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My Wife Justina

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This story was inspired by a beautiful Hispanic actress and an ex-girlfriend who looks a lot like her. I hope you enjoy.


I came home after another long day at work, tired both mentally and physically. I heard Justina in the kitchen, busy with something and signing a song in Spanish quietly but prettily. I set my briefcase down on the chair in the entryway, hung up my coat and headed to the kitchen.

She greeted me with a warm smile and bright eyes. She reached up, wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a playful kiss on the cheek. Justina asked how my day was and picked up very quickly from my reply and body language how I was feeling.

“Well, dinner is still going to be awhile sweetie, why don’t you go take a nice hot shower, get cleaned up and I’ll open some wine for us?”

I didn’t need a lot of convincing so I complied…

The hot water was soothing and relaxing. As it ran over me I felt the mental detritus I’d accumulated over the day slowly wash away. For awhile I just stood under the shower head, letting the water hit the back of my head and neck. At some point I picked up soap and actually washed.

When I finally felt clean and human again, I turned the water off, grabbed a towel and ran it over my body and through my hair. Reasonably dry I donned my fresh, soft robe, cinched it closed and opened the door to our bedroom.

I had expected a wall of cold air to hit me as I left the steamy bathroom, but our bedroom was pleasantly warm. A number of candles had been lit and the overhead lights turned off since I had started my shower. In the dim light, I notice Justina sitting the chair we had in the corner. She rose when I saw her and smiled at me. She brought over two glasses of wine and handed one to me, hers already half empty.

She was wearing a beautiful white silk camisole with lace around the collar and matching panties. Both hugged tight to her full, curvy body. My heart began to beat harder and I took a long pull of red wine from the glass. She looked me in the eyes, still smiling and finished off her wine Justina set her glass down on an end table, turned again to me and came into my arms. Her hands went to the sash on my robe, undoing it, then opening the folds. One hand reached around to cup my ass while the other found my manhood. As she gently massaged me, she leaned up, her lips finding mine.

It was all so very warm, heady and intense. The taste of her lips and tongue; the jasmine scent of her dark hair; trabzon escort her warm body pressed against mine; her breasts against my chest; her soft hand working me hard, the other caressing my ass.

She broke the kiss, looked me again in the eyes and licked her lips, then glanced down at her hand stroking my cock. With the other she reached up and cupped my testicles, massaging them slowly and gently. With a sultry, sensuous look in her eyes, her tongue flicked across her lips again, as if she was hungry. I could not have been any more aroused than I was at that moment. The hot, sexual look in my beautiful wife’s eyes; the rhythmic motion of her hand on me; the site of her dark, hard nipples through the silk of her camisole, it was almost too much.

“I want you so much right now baby,” she said, “but I know you need something special tonight.”

She took my hand and with an impish smile, led me over to the plush chair she had previously occupied and guided me into it. The took a pillow from the bed and tossed it on the floor in front of me. Climbing on top of me, Justina kissed me hard and deep on the mouth. I felt her tongue probing mine and loved the strength of her lips as she moved them over mine. I had only one had free, but made the most of it, exploring her generous ass one moment, then squeezing one perfect breast the next. She ended the kiss by biting me on the lip, not so gently either. Justina pulled a corner of her silk top down and held her left breast out for me. She leaned forward and brought the nipple to my mouth. I sucked and nipped lightly at it, relishing the taste of her skin and delighting in the texture of her areola on my tongue. I felt her lips brush against my ear, her breath hot and she whispered. “Tonight you can come in my mouth baby.” I think had she been touching my penis at all in that moment it would have been over. Hearing her say that was almost enough; this was something she almost never did.

She slid down then, opening my robe up again fully as she knelt on the pillow.

“Just relax papi, Ill take care of you.”

I still had my glass of wine and I took a large mouthful and set the glass down on a table beside me. Justina seemed to be carefully studying my fully erect penis. The fingers of her right hand were gliding lightly up and down the length. Gently, with the tip of her finger, she then made small circles around the head. After a few minutes she looked up and smiled wickedly at me and took me in trabzon escort bayan a firm grip. As she began to stroke me, she lowered and cocked her head; I felt her tongue find my testicles and begin to play with them. The feeling was magnificent. I leaned back and closed my eyes, reaching out to stroke her head encouragingly.

After giving my balls the attention they had so desperately needed, she turned her attention to my cock. Beginning from the base, she took a long, leisurely, wet lick of the underside of my shaft. She went back down the other side. Looking me directly in the eyes her tongue flicked out and made small circles of the head of my penis; two fingers of her other hand gently massaging my scrotum.

For awhile she teased me with her tongue; then she knew the time was right, she lowered her eyes and brought her mouth forward. She tenderly kissed the end of my penis, then parted her lips and took me inside.

Justina was never interested in adult films, so she had never been corrupted by over-enthusiastic porn stars performing oral sex for the sake of a jaded audience. No, when Justina does this for me, it’s done with an affection and tenderness I’ve never experienced or heard of. It’s as if she is making love to me with her mouth. It’s hard to describe unless you experience it, but her “lack of experience” was a true blessing. She did to me what she thought would make me feel good while at the same time expressing her affection for me. The result was heavenly.

Slowly she lowered her head down. She sucked in, creating a vacuum that held me like a warm glove and took me in an inch at a time, working all the way down until her nose was touching my belly.. She reversed the motion and slowly brought it out, her tongue tight against the underside of my shaft. Her mouth was warm and wet; her lips were soft and full. While she worked me with her mouth, her hand was tugging gently on my balls; one finger extended to brush against my scrotum. It was absolutely amazing.

From time to time she would look up, her sparkling brown eyes assessing my level of pleasure. Small “mmm” sounds emanated from the back of her throat – I could feel the vibration in my penis.

Justina picked up speed. She had the rare remarkable ability to take me all the way, and did so with every suck. She didn’t need to use her hand on my penis just yet; her mouth was more than enough. Her free hand ran over my legs and belly.

She went even faster. Now escort trabzon she reached out and held the base of my cock while the sounds from her mouth grew sloppier. Saliva oozed from her mouth; providing enough lubrication for her hand to slide easily up as she came to the top of her motion, then down again as she took me in.

I stared at her in awe and rapture. My amazing and beautiful wife was doing this selflessly for me, and was far sexier than any porn star I had ever seen. She was my love, my life, my sweet companion. At the moment though, the future mother of my children was on her knees sucking my cock with increasing abandon.

I wasn’t going to last much longer. I felt it building inside me. Justina sensed it and began moaning anew, making sounds as if my cock was the most delicious morsel she’d had in a long time, as if she were starving for it. I loved watching her head bob up and down in my lap, her long, curly hair grazing my thighs. At some point, her hand slid under me. When she sensed it was time, her middle finger found my anus, circled a number of times, before pressing against it. I was nervous at first, the sensation was foreign but I trusted my wife. As I relaxed, the tip of her finger slid inside of me. Her hand pressed up against my perineum, scrotum and testicles. In just a few more moments, it was over; a runaway train of pleasure hit me from out of nowhere.

A moment later, I was coming inside my wife’s mouth.

It felt like it came from deep deep inside of me. As if everything inside of me had melted and was now trying to shoot out of my penis and down her throat. My whole body felt electrified as my seed filled her. She went forward one last time, sucking me deep, swallowing my semen- I could feel the motion of her throat as she did so. I convulsed once, twice… I don’t even know how many times in total.

I can’t explain the sound I made at the end. Was it a moan, a gasp, a combination of the two? Something more? I clutched at her hair as spasmed into her. Dutifully she devoured everything I gave her, and milked me for me.

At last I subsided, experienced a few aftershocks as she finished and released me. I lay still with my eyes closed, my hand running through her hair. Finally I opened my eyes again. Justina was smiling triumphantly up at me.

“Feel better honey?”

I couldn’t find the capacity for speech yet, so I muttered some words like ‘yes’, ‘Jesus’ and ‘wow’.

“You know papi,” she said with an absolutely evil smile “I think I’m getting used to it. We could probably do this more if you wanted; if you’re nice to me that is…”

The next day I bought her a necklace with more diamonds than I had ever seen in once place before. Work didn’t seem quite so bad either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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