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Office Tryst

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The story begins simple enough. I crossed paths with the most beautiful, the most titillating, easily the sexiest lady alive on the planet. She arrived in my building 3-months ago. I first noticed her at the copy machine. As I passed the room, glancing quickly through the door, she was bending at the waist, the copier door open, looking inside the machine. Without slowing a step, I saw her short, form fitted dark blue knit dress, hiked up the back of her thighs, wrapped tightly over and around this heart shaped ass. I am sure my head cranked backwards, trying to hang onto that split second where a fantasy is created. I am sure I groaned out loud. Had there been a wall in front of me, I would have walked directly into it at full stride. The picture created burned into my subconscious mind. It would become an obsession over the next several weeks.

I continued on down the hall, heading to my meeting. For the next hour, I listened to the big bosses drone on and on about how we were doing, how the company would face the challenges of our nearest competitor. But I really did not hear it. Who was she? Was she a new employee? A temp? Did her face and tits look as good as her backside. Her backside! Closing my eyes, I drew the picture up from that newly created picture. Petite, lithe, the legs taut, I could see the definition in her legs, her calf muscles clearly showing the athletic form of a runner, or a dancer. Up slowly, her legs slid gently into a pair of thighs that were tanned, firm smooth skin, almost a glistening sheen, and just below her ass, the skirt wrapped tightly around her globes. I could see them fresh in my mind.

I imagined her naked. Would she be wearing a thong? Yes I thought to myself. With an ass like that, she would have to wear a thong. Nothing else would be acceptable. It would be bright yellow, or maybe red, something to flash out against the succulent tan of her body. I would step close behind her, feel my body press against her, let my hands slowly, softly take her narrow hips, pull her body back against me firmly, yet softly. I looked around the table, aware that I was daydreaming in a meeting. My cock had chubbed slightly. I moved to adjust my cock indiscreetly. I needed to focus. I pushed her from my thoughts.

The meeting dragged on forever. Finally, it was over. I did the handshakes to visiting sales personnel, slapped a few backs, and headed back to my office. I slowed as I neared the copy room. Making the decision on the fly, I turned, headed into the room. “Pens” I muttered out loud, an excuse for my need to be there. I stopped in mid track. She was not there. Turning, I headed out, turned to the right, and headed to my office. I glanced at every cubicle, trying to find her. No luck. Of course, I could not see everyone, but wandered around a minute, heading to the coffee counter to grab a cup. I took my time, acknowledging several people pass by. I headed back down the hall. As I passed an office 4 or 5 doors up the hall from my corner office, I spied a lady, sitting at the desk in the office, dressed in a dark blue knit dress. I passed quickly. Was this her? I had to find someone who knew what was going on.

Arriving back at my office, I thought through the sequence of events as they were presented. One of my departmental directors had a new manager of market research position approved, and was going through the hiring process. Had they been successful, hired their new manager, and had she already started her position. I called over to his office, asking that he stop by when he had a minute. It was not long before he stopped by to check in with me.

“Hey boss,” Larry said. “You wanted to see me,” he continued.

“Yeah Larry, I did,” I replied. “You hire the marketing manager you were looking for yet?” I asked.

“Yes I did! She started the 1st of the month. You were out of town when she started. I will bring her by and get her introduced to you,” he offered.

“Thanks Larry,” I replied. He turned quickly and was out the door.

Scheduled meetings took the rest of the afternoon. I had one occasion to pass down the hall, glancing into the office where I had seen her before. The desk was empty. I looked around the hall as I sped off to my meeting. The day passed quickly, it was time to head out before I thought much more about it. The next morning I arrived early as usual, grabbed a cup of coffee, and had just entered my office. Larry poked his head in the office door. “Got a minute boss,” he asked.

“Sure Larry, what’s up?” I inquired as I got my coat off, hung it on the back of the door, moved to my desk, and turned to sit down. In walked Larry and the lady. I stood from mid sit. It seemed more awkward than it was.

“Richard Dunning, this is Danielle Barnstrom, Dani for short, our new Manager of Market Research. Rich is our Senior Vice President of Planning. Our marketing function reports to him,” he continued. I stuck my hand out, grasping her dainty hand firmly, shaking softly.

“Nice to meet you Dani,” I responded. “Sit down guys,” I offered sarıyer escort the chairs at my small office conference table. I grabbed my coffee from my desk, and sat.

“Dani has spent the past 8-years at our primary competitor, doing purchase pattern assessments of their customers. She will expand that analysis for us, driving our understanding of our customers to greater depths,” Larry was droning. “We look for good things from her,” he finished.

“Well welcome,” I offered. “We will expect great things from you,” I continued. I took her in instantly, observing her in great detail. I could almost smell her, a hint of her perfume filling my nostrils. It was intoxicating. Today, she was dressed in a dark blue pen stripped pants suit with a white blouse open at the neck, clearly showing 6-7 inches of soft, tanned flesh down her sternum. Her face looked young, her skin glowed, a warm, broad smile came easily to her face. She was an attractive, professional lady, hiding a smallish pair of breasts, hiding her shape. I longed for yesterdays’ attire. “Anything we can do to make your research process easier, be sure to let us know,” I continued with just a slight hesitation. “The research is very important to our success,” I finished.

“Thank you Mr. Dunning,” she injected. “I look forward to the challenge, to working closely with you to meet our objectives,” she replied, spewing the corporate drivel.

“Call me Rich,” I offered for her to accept.

“Rich, why thank you, I will,” she replied, smiling demurely.

“Thanks for taking a minute to chat with us,” Larry said. We all stood, I shook her hand in welcoming her. They headed out the door. I stood silently for a moment, watching them, watching her move athletically out the door. I moved to watch her walk down the hall. She had the walk of an athlete.

“Kimberly, please pull Danielle Barnstrom’s employee application and file for me to review,” I asked my admin.

“Yes sir,” she replied.

I returned to my office. Over the next weeks, Dani wore a variety of clothes to the office. I noted her various looks, from vampish in her knit dresses, to dress for success professional in her professional suits. I was surprised when I put her age estimates together from her graduation from college. She was 40ish, I had her pegged as substantially younger. As the market research study headed into its’ final stages, I was given several update meetings, with the various directors and managers reporting on their specific areas of research, so meeting Dani became easier and more frequent. While not having direct contact with her, our private discussions in and around the meeting format was great. I learned she was enjoying raising her son, a 10-year old boy that loved baseball, and that her husband was a blue collar manager for a transportation company. I told her about my life as well. The departments completed their research in time for our operational budgeting and strategic planning processes.

I missed chatting so much with her as we headed through the winter months. I noticed how she wore her heavy coat, dressed more in pants, sweaters, boots, and the like. I walked by her office often, trying to get a look at her. She often saw me, smiled or gave a slight wave, nodded the head, providing an acknowledgement for me. Anything she wore always accented her curves, but tastefully. I had almost given up hope for a relationship with this young lady. During late February, Larry became ill, causing an extended leave of absence from the office. Dani, at my request, stepped up to cover his responsibilities, meaning more one-on-one meetings. And with her lack of experience at the director level, I worked hard with her over the next couple of months. We grew closer, our hours grew longer as we focused on the growth requirements demanding substantial market planning to meet the objectives of the new budget. I grew to look forward to our late evenings, food thrown on the conference room table, our grunt level employees presenting findings, working with Dani to make sense out of our research.

I tried to behave myself. I did not make suggestive remarks. I did not comment on her attire. I was truly a corporate gentleman. I understood the requirements for the workplace. But as we worked so hard, so many late evenings, so closely together, it only increased my carnal desires for this lady. I was finding myself imagining all kinds of scenarios, from ripping her clothes off, fucking her senseless in my office, to doing it in her office, to doing it on the conference room table. With my eyes closed, I would run my favorite fantasy through my mind over and over. I would have Dani bent over the conference room table, her knit dress hiked up above her ass, her thong hanging from one foot, her hips bent at the edge of the table, her feet spread wide on high heeled shoes, her ass open, was my greatest desire. I would move so slowly to her, my hands caressing her skin softly, my fingertips tracing over the flesh, leaving esenyurt escort trails of my nails dragging firmly, moving up her body to her hips, my fingers wrapping softly over the hard bone beneath her soft skin. I would saddle up behind her, my hanging cock dipping between her globes as I pressed my body close. I fisted my cock, aimed into her wet cavern, and pushed forward, sliding my engorged cock into the tightest, wettest, softest cunt on the planet. And then we fucked like animals. Hot, sweaty, screaming sex! I got many a stroke with this in mind.

As we worked closer together, I could feel her warming to me. A look, a slight touch, all seemed to lead to a more comfortable relationship. As we approached spring, clothes always come off, not nearly as much is required to stay warm, and thankfully we had a mild winter. And with the causal Friday policy, and working many Saturdays, I grew accustomed to seeing Dani in shorts and some sort of nice, but tight, revealing shirts. Small, her breasts were pert, and always a slight hint of a hard nipple. I know she caught me staring more than once at the protruding point on her clothing. She even looked down once to see what I had observed. It was unintentional, and getting caught was even worse. I became aware of how much I looked at her body even more. I always made an attempt to see her walk away. Her magnificent backside impacted all my thoughts, hopes, and desires.

This is where I began to plan. Word from Larry indicated he would be returning shortly, about 10-days, on Monday the 27th of March. This literally gave me two weekends to seduce and make love to Dani.

“Dani, Larry will return on the 27th,” I informed her after my call from Larry. “We need to finish our project before he returns, otherwise more time will elapse to bring him up to speed,” I told her in an impromptu meeting.

“Sure Rich,” she replied. “Let’s plan on getting an early start on Saturday,” she followed. “I will get as much done tomorrow and Friday as I can, we can review progress on Saturday,” she offered.

“Saturday it is,” I finished. I headed back to my office. She talked work, I thought sex. Big surprise! Could I get it accomplished? Would she be amenable to my advances? I sat in my office, staring out the window for several minutes. She flashed through my mind. I could see Saturday morning already. She arrived, came to my office, dressed in a skimpy pair of running shorts, tank top, high heeled shoes. Ok, the high heeled shoes were there to prompt my imaginative mind to see her taut legs, her succulent ass perched perfectly, and realize that bent, stretched out over the conference room table, her mound pressing firmly on the rounded edge, was a ploy to get my cock up and at attention. I sat and slowly stroked my cock through my dockers. It felt damn good! I leaned back in my chair, eyes closed, stroking my cock softly, letting my mind run free. I wanted more, to feel her, to see her naked ass, watch my cock slowly slide between her perfect cheeks, pressing against her tight hole, covered with her juices, sliding slowly, deep into her ass. I wanted to…….

“Excuse me,” Kimberly interrupted my thoughts.

Opening my eyes, I was staring at my 55-year old administrative assistant. Her focus was on my crotch. An instant of panic filled my body. “Oh Jesus,” I muttered. She spun around, headed for the door. “Kimberly,” I said. “I’m so sorry,” I half shouted after her. Stopping, she slowly shut my office door, locking it. She turned to me, walking slowly, watching my face. Nothing said, she approached me from the side of my desk. She kneeled down between my legs, her hands placed firmly on my thighs. She stared deep into my eyes, her hands sliding up my thighs. As she ran her right hand up, she caressed over my hard cock. I groaned softly. Her hands slid up, grabbing my belt. Pulling firmly, she opened my belt, popped the button open, and unzipped my dockers. Leaning to me, her hand slipped quickly inside my pants, grabbing my briefs, pulling the front down. My pubic hair exposed, she leaned to me, her mouth blowing warm air into my crotch, kissing me, her fingertips pulling down, touching the soft skin of my cock. Her nails scratched over the skin.

“I want your cock,” Kimberly mumbled. “Now!” she affirmed. I rocked in my chair, pulling my pants and briefs clear down around my ankles. Grabbing my rigid cock, she pulled it up, staring at the one eyed head, a small bubble of precum filling the slit. She stroked my cock, wrapping her fingers around the girth. “A big one,” she growled. “Yes,” she hissed. With that, she opened her mouth, moved forward to inhale my cock head. Her eyes stared at me. I reached for her, intertwining my fingers in her graying hair. I pulled her forward firmly, driving more cock into her mouth. I watched her jaw open wider. She bit down softly on my cock, raking her teeth on my shaft as she drove her mouth further down. About half way, her tongue ran around the underside, pressuring my cock. She pulled back, licked avrupa yakası escort the head thoroughly, watching my face.

“A big one boss man,” she whispered huskily. “God I want it,” she said directly to me. She dove down, jamming my cock deep into her throat on the next pass, her teeth grabbing the base of my cock. I could feel her growl as she devoured my meat. I pulled her up slightly, pulled her down hard, shoving my cock deep into her face again. My toes curled, fuck she was sucking so hard, my balls threatened to come up my shaft and into her mouth. I reached my second hand to the back of her head, now fucking her face hard and fast. I watched, mesmerized as my saliva covered cock appeared, her lips stretching along the shaft, her eyes opening to look into my face, and pulling down so hard to stuff my cock deep into her throat. I ground her face on my cock, jamming it completely into her mouth and down her soft throat. My balls jumped to full manufacturing capacity. My balls ached, my rectum squeezed so hard to lift my hips up into her face, I started small spasms, humping quickly, pulling back and forward again. Kimberly absorbed each thrust, opening wide with each thrust in, and sucking hard to hold me with each withdrawal. “Fuck my face,” she growled as she pulled back. “Cum on my face, shoot it into my mouth,” she grunted at me, moving to quickly devour my cock again. She grabbed my balls, rolling them, squeezing them firmly.

That did it. My body tensed, my hips flexed, pumped upwards, driving deep again. As I held my hips up, she sensed my impending orgasm. Pulling off, she grabbed my engorged cock with both hands, her mouth opened. My balls exploded, shooting cum up my shaft, shooting out, landing on her nose, her lips, into her mouth. Her lips suctioned the head of my cock, sucking each rope of cum directly into her mouth. Her teeth nibbled on the sensitive head, causing me to jump as my involuntary humps gave way to relaxing back in my chair. My cock deflated. She kept sucking my smaller, more flaccid cock into her mouth. Lifting it, she chewed her way down the underside, grabbing first one ball, then the other into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around each nut, holding the sac between her teeth softly as the thrashed the ball around. I squirmed slightly, the intensity making it hard to sit still. Wrapping her hand around the base of my balls, she gave a firm squeeze.

“There there,” she whispered looking at me. “Better,” she queried. I could hardly breathe. I just shook my head yes. “Anytime you need me,” she stated, stood looking down at my dangling cock. Wrapping her hand around my cock, she gave a slight tug. “Better get this put away,” she finished. She marched toward the door. Unlocking it, she turned to me. “I’m better than she will ever be,” she said giving me a wink and a smile. She turned and headed to her desk.

I sat dumbfounded. My mind gone, my thoughts refocused to her mouth, her need to suck my cock. I groaned again as life jumped into my cock. I glanced at the time, 30-minutes past official quitting time. I moved to my office door, looked to Kimberly’s desk. She was gone. Glancing around, I could not see any other employees remaining. I returned to my desk, my mind going fast in all directions. Was my interest in Dani that apparent? Was I making a fool of myself? Was there an office pool on me to score? “I’m an executive” my mind screamed. “The boss! How dare they?” my mind continued. Kimberly passed my door. My cock throbbed, growing instantly, my mind swinging back to her mouth. I shuddered, a groan erupting from deep inside my body. Will she blackmail me? Can I have her? Great body! Small pert tits. Lithe, athletic body. My cock grew hard, sliding down my leg. Instinctively, I reached to it, stroking it softly. Damn it felt good!

“I hope you’re thinking about me this time,” Kimberly said, startling me.

“Jesus,” I whispered out loud. I leaned to glance around her. The door was shut. “Locked?” I questioned.

“Yes boss,” she replied. “Now, I want something from you,” she continued. She moved around my desk, sliding up to sit on the edge of the desk in front of me. Leaning my direction, she smiled. “I want you to lick my hot, wet pussy,” she growled softly under her breath. “I want you to grab my hard clit between your teeth, bite me softly, flick your tongue back and forth to mash my clit hard,” she whispered. “Spread my legs,” she ordered softly. I sat, not moving. “Come on Rich, spread my legs,” she whispered again. I glanced to her tanned legs. Muscle definition showed in the calf of each leg.

“You run,” I asked. I felt so dumb. I’m talking about running as I slid my hands up her legs, my fingers sliding between her knees, slowly pulling them apart slowly. “Your legs feel good,” I commented. My mind burped! Bare skin! No nylons! I watched as her thighs parted so slowly. Kimberly leaned back on my desk as I rolled my chair into place. I could smell her, her muskiness filling my nostrils. I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply. I peeked below her hemline, her legs now pushing the material up. Grabbing the hemline with a hand, she pulled the material up to her crotch. I could see a wisp of hair topping a flat mound. As I glanced between her legs, her thighs parted. Topping her wet, glistening slit stood her protruding clit, engorged by her desires. I growled deep inside my body.

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