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Never Trust your Wife PT2

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Never Trust your Wife PT2
Kate and Lucy arrived at their friend and lover’s beach condo on a Friday in early September. Tim greeted them in the driveway and took them on a short walk behind the complex to the beautiful beach. They met his brothers, Rick and Steve, in the sand and chatted before going in to see the condo.

“Here’s your room, ladies,” said Tim. It was a two bedroom condominium, the girls’ room had two queen sized beds and Rick’s had the king. The guys left and gave them time to unpack and unwind after their three hour drive.

“Rick seems a little shady, but Steve, oh my god…” Lucy drifted off thinking of Steve’s pecs and abs, as they changed into their two-piece bathing suits.

“Yeah, I noticed he’s probably packing something on par with his little bro,” replied Kate. The women laughed and went to the en suite bathroom to re-do their hair and make-up. Kate noticed Lucy’s big box of condoms in her lingerie bag.

“No more diaphragm?” asked Kate.

“Nope. Tim actually broke it last weekend when we met up,” Lucy said, giggling. Kate raised an eyebrow and laughed. Lucy hadn’t mentioned that she and Tim had gotten together since their wedding weekend orgy, a month previous.

“You’re not on anything else?” asked Kate.

“No. I was going to get the same IUD as you, but Jim wants another k**… So, I’m supposed to keep it safe,” said Lucy. They finished in the bathroom and met the guys in the living room.

“Wow,” Steve exclaimed, first to spot the girls in their bikinis. Kate’s fake titties looked fantastic in her white strapless push-up top. Lucy was practically busting out of her top, her breasts pushing against the thin light-blue fabric. She was self-conscious about wearing a two-piece when she was still carrying a little weight but the guys’ reaction made her feel like she made the right choice. They admired the women and gave them their compliments.

“Do you want to go back to the beach or check out the new hot tub?” asked Tim, smiling. The girls knew what the guys wanted and said the hot tub.

The five were soaking in the private, fenced-in hot tub, drinking and messing around in no time. Lucy tried out Tim and Steve’s laps, letting each fondle her a bit under the water; while Kate gave each man a chance to grope and test her implants. Lucy was weary of Rick, not giving him much time and didn’t like the way he was staring at her. When things began getting hotter between Kate and Steve (he was already stroking her pussy, his hand in her bikini bottoms) Tim spoke up.

“Hey Kate, Lucy – today’s actually Rick’s birthday. Guy’s forty now,” said Tim. The girls wished him a happy birthday. Tim whispered in Lucy’s ear whether it would be cool if Rick got to have time with her first. Lucy sighed, rolled her eyes and got up. She would do whatever Tim asked.

“Let’s go, Rick.” Lucy took his hand, his obscene erection poking from his shorts as she lead him to her and Kate’s bedroom.

After Lucy left, Kate told Tim to come sit closer to her and Steve. She began making out with him as Steve rubbed her pussy. Kate felt Steve’s rock hard cock pushing against her ass, and it was a big one. She was in her element as she had the full attention of two hot guys. They were pawing at her tits so hard, trying to undue or get under the bandeau, that she finally stood up and pulled it off over her head.

“There you go,” said Kate as she settled back into the water and the hands of the lecherous men. She was getting hot and heavy with them in the water. Each would take turns with her in their lap, suckling her nipples and breasts, slipping fingers into her sex. Kate enjoyed how hard Tim sucked her tits, biting lightly at them, compared to Steve’s softer, sensual kissing and fondling.

Thirty to forty minutes had passed since Lucy left with Rick, and Kate was busy stroking Steve’s large member under the water while she gave Tim head, he sat on the top of the jacuzzi feeding her his cock.

“Katey…” Lucy called out from just inside the house. Kate pulled her mouth off of Tim’s cock with an audible pop and got up to meet her friend at the sliding glass door. Lucy was holding a towel around her, she looked pretty disheveled and kind of peeved.

“Rick’s a douchebag.” They whispered back and forth. Kate said she’d go handle him and Lucy could return to the hot tub.

“Thanks. Good luck, honey; he’s a real prick.” Kate entered the house as Lucy went to the hot tub, dropping her towel to the approving howls of the erect and incredibly horny men. Kate looked back and saw the smile on her friends face as her nude body was met by hands and mouths.

When Kate entered her and Lucy’s room, she first noticed that both beds were a mess, and giggled. She spotted a used condom on the floor and then Rick emerged from the bathroom, fully hard.

“Well, hello Rick. Nice dick,” said Katie, smiling. His cock wasn’t quite as big as his brothers’, but it was better than average and certainly bigger than her husband’s.

“Oh, cool,” was all that he replied as he embraced her, pressing her nude body to him and sucked her tongue into his mouth. She liked how he kissed, they swirled tongues for a few minutes and he felt her entire body with his hands. Eventually he told her to sit on the bed, she complied and he fed her his cock.

Kate took him into her mouth, smelling her friend’s pussy in his pubic hair. She briefly thought of her husband at home with her k**s as she sucked this near-strangers dick. Soon he grabbed hold of her hair and pushed himself into her throat, she gagged a few times and nudged him back, but he repeated the action and she pulled her bursa escort bayan mouth from his cock.

“Relax, dude.” He smiled and kissed her mouth sweetly, laying her back and placing his cock at her vagina. She was horny as hell from the hot tub and would let quite a bit slide, lifting her legs and welcoming him into her wet pussy.

His cock felt good, hitting her right from the get-go, though he would nip her breasts a bit too hard now and then. She was closer to coming when he pulled out.

“Kate, I’ve already had plenty of pussy today. Can I have your ass?” She reluctantly agreed. She thought she would save that for Tim or maybe even Steve, but it was the guy’s birthday after all.

“Okay, but you need to use plenty of lube.” He nodded as he grabbed Lucy’s lube from the nightstand and lubricated his cock. She got on her hands and knees and presented her ass to him. Rick globbed some lube onto her asshole with one finger and was trying to press into her. Soon he had his cock at her hole and was pushing himself inside with little ceremony.

“Fuck…” said Kate, uncomfortable from his early entrance. His cock head was fat and hurt as it popped into her ass. She pushed back at his thigh.

“Slow, Rick, please…” He worked his dick into her, and when she was finally used to it and ready to possibly enjoy it, he pulled it out of her ass.

Rick grabbed a fistful of her hair and turned her face around on the bed and fed her his dick. She hesitated but he was in control of her head, so she thought it easier to just let him slip it passed her lips then fight him over it. He fucked her mouth for a few seconds before pulling out and arranging her back into position. Rick again entered her ass roughly, holding her hips so she couldn’t scoot away.

After he fucked her for a minute, and her ass was now used to his cock, he pulled it out again, grabbing a handful of hair and again feeding her his dick. This time he fucked her mouth longer, getting it into her throat until she gagged, at which point he stopped and place her back into position and inserted his cock back into her. He could now fuck her ass with his entire cock, her ass was so used to it. It kind of felt numb to Kate, no longer hurting.

“You could at least play with my pussy, Rick,” said Kate, smirking as he railed her asshole with his entire cock. He held her hair in his hand as he fucked her, yanking it back hard when she made snarky comments.

Rick pulled his cock out of her ass once more, holding her hair and yanking her into position to receive his cock from her rectum. The ass-to-mouth thing didn’t bother her, her ass was especially clean from the hot tub. It actually kind of intrigued her, she had taken a cock from her and Lucy’s ass before but it was brief, now she was getting a full experience of what her actual ass tasted like. It wasn’t exactly gross, she thought, as he fucked her mouth, making her gag once in a while until he finally pulled his cock out once more.

Kate spun herself around, ready for more anal. He stopped her and told her to sit on the edge of the bed as he jacked his cock. He grabbed her hair again and told her to open her mouth. She complied, more so out of curiosity than anything else, and he shot one long strand of semen from her forehead to her chin, then a second and third into her open mouth. He finished by placing his cock into her mouth and she sucked the remaining semen, spitting it on the floor when he finally pulled out.

“Well, that was nice, Rick. I’m going to go shower,” said Kate, deadpan, as she got up and went into the bathroom. He followed her in.

“I’m not done, dear,” Rick replied, as she turned on the shower. She was horny as hell and wasn’t going to let this jerk challenge her.

“It looks like you are, dude,” said Kate, stroking his soft penis. They both got into the shower, she let him fondle and kiss her. He would get her worked up and then not follow through, whether purposefully or just incompetent, she didn’t care.

“Get on your knees,” said Rick. She met his challenge. She started sucking his semi-hard dick before he could say or do anything and he nudged her head away.

Rick began pissing on Kate’s chest. To say she was shocked was an understatement. She knew he was trying to get her to run out so he and his brothers could have a good laugh at some point, about the bitch he pissed on – so she didn’t react, out of spite.

He moved the stream higher over her chin and when he hit her mouth, she smiled at him. She thought he looked pissed that she smiled at him. He peed on her chin and forehead, finally the stream ended and she stood to soap herself. Rick continued to fondle her as she showered, his now hard cock pressing into her back as he helped her soap her big, fake breasts.

When she was finished washing she got out and began drying off. Rick followed her out with his new erection and grabbed her wrist, pulling her into the bedroom, still wet from the shower.

“God, you have an amazing body, store-bought or not,” said Rick as he flung her to the bed. She landed on her front and he mounted her from behind, easily sliding into her still wet pussy. He rode her hard, grinding her into the bed, holding her neck from underneath with one hand and her hair in the other.

Now this was the sort of nasty sex she could get into, she thought. He fucked her like that for some time and his grip on her throat grew tighter until she was choking a bit, getting a little dizzy from some lost blood circulation. He fucked her roughly enough into the bed that she thought he might break one of her implants. He escort bursa came hard inside her, then she came hard, unexpectedly, as he released her neck and blood rushed back into her head.

They turned over and recovered in the now-wet bed. She got up and went to the bathroom to finish drying off and he left to go find his brothers.

Kate got dressed and put herself back together, a little shaken from the sex she had just experienced, but proud that Rick hadn’t made her run out like he had made Lucy. She went into the kitchen to get a drink when she heard Lucy moaning from Tim’s bedroom. Makes sense, she thought.

Kate went to the doorway of Tim’s room, the door was wide open, Rick was sitting in a chair in the corner watching the action. She thought of Lucy’s husband, he really enjoyed watching, probably more so than her husband. Lucy was riding Steve while Tim stood on the bed fucking her mouth. She saw two used condoms strewn on the floor and that Steve was wearing one inside of her friend, though Tim was bare in her mouth.

“Are you ready, baby?” asked Tim as he pulled his gorgeous cock from her mouth. Kate was already getting wet again watching the action. Lucy nodded and Steve sat up and moved them to the edge of the bed, remaining in her pussy. When Steve leaned back down with Lucy laying on his chest, Kate had a pretty good idea what was happening.

Tim jumped down off the bed, lubed up his cock and began fingering Lucy’s asshole. She continued riding Steve before Tim decided she was ready for another dick. Lucy paused as Tim pressed his eight inch cock at her asshole, trying to get it to pass.

“Wow! Fuck!” exclaimed Lucy, as Tim got the head into her sexy ass. She told him to go slow, whined, complained a bit and moaned as he worked his dick inside her. Finally, she had a dick in her ass and one in her pussy.

Kate stood, astonished that her friend was getting double-penetrated. Steve fucked her gradually as Tim pulled half of his cock out and plunged it back in. Lucy was enjoying it!

Steve soon came inside the condom in Lucy’s pussy and went limp as Tim fucked her ass. Steve got out from under her as Tim pulled out, she fell back and Tim mounted her missionary. Tim gave her all of his dick, humping her almost lovingly as they made out and she came from his penetration. Kate thought about the fact that he wasn’t wearing a condom only after he came inside her friend.

“What’s up, Katey?!” Lucy said excitedly as she finally noticed her friend was in the room. Tim lay in bed with Lucy and played with her breasts. They convinced her to undress and join them.

Steve disappeared into the bathroom and Rick went out to get drinks for everyone, while Tim kissed and fondled the two women. Kate was still horny and attempted to get Tim hard again, sucking on his pussy-slick cock as he kissed her friend, but he was too worn out. Rick and Steve returned and they all drank as Tim ate Kate’s pussy, hoping it would make him hard again.

Kate giggled at the thought of Tim tasting some of his brother’s semen.

“Kate, eat out Lucy!” Rick suggested. Lucy didn’t move until Steve and Tim also seemed to like the idea. She straddled Kate’s face and planted her pussy down on her mouth. Tim continued to explore Kate’s pussy and Kate began lapping at her friend’s swollen labia.

The pussy eating went on for some time, Kate and Lucy eventually came hard. Tim took a break and drank with his brothers as Lucy dismounted her friend’s face.

“Lick each other!” The guys said, cheering on Lucy and Kate. They didn’t need much encouragement. Kate was surprised how turned on she was getting at the thought of girl sex. She had never even considered it until the night she spent with Tim and Lucy back at the hotel.

The girls licked each other, sweating, really getting into each other. Soon Lucy was feeding Kate her tits, as they were getting into the showmanship of it. Their audience was loving it, directing them, getting them to finger each other then lick their fingers, finger each others assholes while licking pussy from behind.

“Kate, lick her ass!” Tim called out. Kate paused, she had been licking her friend’s pussy from behind, her nose practically pressed against Lucy’s asshole already. She hesitantly trailed her tongue from Lucy’s pussy, over her perineum and into her salty crack.

“Wow, it’s kind of weird when a chick does it,” said Lucy, giggling as her friend licked her ass. Kate tasted her friend’s ass, licking around the already used asshole, dipping the tip of her tongue into her friend’s hole from time to time as they guys cheered.

Eventually the sex show ended and they all decided to grab dinner. Dinner out was pretty normal, Kate thought it odd how much Lucy and Tim looked like a couple, seeing as Lucy was married with k**s.

That night after being out, dancing a little and drinking a lot at a bar, they all returned back to the condo. Lucy and Tim slipped into his room, door closing behind them. Steve and Tim following Kate into the girls’ room. Kate was looking forward to tasting Steve’s dick. He had been paying her attention all night out, being sweet to her. She thought it too bad she was obligated to entertain Rick the Prick too.

Kate ended up getting double-penetrated for the first time with Steve and Rick. Rick spent most of the night filming her and Steve fucking with her phone and he posted it online on a tube site, sending her husband the link. She enjoyed performing on video for her husband, though she wouldn’t find out Rick had posted it online until the next morning.

Early the next morning Kate went on bursa escort a walk by the ocean with Steve. They made love in a beach chair surrounded by furniture. She could feel herself getting attached to Steve. He was sweet, gorgeous.

The group spent most of the day at the beach. Lucy and Kate played in the water and let the guys chase them like they were teenagers. Lucy and Kate sat and had a long conversation.

“So what happened last night between you and Tim?” asked Kate.

“It was pretty amazing. He’s the only guy I’ve ever felt like that with.”

“Jesus, Lucy, you’re married,” Kate grinned.

“I know… I didn’t make him wear a single condom either,” replied Lucy. “I see you and Steve are getting close too. Are you going to date him?”

“I don’t know. How do you date a married man when you’re married?” said Kate.

“Carefully, I guess.”

The group returned to the condo for a late lunch. Meaning, Lucy disappeared into Tim’s room and Steve brought Kate into the other room while Rick was left to his own devices.

She was checking her phone in the bedroom while Steve nibbled at her neck and undressed her. There were quite a few messages from her husband that she had ignored. She figured she could deal with him later. Steve put her on the bed and ate her out for a half hour. Her phone began going off, she cursed, not wanting to get up. She came hard from Steve’s mouth then got up to answer her insistent phone.

“Hello?” said Kate, standing at the mirrored dresser, studying herself naked as her husband rambled on about her video being on the Internet. She got irritated at her husband, probably more so than Rick.

“I thought this would be a one time thing. Next thing I know someone sends me a video of my wife taking it in the ass and pussy and it’s front page of this porno site,” stated her husband, angrily.

“Dear, I didn’t film or intend for any video of me fucking to get put up online. Can’t do shit about it now, right?” she replied, he consented. Steve came up behind her and cupped her tits in his hand, she smiled at him in the mirror, his raging hard-on pressed into her lower back.

Kate’s husband went on and on about what was happening back home as Steve picked up Kate and placed her on the bed. He fucked her mouth gently as Kate put the phone down, her husband still talking.

Steve mounted her for some intense lovemaking, the sounds of their smacking sex obvious to her husband.

“God, Kate, are you fucking someone right now?”

“Uh, umm, no…” she whined as Steve pounded her pussy, her toes curling in the air.

She rode his cock next, saying goodbye to her irate husband. Steve came inside her and they lay together for an hour talking then napping a bit before fucking again.

Steve continued his nap while Kate showered. She was startled that Rick had been sitting on the toilet in the same room, waiting for her to finish.

“Oh, what’s up, Rick?”

“I’ve got an incredible hard-on, let’s do it, Kate,” said Rick. She dried off, saying her pussy was sore and maybe later. He pulled her down into his lap, unzipping his pants.

“You’re a real nice guy, Rick,” Kate replied as he dropped his pants and pulled her down on his cock so they were both sitting normally on the toilet. He grabbed her tits hard and sucked on her neck. She figured she could probably get him off in a minute and grab a few drinks before Steve woke up.

“Fuck, that’s good, baby,” groaned Rick as Kate bent over and raised herself up and down his cock over the toilet. He came in less than two minutes, filling her freshly washed pussy with his semen.

The group of five went out for dinner but came back to the condo earlier than the night before. The men had a long game of poker while the women talked and watched TV.

“Haha, I fucking won,” exclaimed Rick. Steve laughed and said he was fine with it. Tim looked bummed.

“What’s up, guys?” asked Lucy at the sudden outburst.

“We played cards to see who would get the chance to spend the night with each of you,” Tim replied. Lucy didn’t look happy.

“Would you please join me in the bedroom, Lucy?” said Rick, feigning decency. He held out his hand, Lucy looked angrily at Tim and Steve and marched into her bedroom with Rick on her heels.

“So…that leaves me with Kate,” said Steve, smiling at his girl. Kate was excited to spend the night with him. They made love like a couple, every few hours, sleeping lightly between sessions. At about four am, after some particularly intense anal, Kate went out into the kitchen for a drink.

Kate could hear Lucy moaning in their bedroom. She wanted to check and make sure her friend was okay. The door was lightly ajar, she nudged it a bit to see. For all of Lucy’s complaining about Rick the last few days and nights she sure seemed to be enjoying herself.

Lucy lay on her front, her wrists were bound to the bed frame. The room smelled a little like pee, likely from an earlier experiment. Rick fucked her with a large dildo, where it came from Kate had no idea, and he licked her ass. Rick momentarily raised his face revealing Lucy’s big, red, whipped butt. Rick pulled out a riding crop from under some covers and hit her solid on her right ass cheek. She yelped at the sharp pain, then moaned while he kept fucking her with the dildo.

Kate stuck around long enough to see Rick fuck her ass with the dildo, make her clean the dildo with. her mouth, then fuck her pussy while choking her, the same as he did to Kate on day one. When he came inside her unprotected cunt, she whined like an absolute whore.

Not long after, Kate was back in bed with Steve for a long, sensual goodbye fuck. They made plans for a date the following weekend. Lucy woke up Tim that morning with a loving suck and fuck. Kate and Lucy knew they were ready to be Steve and Tim’s fuck buddies. They knew it would be hard breaking the news to their husbands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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