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Never Let You Go Ch. 08

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As the months went by, Jenna and Max grew closer. It was the beginning of June now and they had been together for over 5 months. School had gotten out a few days before but Jenna still had things she needed to do in her classroom before her summer break could officially begin. They had saved up enough money together to rent a cabin for the summer that they would share with other couples. Jenna and Max got it the first week of every month. Neither of them had ever had a rental cabin before and were very excited to have a getaway that was their own. The cabin was deep in the woods up north, near the bridge, a few hours from home. No t.v., no cell phone reception, no neighbors. Max liked that part the best.

As much time as Max spent with Jenna, it never seemed like enough. He didn’t want to smother her, but he couldn’t stand being apart from her either. When she spent the day with Amy shopping or wanted to have a double date with their friends Max never complained or objected, but secretly it bothered him. He wanted Jenna all to himself. She was his; he didn’t like sharing his time with others. He couldn’t be himself around others, either. Jenna saw a side of Max no one else ever saw, not even Greg. Max had revealed a little more about his past, over the months Jenna pried and tried to get as much out of him as she could. He told partial truths. Stories and bits from his past that did really happen, they were just out of context, or left out the more problematic parts.

He didn’t like lying to her about things; about what had happened to him, about what he had done and where he had been. But what else could he do? He had it all now; her love, a job, a place of his own. He was happy. He wasn’t about to fuck that all up by telling her about a past he wished he could forget. There was no point, the past was in the past, what’s done is done. Jenna was his future. Jenna was his life, without her he didn’t know what he’d do, who he’d be. But he told himself he’d never have to find out.


Max waiting anxiously at Jenna’s place, pacing her living room waiting for her to come home. He noticed he did that a lot, when he felt pent up, nervous or excited. He couldn’t sit still, he needed to move. He had packed his bag and Jenna’s for their week away. Not much to pack, a few things of clothes, they wouldn’t be wearing much, he thought, expecting this trip to be a week full of sex, eating and more sex. Although he knew Jenna really wanted to hike and see the scenery around them. He doubled checked to make sure he had packed them both enough socks. 8 pair were plenty, he counted. He zipped up the bag and heard the door slamming from out in the living room. “Finally,” he mumbled to himself, smiling.

“Honey, I’m home!” Jenna shouted, mockingly. Jenna wanted to shower before they hit the road and Max joined her. They soaped each other up, cleaning each other’s bodies, talking about the fun things they wanted to do this coming week. Jenna turned her back to Max and faced the water. She lifted her head up and let it rinse her off. As the water washed away the suds down Jenna’s front, Max’s hand caressed her hip; he rubbed her sides with both hands and kissed her back. His left hand slid down her stomach in between her legs. Jenna moaned and pushed her backside into him, his erection poking her in the middle of her back.

“Oh my, I didn’t know cabins got you so excited,” Jenna joked, giggling to herself. She shut the water off and jumped out of the shower quickly. “Not yet!” she insisted, refusing him what he wanted. Max stepped out after her, lust and desire burning his eyes practically black. “Just wait until we get there! OK?” Jenna laughed and ran off into her bedroom, shutting the door behind her. Max sighed, but didn’t follow. He looked down at his throbbing boner and shrugged at himself.

An hour later they were packed up and about a half hour into their drive. Jenna flipped through the stations in Max’s truck, while he draped his arm around her casually, holding bakırköy escort her close to him. The truck had a bench seat so Jenna could sit right next to him. She could also lay down if she wanted to, which she really liked. The truck was big enough and had plenty of room. The sun had begun to set and cast pink and purple shadows over the darkening sky. It was a beautiful view as they drove.

Jenna’s hand rested on his chest, she loved to rub her hands over Max’s body. The feel of his muscles under his shirt was sexy to her. She’d never been with such a man before. Someone so powerful, so beast-like. That’s a funny way to think of it, she thought. But really, he was almost beast like. He was a strong, big man; he was scruffy and thick, he had such a raw sexuality about him that drove her crazy when they were together, and she loved every bit of him. There were no other drivers on the desolate road as they drove further out from civilization and closer to their destination. She figured now was a good a time to give him a little surprise.

Max’s eyes were on the road when he noticed his belt strap being pulled. He looked down to see Jenna’s hands maneuvering the belt out of the buckle and the button being popped on his pants. He glanced at Jenna’s face as his zipper came down and his sudden erection popped out. “That was fast,” Jenna smiled up at him, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey, I can’t help the affect you have on my body,” Max admitted, shifting his body so he could tug his pants down a little lower for her. Jenna’s warm hand wrapped around his dick. The warmth of her hand and the feel of the pressure knocked the wind out of him. He exhaled sharply, and breathed in deeply. His eyes shifted from the road to Jenna as she stroked him slowly. She leaned closer, planting kisses on his neck, she bit down gently, nibbling his earlobe. Max unconsciously chuckled, his ears and neck were very ticklish. Jenna loved to take advantage of that and kiss him there whenever she could.

She kissed his cheek and lowered her head down, planting kisses on the tip of his cock. It sent tingles up his chest, down his legs and to his balls. Max moaned loudly, setting his head back on the truck’s window behind him. “I love you,” he mumbled, as his right hand snaked through and grabbed hold of her hair. She moaned to him in response as her mouth opened and sank over his member. She took him all the way in her mouth and he felt his prick hit the back of her throat. Jenna had blow job skills he didn’t even know were possible. The way she sucked and pulled on his dick was mind blowing. The best part was how she swallowed when he came. She never spit it out; she always sucked him off and swallowed it all.

Jenna’s hand pulled at his shaft as her tongue flicked the tip of Max’s cock. Sensation rippling through him, he squeezed the handful of her hair he held and she swallowed him further, taking all of him in her mouth. Her mouth tightened around him as she pulled up and pushed down on him, sucking hard with each motion. It felt so good; feeling her lips around his dick, her tongue licking his tip. His mind began to get foggy; he knew his release was coming soon.

Jenna picked up the pace on his member. Max tried to keep his eyes on the road as much as he could, but he loved to see the back of her head bobbing up and down like that, pleasuring him. Jenna moaned with him in her mouth, he could tell she was enjoying herself. She loved to please him, any way she could. She was such a good girl like that. Max felt the need building; he began to move his hips a little to her rhythm, unconsciously. The pressure in his balls tensed and he felt the orgasm come. Max moaned Jenna’s name as he came in her mouth. Jenna’s head bobbed down deeper on him as his load hit the back of her throat, and she swallowed. She sucked at him making sure to get all the come off his dick, then licked her lips, getting any that was on there. “Holy shit, I love you,” Max mumbled, breathing beşiktaş escort heavily. Jenna looked into his eyes and smiled.

“I love you too.” She whispered before cuddling up next to him for the rest of the drive.

“That’s my girl,” Max muttered into her hair as she rested against him.

* ***

Back home to the real world, their week at the cabin was over. It had gone by too fast, but they had so much fun together. They spent a lot of time cuddled in bed, making love, and talking. When they weren’t holed up in the cabin naked, they were out exploring the trails; Jenna found a lot of neat things to add to her nature collection for work, for next year’s class. Max was back to work and Jenna was doing some redecorating in Max’s place. She said his place needed a woman’s touch. He said as long as it wasn’t pink, he’d be fine with any changes she wanted to make.

4 o’clock finally rolled around and Max was headed home. He made a pit stop at the store for milk and a bouquet of flowers for Jenna. He called her on his cell to see if she was going to make something for dinner, wondering if he should grab something on the way, but he got no answer. He waited a couple minutes and tried again. Still no answer. That was weird, she always answered her phone.

Once he got to his place, he saw that Jenna’s car was in the lot. Maybe she’s napping? He thought to himself. He walked into the complex building and down the hall to his door. It was unlocked and he quietly entered, thinking now maybe she really was napping, and he didn’t want to wake her. He shut the door behind him and saw right away that Jenna wasn’t asleep; she was sitting at the table. Her back was to him and her head was down, facing the table.

“Hey baby,” Max called out, kicking off his shoes and walking over to the table, he set down the milk and held the flowers out to her. “Surprise,” Max said, smiling. Jenna wouldn’t look up at him though. Max stared at her for a moment, “Jenna? Baby, you OK?” Max set the flowers down and knelt beside her, he set his hand on her shoulder and she leapt from the table suddenly, her body jerking violently. “Jesus!” Max shouted involuntarily, startled by her reaction. He stood, staring at Jenna’s face, confused.

Max took her in, noticing she’d been crying; her eyes were bloodshot and puffy, her mascara had run, but had been smeared away. Her face twisted in what looked like fear and something else, but Max couldn’t figure out what. What the hell had happened here, he thought. Jenna’s breathing was choppy and deep, she seemed to be panicking, trying to catch her breath; something had her frightened. Her eyebrows furrowed at Max and he could see now that she was shaking, the paper in her hand shaking as well. What was that? Max looked down at her hand, she was gripping the document so tightly; it had crinkled up in a ball.

“Jenna, what’s going on?” Max asked, stepping towards her.

“Don’t!” She shouted, stepping back. Max stopped and gawked at her. He held his hands up to her, to show he would obey.

“What is that?” He asked her, looking to the paper in her hand, waiting for a reply.

“This?” Jenna held it up, she looked at the paper and back at him, she huffed at him and shook her head, tears filling up in her eyes, “These are just your parole papers.” She spat out. At first Max didn’t register what she had said, he was too shocked. He felt this strange sense of weight wash over him. It was pushing him down; he thought it was going to knock him over. Then the reality hit him and it knotted him up. It tightened his guts and squeezed his heart. No, he thought, no, no, no. Max stood there, just staring at her, his mouth hanging open, not at all capable of knowing what to say. He had never gone through this in his mind. He had no plan, no diversion, and no lies to fix this. He was royally fucked.

Jenna stood there, not even bothering to wipe away the tears as they streamed down her face. Max wanted to hold her, to beylikdüzü escort comfort her, to tell her there was a mix up, but he knew he couldn’t. He too, just stood there, looking at her, as she looked at him.

“You were in prison?” Jenna muttered, disgust in her voice and plastered all over her face. Max exhaled loudly and closed his eyes. He nodded his head.

“For what?” she asked, her voice shaking. “Should I really even bother to ask, you’ll probably just lie to me won’t you?” She added, before he could say anything. “And your family, the things you say about them, they don’t all add up, is any of that truth?” She was figuring it all out. Max should have known she would. Jenna was a smart woman. She had always been too smart for him, too good for him. This had been inevitable.

“Answer me Max!” Jenna shouted, anger seeping from her words, Max had never seen her like this before.

“No, I don’t…I, yes I was in prison, for something stupid, it was just a fight. I couldn’t bring myself to tell you. I didn’t want to lose you. I’m sorry.”

“And what about your family?” She added.

“I don’t have one.” Max answered coldly, looking off into nothing, knowing he had lost her.

“So, you lied about your past, where you were before you moved here, your family, your whole entire fucking life is a big lie!” Jenna’s voice rising with each word, the panic was building in her. “Is there anything that you have ever said to me, that wasn’t a lie?” Max looked at her, watching the tears run, her face twisted in pain.

“I love you, that was never a lie Jenna, I love you.” Max muttered, knowing it would do no good. Jenna let out a short laugh, sneering at his words. She shook her head and threw the paper down onto the table. She grabbed her purse from the counter and marched to the door. Max stood bewildered, watching her leave. She was at the door when he realized he couldn’t let this happen. Within seconds he was behind her, she had pulled the door open, but he slammed it closed in front of her. She jumped at his sudden arrival. She didn’t turn back to face him, she kept her head down and her hand on the door handle.

“Let me leave,” she mumbled, her voice shaking. She was afraid of him. Shit, he thought to himself, that was not what he wanted.

“Jenna please, please don’t do this.” Max begged, his body right behind hers, his hand still up on the door, so she couldn’t try to open it again. “Please, I love you so much, I can’t lose you.” Max felt the pressure in his chest worsen. He was going to cry. He never did, and he certainly didn’t want to, but he was about to now.

“Just let me leave,” Jenna pleaded, her voice even shakier now. Max didn’t want to frighten her more than he already had. He stood there, unsure of what to do next. He didn’t want her to leave, but he didn’t want to make things worse. He lifted his hand from the door and she immediately opened it and was gone. Just like that.

The only thing that meant anything to him, his entire existence, it was gone now. He had lost her. He leaned against the door and slid down to the floor. He sat there for a while staring at nothing and began to cry. It had been forever since he had cried. He didn’t cry when he was convicted, he didn’t cry every time the cops took him from his foster family, he didn’t cry when he was beaten with the belt or the fist. He didn’t really know when the last time was that he cried, but he was doing it now.

That night Max sat there crying, and thought about what he should have said, what he could have done differently. He thought about when he first saw her, he thought about their first night together, their week at the cabin. He thought about her body, her smell, and the way she tasted. He sat for hours, reliving moments with her; remembering every inch of her. He thought about her sweet pussy and what it was like to be inside her. He thought about his cock in her mouth, and her swallowing his come.

He wasn’t going to let this happen. She was his. He had been good to her, he had been good for her. But more than that she had been for him. He needed her. She gave him a purpose, a reason to live. He couldn’t just let that go. He could never let that go. He wouldn’t let that go. He would do whatever it took, he would get her back.

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