. Then she stopped and went slowly again, then took another couple of inches deeper this time until his cock was hitting the back of her throat. Her next move was to take his balls in her hand, massaging them in a way resembling what a gambler would do with a pair of dice. It was driving him nuts and then she took the entire length of his cock into her throat and gave him a long, slow, deep throat blow job until he launched a never ending stream of cum straight down her throat. He bit his lip to keep from making noises loud enough to wake the people next door. He bucked up and down like he was trying to drive his cock all the way to her stomach and she thought he was going to succeed. He finally quit thrusting and she eventually pulled away from him. A woman with less experience with larger cocks would have gagged and quit long before then, but Karen had mastered the art of deep throating a large cock and handled it like a pro. She sat down in the chair next to his with her legs spread, showing her pussy to anyone who could have had a view. Six floors up, she knew she was safe and folded her arms under her bare tits with satisfaction, knowing she blew him better than anyone else could dream of doing.

The moonlight was shimmering off of the water and they both just stared at the beauty of it all. Then Keith stood her up and bent her over the deck railing a bit and decided the only way to make the scenery more enjoyable was to look at it while fucking his mother from behind while they watched nature in the grander sense shine in front of them. Karen braced her herself by holding onto the railing and spread her legs wide enough for him to find his way inside her.

“That’s it, oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me!” Karen had regained her strength again after the evening’s earlier multiple fucking and was more than ready for another round.

“Ugh, ugh” were the repeated sounds coming from his mother and the only other noises were the sounds of his balls and hips slapping against her ass and pussy mound as he made no effort to be slow and gentle this time. Keith was continuing his onslaught into his mother’s cunt when they heard the sounds of patio chairs sliding around the concrete on the deck next to them. The privacy walls kept anyone from seeing them, but Karen held up a finger to her mouth to shush Keith from making noise and from fucking her so hard. Neither wanted to stop because the situation was so special, but they also didn’t want to get thrown out of the resort for fucking in public and getting complaints.

So Keith slowed down and held his mother’s hips while he continued to fuck her. Karen was close to cumming and when she did, she bit her lip and threw her head back as she quietly rode out the waves that overtook her. Keith moved his hands from her hips to her shoulders as he neared his own cum and pulled her back on his cock repeatedly until he blasted yet another wad into her soaking pussy. He pulled out and teasingly wiped his cock off on her ass cheeks, leaving a shiny smear across her ass.

“Naughty boy,” she whispered. “Look at the mess you made.”

Keith just smiled at her and sat her on his lap as he began to suck on her nipples until they stood out like little darts. As they continued to enjoy the moonlight and the sounds of the ocean, Karen gave her son a lap dance until he was bone hard again and then she impaled herself on his spear for one last fuck before going back to bed. She bounced on his lap and he held onto her tits and toyed with her nipples throughout until she came one more time. She stopped before he could empty his nut sac one last time, but he was okay with that. They went back to bed, leaving the sliding deck door open so they could hear the ocean sounds. Karen, knowing he had not cum the last time, lay beside him and stroked his cock slowly until he finally shot his last wad all over his chest. They both fell asleep without bothering to clean up.

The next morning, Keith and his mother went to the restaurant again for breakfast. The restaurant offered a breakfast buffet each morning, so they each enjoyed their favorite choices for breakfast. One of the attendants was a young woman, who like the rest of the female staff, was wearing a skimpy outfit of tight, short shorts and an equally tight t-shirt covering an ample endowment in the tit department. makrobet giriş She had been watching Keith with this older woman and when Keith went through the buffet line again, the young woman walked up beside him and stirred the scrambled eggs – more as a way of saying something to him privately than a real need to stir the dish.

“You know, you might have even more fun with a younger model than the one you are hanging out with.”

Both of them thought Karen was still at their table, but she had decided to get some more of her favorite dish and was standing right behind them when the young woman made her move.

Keith, without even looking at the woman, simply replied, “Three just like you couldn’t be as much fun as she is by herself. Thanks, but not interested.”

The woman walked away like a whipped pup and Karen nearly dropped her plate. Tears welled up in her eyes and her son’s assessment and quickly moved down the line so that Keith would not know she had overheard the conversation just then. She was so grateful for his response – and an honest response at that – that all she could think of was how to continue to make this vacation special for him. As if last night was not enough for both of them, she knew she was going to make this week one that neither of them would forget. As soon as they finished breakfast, they went back to their room to change into their swimwear.

Both were naked as they transitioned into other outfits and Karen confronted Keith on his comment to the young woman at the buffet line.

“Keith, you have no idea how much it meant to me to hear you say what you did to that girl in the restaurant. Thank you. And I want you to know that I feel the same way about you as a lover and…and…”

“A son?” he finished for her.

“Yes, a lover and a son. Now it is my turn to fuck you, young man! On your back. I don’t care where and I don’t care who sees us!”

Keith laid down on the the large padded ottoman in the living area with his hardening cock rising to the occasion and pointing up toward his face. His mother straddled him and sank herself down on his shaft and began riding him hard and fast. He held her tits in his hands to enjoy the soft flesh and to keep them from bouncing so hard at the pace in which she was fucking him. Neither of them heard the maid let herself in to make the beds and change out the towels.
When the maid stepped into the room, she saw the older woman riding the younger man and she just stopped in her tracks and watched the scene unfold. The maid was a middle aged woman, modestly built, attractive and wearing loose fitting clothes for comfort. As she watched Karen, a peer in terms of age, fucking the hell out of a younger guy, she slipped her hand into her loose pants and fingered herself as she watched the show. She knew she shouldn’t do this and time was money in her line of work, but this was the first time she had ever walked in on a couple fucking before and she had always fantasized about doing so.

The maid reached a climax before Karen did, but at about the same time Keith was getting ready to cum. She inadvertently let out a yip as she came on her fingers and Karen turned, letting Keith slip out of her pussy just as he shot a heavy load of cum up his mother’s back. The maid was embarrassed enough to die on the spot and covered her face with her hands. She was also afraid she would lose her job under such circumstances because she was used to the people to stayed at places like this having high demands of the help. Karen began to chuckle at the situation and assured the maid that there was no harm done and that everything would be alright.

“So, did you enjoy the show? I couldn’t tell if you yipped because you were startled or if was because you made yourself cum.” Karen’s kinky side emerged a little at this point and truly wanted to know the maid’s point of view.

“I am so sorry ma’am. It was such a beautiful sight and I have always wondered what I would do if I walked in like that on someone. I couldn’t resist and got myself off. You are a beautiful woman and he is certainly an attractive young man. I am so ashamed that I allowed myself to watch and even more so that I chose to get off while watching.”

“Oh, nonsense! Seems perfectly natural to me.” Karen assured the woman and then turned to Keith. “Honey, I know we said this was just going to be us this week, but if this woman would like to take it step further, would you mind sharing your gift with her?”

Karen couldn’t quite tell if the woman was horrified at the idea or afraid that his answer would be no. But when Keith shrugged and said it would be fine with him, the woman suddenly acted self-conscious and fumbled with her hair and ran her hands over her tits lightly as if to make sure she was awake and all her parts were there.

Karen pushed further. “You don’t have to do anything with our room today and if you promise that this will be the only time, then use the time you would spend to clean our room and get undressed and get fucked while you can.”

The maid wasted no time. She kept her eyes on Keith as she quickly got undressed. Keith was amazed that such an attractive figure could be so well hidden under the loose outfits the staff wore for room cleaning. She wasn’t built nearly as well as his mother, but she was certainly attractive enough and looked far prettier naked. Her eyes widened as Keith’s cock hardened and she got a full view of his sized.

Keith walked up to her and led her to the bed and she laid back ready to make herself available to him. She simply sat on the edge of the bed and laid back so that her ass was at the edge. Keith simply stood between her legs and began easing his cock into her. Her pussy was the tightest he had felt in some time and she grimaced a little as he began his penetration. She was clearly not used to a cock of his size, but she was more than willing to go for it. In just a few seconds, Keith was in her all the way and he slowly picked up the pace of fucking her. She wrapped her slim legs around him and fondled her own small tits, moaning at having her pussy filled like never before. Karen watched as the woman began to enjoy herself immensely and gradually began to buck back to meet thrust for thrust on Keith’s cock. Suddenly, the maid’s back arched and her face contorted as she felt the waves of a strong climax overtake her body. Keith let her know that he was getting close to cumming and her eyes grew wide.

“You have to pull out, please! I don’t want to get pregnant!” she was nearly in a panic as this was the first time the thought of the consequences crossed her mind.

“Sure! Relax!” Karen assured her.

Just then, Keith pulled out and shot his usual impressive load of cum all the way up to her hands, still resting on her tits. She just watched in awe as shot after shot of cum splattered on her chest and abdomen.

“Now, if you want, step in and enjoy our shower for a quick rinse off before you get back to work. I hope you enjoyed the break.”

“That is an understatement!” the maid announced and headed for the shower.

When the maid returned and got dressed, she assured them that she would not walk in unannounced again and that if they ever needed anything during their stay, they should ask for her.

When she left, Karen and Keith both got a good laugh out of the sudden, unexpected diversion.

“But mom, let’s not do that again this week. I have eyes – and erections – only for you.”

“You have a deal, mister!” Karen said as she slapped him on the ass. “Now let’s go to the pool and figure out how you are going to fuck me there.”

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