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Office Submission Ch. 04

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“I know Jack, I know. I was looking forward to it too,” Anna explained.

Jack looked down at the lasagne he had ordered and sighed heavily.

The two of them had decided on eating out tonight. Tomorrow they were due to travel up to York for a conference together. Jack was looking forward to a weekend of naughtiness, nakedness and hard fucking whilst being paid by the company. But, of course, things never seem to be smooth. Anna had been informed by her manager that she was needed for the rest of the week in the office to help prepare information for Monday’s big meeting.

“We’ll just have to spend quality time together when you return.” Anna smiled as she spoke. They both fully understood what quality time together meant.

Jack looked across at the sexiest woman he had ever known. A strand of her brown hair had swept across her tanned, pretty face. Her big brown eyes flickered at the strand before she lifted a petite hand to flick the hair away.

“I know,” Jack replied, “I was just really looking forward to being with you at the conference.”

She looked into his eyes and it was her turn to sigh. Her breasts swelled in her tight jumper as she breathed heavily. Her body was beautiful. She kept fit and her shape always left Jack in a constant state of mid-arousal.

“Jack! Eyes up here.” Anna scorned him playfully. “You’ll get to see them properly later.” Anna winked and he felt her foot rub up and down his calf under the table.

He smiled as his cock pulsed at the thought of her naked.

“So who’s going in your place then?” Jack enquired.

“Well,” Anna looked at him, “he’s decided to send Zoey instead of little old me,” Anna pouted playfully.

“Zoey?” Jack looked confused. He knew the name but couldn’t quite place her face.

“She works with Michael on the 12th floor.” Anna said whilst sipping her wine. “She’s older than us, around 40ish maybe. Er…dark brown hair, pretty eyes. Always wears a pencil skirt.”

Anna was spouting information about Zoey and Jack still had no clue as to who she was.

“No,” he said, “no idea, sorry.”

“Well you will after this weekend,” Anna joked, “you two will be spending all of the days together. You’ll be best friends by the end of the weekend. Not that I’m jealous!” Anna joked.

Her foot continued to stroke his calf under the table and now it had snaked up his leg to the top of his thigh.

He looked across at her and she just looked down at her meal whilst smiling to herself.

Jack’s cock grew in his tight trousers as her foot made its way towards his crotch.

“What time are you going tomorrow?” Anna enquired innocently.

“Er…well,” Jack shifted in his seat to allow his erection to grow properly in his trousers, “I’ll leave around 5am as the first talk starts at 10:00 – long journey.”

Her foot had now rested on the seat in between his legs and she was deftly placing pressure on his engorged cock. She moved her foot and Jack shifted again so that her foot rested along the shaft of his now fully erect cock.

He looked up at her. She looked at him and licked her lips. “What? You’re very hard Jack!”

He nodded and groaned quietly as he started to shift his hips against her foot. She added more pressure and moved her foot along the top of his cock. He groaned a little louder this time.

“Shhh,” she whispered, “people will look at you.”

He looked around quickly and everyone else in the restaurant was deep in their own conversations.

She pressed again and moved her foot faster. Jack ground his cock against her foot and thrust up and back down quickly.

Anna leaned forward on the table and and used her arms to push her pert breasts together. Jack looked down at them at then back at her. He groaned again and felt his balls starting to tighten. He imagined cumming on those breasts and it dribbling down her body.

She concentrated her attention on the head of his cock. She knew he liked that.

“You’re close aren’t you Jack? Want me to make you cum?” she whispered, “fuck, you’re going to cum in front of all these people. Ready…”

Suddenly her phone rang on the table next to her. She exhaled and looked down at it. “Sorry, it’s my mum, got to take it. Stay right here and don’t move.”

Anna grabbed the phone, stood quickly and paced out of the room.

Jack was close to cumming and he placed hand down beneath the table to give his rock hard cock a squeeze. He knew he would cum hard tonight and he was starting to ache for it. Anna was incredible and his orgasms were long and intense. She knew the things to say to tease him and to get him off too. She was a goddess to him.

“Sorry,” she suddenly sat down as quickly as she had left, “I’m so sorry. I’ve got to go. It’s my mum. Dad’s had a fall. Fixing the garden shed or something (silly old sod) and she wants me to come up to the hospital.” As she was speaking she was putting her coat on. “I’ll call you later. If I’m not back, have a great conference and…” she lowered güvenilir bahis herself and whispered into his ear “…keep your hand off that cock. I want it rock hard and full of cum when you get home next week.”

With that, she left. She left Jack feeling very aroused and frustrated. He looked around the room, a little shocked and then stared down at his dinner. Half a plate of food, hardly any wine and a full erection. ‘No touching,’ she had said. Jack sighed and asked for the bill.


Jack was tired of driving and was glad to have arrived. The conference was held in a huge country hotel. The grounds were well kept and vast.

He turned the engine off and stepped out of the car. He stretched, grabbed his suitcase and closed the doors. There were people replicating his actions all over the car park, like an army of businessmen and women, preparing to wage war on the PowerPoint.

Jack arrived at the reception and checked in. His room was 824 and he made his way up to the eighth floor in the lift.

The room was a generous size with a king sized bed in the centre and a desk and a leather office chair near the window. There was a TV with a small leather two seater sofa pointing at the screen. The en-suite has a shower and a bath and was tastefully decorated with white and black tiles. Jack dropped his suitcase on the bed and unpacked his clothes for the next few days. He moved over to the desk and saw a post-it note with a hand written message. It said:

Mr Fraser, meet me in the bar at 9:50. See you then. Zoey

He read the message twice and looked down at his watch. Five minutes. He shuffled into the bathroom and freshened up with a quick wash. Making sure he had his paperwork and room key, Jack left for the bar.

He entered the room and there were people everywhere. They were chatting with one another, buying drinks and checking out the rest of the room. Jack moved over to the bar and bustled his way to the front. He ordered a black coffee and, whilst it was being made, he surveyed the area in search of Zoey. He had no idea who she was or what she looked like either. Anna had said Zoey was around 40, pretty eyes and dark brown hair. There were a few women. All wearing heels and skirts, Jack was struggling to lift his eyes any higher.

“Mr Fraser, over here, Mr Fraser.”

Jack turned to the direction the voice was coming from at the opposite end of the bar. He assumed it was Zoey. She had her hand up, waving. He waved back and made his way over.

He joined her at the end of the bar. He noticed how great she smelled first. Fresh, intoxicating. She had big brown eyes and, Anna was correct, they were strikingly beautiful. They flashed as he joined her.

“Mr Fraser,” Zoey said, “glad you’re here. I was starting to worry I’d be the only one here from the company. I don’t know anyone else.”

“Me neither,” Jack replied.

She was older than he was but you wouldn’t guess it from afar. She was shorter than Jack and wore a white silk blouse. She had the top two buttons undone and the blouse fit her tightly. Jack flashed a look down her body and could clearly see that she kept in shape. Her breasts pushed against the blouse and Jack could just see a trail of cleavage leading down into her white silk blouse. He looked up back at her eyes before she noticed.

“The first talk is at 10:15. We’re in the Radwick suite. I’ve brought the information Mr Fraser. Are you ready to go and find some seats?”

Jack sipped his coffee and he watched her lips as she spoke. She had a pretty face and her teeth flashed through her lips as she spoke.

“Yes, I suppose we had better show some willingness.” Jack finished his coffee and opened his left arm as a request for her to lead the way. Zoey smiled and stepped away from the bar.

Jack walked closely behind her and, once they were through the crowd, Jack looked at her body from behind. She wore a tight pencil skirt that hugged her thighs and was cut just above her knees. She wore dark sheen tights and black stiletto high heels. She had a nice arse. The material on her skirt was pulled tightly around her arse cheeks and Jack watched her cheeks move as she strutted. Not just a nice arse, a great arse. He gazed at her arse as she lead the way into a big room full of people in theatre style chairs all pointing at a stage. He watched her toned calves as they moved to a space next to an older gentleman. She motioned for Jack to sit down and he dropped down next to her in the folding seat.

Jack looked up and there were three big TV screens above the stage where the conference speakers would be shown for those further in the back. There was a hum of noise, as it was so busy.

“It’s supposed to be delegates from Morganite speaking first Mr Fraser,” Zoey spoke to him directly, “I have their portfolio here.” She bent over in her seated position to rifle through a large briefcase. Jack’s eyes instantly went to her cleavage. He could make out a deeper cleavage now and the the soft material of a white bra keeping türkçe bahis her plump breasts in place. He felt a slight twinge in his cock. Again, not to be caught, he looked away before she came back up.

Jack took the paperwork and began reading. It was going to be a long two days.

“I’ve highlighted the key points for you, Mr Fraser,” Zoey added close to his ear, “I hope you don’t mind.”

Jack shook his head and inhaled her scent deeply…god she smelled good. He took the paperwork from her and rifled through the document whilst the first conference speaker started driving on through his PowerPoint.

Jack looked down at Zoey’s legs. She had them crossed and her skirt had ridden up to the middle of her thigh. She had shapely calves and the sheer black tights really showed them off. He followed the trail up her body and saw her chest again. Because she was sat leaning forwards, the top of her blouse had come to reveal the swell of her breasts. He saw the outline of her white bra again. Jack quickly looked away, hoping to not have been caught. He attempted to focus on the conference speaker for the duration of the morning.

They finished at 1:00pm and trundled off into lunch. Zoey and Jack found an table alone in the busy hotel restaurant and ate and chatted.

During lunch, Jack discovered that this older beauty was married. Her and her husband had been together for 15 years. He worked in IT in the city and was hardly home in the week. She filled her time with going to the gym, meeting with friends and regularly playing tennis and golf for her local clubs. She was quite a good tennis player, with trophies to show for successful competitions. She had worked at Jack’s company for eight years now and enjoyed the job.

Jack watched her mouth as she spoke over lunch and found he was engrossed with every facial movement that she made. His mind also wandered back to last night where Anna had almost made him cum in the packed restaurant. He thought about Zoey doing that now and the feel of her sheer tights would push him over the edge. His cock grew more towards the end of their lunch and he shifted in his seat to make himself more comfortable. He would love to cum over her arse, or just over her. His cock started to make him uncomfortable.

He wondered whether she knew how aroused he had become.

“There’s one last talk today Mr Fraser,” Zoey clarifies. “It’s upstairs in the smaller conference room. It starts in five minutes, we should go.”

Jack was enjoying being called Mr Fraser. It made her seem even sexier. He watched her gather her things and, once again, he stared down her blouse as she picked things up from the floor. He stood and swiftly adjusted his now rock-hard cock to the front of his trousers so his shaft pointed up towards the ceiling.

They both made their way over to the lift. Jack walked ahead this time and briefly glanced back to see Zoey closely following him behind. They stood and waited at the lifts with around thirty or forty other people.

One lift door opened and a huge throng scrambled inside. They packed in tight like sardines and the doors slid shut behind them. Jack and Zoey waited for the next lift.

When it arrived, Jack stepped in first, moved to the back and turned to face the doors (as one does when travelling in a lift). Zoey stood in front of him and faced him. She started to speak but suddenly more people arrived in the lift and she was forced toward into Jack’s chest. He felt her soft breasts against his chest and her smell overwhelmed him again.

“Sorry, Mr Fraser,” Zoey apologised. She turned around to face the doors as more people got in the lift. Jack watched as people looked in and shook their heads as if to say ‘we’ll wait for the next one’. Zoey was pushed backwards into Jack again and he was forced against the mirror on the back of the lift.

He could smell her again. He saw the soft skin on her neck and had a sudden desire to kiss the soft part where her neck met her shoulders. She shuffled back again and suddenly Jack felt her tight arse against his hard cock.

He held his breath desperate for his cock not to pulse.

She scratched her nose.

He saw her dark brown hair glistening just centimetres in front of him. He imagined holding her hips and grinding his rock hard cock against the tight arse, against the soft material of her pencil skirt.

His hard cock pulsed.

There was a slight reaction from Zoey, or was that nothing? She briefly went to turn her head but stopped and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

Jack wanted to kiss her neck desperately now because of the closeness of the two of them.

The lift was silent other than the background music playing softly.

Jack tried to move further back but was confined between the glass wall and the throng of people. ‘Distraction,’ he thought, ‘let’s try that.’

“Did you…er…prepare the file for the next talk?” he whispered quietly into her ear.

“Yes,” she whispered back and lifted the document case güvenilir bahis siteleri higher to rummage around inside it. She inadvertently moved her hips during the process and Jack felt her soft arse rub across the head of his cock twice.

Jack held his breath and prayed for his cock not to pulse from the attention.

Zoey finally found the paperwork and pulled it out of the case. She turned and handed it to him without looking at him. Her hips spun away at that point and Jack’s cock strained in his tight pants. She then spun back around and instantly placed her sexy arse back against Jack’s cock. ‘Was that on purpose?’ Jack thought.

She shuffled backwards again against Jack’s hard cock. Once again, Jack tried to move his hips back but, again, he had nowhere to move to. He felt the material of her skirt right against the head of his cock. It strained again, he couldn’t stop it.

Zoey never said anything.

Jack wanted to grab those hips more than ever and just grind against her arse. It wouldn’t take long for him to find release. ‘God she smelled good,’ Jack thought. He held his breath and tried to stay still.

The lift pinged and arrived on the seventh floor. People started pouring out and Zoey moved away with the crowd. Jack was a little disappointed that the pressure on his cock was no longer there. He breathed out and moved with the throng out of the lift. After ensuring no-one was looking, he reached down and squeezed his cock and tried to move into a position that wasn’t so obvious. He stepped out of the lift and followed the group to the small lecture hall.

Zoey was already in there waiting by the door. She smiled and waved. Jack made his way over to her. Did her eyes just flash down to his crotch? Or was he imagining that?

“We’re near the back, Mr Fraser,” Zoey clarified, “just this way.”

She moved away and Jack followed. Once again, he watched her sexy arse. He was starting to feel the familiar ache and need to cum. He silently blamed Anna getting him so aroused last night and leaving him on the edge of orgasm. He knew he should have masturbated last night to take the edge off. Here he was now – walking around with a full-strength hard on, lusting after another woman and wanting to rub himself against her.

They both sat down and Jack tried to focus on the information from the speaker. ‘Try to forget it,’ he thought, ‘it will pass.’

After an hour of listening, Jack’s erection had subsided. The talk, however, lasted three hours in total. It finished with a rousing applause for the speaker.

Jack got up and Zoey joined him. “I’m going to relax and freshen up before dinner Mr Fraser. Shall I meet you at the bar later?” She looked directly up at Jack, into his eyes.

He felt his cock spark to attention again.

“Yes,” he mustered, “Shall we say 7:30pm for dinner?”

She looked up at him again, her eyes wide, “Yes Mr Fraser.”

Jack thought instantly about those eyes looking up at him whilst her soft lips were wrapped around his cock. The spark that had started a slight erection was now fully flowing and his cock was up and aching for attention again. It was the Mr Fraser thing too, he wondered if she was doing it on purpose.

She picked up the last of her things and made her way out of the small auditorium. He watched her leave and thought about what she would look like in one of her short tennis skirts. He would watch flashes of her sexy arse from under her skirt for the entire match.

‘Stop Jack.’ He told himself. He left the auditorium and hurried to his bedroom. He stepped inside and had a cold shower to calm himself down. He then sat on the bed and flicked through the TV channels.

After twenty minutes of searching, Jack decided to do something useful before dinner. He stood up, threw on his gym clothes and headed out to the gym.

The gym was down in the basement of the building and there must have been a swimming pool there too as Jack could smell the chlorine. He stepped inside and the gym was average size. There were eight cross trainers and six treadmills with the usual weight machines and, over in the left hand side of the room, free weights with benches. Floor to ceiling mirrors covered the walls – making the room seem bigger.

The gym was quite busy because of the conference. Jack stood and looked at the machines available. There was a cross trainer free at the back of the row.

He stepped on, chose a program and slowly started moving. He plugged his earphones in and started to speed up.

Jack looked around at the other gym members and then his eyes strayed to the runner in front of him. He saw long Lycra black leggings with a fine fishnet material up the side of her legs so you could see her skin through the material there. She had an unbelievably sexy arse. The leggings were very tight and Jack made out each pert arse clearly in the tight material. He looked up and saw the back of a loose white t-shirt with a black Lycra crop top underneath.

He smiled. It was Zoey. He’d always recognise the back of her head after today, very easily. Her body was stunning, irregardless of her age. His eyes drifted down to her arse again; he was mesmerised. He stared directly at it for around twelve minutes and his program ended.

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