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Mysterious Victoria

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(Author’s note: I have disabled comments on this one because it is directed to one person. However, if you are not that one person and you want to comment on it, click on my ID and it will direct you to my other stories as well as a way to leave your compliments that way.)


I had a rough time trying to get to sleep last night. Simply because I was plagued by the thought that there was somebody in my room. Why she would be in my room was a mystery. Why she was plaguing me wasn’t so much of a mystery. If you read the words that she so carefully pens, you start to wish that you could travel anywhere as long as its in her direction. You want to meet up with her and see if her writing is as good as her skills. In other words, you want to know whether her tongue is good at more than just forming words for the audio stories she records and sells.

I’m speaking of the mysterious Victoria. She is a favorite author of mine and after reading her favorited story, I could not get to sleep. I kept rubbing my cock through my blanket. I kept thinking she was just inches away waiting for a clear shot so that she could dive in and get me. I so wanted her to get me. It isn’t that I want her in a sense just wanting her body. I want her emotions, the things that go on inside of her.

I kept dreaming that she was somehow snapping pictures of me. I was supposed to writhe and drag my fingers over my body in a way to turn her on. Several times, I woke myself up when my hands came in contact with the wall. No, I did not sleep very well. I was going to sit down this morning and describe exactly what I want to do to her, but decided to think about it all day. After thinking about it for almost 18 hours, I’ve decided what I want to do should I ever get to meet this mysterious Victoria.

The first thing I want to do is put my hand up flat in front of her as though I am resting my hand on glass. I want to see if she figures it out and when she does, I want to lift my other hand and see if she meets that one as well. Then, I want to move our hands as though in a dance and maybe make the appropriate sounds for it. Perhaps, I would take her in my arms and feel her firm body next to mine.

It would be a foolish thing to rush her. It would be foolhardy to slip my fingers directly to her pussy to check her temperature. Foolhardy, because there are more than two ways to check temperatures. And I want to be able to check her temperatures down there by not touching down there.

In my own ways, I’ve discovered that touching everywhere but the main spot causes the main spot to burn like a volcano and indeed like a volcano, spilling hot lava over the swollen and waiting lips. Only, when I get to them, which may be in a half hour or longer, the lava flow could easily have been flowing for a long period of time. But unlike lava, this spillage is tasty to tastebuds and makes me wonder how much of her is edible.

In all the stories I’ve read, and in all the pictures I’ve seen, there is one thing that is very illusive. That one thing is her face and more importantly, her lips and her eyes. Beyond that, her brain. I don’t always think in logical terms, but “logically”, I would not simply be meeting her body. Maybe I can say that better. I wouldn’t simply be making contact with her body her mind decided that it is something that she trusts me to do. I literally would not be making contact with trabzon escort her body unless her mind decided that I could.

Once I’ve gotten her to move with me with her hands, I would turn apply some pressure to my right hand and very gently but firmly turn my right hand so that the backs of our hands are now facing the other person. With slow deliberation, I would pull her hand towards my lips. At the same time, I would walk forward and tell her walk forward as well. With her hand at my lips, I would raise the ante. At this point, I’ll drop the whole “planning” setting and write this as though it has already happened and I’m merely writing from memory.

With the back of my hand at her lips and the back of her hand at my lips, I leaned forward and watched as she did the same. First, I kissed her hand and shivered a bit as I felt her lips on my hand. With an explorative tongue, I took the narrowest tip that I could form and licked her hand from wrist to tip of the middle finger. With a twinkle in my eye and a grin, I hovered on her nail. I looked at her tongue and then looked into her eyes. She followed and did the same and when she was looking down, I slid up a little further so that I was resting on the top of her finger. She followed suit.

I lowered my hand and there we were. Our tongues were out and hovering less than an inch away. I wanted to see whether she would break the moment and lean towards me. But, her will was strong and she didn’t flnch. I drew my mouth away and settled my tongue inside.

“I have no sense of smell, so I rely heavily on taste. I would like to taste, but another sense that I rely on even heavier than taste is sight. Above that, is touch. So, this is what I’ll do. First I will use my fingers and outer lips to touch you. But, my eyes will be closed so that the full “picture” of what you feel like will be implanted on my brain. During this time, I want you to talk. I want you to describe to me what it feels like to have a “blind man” approaching you and memorizing your body.” I had said all of that in a rush and somehow, she comprehends. I ask if she has any questions.

“Just one,” she says. “Is this with my clothes on or off?”

“On,” I reply. “While I’m sure that I will arouse you in some manner, I want to have you on fire and waiting for me when I *taste* you. And not just your pussy, but every bit of you.”

With that said, I closed my eyes and crouched at her feet. My hands extended till I found her shoes. I made my way to her left shoe and then crouched on her left side. With my right hand on her calf and my left hand on her shin, I started my way up. I listened to her voice as I started my journey.

“I’m standing here doing something I’ve never done in my life and may never do again. I’m letting a guy feel me up, but his eyes are closed. I’m not sure what he has in mind, but this is rather exciting. His hands are somewhat rough on the edges, but they are warm. Ooh, one of them just tickled me! His hands are sliding on my left lower leg. I wonder if he can feel my leg hairs. I didn’t shave this morning.

“His hands keep sliding up. I wonder why I never thought of this for my stories. His hands feel so…comforting. I keep wondering how long this will take. Should I even care? Now, his hands are at my knee. Oh wow! He just kissed the back of my knee! I didn’t expect that. I wonder what kind of a guy trabzon escort bayan he is…

“Now his hands are on my thigh. His fingers are spread out so as to cover as much of me as possible. I wonder if he’ll touch me where I long to be touched. Please, come closer. I want to feel at least one finger. He’s getting closer. Closer. I feel the pressure of two fingers getting closer. One on the front of my thigh, the other on the back. And,…he’s getting so close. Oh, my body is responding to his touches. Now, both hands are making their approach. I can feel his fingers sliding, making their way to my inner thigh. My body starts to tremble with anticipation.

“He’s almost there. Please, please touch me. It has been so long since I’ve wanted to be touched there. But, he’s moving away. There is a definite moving away. He was getting close enough to be within an inch away and he stopped. I try to calm my heart and my breathing which became a little ragged. Now, his fingers are moving over my butt. One hand on my butt, the other on the front hip bone. One hand is sliding close again. Oh, he’s good at teasing.

“Finally, he continues his ascent. Sliding, almost using his fingers to “walk” on my body. My skin under his fingers is warm and moist. He gets to my stomach and one hand splays around my naval. One finger pushes against my shirt and the other hand massages my spinal cord. Is there anything else that he does that is so unusual? His upward movement continues.

“Now, he’s on my ribcage. I know what is coming next. His exploring fingers are going to find my left breast and even though only one is going to be touched, both of them are standing at ready attention. If this were a contest at a military base for the best stature, my breasts would win top honors. They are standing so straight, so erect, so bold that they hurt. Not only for the pressure, but also because at least one of them is in the direct path of one of his hands.

“Here it comes. Rising up the swell. My nipples are painfully erect. Please, touch me! I cannot hold back a moan that comes from deep within. Here he comes. And now, he’s doing something he didn’t even mention. He is pressing his crotch against my thigh and I feel his desire to have me. He doing something else. He abandons the hand on my backbone. He slides around to my front. He moves his groin against mine. I wonder if he can feel my wetting desire for him.

“His hands are on both of my breasts. It feels so…so…touchy! There is no word for the feeling. A moan from him as he lowers his head. I feel his mouth on my breast. Even though my shirt and my bra cover the skin, he might as well have his lips on my skin. And I want him to. I make a move to pull the shirt away and he stills my hands. Then, the same hands slide up my stomach and to the rise of my breasts. My nipples are touched, caressed, pinched, and then I reel in shockwaves as I feel his mouth around each mound. I feel his teeth on the crown of my mounds.

“Then he moves up and now he is caressing my neck. His groin is pressing into mine and I feel that his desire definitely hasn’t gone away. Now, his lips are against my neck. Rubbing along. I feel his hot breath. He’s moving up to one of my ears. He drags his lips over my ear and when his mouth is directly over my ear, I hear his tongue moving around in his mouth.

“At long last, he gets to my escort trabzon head and runs his fingers through my hair. I wonder what is next and don’t have long to wait. He tells me that he is going to go into the next room and undress. I am to remove my clothing as fast as possible and then let him know with a kiss on the lips that I am ready. But, I must come to the next room with my eyes closed and then he will kiss me on the lips when I do. I do so quickly. I really want to feel his lips on my skin, to feel his tongue as it explores my curves and contours. When I am completely naked, I walk over to the room and feel my way around the corner. I hear him inhale sharply. Another moan.

“I feel body warmth against my naked skin and then his lips on mine. With a rush, we come together. His cock is jutting into my waist. His chest is crushing my breasts but in a highly erotic way. I feel his tongue playing on the outside of my lips and I open my mouth to let him in.

At that point, I shut off her talking and sucked her tongue into my mouth. My hands which were on her back in an embrace slipped with a purpose and while one slid down to her buttocks, the other made a quick dart to her pussy. It was very wet with desire. I slipped two fingers into her and she moaned in the kiss. There wasn’t much to do to get her juices on my fingers. As soon as they were very wet, I drew them back out and brought them up to my mouth.

I pulled back from the kiss and slurped noisily on them. Then I crouched once again and this time with her pussy waiting for me, I wasted no time. I got on my knees and moved towards her. She didn’t need any invitation as her legs spread apart. My extended tongue connected with her first and I felt her body tremble as my hot tongue connected with her hot labias.

With my thumbs, I pushed her lips aside and entered her from below. Then I had an idea.

“Here, I want to try something. Lay on your back and then bring your knees up to your ears.” She looked at me in confusion and I demonstrated for her. As soon as she realized what could happen, she dropped on the carpeted floor and assumed the position. Now, with her knees pointing to her ears, it provided me with an excellent shot to her pussy. Because of her posture, her labias were laying back, revealing her succulent pussy. I dove into it. My intentions had a double idea. Because as I dove into her, it left my cock dangling right above her head. She wasted no time on the opportunity.

However, when she pulled my cock into her mouth, I was ready for her and immediately began to thrust with my hips. She groaned and began to suck in earnest. I knew with all the stimulation that I had given her and the stimulation she was now giving me, we certainly couldn’t last very long. As much as she wanted to hold back, she couldn’t. My tongue was devasting her walls of defense. Alternating from deep long plunges to wide licks that would quickly melt any ice cream cone, my tongue was bringing her home. Home was the big “O” and she was getting there very fast. Not like I could hold much longer myself.

I could feel her building fast to her climax. This was one of the times when her own reaction would be just slightly different. Unlike all the times when she had stimulated herself, this time her explosion would have to fight gravity to reach my lips. But, as it turned out, she had no trouble whatsoever getting to that point. I milked her till she was dry. In a matter of speaking. I learned later…several hours later that she never dried completely. I came a total of three times and each time she swallowed every bit of it. Not all with her mouth though. But, that’s a later story.

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