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My Wife’s First Time

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My Wife’s First Time
This is an account that my wife told me when we had been married for several years. It is about her first proper experience of sex, which was with her father. Sadly it was only after he had passed away that she felt able to tell me, because she was afraid of what my response might be. Up till that point I was under the impression that I was the first and only man to have fucked her.


The events I am going to describe took place not long after my eighteenth birthday, and just before the beginning of the school spring term.

Over Christmas Daddy had suddenly announced that it was about time he redecorated the spare bedroom, which, as he was very thorough about these things, meant stripping off the old wallpaper, thoroughly cleaning the bare walls and all the paintwork, and making good any holes and cracks before finally repainting and putting up new wallpaper. I offered to help him, as I often had done in the past, but he only said yes once I had assured him that I had finished all the schoolwork we had been set for the holidays.

So on the second day of the new year off we went to the decorators store where he held an account to choose the paint and paper – this was before the days of do-it-yourself superstores. I was very excited because he had said that I could choose the colours and wallpaper pattern. He explained that this was because I would need to move out of my small bedroom into something bigger when I started my physiotherapy course in the autumn, and that he intended to fit out the spare bedroom as a study bedroom for me. This made me even more excited, especially because it showed that he was beginning to think of me as a grownup person, rather than just his little girl. I was the youngest of three, and my brother and sister had been born during the war when Daddy was away in the forces, whereas I was born four years after he came home from India, and I was therefore his favourite.

The next morning we mixed up the sugar soap, found sponges and sc****rs, and set to stripping the old wallpaper. Before the days of steamers this was a messy and laborious job, but by three o’clock in the afternoon we had finished. We were very dirty and disheveled, covered in dust and sticky with old wallpaper paste, so Daddy suggested that we called a halt at that point and got ourselves cleaned up in time for dinner. Mummy poked her head around the door at that point to tell us that she was off on some errand, and wouldn’t be back for a couple of hours or so. She said that the meat was in the oven on timer to be ready for about seven thirty, but if I wanted to be helpful I could perhaps start the vegetables off later on.

Daddy then said that he was off to the bathroom, and it would be nice if I would come and scrub his back for him as I usually did. I lover my Daddy’s back, his skin was very soft and smooth, and I loved to run my fingers up and down his spine. I wasn’t worried by his nakedness – we were a family that had always been comfortable to walk around without clothes on, so I had grown up knowing what men looked like, having seen my father and my brother nude from an early age.

When I got into the bathroom, Daddy was just stepping into the bath, his penis and scrotum hanging down between his legs. I had a sudden thought that I would like to put my hand out and sort of weigh them in my palms.

He was nicely settled in the water, and I was just about to roll up my sleeves rady to sopa his back when he said, “C’mon Susie, why don’t you strip off as well and get in with me like you did when you were a little girl. It’s more economical to share the water, and we’ll be through in half the time.”

This sounded like sense, and I started to strip off my clothes. Daddy was watching me, and when I got down to my bra and knickers, I suddenly felt shy, but Daddy laughed and said, “Don’t be bashful, it’s not as if I haven’t seen it all before. Besides, it’s nice to look at a nice pair of boobs, sadly your mother is not so well endowed in that department, so I don’t know where you got yours from.”

My breasts had started to develop when I was only about twelve years old, and I was now blessed with a well shaped pair of size 34D titties, as all the boys called them. I blushed, and undoing my bra, I did a pirouette so that they bounced a little – I was rather proud of them, and I had noticed that boys couldn’t take their eyes off my chest, particularly if I wore a tight sweater. It was rather nice that my Daddy enjoyed my breasts, and I started to feel a little glow inside.

I had to turn away to pull my knickers down, but I thought I heard Daddy saying something under his breath as I bent down to pick them up off the floor, giving him a really good view of my vulva peeping between my thighs. It sounded like “Mmm, that ‘s nice,” but it was so quiet I couldn’t be sure.

When I turned round though, güvenilir bahis there was no doubt about the look of pure desire on his face, and then he spoke loud enough for me to hear, “Susie, you look very beautiful, and it is nice to see that you keep your pubes trimmed, they frame your lovely young pussy so delightfully.”

I blushed again, but instead of feeling shocked, I started to feel a tingly feeling between my legs, and I was aware that I was starting to become wet. To cover my embarrassment I quickly slipped into the bath behind Daddy, with my legs either side of his hips. I then took the soap and a sponge and started to wash his lovely back, as I had done so many times before, but never when I was naked and in the bath with him.

When I had finished, his back was lovely and clean, all pink and shiny, and I couldn’t resist giving him little kisses across his shoulders, and from his neck down his spine. I could swear he groaned, but I was preoccupied with loving him, my big, strong Daddy, who had always been there to look after me; my knight in shining armour who bathed my cuts, and kissed away my tears when I was hurt. This seemed so right, just the two of us together, father and daughter joined by a bond of love like no other.

After a few minutes, he cleared his throat and said, “You stay there, and I will turn round so that I have the tap end, and you can lie back and have a nice soak.”

As I lay back in the water, my boobs floated up, my pink nipples poking above the surface. Daddy put his legs either side of mine so that my feet were level with his groin. His balls were resting on my feet, they felt so strange, and yet so nice, and I could see the tip of his penis just above the level of the water. Suddenly I had the urge to see what it felt like, so I lifted one foot and stroked the shaft of his penis from his balls up to the head, and as I did so I felt it stiffen and grow. Daddy groaned out loud this time, and I felt his balls stir in their sack, and his penis grew a bit more, so that a couple of inches were sticking up above the water. The head was all purple and shiny, and I thought to myself how nice it would be to stroke it with my fingers, or to lick and suck it like a lollipop.

As I continued to stroke his penis with my foot, Daddy started to move his hips gently, thrusting his penis an inch or so further out of the water. His penis was now fully erect, and I just stared at it, fascinated by its shape and size. I had seen it many times before when it was limp and hanging down between Daddy’s legs, but this was the first erect penis I had seen. I had felt the bulge in boys trousers when we went outside for a snog at the monthly dances that were held school up the road, but this was different and much more exciting.

Daddy was now groaning and moaning all the time, and I thought of the sounds that came from Mummy and Daddy’s bedroom on a Sunday afternoon, when they went upstairs “just for an after dinner nap” and locked the door behind them so we couldn’t barge in.

“Is that what Mummy does to you on a Sunday afternoon?” I asked.

Daddy didn’t answer my question, but in a rather strained and breathless voice, simply said, “Turn round and lie back against my chest, my darling, and let me cuddle you.”

I did as he asked, giving him a very good view of my vulva and bottom as I stood up and turned round, before sitting down again. Daddy’s penis was now pressing into the cleft between my cheeks, and I was aware of how soft and silky it felt,even though it was as hard as steel. Daddy pulled my face round with one hand so that he could kiss me, his lips apart and his tongue poking its way between my lips. With his other hand he started to play with my breasts, caressing them, and pinching my nipples. This was all very stimulating, and I was now glowing all over. The tingling feeling in my pussy was now much stronger, and I could feel my clitoris starting to grow and throb.

We continued to kiss passionately, and Daddy slowly slid one hand down my tummy and between my legs. He gently parted my inner lips, spreading them out with his fingers, and then stroked up and down from the entrance to my vagina up to my clitoris. This felt delicious, and wonderful sensations rose up into my body from my pussy in waves, joining with those coming from my breasts. I was on fire, and I started to kiss him even more hungrily, alternately thrusting my tongue into his mouth, and sucking his tongue deep into mine. My hips were rocking backwards and forwards, and his penis was moving up and down between the cheeks of my bottom.

I was in heaven, and I thought that things really couldn’t get much better, until Daddy thrust first one, and then two fingers, into my vagina, and started to stroke the wall at the place where I imagined my g-spot to be. I knew all about the g-spot because we had been passing round tipobet giriş Alex Comfort’s new book “The Joy of Sex” at school, covered in a brown paper wrapper of course. There had been lots of girlish giggling because of the very daring, and to us, naughty drawings of a young couple making love.

Since my periods had started when I was twelve, they had always been very heavy, and I was in the habit of using two tampons at the same time on the worst two days. As a result I had broken my hymen some years earlier, and also meant that there was plenty of room for two of Daddy fingers. So all I felt was exquisite pleasure, far better than I had ever felt when I used the handle of my hairbrush to masturbate with.

By now I was starting to lose all control of my body, which was quivering as waves of pure joy washed over me. I started to cry out in my ecstasy, “Oh Daddy, that is so nice. Daddy, don’t stop. Daddy, love me. Oh, oh, oh.”

This was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me, as my Daddy gently and skilfully loved me, to the point that I found myself losing contact with everything around me, except for his fingers, and lips, and tongue, and body taking me to a new land of delight, where everything flooded with golden light.

But then he stopped, taking his fingers out of my vagina, and putting hands on my hips. I felt so empty, and started to sob with disappointment, “Don’t stop, Daddy. I love you, you are so good and kind to me, please don’t stop loving me.”

Daddy started to lift me up until the head of his penis was just nestling in the entrance of my vagina, and I realised that he was going to fuck me, and make me a real woman. This filled me with even greater joy, along with the thought that the Daddy I loved so much, and who loved and cared for me, was about to give me the greatest gift that a father can give his daughter. Slowly he lowered me onto his penis until he was totally inside me. The sensation was incredible, beyond any words to describe, and I really thought I was in heaven. I could feel his penis caressing the walls of my vagina, filling every part of me, and where there had been two people there was now only one, one new divine being of love and passion.

I was almost speechless with rapture, but I managed to cry out, “I love you Daddy, I love you and I am completely yours now.”

We did not move for what seemed like an eternity, almost as if time had been suspended, as we floated in a sea of bliss. Then Daddy started to stroke and squeeze my clitoris, and I ascended to even greater heights of rapture as my orgasm swept through me, my body shaking, and my head thrown back onto Daddy’s shoulder. I had never imagined that such pleasure existed, anything so earth-shattering, and I wanted it to go on for ever. Eventually I came down to earth again, and it was then I realised that Daddy hadn’t had his climax yet, and that in his love for me, he had totally concentrated on my pleasure.

“Daddy, that was amazing, thank-you for giving me such indescribable pleasure. But you haven’t come yet. Fuck me some more until you come. I want to give you the same pleasure that Mummy gives you. I love you so much, and I want to feel you ejaculate inside me, and fill me with your sperm.”

I had no fear that I would get pregnant, as I had started on the contraceptive pill a few months earlier at the suggestion of our family doctor. As I said, my periods were very heavy and sometimes painful, and he suggested the pill as a way of controlling them, so that I could fully concentrate on my studies. Daddy and Mummy had totally agreed, but I had never thought that one result would be that I could experience such mind-blowing joy.

Daddy lifted me off his penis, stood up and got out of the bath. He asked me to do the same, and he then roughly dried us both off with a towel, so that we would not get cold. I was sad that our love-making was coming to an end without him having an orgasm, and it felt rather incomplete, but he then told me to bend over and hold on to the back of the chair with my legs apart. He took a long look at my pussy, the lips swollen with desire, and the entrance to my vagina still open, ready to be penetrated once more. Then he placed the head of his penis in the entrance, and with one thrust buried himself once more deep inside me. The feeling of his shaft sliding deep into my body was almost enough to drive me over the top again, and I shuddered with excitement.

This time he did not remain stay still for long, but started to thrust in and out of me with long steady strokes, his balls slapping against me every time he was fully home. He leaned forward to kiss and nuzzle my neck, and he cupped my breasts in both hands, kneading the flesh and pinching my nipples hard, as his thrusts grew faster and more urgent, fucking me harder and harder. I started to squeal and perabet moan as my second orgasm started to rise up within me. I was utterly consumed by passion, and every nerve ending seemed to be on fire. I closed my eyes so that I could concentrate on the sensations coursing through my body, and the world seemed to disappear in a fierce golden glow, as if I was falling into the sun.

We were both sheathed in a thin film of sweat, and I could feel that my chest and faced were flushed, visual evidence of my state of utter arousal and abandonment to the pleasure of sex. Daddy’s penis had now become my whole world, filling me utterly, possessing me, taking me, fucking me harder and harder. It started to swell and stiffen even more, and then started to jerk and pulse. Suddenly I felt his hot semen spurting deep into me, as he ejaculated seven or eight times, grunting and groaning with the effort, filling my vagina with his seed. This pushed me to even greater levels of rapture, my body entirely at his mercy, filled with his essence, and I started to slip out of consciousness, such was the intensity of the pleasure racking my body.

After a while, Daddy’s penis slipped out of me, and holding me tenderly in his arms, he turned me round and tenderly kissed each of my breasts in turn, followed by my mouth and my eyes. I was limp as a rag, my legs like jelly, so he gently lowered me onto the chair, and turned to get a damp flannel to wipe away the mixture of our juices that coated his penis and balls, and my pussy and the inner thighs.

“Oh Daddy, that was so wonderful,” I murmured weakly, “Please, please, can you do it again soon, I have never felt so close to you. I love you more than anything in the world.”

“We’ll see,” he replied, “I will need time to recover, I haven’t ejaculated so much for years. And besides, your mother might have something to say about it.”

“Oh Daddy, I hadn’t thought about that. We have been very naughty. Will she be annoyed when she finds out. But it was so beautiful, it can’t have been that wrong, can it?”

“I will talk to Mummy later,” he said, “and I am sure she will come and see you this evening when you have gone to bed. I don’t believe that she will be angry, because she loves you just as much as I do, and she will want you to find out about making love and fucking from someone who cares about you before you plunge into the world of the hospital, and all its temptations.”

Later that evening, after I had gone to bed, Mummy came into my room. She was wearing one of her lovely silk dressing gowns, which was only loosely tied, so that I could see her breasts as she leant forward to give me a goodnight kiss.

“Mummy,” I said, somewhat tremulously, “Has Daddy said anything to you?”

“Yes,” she replied softly, and with a gentle smile, “He told me all about your afternoon, and before you ask, I am not cross at all. I have been suggesting to him for some time that before you started your training in the hospital, you needed someone to show you how beautiful sex could be. Who better than the man who loves you most in all the world.”

“Oh Mummy, thank-you,” I said, relieved that she was happy with what had happened, “It was wonderful, and Daddy was so gentle with me. It was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.”

What she did next, however, took me completely by surprise. She undid her gown and opened it, and I could see that she was naked underneath.

“Look at my pussy,” she said, “See how excited it is thinking about you and Daddy. Feel how wet I am,” and she took my hand and put it between her legs. “I am going to take your father to bed now, and fuck him until we both come in a paroxysm of ecstasy. But tonight I am going to leave both bedroom doors open so that you can hear us. In future I want you to join us on a Sunday afternoon, and we can teach you all there is to know about sexual passion.”

With that, she kissed me on the lips, and turned and left, leaving the bedroom door open as she had promised. That night, listening to the moans of passion coming from their bedroom, I played with myself until I came too, my mind full of the memories of my first fuck with Daddy. For the next few months I joined Mummy and Daddy in bed on a Sunday afternoon, and as Mummy had promised we fucked in all sorts of combinations, and every time was just as wonderful as the first. I discovered that my favourite position was on top, straddling Daddy’s thighs and riding him until we both came in a hurricane of mutual delight. Sometimes Mummy would straddle his face, facing me, and would kiss me and play with my clitoris until all three of us climaxed in rapture.

Unfortunately, a week before my training at the hospital was due to start, Daddy had his first heart attack and we never fucked again. I started going out with the man who was to become my wonderful husband a few months after I had started my training, but we did not have full sex until the first night of our honeymoon. I did teach him some delightful tricks, and to this day he is highly accomplished at cunnilingus, and never fails to give me delight.

To be continued.

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