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Not Very Proud

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Big Dicks

I did something today that I’m not really proud of. I always thought I had — well, above-average moral standards, but I guess I found out that the old saying of “a stiff dick has no conscience” is true.

The house two doors down from me is an enigma to me. In the three months I’ve lived here I’ve seen many very attractive women coming and going all day long and only a couple of men. One of the regular women is a bit older, perhaps in her early forties and has reddish brown hair. She has what I guess you’d call a hard body as she looks very firm all over with somewhat small breasts. For me that’s perfect, I’m one of those weird men who actually prefers smaller breasts.

My morning routine is unvarying; I get up, turn on the computer, make coffee, then go on-line. I have a dial-up connection so, while it’s doing its slow thing, I take my first cup of coffee outside and have a cigarette while I check out the weather and watch trains go past the house. I sleep in the nude and just pull on my robe before going out and, because it’s dark when I get up, I don’t worry about anyone seeing anything.

I normally only see two others up at this time, two men down the block leaving for work; one at 5:30 and one at six. Today, I’m just taking a sip of coffee when I hear, “Hi, you’re McCarthy, aren’t you?”

Shit! I dribble hot coffee down over the front of my robe as I turn and see the older woman walking toward me. I brush off the coffee as I say, “Most people call me Mac.”

“Well, Mac, I see you out here nearly every morning. Can I have a drag?” Without waiting for a response she reached out and plucked the cigarette out of my fingers. Taking pendik escort a deep drag she held it and then blew it out slowly. “Oh, I needed that.”

She handed it back to me and said, “I can’t smoke at home. My parents are rather sick and the smoke is bad for them.” She looked around and said, “Nice morning, isn’t it?”

Before I could answer she grabbed the cigarette again and took another puff. “Every time I see you out here you’re always wearing that robe. My curiosity is eating me up, what do you wear under it?”

She’s going all over the place with this conversation so I try to act cool as I took a sip of coffee and said, “Nothing.”

Silence for several very long seconds as she sucked on the cigarette again and then said, “Want to show me?”

“Uh, not really. Opening my robe in public could get me arrested.”

She took another drag, dropped it to the sidewalk, crushed it out, and said, “Well, if we went inside and you showed me it wouldn’t be in public, would it?”

Without waiting for an answer she turned and walked into my house. Somewhat in a daze I followed and, as soon as we were inside, she said, “Okay, so show me.”

I set down my coffee cup and opened my robe.

“Oh, yes,” she said as she reached down to fondle my balls, “that’s what I was hoping to see.” Then, as my cock started responding to her playing around, she said, “That’s even better. I love it when a cock responds like that.” She looked at me with an impish grin and said, “Would it be all right if I stroked it?”

I smiled and said, “I don’t seem to have anything to say about anything that’s happening. I guess you kartal escort can do just about whatever you want.”

She smiled at me as she wrapped her hand around the hardening shaft and started stroking slowly and firmly. “Do you like to kiss, Mac?” she asked.

Rather than answer, I pulled her in close, wrapped my arms around her waist, and pressed my lips to hers. It only took a few seconds for her tongue to be pressing between my lips and we were soon trading off sucking on each other’s tongue while we kissed. I moved one hand to her boob and the other to her ass and started squeezing both of them. Yep, as I thought, firm muscles all over.

She was still working on my cock so I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. I moved my hand across her ass, her hip, and down between her legs in the front. She was wearing a short shift with an opening in the front and she obliged me by opening her legs. I slid my hand under the shift and found that she wasn’t wearing any panties as I found myself stroking a bald pussy.

I worked my finger into her slit, finding her clit, and played with it a bit. Then down farther and she opened her legs a bit more so I could press my finger into her warm, wet channel. I kept the pressure on her clit with my palm as I moved my finger in and out of her and then worked another into her.

A couple minutes of that and she gripped my cock really hard and moaned lightly. She relaxed and pulled back to say, “Honey, I don’t have a lot of time and, even though that feels really nice, I could do that with my own fingers. What I need is a cock inside me.”

Without another word she maltepe escort turned around and leaned on my couch, bending over and moving her feet apart. I pushed her shift up over her hips and admired the view. Nope, no fat, no sag, just a lovely, smooth ass and — down below was a beautiful pair of lips staring at me. I reached down to stroke them as I moved closer to her. She reached between her legs and demanded, “Give me that cock.”

I moved up closer and she took my cock, pulled it toward her hole, moved around a bit, and shoved backward with her hips. “Oh, yes,” she moaned, “pull it out and really shove it into me.” I did and she said, “Again, oh, yes, don’t stop, please don’t stop. Do me fast and hard, I need it that way today.”

Okay, I’ve only had sex one night since I moved here and that was nearly two months ago. Somehow I managed to hold out nearly ten minutes before I felt myself getting ready to explode. “Shit, I’m coming, I can’t hold it.”

“Do it, come in me, oh!” That last as she felt my cum streaming into her depths. I groaned, she moaned, and we strained against each other trying to get every drop out of me. After what seemed like the longest time we both relaxed and my cock slipped out of me.

She stood, turned around, and said, “Oh, Mac, that was nice, thank you.” She kissed me and leaned down to lick my cock clean and then stood up and said, “If I need that again, can I come to see you?”

“Babe, any time you need it, come on down.” I followed her to the front door, pulling my robe closed and tying it. “By the way, after what we did, don’t you think you should tell me your name?”

She chuckled and said, “Sally,” and stretched up to kiss me quickly on the lips. Then she opened the door and said, “Shit, my husband’s out in the front yard. I hope he doesn’t see me leaving. Bye.” And she walked out.

Husband? Nope, not real proud of myself right now. Sexually satisfied, but not real proud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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