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Neighbor Girl Needs Help Pt. 02

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As we climb into the shower, the hot water running over us, I stare at Jemma’s magnificent body, taking her all in for the first time. Small frame, at least C size breasts with gorgeous reddish-brown areolas, slight curves at the waist and a beautiful round ass that fit the shape of a C.

I finally regain my senses and pull her to me, our lips connecting for a long, slow, sensual kiss; our tongues dancing around each other as my hands slide down, cupping her ass, grabbing all that I can get my hands on. As I squeeze her ass cheeks she moans in my mouth, wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling me even tighter to her, forcefully rubbing her tits on my chest.

Finally she breaks the kiss, coming out for air. Breathing heavily, she looks at me with lust filled eyes, grabs her bottle of body wash and squeezes some in her hand, never taking her eyes off mine. She reaches down and grabs my cock, massaging the soap into it, stroking it until it’s nice and hard, and then running her hand all over it, cleaning off her ass juice from our session in the living room just a few minutes before. She moves her hand down to my balls, lightly rolling her fingers around, working the soap to her (and my) advantage.

“Ah, fuck” I say softly, absolutely loving her cleaning technique.

While moving back and forth between my balls and my now rock hard cock, she starts to slow down her handywork, and eventually stands up, smiles at me, and grabs the shower head off the wall (you know, with a hose) and cleans me off.

“My turn” she says to me in her cute-girl voice, as she places the shower head back in its holder, hands me the soap. She then turns her back to me, leans up against the shower door with her hands up, her ass pointing straight out with her feet spread apart.

If I didn’t know better, with her handing me the soap and all, I’d have thought she wanted me to stick my cock right back in her. I squeezed some soap in my hand, put the bottle down and rubbed my hands together, and then brought them around to her front, planting them right on her tits.

I rubbed them around, working her breasts as much as I could, going over and over her perky tuzla escort little nipples as much as I could. I eventually started moving one hand south, as I brought my body in close to hers, pressing up against her backside. My right hand finally snaked its way down to her pussy, still wet as can be. I rubbed my hand over her lips, gripping her crotch with my whole hand.

“AH, oh, ah” she moans, pushing her mound into my hand, her left hand, now over-top of my left hand, rubbing and pinching her nipple.

She turns her head back to look at me and says “Use the shower-head. It feels soooo fucking good.”

I grab the shower-head and move it down it aim it at her pussy.

“Use the pulse setting,” she says, in the sexiest raspy voice I’ve ever head.

“Yes Ma’am” I answer, quickly changing settings on the shower-head to the pulse settings Jemma wished.

I aim back at her pussy and she instantly bucks her hips back into me “AH, fuck. I love the pulse”.

I move the head in closer, blasting her clit with the pulsing water. “Oh, OH, AHHHHH, FUCK, KEEP IT RIGHT THEEERRE…”

“UGH, GUH” she screams as she repeatedly bucks her ass back into me, making my still hard as fuck cock bounce in the crack of her ass. Looking down at it, I get a naughty idea and pull my hips back a bit, reaching down with my free hand, slipping my middle finger into her sopping wet pussy, sliding it in and out a few times to get it nice and slick.

I then pull my finger out, running it back to the tip of her asshole, and push it in.

“OH WHAT THE? Ah, you naughty boy” She cries, my middle finger now fully inserted into her ass. I slowly start pulling it out, only to shove it back in, her hips bucking right back into me as I do.

“AHHHHH, OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUUUUUUCCCKK” Her orgasm comes as her body shakes violently, her knees eventually failing her as she slinks to the shower floor, my finger sliding out of her ass as she goes down.

I replace the shower head, once again enjoying the hot water over me, watching Jemma sit below me, lightly moaning with a euphoric smile on her face.

After about a minute or so, she looks up at me and says “You tuzla escort bayan know, I still owe you that blowjob. I think it’s time I paid up”. Seeing as my dick was still hard as a fucking rock, I was in no mood to deny her.

She moved to sit on her knees in front of me, placed her hands upon my shins and slid them upwards, slowing as she reached my biceps, until she came to a stop at the base of my scrotum, moving her index finger from my balls, up my cock, and rubbing around the tip. She then put both hand around my dick, rubbing back and forth, in and out, all the while looking up at me, staring deep into my eyes.

“You want me to suck that cock?” she asks.

“Oh yes baby, suck that fucking cock” I reply, getting impatient.

She brings her mouth up to the tip, sticks her tongue out and quickly licks it, and then in an instant removes her hands and swallows my dick whole.

“OH FUCK” I yell out, not having ever been deep-throated before.

She sort of smiles at me, her eyes beaming as she stares into mine, and holds herself there for a few moments.

She then sucks in on my cock, applying as much pressure as possible, and starts to hum, my dick still buried in her throat. This was fucking euphoria.

After a few moments she lets up, and eventually starts bobbing her head up and down, bringing her hands back around my dick and slightly twisting with with every head bob. This was without the greatest head I have ever received, and my knees were working overtime keeping me standing.

“Ah, oh god, damn, that feels fucking good” I moan as she continues her assault on my cock, up and down, her hands lightly twisting around my rod as she comes up and goes back down. I can feel my balls start to swell, and my body tenses. She notices this and moves one hand from my cock down to my balls, slightly massaging, before she continues her journey down to my asshole.

“AH AH AHGHGHAAH” I shout as I start spurting my seed into her mouth, prompting her to bury her face in my lap, shoving my rock hard stick down her throat, at the same she sticks her index finger into my ass, causing my knees to buckle as I thrust my arms out to hold escort tuzla the shower walls, cumming spurt after spurt straight down her throat.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” I yell out, as she slowly pulls my stick hard dick from her mouth, licking the tip several times, causing my legs to practically give out from under me. I slide down to my knees next to her, the hot water now running over both our heads. She pulls her head back, looks at me with that coy sexy smile of hers, and licks her lips as she pulls in to kiss me.

After we broke our kiss, we sat there for another couple of minutes, until I could finally stand. Eventually we shut the water off and got out, toweling each other off.

As we made our way out of the bathroom, we walked back out to the living room (still naked), and I sat down on the couch and started picking up my clothes.

“You’re not leaving, are you?” She asks, with a pouty look on her face.

“I still have to work tonight, and need to go to bed. And I’m really fucking tired after all that.”

“Oh, well, you can sleep here if you want, that way you don’t have to get dressed just to cross the hall.”

I was really looking forward to my own bed, but she had this needy, lustful look in her eye, so I obliged, and she led me back to her bedroom and tucked me in.

“What time would you like to get up?” she asks.

I look at the clock, noting that it’s already 10:30am. “I don’t have to be to work ’til 7, so anytime after 5 is good.”

“Sounds good” she replies, as she leans to kiss me, her hand snaking under the covers to massage my cock one last time “I can’t wait to wake you up” using her low, sexy as fuck raspy voice, giving the tip of my dick a small squeeze before she gets up, shuts the lights off and leaves the room, shutting the door only after she bends over and giggles, showing her bare ass and pussy to me.

I fall asleep soon enough, unbelievably tired.

Some time later, I am awakened by the sensation of someone licking my cock, slowly making it hard. I look down to see Jemma doing her thing, licking, sucking, stroking me until she finally looks up and sees that I am awake.

“Good morning sleepyhead, hope you’re ready for breakfast” she says as she quickly turns her body, moving over top of me, and plants her sopping wet pussy right down on my face, returning her mouth to my cock in the process.

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