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Odd Job

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Odd Job
A mature mother/daughter threesome with Uncle Larry…

ANOTHER FANTASY – I have been harvesting pictures long since forgotten on XH, which means the user has retired leaving pictures with titles that mean nothing and probably have not been seen since they were posted. Here is another of these, posted 8 years ago and barely a comment or a thumbs up, and my twisted old mind goes to work. I don’t know her, I don’t know who posted them, just old gold.

I nearly jumped out of my skin as I walked through my sister’s family room and saw Katrina lying on the couch displaying all her womanly assets. At 25 years old she was beyond the stage where being scantily dressed was something to be expected and although an uncle should never stare my eyes went right between her legs. She was wearing a skin tight pink panty that fit so snugly that her labia was plainly visible, not quite a camel toe, but visible enough to cause a reaction. The striped tank top was so skimpy that I knew immediately she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“What do you think Uncle Larry?” Katrina asked imitating a little girl voice, “do you like my pretty panties?”

What the fuck was I supposed to say, my cock had risen to the occasion and I knew it showed, she was having trouble taking her eyes off my bulge just like I was having trouble taking my eyes off her panty covered crotch. I had done my best to avoid Katrina since arriving two days ago. I had been staying with my divorced sister, she had asked me to help with a little landscaping. As it turned out Katrina and her husband were having problems and my niece had taken up residence in her old bedroom “while they sorted things out”.

The marriage wasn’t 6 months old and he had fucked a woman at work and my sister Beth said Katrina had caught him texting her pictures of his cock, no wonder they had trouble. So instead of it just being Beth and me for the week we had the “drama queen” in the house. Beth had warned me that Katrina had been a bit out of control since the separation and “perhaps you should be on your guard as I think she is looking for a bit of revenge against her husband.”

Beth, 2 years younger than me, was 35 and had been divorced since Katrina was about 5 years old so she knew her daughter better than anyone else. I had accepted the plea for help from Beth because she had no one else to lean on, we had a bit of a special relationship since our parents had both passed away. It was just us two now and there were times when we were closer than your average brother and sister.

I cleared my throat, diverted my eyes from the erotic image of my niece lying in a seductive pose and moved through the family room out the patio doors to my work. I didn’t mean to be rude, “but how the hell do I answer that question?” I thought. I had become aware of what Beth had said, it seemed as if Katrina was hitting on me, or at least flirting and that flirting seemed beyond what I would call normal.

The sun was hot and the work was hard so within minutes my erection was gone and my mind was focused on the work at hand, which had nothing to do with Katrina in a full gyno pose wearing nothing but panties, a tank top and a smile. “Hey Larry,” Beth shouted to me over the sound of my hammer as I drove some stakes in the ground, I am going to throw some steaks on the grill, do you want a beer now or are you going to clean up first?”

I looked at my watch, “Damn, it was almost 6,” I thought, “Let me get a shower first,” I said as I picked up my tools. I dusted myself off and headed back to the family room door which was the most direct route to the guest room that I was using. I did think about Katrina’s display earlier but knowing that Beth was home Katrina would have moved off the couch and I’d avoid another near naked show and the embarrassment of another erection that showed.

I stepped in and immediately was facing the couch with Katrina still nearly naked just like before. She pulled up her tank top showing me her flat tummy and pierced navel. Then she put her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and said, “do you dare me Uncle Larry?” I stood looking at her beautiful body as she bit her lip and scurried out of the room knowing that she would probably drop her panties and my will power was stretched pretty thin.

I stripped out of my clothes in the guest room and went to the attached bathroom and tried to blot out the image I had just seen, my cock was throbbing with lust for my niece’s body that she had no problem flaunting at me. What was most remarkable was that she looked almost exactly like her mother when she was in her twenties.

My mind went back to the time when I came home from military service and lived at home for a while. My sister Beth, fresh from sunning herself wearing her skimpy bikini had stepped into my room while I was changing out of my travel clothes and caught me standing in my boxers. She pointed at the obvious erection that had started when I first saw her lying on the patio and said, “does that mean you are happy to see me or do you have a banana in your underwear?”

“Stop it Beth,” I said turning to adjust my cock so it would end up sticking out the leg of my boxers, “what do you expect, you are nearly naked.”

“I expect,” she said stepping behind me and wrapping her arms around me, “a proper welcome from my big brother,” and I felt her hands slip down and she grabbed my cock, now fully erect, through the boxers. “Yup, I knew you were happy to see me.” That was the start of our special relationship, she seemed insatiable when it came to sex and the only time we stopped having intimate relations was during the years she was married.

Thinking of her made my cock hard as a rock and as much as I wanted relief I knew Beth would have the steaks nearly done so cooled the shower canlı bahis siteleri down and the cold water took most of my erection away. I dressed and as I stepped out of the guest room and walked past the family room I now saw Katrina still lying on the couch, now fully naked!

She looked at me as I walked past the wide doorway and then in a voice loud enough for me to hear said, “I am so horny Uncle Larry, I sure wish you would help me out.”

I swallowed hard and made a quick trip to the kitchen for a beer. I was trying to avoid another erection but had way too much stimulation to avoid it. I saw Beth working the grill, she was wearing tight shorts and her round ass did nothing to reduce my arousal as I grabbed a beer and after adjusting my cock again walked out onto the grill area to join Beth.

“Is Katrina home?” Beth asked flipping the huge rib eye steaks over. The smoke from the burning fat filled the air with a scent that was as satisfying as the perfume that Beth was wearing.

“Yes she is, and you were right, that girl is as big a flirt as you were when you were 25,” I said slapping her on the ass as I moved to set in a chair and watch her cook. Beth turned and grinned at me and said, “you’d be the one to know about me flirting when I was 25,” and stuck her tongue out at me.

The beer was cold and Beth’s ass was HOT and I saw no panty lines though the thin fabric which sent my already aroused brain into overdrive. I thought back to that first time when she asked for a proper welcome. We had never touched each other growing up, in fact we didn’t do much but fight over typical brother/sister stuff. She was always trying to gain Dad’s favor and I did the same with Mom. But in the end on that day there was no fighting.

I had been without sex for almost 6 months and was as horny as a teenager and her hand on my erection was an open invitation. “Close the door and lock it,” I said “and I will give you a proper welcome.” I thought she’d run out of the room when I got serious, but she did exactly as I had suggested.

As she turned back around her hand went behind her neck and she pulled the slip knot on the bikini top and her ample tits flopped out without any help beyond gravity. She took a step towards me and found the loose ends of the ties at each side of her bikini bottom and said, “I have something for you,” and pulled them loose.

She may have thought I would back away, but there was no way I was not going to fuck her with my cock throbbing and her being naked. Her dark bush was matted against her pussy from the constraints of her bikini but I could see her labia poking out of the hairy patch. At that moment Beth ceased to be my sister, she was a gorgeous seductive young woman and I was a sex starved young man, nature was about to take over.

I pulled my boxers off and we tumbled onto my bed. I kissed her as my hand explored her tits that were large and her nipples hardened to my touch. Our breathing came in gasps as we kissed like two long lost lovers instead of brother and sister sharing an erotic moment for the first time. My hands went to her hairy pussy and I had no trouble finding her slit that was wet and ready for me.

I crawled over her and spread her legs with my knees and penetrated her in a single thrust. She moaned and clawed at my back as I began thrusting into her. I didn’t have a single thought about our familial connection, she wanted to have sex with me and I wanted the same. I looked into her eyes and I could see the passion build in her expression.

I should have asked but didn’t, my cock exploded deep inside of her and it wasn’t until we finished that I asked her if she was on the pill. At that moment all I was thinking about is my first cum inside a woman in 6 months and I wanted her to cum on my cock. Instead of holding still deep inside of her as I dumped my load of cum I kept up my thrusting as she met each thrust by raising her hips. I felt my prostate contract the third time when I felt her pelvic muscles contract around my cock and she moaned quietly as her orgasm took over.

“Hey, earth to Larry, earth to Larry,” Beth said, “where are you in your mind, on the moon?”

“Oh sorry Beth,” I said taking a swig of the beer, “I was remembering our first time together.”

“And that might be the reason I see this,” she said rubbing the bulge in my shorts, “looks like I need to get you in the sack and fuck your brains out tonight,” she said and leaned to kiss me. I could see her tits down her top and her nipples said she was just as aroused as me. “We need to be careful,” she said, “I don’t want to explain this to Katrina,” she finished giving my cock a squeeze.

As she went back to the steaks I asked, “you never told me just what caused you to offer yourself to me that day.”

She turned back, “You were my hero. You joined the army and served the country and I was sad that there was no sweetheart waiting for you on your return. Dad always told me how special it was when her came home after serving and Mom was waiting for him. He never said it directly, but I think it was their first time as well”

“First time for what,” Katrina asked as she stepped out on the patio with a couple beers, one for her and one for me. She was wearing the striped tank top and shorts that were as tight as her panties leaving little to the imagination.

“First time minding their own business,” Beth said with a grin, “steaks are about done, Katrina can you get the salad out please?”

Beth followed Katrina into the kitchen and I finished the steaks, as I entered the kitchen Beth was leaning against the wall with a serious look. “We need to be careful Larry, I am not ashamed of our relationship, but I don’t want Katrina asking questions,” she said and kissed me lightly. “Just in case there tipobet giriş are ears around the rest of the evening, come to my room later and we can do what we do.”

Dinner was as far removed from the sexual drama that had played out this afternoon. Katrina sat on the sat opposite me at the table with Beth at the end. We had opened a bottle of wine and both women had their share and Katrina seemed to have been feeling the effects wine more than Beth and I felt her foot reach my knee under the table and then it slid between my legs but luckily she was out of reach of my cock.

Following dinner we went to the family room to watch a little TV. Beth and I sat on opposite ends of the couch to make sure there was no indication of our familiarity. This left two other chairs open for Katrina who had stopped by her bedroom. She swished into the room wearing a nearly transparent baby doll nightgown and sat between us. It was impossible not to notice her areolas showing through the gauzy thin fabric just as it was impossible not to notice she had not worn the matching panties that are usual with this style sleepwear.

Beth leaned back looking at me behind Katrina view and rolled her eyes at me, it was hard for me not to laugh. Katrina flipped through the channels not settling on anything for more than a few seconds. I wasn’t sure what she was looking for on TV but my cock was telling me that the real show was on this couch beside me. I ached to be in bed with Beth, yet her daughter sat in the sexiest nightgown imaginable and the unmistakable scent of female arousal.

“I can’t believe there is nothing on the tube,” Katrina said and pushed the remote control my way as if trying to put it in my hand and I felt the back of her hand brush against my erection. I saw her glance my way with that sly knowing grin and she left her hand pressed against the tip of my cock for longer than necessary to dispose of the remote. “Well I guess I will go to bed,” Katrina said, “you two be good in here alone,” she finished and made as grand an exit as she did when she entered.

“You’d think she was 13 years old again instead of a 25 year old married woman,” Beth said with a wink. I smiled, Beth looked down and then leaned over rubbing her hand across the erection in my shorts, “I think you have something I have been needing,” she said and scooted over closer to me. I put my arm over her shoulder and let my fingers drop across her tit and rubbed her nipple.

“It feels like you are as hard as I am,” I said as her nipple responded to my touch. “What would Dad say if he knew what we have been up to?” I asked.

“I think he knew after our first time and just didn’t say anything. He knew we were adults and since no one was complaining there was no problem with us sleeping together.” She replied.

“Do you realize Beth we have never slept together? All our time in bed has been bringing each other sexual release?” I said continued to tweak her nipple.

Beth pulled my hand off her tit, “You need to be a good boy,” she said, “you will get me all hot and bothered before we get to my bedroom.”

“Then let’s go get comfortable,” I said standing up with my shorts showing my arousal.

“Hmmm, what is this?” Beth said as she put her hand over the tip of my cock bunching the fabric around my cock. “I think you are happy to see me again, just like our first time.”

I pulled her off the couch, “you are just a nasty girl,” I teased as I pushed my hands inside her shorts. “I thought you weren’t wearing panties when I was staring at your ass at the grill.”

“I wanted to wear something special for you in case you had trouble getting aroused, it looks and feels like you didn’t need much encouragement,” she said and pulled me to her and my cock pressed against her as we kissed.

We barely made it to her bedroom before we were stripping each other clothes off. Beth had a skimpy black thong under her shorts and turned to let me see the back view, she knew I loved her ass and her more mature and rounded appearance drove me wild.

I ran my hand over her curvy ass as I let my cock point the way to her, it was hard and throbbing and I wanted her oral attention, she had always been exceptionally good at that way of bringing pleasure. I stopped behind her letting my cock slide up between the crack of her ass and cupped her tits enjoying the feel of the flesh that was so seductive.

I turned her around and slipped my fingers under the fabric of the thong and with a startled look said, “Hmm, I think someone has shaved, this is new.”

“Just for you lover boy,” she said as I slipped the thong down off her body. Her skin was silky smooth and I ran the back of my hands over her pubic area that had always been hairy before. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said.

“I love it Beth,” and kissed her while pushing my fingers between her labia feeling her creamy arousal and found her clit, swollen and poked out of its hood. I pushed her towards the bed and at the edge of the bed she broke the kiss and spun around pushing me onto the bed.

“I think you need some help getting started,” she said as she pulled my legs onto the bed and crawled between them. She blew on my hot throbbing cock as she circled her fingers around the base of it and licked the sensitive underside of my cut cock. She knew how sensitive I was there and I nearly shot my load with that first lick.

Beth sucked the tip into her mouth and I groaned and extended my hands to touch her head. I knew she didn’t like having her head forced down onto my cock so was gentle so she knew I remembered. Her face was soft and her dark hair was like silk strands in my fingers as she bobbed her head up and down and made moaning sounds as she sucked my member.

Beth pulled off of my cock and raised on her knees and planted tipobet güvenilir mi a trail of tiny kisses up my torso until she got to my mouth and sucked my lower lip into her mouth and softly nibbled on me as I felt her slick pussy rubbing against my cock. I was so into her love making that the world around me ceased to exist. Just like our first time, she ceased to be my sister, she was the woman that knew me so well and knew how to bring me to the point of ecstasy.

I could sense her arousal in every move and the scent of her was beyond the perfume I had detected before, it was now mixed with her rising passion and I wanted to feel my cock inside of her. She straddled my legs and I waited for the plunge into her as her hands went to my chest feeling for my nipples.

Suddenly I felt hands on my cock, I was in such a euphoric state of arousal that it didn’t make sense but yet I became aware that her hands were on my nipples as well as my cock. And those hands guided me to her pussy as she moved down. I opened my eyes and watched as she slid onto my pole and then I saw Katrina behind her smiling and groping her mother’s tits.

Beth opened her eyes, “I hope you don’t mind Larry,” she said as Katrina kneaded her tits and I watched as Katrina kissed her mother’s shoulder, “Katrina wanted to join us in our love making, I hope you don’t mind.”

I felt Katrina straddle my legs as Beth humped against my rock hard cock and then something cold, rubbery, and slick slid between my legs and pushed beside my cock. Beth bent over onto my chest pushing her large tits against me as I felt the invasion of “that thing” inside her pussy with my cock. It was a tight fit but then I realized that Katrina had a strap on cock when the vibrator in the tip touched my cock tip and I nearly exploded from the sensation as she fucked her mother and massaged my cock at the same time.

I couldn’t see anything except Katrina’s face that was a study in pure lust as she began thrusting into her mother and massaging my cock. Beth moaned and then said, “young people bring such delightful new things to us more mature folks, don’t you agree Larry?” And I felt Beth hump against me and her daughter as two cocks filled her slick pussy.

I had never been involved in a threesome but quickly ignored the fact that these two women had planned this from the start, all the exhibitionism by Katrina was simply their foreplay and getting me so aroused, and I loved it. I felt my cock begin to signal my point of no return and I grunted with pleasure every time Katrina’s strap-on cock tip would touch mine inside of her mother.

“You two are going to make me cum way too fast,” I complained in mock anger, “I hope you are ready for me to fill you up Beth.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Beth said pulling off of my cock as Katrina grabbed the base of my cock and squeezing. “You need to show Katrina just how wonderful that cock feels inside of her.” There was a lot of movement on the bed and the hand released my throbbing cock. Katrina stood beside the bed with a long dildo fastened to her straps that had a lifelike tip and she moved it to my lips, “First you need to suck my cock,” she said and pressed hard against my mouth.

I opened my mouth and felt the helmet of the dildo slide into my mouth and she clicked the switch and I felt the vibration in my mouth as she pressed the cock all the way to the back of my throat. I had never experienced anything like this but went along with it because I could see the lust she felt by forcing me to suck her fake cock. She was very good with the device, the tip would reach to the back of my throat but never gagged me, I wondered how she knew with no nerve endings in the strap-on.

My eyes fixed on her crotch with the straps and dildo, a mechanical marvel strapped to a lithe young body that I knew I would end up fucking. I sucked on the cock feeling the rim of the tip against my tongue and the vibrations that almost felt like an electric shock. I could taste Beth’s arousal on the cock yet it wasn’t anything like when I would eat her out. The change in action had eased my arousal to the point that I no longer felt like I would explode and as I sucked Katrina’s fake cock I felt Beth suck my cock into her mouth.

She was less aggressive and I realized she was trying to make sure I remained hard and ready but not over the top. Katrina pulled the cock out of my mouth and slapped my face with it, “I knew you’d make a good cock sucker,” she hissed, “but only my cock Uncle Larry,” she said. “Next time I will fill the reservoir with my cum so you can feel me shoot my load into your mouth, or maybe elsewhere.” She said with that sly grin I had come to understand was her plan to dominate me

Katrina stepped back and unbuckled the straps holding the dildo as I watched the straps and dildo fall to the floor, still wet with my saliva. Beth pulled off my cock and stepped off the bed. I looked at mother and daughter standing side by side, different in age and shape, but similar in their desire for lustful sex.

Katrina pulled on my hand and I stood, she pulled close to me, her small tits brushing my chest and we kissed. She had all the oral skills of her mother as I pressed my cock between her legs, the strap-on cock was gone and I was now in familiar territory. She pulled off and Beth replaced her with another kiss. If my eyes had been closed the entire time I would not have known the difference in the woman kissing me, but the large tits would have given it all away.


I heard the bed move and when Beth broke the kiss we both looked and saw her lying on the bed facing us. “You two look so completely compatible together,” Katrina said, “I don’t know why you two just don’t live together all the time.”

“Because young lady,” Beth said bending and kissing her daughter in a long tongue filled kiss, “You’d never patch things up with your husband and leave Larry for me only.” And she smiled as she stood and turned to me, “Larry would you be so kind as to show my daughter just how skilled you are?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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