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“Vanilla, please,” my boyfriend Rex asked the ice cream vendor. He smiled warmly at me but I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes. He was always ordering vanilla. The only other thing I’d ever seen him order was chocolate, or maybe strawberry every once in a while. He knew what he liked and he tended to stick with it.

“I’ll take a Neapolitan,” I smiled back at Rex and then at the vendor, who was definitely happier scooping three delicious scoops of ice cream into my bowl than one vanilla scoop. “Oh, can you add a cone on top, too? And some hot fudge! Oh, and whipped cream with a cherry?”

“You want nuts?”

“Hell yeah, I want nuts!” I looked at Rex and raised an eyebrow in mock seduction. He laughed as he took a lick from his plain vanilla cone. I loved Rex but he was a bit on the boring side. He was as vanilla as his ice cream choice and there wasn’t much I could do about it. It wasn’t that the sex was bad. It wasn’t exactly bad as it was lacking excitement. It was a tad boring and though I was longing for something a bit more exciting, I loved Rex and I wasn’t planning to leave him anytime soon. I just wished that there was something I could do to bring some excitement to our sex life.

“You want nuts, huh?” Rex asked as we made our way out to the boardwalk. There were jugglers, musicians, and even a man who looked like Michael Jackson dancing to a boombox in Jackson 5 style. Rex took in the scene slowly and then his eyes met mine. “I’ve got nuts for you, Sadie. I can show you when we get home.”

“I’m sure,” I laughed. “I hope we are talking about sex because I am so horny.”

“Me too,” he admitted and I could see his mind was already wandering toward later. Mine was too, but for the first time in a long time, I was starting to admit to myself that maybe Rex was too vanilla for me. I licked the mixture of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate from my spoon and was happy when I saw an extra cherry buried. It was so delicious, all those flavors mixing. I wished Rex could be more like that but I knew that it was wishful thinking. Rex could only be Rex and I knew that this relationship wasn’t forever. I was just trying to make my peace with that fact.

It was late by the time we got home and the sex that I had been looking forward to never materialized. We shed our clothing, stopping only to brush our teeth before we fell into bed. I clung to his chest, holding on for dear life. I halkalı escort didn’t want to leave him but it was hard to imagine an endless stretch of life with nothing but vanilla. My pussy was so wet as I fell asleep, too tired to do anything about it. The boardwalk had tired us out and I felt sad as the last thought of sex crossed my mind before succumbed to sleep.

I woke with a start, realizing something was wrong. I was on my stomach and something was jarring my whole body and pounding into me from behind. I thought about sex and how horny I had been when I fell asleep. Maybe I was dreaming. I couldn’t be sure but whatever was happening it felt good. I could hear Rex heaving over me and I realized I must be dreaming. Rex never fucked hard and fast like that. He always made love, but this was something different. I tried to open my eyes but I was still so sleepy.

It took me a moment to register that it was really Rex as he pulled his cock out of my pussy and moved around to my face. I was slightly hanging off of the bed face-first as he shoved his cock into my mouth, grabbing me by the hair and pulling my head up into an unnatural position. My neck strained and I felt myself waking up, opening my eyes to my supposedly vanilla boyfriend fucking the shit out of my face. I almost choked as the surprise gripped me but it turns out that once a slut, always a slut. I instinctively took his cock down my throat, showing off my stellar blowjob skills.

“That’s it. Take my cock. Take my cock, Sadie, you little slut!”

I realized then that I must be dreaming. Surely, Rex would never act like this. He would never call me a slut or pull my hair. He would certainly never fuck my face with the kind of force that he was fucking me with now. My eyes popped open and the realization that this was real and still happening hit me. It really was Rex! He was really manhandling me like some kind of dom! I was shocked, surprised and amazed. Maybe my vanilla guy wasn’t so vanilla after all.

“I see you’re awake. I know you said you wanted some nuts. Well, here you go, slut!” He pulled his cock from my mouth, still gripping my hair tightly. He guided his balls to my mouth and I licked and sucked on them with desperation. I had been so horny for so long for something other than vanilla. I had been craving Neapolitan and Rex was finally giving it to me. He was finally scooping taksim escort up and serving the kind of nasty sex I’d been craving all along.

I buried my face in his balls, enjoying my work. I licked and sucked, listening to Rex’s cries of pleasure. I knew I was close to making him cum and so I eased off a bit. I wanted him to top this sundae off with the kind of whipped cream fit for a slut.

“Fuck me!” I begged.

“I’ll fuck you when I want to fuck you! Eat those nuts, Sadie! Eat them!” he screamed at me and I don’t know why, but Rex ordering me to lick his balls made my pussy gush with new wetness. “That’s a good slut!” I was shocked the first time he slapped me. The slap itself wasn’t hard, but it was forceful enough for me to take notice and wonder if he really loved me at all. A man who loved me couldn’t slap me like that. Could he?

He slapped me a few more times before it finally sunk in. Rex had lost his mind and I was the beneficiary of his craziness. His balls were all over my face and by the way he was breathing I could tell that he really loved it.

“You ready to be punished?” he asked me.

I nodded.

“Good girl.” I heard him grab something metal. I could hear the sound of metal against metal and then I saw them. He had actual handcuffs in his hand and he was wielding them like he knew what he was doing. He had me cuffed in no time at all and before I knew it my ass was up in the air and he was stuffing his cock into my pussy.

“Rex! What are you doing?” I screamed, shocked that I was actually cuffed and being fucked hard from behind. He didn’t answer, instead, letting his cock do the answering for him. He was pounding me hard, harder than he had ever pounded me. My pussy responded, cumming harder and faster than it had ever cum with him. It was like suddenly having a new boyfriend! I couldn’t believe it. I let the sensations of my orgasms traverse through my brain, raking it like a sand garden. I had never felt these feelings before and they were so beautiful. I felt as if the world was opening up for the first time and I could finally see everything there was to offer. I loved Rex. I loved him when he was vanilla but I loved him Neapolitan even more.

Rex smacked the shit out of my ass with his hand. It made a huge smacking sound and not only did I love the sound, but I also loved the pain of his handprint on my ass. The searing şişli escort burn of smack after smack stuck with me. I wasn’t prepared for when the blows began to land on my pussy. I hadn’t known pain could feel quite so good and I wondered how Rex knew to do all of this stuff. I couldn’t remember if I had mentioned it all to him or not but I was guessing I never had. Why would I tell a vanilla person about Neopolitan things? It didn’t make any sense. How did he know that I loved this shit? How did he know that I needed this pain?

“Let’s flip you over,” he shouted and he grabbed me with both of his hands and flipped me over easily. He laughed an evil laugh before he buried his cock back into my pussy. His hands wrapped my neck and he rested all of his body weight on my delicate throat. I was choking hard, unable to breathe. I tried to stay relaxed but the fear began to really grip me. I began to fight, my hands pulling up to my neck to wrench his hands from me.

“St-” I tried to tell him to stop but I couldn’t get the word out. Rex was still relentlessly pounding my pussy, taking what he wanted from me. I realized that this was all I ever wanted in a man. I loved the vanilla sweetness of Rex in our regular life but the Rex that was choking me out right now was perfect too. I loved the rough sex and hard fucking. If only I could put them together into one guy, then I would be truly satisfied. I could see myself with Rex forever if he was more than just vanilla. I prayed right then and there that Rex was really Neapolitan. It would solve all of our problems. I could be with him forever. It made sense.

“You want me to stop, you little slut? Well, I’m not going to stop until I cum!” He did let up on my neck then, finally letting go. I sucked in a desperate breath of air and looked up at him with reverence.

“Squirt your cream all over me!” I egged him on.

“I’m going to cum all over that little slut face!” He pulled his cock from my pussy and gripped it in his hand. He stroked himself. “Get your face down here. I’m going to cover you with my nut.”

“Yes, baby,” I scrambled into position and lifted my face up so I was looking right in his eyes. He had a nice angle to squirt all over my face. In his eyes, I saw nothing of the Rex I had always known. He was a sadistic lover now, ready to defile me with his cum. Maybe we could stay together. Maybe he wasn’t as vanilla as I’d thought.

“Coat me with that cream!” I begged him.

“Yes, slut!” His orgasm hit him and the warmth of Rex’s cum on my face was better than hot fudge on a sundae. It was better than the whipped cream on top and even the cherry. It was the best feeling of my life to be used by the man I loved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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