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Oh Doctor

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There was something about the smell of hospitals I just couldn’t stand. I guess it was the overwhelming sterile smell that drafted through the air, or the annoying little kids who cried and hit each other, it was something. I have no choice but to sit here and twiddle my thumbs while begging the clock to move faster as I waited to be called in.

Simply sitting here was making me fidget, I was never a fan of doctor’s appointments. The odd looking instruments and old nurses asking personal questions, even now they still do that… and I’m 21 years old. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to tell if the nurses still ask me if I’m sexually active, or maybe they wonder if I’m just the sad pathetic lonely type, not like they would be far off anyways. My hands continue to fumble with themselves as I begin to realize just how much I loathe this place.

“Laney Williams?” the mousey looking nurse appears from the doctor’s door before I can make my great escape. I bitterly grumble while standing up and grabbing my purse before the nurse motions me inside. She leads me to the computer desk and points to the blood pressure machine while her fingers begin typing like lightning.

“How are you today?” the nurse asks me in a tone that suggests she’s forcing herself to pretend that she cares how I’m doing.

“I’m good.” I reply faintly as she nods and continues to type away. I soon feel the arm band wrapped tightly around my slender and wince as it begins to compress and crush my poor fragile bicep. After it’s done, I’m moved through the whole weight/height measurement and temperature before I can sit back down. My eyes wander over the dimly lit place with boredom, losing myself in a thought when I hear the nurse’s faint voice and I snap out of my trance.

“Huh?” I reply dumbly as the nurse looks less than amused. Lord, I thought nurses were supposed to be nice.

“Follow. Me. Please.” she retorts as I frown at her tone and follow her into the room where I’m handed a heavy gown and a thin blanket.

“Remove all your clothing except your underwear. Your usual doctor Dr. Wilbur is currently away due to a family emergency, therefore Dr. Caden Musso will be filling in for her.” she tells me as I widen my eyes.

“Caden Musso? As in a male doctor?” I ask her meekly.

“Yes. I know you prefer a female doctor Ms. Williams, but unfortunately Dr. Musso is the only doctor able to be here on such short notice. I’m sorry but please undress, the doctor will be in shortly.” she replies before leaving without a sound as I begin to panic. I never did well with male doctors, it made me very uncomfortable. Most girls would agree asking a male doctor whether heavy menstrual bleeding is normal is a just tad bit awkward. I nervously begin to undress myself and change into the pathetic gown. When I’m fully nude I have no choice but to stare at my reflection in the long mirror with a sigh. I was never comfortable with my body. Sure I’ve been told I was a pretty girl, but who honestly ever really believes that deep down? My long legs and arms are rather lanky and I’m still the cup size I was in high school.

When I’m changed, I stick my glasses in my purse and sit on the edge of the high bed, letting my feet dangle like a child while I wait for this doctor to come in. Not a moment later do I hear a soft knock on the door and I barely manage to whisper a response to let him know I’m ready. The door opens and I almost choke on my own breath as the doctor comes in. He certainly did not look he was old enough to be a doctor, but rather a hockey player or some sort of athlete.

He was tall in comparison to my 5’5 frame, maybe 6 ft 2 if I was correct. Despite the long white trench coat, it was obvious his body was toned. His face and neck revealed a soft caramel tone with a heat shaped face, pink lips, and a button nose with mocha brown eyes to match. His hair was a raven black but cut very short, almost as if he had shaved it, but not quite. He had to have been at least 28, 30 being the maximum.

“Hello.” he smiled revealing bakırköy escort a perfect set of white teeth bleached to perfection. His voice was soft and even, it made me shiver involuntarily.

“H-hi.” I stuttered slightly.

“How are you this afternoon?” he inquired while looking over my papers on a clipboard as I tried my best not to stare at him.

“I’m good, and yourself?” I answered politely.

“I’m doing good thank you.” he smiled once more before sitting down.

“So…I’m Dr. Musso. I’ll be taking over for Dr. Wilbur while she’s momentarily away, I hope that’s okay with you…Laney?” he apparently read my name off my paper as I nodded slowly.

“Huh. Pretty name for a pretty girl.” he added with a soft smile as a blush spread throughout my body. Surely he didn’t mean that, no guy had ever considered me remotely cute. I simply chuckled and mumbled a thank you, this obviously did not help the situation of me still being looked at by a male, a hot male for that matter.

“You’re in for just a physical?” he asked me as I nodded once more.

“Yes.” I replied softly as he nodded back.

“Alright. Any particular questions you’d like to go over particularly?” he asked curiously as he stood up and walked over to the ear checker thing and picked it up.

“I don’t think so…” I answered nervously as he came closer to me and moved my long hair from my right ear before sticking the tool inside gently, looking inside before walking to the other ear and doing the same.

“Follow the light please.” he instructed me as I did so while he moved the tool from left to right a couple times and finally put it back.

“Are you sure? It says in your history you had a problem with asthma. How is your breathing?” he inquired while he raised a perfectly arched eyebrow, almost as if he knew I didn’t want to talk because I was immensely embarrassed. I couldn’t seem to find the voice as he stared at me, his mocha eyes were so soft yet piercing, I had not felt like this towards any guy.

“Well I had a problem because of where I lived, it was very dusty…but I’m fine now.” I replied with certainty as he smiled another killer smile.

“Well if you say so.” he shrugged. “Any family history of heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, breast cancer etc?”

“No.” I shook my head. He nodded and used his pen to write down something before he walked back over to me and grabbed his stethoscope off his neck.

“If you don’t mind?” he asked as he motioned to the long black piece and opened my gown a bit from the top to reveal my back. I shuddered as I felt the cold surface touch my skin.

“Breathe deeply for me please.” he instructed as I did so, the lower he moved, the more I began to stiffen and I’m sure he noticed. I heard him chuckle lightly behind me as I felt his breath on my ear.

“You don’t have be shy you know.” he whispered into my ear as I blushed even further, his breath tickling the side of my face and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, even worse as I felt my nipples harden. My skin had resembled a tomato I was sure of it. I felt fingers glide down my back as I tensed up and turned my head to him in outright shock when I realized just how close his face was to mine.

My breathing hitched a bit as I stared right into his eyes, those amazing deadly eyes. His cool breath was a fresh mint that had sent more shivers through me as my brain tried to process what was happening, not getting very far when I suddenly felt his lips on mine. I gasped at the contact, feeling soft flesh move against my own. I had been kissed before, but this was just ridiculous. His lips were so warm and inviting, I couldn’t help but kiss back. If I had been watching myself, I would’ve died from shock. I had only known the guy for 10 minutes and I was already kissing him.

I attempted to pull away, but he used a hand to grab the side of my face and bring me back in as I didn’t fight it. This man I barely knew, I wanted him to touch me. He deepened the beşiktaş escort kiss while still gripping the side of my face in his strong left hand. I began to feel like I was 16 all over again, an inexperienced idiot who had never been French kissed before as his tongue slid across my lips, demanding entrance that I allowed. His tongue found mine and massaged it smoothly as I did my best to keep up, finding it wasn’t as horrible as imagined.

After a moment, I had relaxed to it and battled him for dominance as he moved to the front of the bed, never breaking the kiss. His hands had placed themselves on my bare thighs, gripping them as I jumped slightly. His lips went down to my neck and I closed my eyes, his smooth pink flesh felt so good as he planted butterfly kisses and began nipping at my skin. His hands had moved upwards until my purple panties were revealed and he cupped my hips in his large hands.

He then reached behind me and undid the last tie to my gown before pulling it back and I felt the material slowly slide down my body, revealing my upper half as I looked at him astounded. I suddenly felt a cold draft go through the air, making my nipples harden even more as he stared at me, taking in the sight of me half naked. His hands didn’t hesitate to reach out and cup my breasts as I gasped. He pushed them up and against me, getting the full weight of them. So they weren’t your average C cup, but they still were a good handful. His index fingers and thumbs took my nipples and pinched them, sending vibrations through me as I gasped once more. He palmed them until I was sure my nipples couldn’t have gotten any harder. He lowered his head to my right breast and sucked it into his mouth while my hands subconsciously grabbed the blanket resting in my lap. His cool wet tongue swirled around the dark pink nub as I let out a soft moan.

He nibbled on the tender flesh for a moment before switching to my other breast and delivering the same treatment. It didn’t appear to me that someone could walk in any minute, but I didn’t care. When he finished with my breasts, his hands moved down to my panties once more down to my personal area where it had already begun to get damp with my secretions. Dr. Caden seemed to find this to his liking, his hand rubbing my folds through the material in an up and down motion, my breathing had only continued to hitch.

He slipped a hand inside my panties and I bucked my hips up when he felt my folds and pubic hair (neatly trimmed I might mention.) He probed my folds a little bit longer before finding my clitoris as I let out a sharper gasp, the unfamiliar contact was thrilling. He teased it from under its hood and began to finger it in a circle, not taking long for me to feel the sensations of nerves being touched so skillfully.

“Dr. Musso.” I whispered to him as he smiled and leaned in to kiss me once more.

“Just call me Caden.” he whispered to me and rubbed my clit harder until I was sure I was going to explode all over his hand. My hips bucked against his finger, aching for him to touch me more, to which he had obliged. He slipped a meaty finger in my moist hole as I breathed out a moan of relief. He managed to get up to his knuckle in before he pulled it out and repeated the motion. I could feel my juices slowly coat his finger as he thrust it in and out, dampening the paper underneath me.

“You’re pretty tight there Laney.” he smirked at me while he added a second finger, making my body shudder as I tried to control my voice, hopeful no one outside the room was able to hear us. I could just imagine their reaction to seeing a doctor fingering a patient like this!

“I’m going to cum.” I whispered at last as I felt my stomach tightening, that was when he suddenly pulled his fingers out while I whined at him, his smirk never faltering.

“We can’t have that yet can we?” was all he told me before I watched him reach down to his pants and undo the button and zipper, pulling them down halfway to reveal a rather large bulge inside beylikdüzü escort his plaid boxers.

“I saw your file, you’re on birth control aren’t you?” he asked me as I nodded in a daze, too hypnotized at the sight of a man pulling his boxers down to reveal an extraordinaire rod at full attention.

“Yes.” I whispered feebly. He reached for my panties and pulled them down my legs swift and dropped them to the floor; my mound on full display to his eyes only while he licked his lips.

“You’re a very pretty girl Laney.” he smiled at me before he grabbed my thighs and pulled me to the edge of the bed and spread my legs open while I panted in anticipation, his hand encircling his erect dick and positioning himself at my entrance before pushing in. I moaned as my walls adjusted to his size, not enough to hurt, but enough to know he meant business. He slid all the way and retracted before pushing back in and my hands immediately grasped his trench coat. He let out a throaty moan while starting a rhythm of short but deep thrusts while I moaned louder than I had hoped for.

“Oh God.” I whispered to him as the pleasure was inexplicable. He moved his hands down to squeeze my ass while he continued to drive into me on the hard bed. My hands went to his broad shoulders and gripped them while we both rocked against each other. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had thought how wrong this was, how ashamed my mother would be if she saw me now. But to a loner, this was Heaven. The way my lower muscles contracted and milked his dick for all he had was better than I had ever imagined.

“So…tight…” he moaned between thrusts as he began to go harder, his hands still squeezing my ass like a vice grip, nails digging into the tender flesh while I gasped. My walls were fully soaked and allowed an easier and deeper access for him to achieve. I let my head fall back in ecstasy while his mouth had assaulted my neck once more.

“Caden, I’m so close…” I begged him for release, my abdomen tightening like it had before. He nodded and forced himself inside me while I screamed softly, determined to keep my voice down, but deep down I knew I would scream like a banshee if given the opportunity. At last I felt my vagina release and a wave of pleasure surged through me as I squeezed his shoulders to steady myself for fear I was hyperventilating. I gasped over and over until the feeling passed and soon I felt his warm creamy load shoot into me. He panted heavily in my ear while resting on my breasts, both of us on a temporary high.

After a moment he swiftly pulled himself out with me as I shivered. I closed my eyes briefly before opening them to look at him, almost believing I was in a dream. He nimbly tucked himself back inside his boxers and pants before redoing the button and fly.

“Well.” he spoke softly as he stared down at me.

“That was certainly a physical.” he commented as I blushed to myself while he smiled and readjusted his trench coat.

“I’ll give you a minute to compose yourself.” he smirked to himself and carefully opened the door and walked out while I sighed to myself in a daze still before I shakily hopped off the bed, almost toppling to the floor as I felt hyper sensitive between my legs. I grabbed my clothes and panties off the floor before dressing myself and fixing my hair in the mirror. After a minute, Dr. Caden had come back in while I chewed on my lip.

“I’ll need you to update your lab tests. I’m requesting a blood and urine test. You can ask Louisa at the front where to go for them then you can come back here for the results, sound good?” he asked me softly as I nodded meekly and chewed on my lip before he handed me a piece of paper.

“Thanks for coming in Laney, I look forward to seeing you soon.” he whispered to me and gave me a wink before he left the room. I chewed on my lip and couldn’t help but grin to myself as I grabbed my purse and left the room shortly after him. I reached the front desk where Louisa had given me the info for the lab tests.

“I’m making your next appointment on Friday, is that okay?”

“Yes, sounds perfect.” I smiled at her before I greeted her a goodbye and left the office swiftly, thanking Dr. Wilbur for her emergency. I had reached my car before a grin had spread across my face.

I couldn’t wait for my next appointment.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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