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Office Party

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The sounds of the partygoers buzzed in the background. It’s the big party that your boss threw to celebrate the new client. It’s some rich American firm that is getting ready to break into South Africa, and they needed someone to do their commercials. Even though it’s not what you usually do, your boss figured that this might be a really good way to expand the business.

You can hear the mingling voices in the background, but there is this one person you saw. No clue who he is or what he does, but he’s standing across the room in a bow tie and looking quite good. You flash him a secret smile, and he responds. Only with his eyes, you think at first. He seems to be in a conversation with your boss. But you glance down a little lower and notice a little stirring in his pants. You smile wider and he responds more noticeably.

His eyes take on a gentle whiff of desperation. You can almost hear him thinking “How can I get out of this conversation and go talk to her…” Finally…he breaks free, and makes a beeline to you. You notice the style of his suit…more brazen than most, but still tame, yet somehow incredibly seductive. The brown wool clings to his body as if the suit was cut specifically for his 6’1 frame.

As he crosses the room, politely chatting briefly with others, you notice his eyes never leave you. Continuously making eye contact, dodging waiters carrying drink trays, casually avoiding entangling conversations. He scans up and down your body and you KNOW that he is checking out that dress. The one that you bought for SPECIFICALLY this occasion. It’s a long jade green satin dress. The folds of cloth hang loosely over your legs, and the slit, which he still hasn’t seen, runs all the way up your leg. The back dips all the way down to just above the lovely dimple of your tush, and the v-shaped strapless front shows just enough tantalizing creamy breast to be a complete turn on, but not so much to over power your smile.

He keeps walking towards you and finally…you take one step forward. Your left leg advances and the green satin parts…revealing the lovely shapely leg. His eyes fix on it. Staring openly, he almost loses his balance avoiding the champagne waiter.

He takes two glasses off the tray and silently offers one to you. His eyes darting between yours and trying to take in the vision of beauty before him.

It’s then that you do your obvious appraisal of this new boy to cross your path. Silently starting at the top of his red hair…and down over his chest, his stomach…that lovely bulge in his suit…down his legs to his brown shoes. You glance back up and nod approvingly. He turns bright red in a huge blush and disarmingly smiles and says “ahh my beauty, nothing compared to the radiant shine in your eyes.” Never having had a pickup so completely turned around on you, you turn the same shade of red that he just was.

He puts his hand out in an odd manner pendik escort and you take it expecting him to shake your hand…he turns it around quickly and brings it up to his lips. “Hi, I’m Jeff. I work with your new client, doing some political evaluations and the like for them, and you are…?”

With a quick tight smile, you ask “does that mean you will be here frequently?” He smiles and nods. “For the next 8 months, they want me here to evaluate the stability of the government and figure out who we can work with to get certain legislation passed. So yeah you could say I’ll be around ‘frequently’.”

“Then,” you say with a wonderfully bright smile, “I’m Jen. I do the set design for this company. I should be working with your commercials”

“Well, I suppose that means I will have to spend some of my time hanging out around the set. My look turns suddenly quizzical. “Do set designers usually have groupies?” I ask with a smile. You turn that lovely shade of embarrassed red yet again….and simply giggle.

After sharing this moment, the tide of the party shifts against us. Your boss comes over and takes your arm, introducing you to my boss. But our eyes never leave each other. Quick glances over someone’s shoulder…furtive stares past dodging waiters and partygoers. Each time we are close enough to share a word or two the party seems to conspire against us. A word to one of us takes us off to another corner of the party. But we keep trying. Finally, I notice you duck behind a door and just stay there. I watch it closely to see who else goes in there…and nobody does.

After another few minutes I am finally able to break free of the crowd and duck behind the same door. It’s a small office with a desk and some papers strewn across it. You are leaning seductively against the desk and calling me toward you with one finger….it’s a wonderfully powerful and seductive gesture. I respond…the bulge in my pants growing bigger as I see your leg slide out from between the lovely folds of green satin. I see the look in your eyes…the look saying “this is MY domain….you will do what I want.” And I respond immediately to it.

My eyes drop to the floor and you can see me forcing the blush into my cheeks. I take a couple hesitant steps towards you. But as you look into my eyes, you can see that I am playing a role. The way I respond to you sends another shiver all the way down between your legs. You smile at me…acknowledging our playing…and then begin issuing orders. “sit here and look at me” you say. I quickly do so.

“Go back and lock the door.” I fairly run to the door, fumble with the lock…you again see me playing with you…and you realize that my role playing is it’s own form of strength. You wonder what it would be like to have me.

I keep playing along as you issue orders that begin to remove my clothes…you stare at my lovely shaven kartal escort balls and wonder….then the tables turn. I stand up and smiling warmly say “now…it’s MY turn.”

“Suck on it. Use all your talents and take me.” I order. You know there can be no argument, if only because it’s EXACTLY what you want to do too. You begin on your knees in front of me…slowly sucking on each ball. Gently teasing them with your tongue on my smooth skin…no hair in between your tongue and my lovely sensitive balls. You slowly take one into your mouth, then the next…easily sucking on each one…and nibbling ever so gently. Your lips begin to slide up and around the head…gently teasing the tip…and pushing your tongue slightly into the opening at the head of my cock. I close my eyes and lean my head back as your lips surround me totally. I feel you slide down the shaft sucking slowly and longingly.

I let your lips and your tongue work their magic for a few more moments and then I step back. “Not yet my sweet one….I need a taste too.”

I pick you up and sit you on the desk. My fingers reach around your back…reaching for the zipper low on your dress. Sliding it down and pulling the satin apart…I slide my fingers over your already stiff nipples, and feel them respond to my touch. I let a soft moan escape my lips as I wonder about your taste. In the back of my head are the sounds from the party. I glance furtively at the door and then push the rest of your dress to the floor. I stare openly the lovely body in front of me and begin to wonder what kind of person is underneath it. I decide not to worry about that just for now, and simply enjoy what is happening to me.

As your dress falls to the floor in a wrinkled heap, I see that not only are you not wearing a bra, you are not wearing any panties either.

My already erect cock seems to get harder with this realization. I slide one finger gently over the wet folds of your pussy. Feeling the lovely clit swell under my fingers…I push a little harder. You begin to moan under the warm touch of my fingers. I raise my fingers to your lips to keep you from making too much noise.

You begin sucking gently on my fingers and I respond by sucking harder on your clit. My tongue dances across your folds and your clit as your tongue does over my fingers. I follow your lead responsively and keep licking harder and harder. Within seconds…I feel the first shivers of your orgasm. I lick faster and begin sucking on your clit to make sure I take all your juices into me. I push harder into you as your legs clench around me and slide one finger in between your lips…pushing deep inside you and finding your spot. The explosiveness of your orgasm catches me by surprise and I can only hope to contain your moaning.

I stand before you and turn you around. I bend you over the desk and slide my stiff cock into your wet maltepe escort and waiting pussy. Sliding the head slowly over your clit…teasing it ever so gently and slowly….easing my cock into you…just the tip at first…then slowly until you feel my shaved pubic area pushing against your lovely buns. I slide out quickly and then suddenly thrust back into you. I move fast and hard to bring you to another orgasm. Ramming in and out of you…feeling your nipple beneath my fingers…pinching it lightly…and my other hand…sliding around your waist…down over your navel…and then…lightly sliding over your clit. My finger rubbing and spanking gently as my cock rams in and out of you…faster and faster.

I throw my head back in a mute scream of extacy as the first stirring of orgasm shivers through my body. I feel your legs and your lips clench around me as your next one comes. I moan and begin nibbling on your ear. Gently biting and sliding my finger off your nipple. My finger slides down your back…over the lovely curve of your waist.. and down your spine. Softly tickling and teasing my way between your sexy butt cheeks. I stroke gently over your tight rosebud….and as my cock slides deep into you…my finger joins it. Sliding all the way in…till you can feel my knuckles pushing against your tight sexy ass. My finger slides in and out of you as my cock fills your tight wet pussy…sliding…rocking back and forth. Taking you…taking all of you and forcing that orgasm out.

As we both try to stifle our moans of extacy…we feel the other’s final shiver of orgasm. My stomach clenches shoving my cock deep into you and I feel your muscles contract around me….drawing me even deeper into you.

My tongue slides down your back and kisses your shoulders. I nibble softly on your neck as my cock continues to quiver and drain inside you…. I feel the last shivers coursing through your body and I withdraw. Kissing you warmly…I begin to assist you in getting dressed. I slowly slide the zipper up with my teeth and allow my tongue to slip across your back gently and smoothly.

I smile at you warmly and say “shall we go finish the rest of the party? Then we can go out for a nightcap.”

With a wonderfully wicked grin, you say, “Rather finish you and then go to the party…but…since we can’t stay here toooo long, I’ll settle for staying IN for a nightcap after this silly party.” I simply smile and kiss your hand. And in your hand you find a note and a key. It says “room 1224. See you then”

For the rest of the party, an almost interminable two hours, we exchange glances and secret smiles. We think that nobody else notices, but I see the secret and knowing smiles that some of your friends share with you. I see them checking me out…and each one seems to make a pass at me. I resist the temptation and allow my mind to wonder what you have told them.

Finally the party ends and I walk over to you and, with a smile, say “Shall we take a walk?”

“Sure. Let’s go to the beach” you respond quickly. So the two of us, me in my suit, you in that lovely green satin dress, begin the trek to the beach……..both of us wondering what we are doing, but loving it.

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