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My GF slave’s story

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My GF slave’s story
My Master told me to write this, about my initial encounter with him that took me down the road to become a White man’s slave, used by him and his friends, subservient to all their requests and subjected to regular discipline sessions to remind me of my lowly status and also for their amusement.

I was in my early 20s and was working in the local office of a multinational corporation. I was then regarded as a high flyer and deemed to have a bright future ahead of me in the company. Little did I know then, that about one year later my priorities in life will all change from climbing up the heights of the corporate ladder to being frequently prostrate on the floor grovelling at the feet of White men and worshiping the White God.

At that time I was not in relationship with any men. I had two previous boyfriends, both of them local Chinese. I had sex with both of them but had never found it satisfying, it was just a matter of lying there, their pricks pumping in my pussy for a few minutes and that’s it. I never had a vaginal orgasm from them and neither did either of them got me to cum by other means. I understood from my other Chinese girl friends that their experience was pretty much the same so I accepted that was all sex was about just for procreation and nothing pleasurable. I did masturbate often and was able to get myself to cum which I found pleasurable. Little did I know then that the White men I come across later will give me pleasure beyond my then innocent imagination. I would not have believed that I would soon be trained to enjoy fucking and cumming so much that I would be begging and pleading for cocks to fuck me into an euphoric blankness.

Though I had sex with those two partners quite frequently, I was still very shy about my body consenting only to have sex naked when the lights were dimly lighted. I considered men’s cocks to be dirty and would not touch any of my partners’ members. I definitely did not then suck any of their pricks because it is filthy; it is where pee comes out isn’t it. I was taught these acts were immoral and dirty and only done by whores. I could not have foreseen then that shortly, I will be the dirty slut whore: constantly paraded nude in front of White men, holding and caressing their cocks of all sizes and being a receptacle of cum and pee in all my orifices.

I did not have any interest in White men; they are what we Chinese referred to as “Foreign Devil” and Chinese girls seen with them are all deemed to be whores. I was brought up to believe that I am to be married to a nice Chinese man preferably from an affluent family. Chinese girls are supposed to be refined and cultured and therefore should only marry within our own race. I was also brought up to believe in equality of sexes and that men are not superior to women and should not expect our servitude. I had always believed that White men are rough, loud and crude, lack moral values and are sexually depraved. For those reasons, I despised these White men and disgusts for the Chinese girls that hitched up with them. Unfortunately, I will soon discover the sexual depravity of the White men and become one of those Chinese girls that I so despised. I will soon become a mere sex toy for the White people whom I had previously disdained.

I met M at the work place; he was the CEO of a major corporation that I was working for. M was a White man, somewhat handsome, tall and well-muscled. The younger women in the work place were disgusting and many of them openly flirted with him and literally offered themselves to him, throwing themselves shamelessly to this White man. The office is constantly filled with rumors about which girls were having special relationships with M. I looked with total disgust at these women that threw themselves at this married White man, acting worse than whores. I often wondered how any proper and ambitious Chinese women would want to be with barbaric White men.

One day, about 2 years after I joined the company, I received a call from M. He said: “Let’s have dinner this evening at 7pm, see you at the Westin Hotel, and come up to Room 818”. I was very innocent then, and it never hit me that dinner in a hotel room is probably inappropriate venue for a dinner between the boss and his staff. On the contrary, given that I was a high potential staff I thought that M was meeting me to discuss about my career or perhaps even a promotion!

I arrived at the hotel at the appointed time and made my way up to the room. M greeted me at the door; he was very business-like and was dressed in his usual business suit. I made my way into the room and it was just a normal room with a sofa, writing table, chair and the omnipresent king size bed. I still did not sense something was not right but still foolishly believed that we were here strictly for dinner showing my naiveté.

M sat in the chair beside the desk and said: “Fetch me the Room Service menu”, and for the first time I felt uncomfortable. “Fetch” what does he mean by the word, does he think that I am his dog and so impolite, where’s the please? I just brushed my thoughts aside and brought him the menu as he requested. M browsed through the menu, and then called room-service to place the order for the both of us – again I felt unease by the fact that he did not bother to ask me what I wanted to eat. I rationalized it off, that after all he is the boss and that might be his habit when dining with staff. He then took off his jacket and handed it to me, I was shocked by his gesture – does this man thinks I am his maid; again I brushed it off thinking that he is probably accustomed to people pampering to his needs.

We made some small talk and shortly dinner arrived. As we ate, M did get around to talk about my performance at work and told me has heard good things about me from my superiors. Though the tone of the conversation remained formal, it was also very pleasant to have the opportunity to have a chance to have a conversation with him. M had ordered wine for dinner and soon his glass was empty. He looked at me annoyed and sternly said: “Are u stupid, I thought you are a high potential staff!”, I was completely taken aback from his outburst and I instinctively knew that he wanted me to fill up his wine which I quickly complied. I apologized profusely for my tardiness as I poured the wine, repeatedly saying: “I am sorry, Sir”. M then turned to me and in a more friendly tone said: “You have to pay attention to details, to succeed details are important.” Another “I am sorry, Sir” parted from my lips and M said: “That’s OK, you are only starting”. His comment sounded strange but I just let it passed, just happy he was no longer annoyed.

We continued with dinner and I took the opportunity to impress him with my knowledge of the business and from time to time was rewarded by little smile from him. Pleased to know his smile, I found myself hungered to seek more of his validation. When dinner was over he moved over to the sofa and said he wanted coffee. By this request, I was becoming pretty annoyed by this man, this man has done nothing for me so far this evening, I was made to do everything for him, doesn’t he believe in sexual equality and couldn’t he even make a coffee for me. I consoled myself that I was right about White men being crude and he was behaving exactly the way I thought White men would behave.

Looking back, I now realized what he had done so far this evening was to make it clear who is the dominant person in the room and that there will be no equality. By his simple actions, he was training me to be his slave, to serve him unquestionably güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and quickly.

As he drank his coffee, we continued to talk about the business, and then suddenly out of the blue he said: “That’s a nice dress”. Surprised, I managed a thank you in reply. “Stand up and let me have a good look.” I stood up and M eyed my dress I felt very awkward standing there being glared at by my boss. “Turn around, let me look at the back”, I did so feeling even more uncomfortable. He made me stand there for what seems like an eternity, while he “admired” my dress. He continued to make me turn back and front for a few times, and very soon I found my discomfort transforming into a sense of pride – proud that I am attractive to this White man. Looking back now, I realized that that was M giving me an introduction course in enjoying being voyeur-ed.

Satisfied, M told me to sit next to him on the sofa and as I sat down I realized that M eyes were on my thighs and noticed that my dress had crept up almost revealing my panties. Embarrassed, I quickly pulled down my dress. As I was adjusting my dress, M stretched out an arm and hugged me. I was shocked by this and wanted to move away, but he held be tight and pulled me even closer until my head was resting on his muscular chest. The moment my head rested on his White body, I immediately felt s strange feeling flooding over me – powerfully held with no means of escape, the feel of his muscular body, the pungent smell of the White man – I felt the need to submit to this commanding creature. To be powerless in the arms of this White monster who has the strength to crush me with his arms if he so wishes was so intoxicating and strangely aroused me sexually. As I lay on his chest feeing the bliss of a potentially subservient Chinese girl, I felt M hands firmly lifting my head to look at him.

As I looked up, I was shocked, when M immediately planted his lips on mine. I tried to push him away, but his hold was so powerful I simply had no choice but to surrender to this forceful White male. Holding me firmly, he kissed me and soon his tongue made its way well into my mouth. I wanted to resist, to make it not quite so easy for him but my will power was gone. I had never been kissed this way and was getting excited with his tongue exploring mine. Then M pulled my tongue into his mouth getting me even more excited and I could feel myself becoming sexually aroused. I was breathing heavily, M sucked hard on my tongue and I felt myself totally surrendering to him! M continued to masterfully use his tongue and mouth and I felt my fire building inside me, I felt my pussy tightening and felt my pussy juice wetting my panties. A voice in my mind cried out for me to stop but I knew just like other Chinese girls that I have been cast under the spell of the White man and doomed to be devoted to them.

Excited and in ecstasy, I saw through my hazed vision M standing up. I found my mind crying out: “Don’t stop, please” as I reached out my arms futilely to pull him back. M smirked; ignoring me took off his shirt and pants and was soon standing in front of me in only his bikini brief. I was looking at my first unclothed male, having previously been too shy and only engaged in sex in the dark. As I placed my eyes on his nearly naked body, I let out a loud gasp – his body was majestic, it was so chiselled so muscular, it was magnificent. I felt I was in the presence of God and it was my obligation to worship and submit to this glorious form. ! I soon myself flooded with the need to throw myself at the feet of this supreme White men, just like all the other Chinese girls I had previously disdained. I found myself powerless to stop M from doing anything he may choose to do to me from then on.

M knew that I was aroused and led me by the hand to the bed. I knew what was going to happen, my mind started to rebel: “You are too good for a filthy white man”, “We Chinese are superior to these barbarians”, “They are just using you like dirt”, ”You are a Chinese girl with proper upbringing, not a whore”, “Stop it now”. Yes, I wanted to run away, but I could not, I found myself in a trance, mindlessly being led by this White b**st to the bed to be used and treated like a common whore.

He gently pushed me down on the bed and he laid down beside me, breathing heavily alongside him looking at him as if I was in a dream, his hands commenced a thorough exploration of my young firm body. I did not make the slightest protest when I felt his hand settled down over my breast. Oh, how good it felt to have his expert hand gently massaging my breast through my clothing! I became dreamier and light-headed, easier to handle, more eager and happy to do anything to please this Superior man who was developing such power over me. M kissed me and I felt him place his right palm flat on my belly. His fingers began to knead my dress causing the material to ride upwards. His fingers increased the pressure, the dress hem rose higher and higher exposing my covered privates to him for the first time. He flipped my crumpled dress higher above my waist, his eyes burning deeply into my own slightly glazed eyes, as his hands groped between my thighs. I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the thrilling erotic pleasure that were engulfing me. My belly began to jerk and my hips began to roll slowly and I began to gasp and writhe under his masterful touch. I can hear at a distant, my mind voice telling me: “Stop this, good Chinese girls don’t do this!”

He then unbuttoned my dress and very soon I was lying there with only my bra and panties exposing myself to my lecherous White boss. With expert hands, my boss unhooked my bra and my 34C breast joggled into full view for him. Then with one swift motion of his hands my panties were off and flicked off onto the floor, I was now totally naked my hairy bush and all clearly exhibited for my boss. Naked for the first time in front of a man in a brightly lit room! Instead of covering myself up, I lay there shamelessly and I found myself filled with thoughts: “Does he like my body?”, “Is my breast too small?” “Am I too hairy?”, “Are my thighs too fat?” Instead of feeling ashamed, I found myself wanting him to like my naked body. A feeling of humiliation crept into me as I noticed my victorious boss, smirking and smiling to himself confident of yet another conquest. Whatever resolve I had to stop this man from taking advantage of me has long since deserted me, and I just lay helplessly in my d**g induced state waiting for him to use me as he saw fit.

M reached out and began to massage my 34C breasts, pulling on my left nipple, tweaking and pulling them, and eliciting the first moan from me. A wave of pleasure was spreading through my pelvis and I felt my slit getting increasingly wet. I moaned loudly my appreciation to my boss. M started working on both my breasts, pulling at my nipples, and rolling them between his thumbs and fingers, while using the ball of his palms to massage the sides of my breasts. And as he played with my breasts and tits the mingled sensation began to elicit a throb in my clit. Both my tits were being rolled in M fingers and I felt an electrical pulse down my tits and into my clit. Waves of pleasure began to spread all over my body and I heard myself saying: “Feels good, don’t stop, please ….” I was shocked by the words coming out from my mouth urging this man on but I realized I was just putty in the hands of this expert at making women’s tits come alive. My previous 2 Chinese lovers had never brought me anywhere close to this level makrobet güvenilir mi of ecstasy which this White man is teasing out of me. I was squirming uncontrollably and was thrusting my hips up and down like a wanton whore. I felt the need to be impregnated by him, wanted him in me, my body was begging for his White manhood and wanted it to give me my first climax from a man’s cock. M was in no hurry!

I was on the verge of insanity by his teasing and I heard incoherent sounds spewing out from my mouth like a lunatic. I felt M’s hand on my belly, which was heaving from the excitement and he started moving it to my clit. When his fingers reached my already engorged clitoris, he touched it very gently sending waves of pleasure shooting through my exposed labia folds. M fingers started to make tiny rotations first clockwise, then anti-clockwise, then pressing forward again, only to repeat this movement all over again. I was writhing and moaning as he continued to kiss my tits and manipulate my clit. I was going insane lifting my belly to his hand, rotating my pelvis and thrusting it up and down at the same time. My cunt juice was plentiful and I could feel it flowing out, wetting his fingers. I was on fire, M knew how to use his fingers in the most fiendish way, he was moving his fingers very gently and very quickly and with always just the right pressure on my love knob. The speed which his fingers were moving were amazingly fast and drove me to the edge of climax. Each time I neared M will slow down and then start his rapid movement again, this went on and on always bringing me to the verge without allowing me the release my burning pussy was craving for. It felt so good, how can it be, isn’t sex just for procreation – the thought passed through my mind as I continued to moan my pleasure uncontrollably. I was becoming like soft putty and the heated emotion of lust within my body was making me into a willing and eager plaything for a White man.

M removed his briefs and said: “Look at a White man’s cock”. I opened my eyes and saw in disbelief for the first time a man’s cock! I tried to close my eyes in shyness but found my eyes mesmerized by this White man’s cock – It was majestic, it was spectacular, it was beyond superlatives. It was enormous, long and thick not like those puny flaccid little things which my ex-Chinese lovers call a cock. But what was a monstrosity was the huge head at the end of the shaft. It was totally out of proportion with the shaft, it was scarily enormous, it was blood gorged red and its “eye” stayed angrily at me. I reached out and touched this majestic thing I was thrilled and adored the sensation of huge and throbbing White cock in my fingers. I was petrified by it but at the same time wanted that big head to enter me and split me apart. I trembled with anticipation as I fondled his ever-growing cock.

Yes, I want to hold this cock forever, I want to cradle it, pamper it, love it……” Then suddenly the cock was pulled out from my grasp, I wanted to hold his lovely hard tool and reached my hands out for it. M noticed that and said: “I am going to fuck you now, that’s what you want isn’t it? You want your Boss to fuck you right?” I found myself only able to nod my head and spreading my legs shamelessly for him. M moved between my legs and looked down at my hairy pussy, looking at my agape and soaking cunt lips that were throbbing and appeared to be opening and closing in rhythm to my heartbeat. I found myself lifting my hips upwards inviting him to enter me. I was no longer thinking of my actions but just wanted to satisfy my sexual urges which M had so skillfully milked out of me.

I then heard a scream and realized it was coming out from me, startled by the bigness of M’s cock head entering me. “It’s too big, please stop” Ignoring me, M in one swift motion he plunged his huge dagger into my gaping wet cunt, eliciting a loud shrieking scream from me. M was in me, I was getting his hot White cock which I was craving for, that massive fleshy prick fully plunged into me. My relatively inexperienced but fully aroused body being filled with my bosses’ hot throbbing flesh. A White man was mating me! The extremely experienced M pushed his thick dong of pleasure into me from as many angles as the compass has points. The room filled with the my panting cries of ecstasy, the agonizing cries of pain, mingled with lustful pleasure, as I was given a fucking of my life. M’s talented cock was giving me the sheerest ecstasy that any girl could wish to experience and he was starting me on the road that would lead me eventually to the adoration of cock for cock’s sake. He was forcing me to experience and enjoy the complete surrender of the mind as well as the flesh to the utter bliss. M was giving me the ultimate experience that would by its very nature force me to want to enjoy it time and time again.

“Louder” I heard M voice saying. “Let me hear how much you are enjoying your White Boss cock”, “Scream it out, like the fucking slut you are” he directed. I could hear my screams and moans getting louder and louder as I implored him to fuck me hard and signalling my final subjugation to him.

M knew that victory was his as it always was. I had to get the gratification every fiber in my now sex crazed body was screaming out for. My whole body was a-tingle. I was gasping loudly with each thrust from M. I was building towards climax extraordinarily fast. I was lost in cock heaven. Having been brought so close to orgasm so many times by M that evening, M’s expert thrusting soon brought me to the edge. I felt my body trembling; my arms were stretched out, my hands grabbing the bed sheet and my legs opening wider and wider to accommodate M’s length deeper into me. “Beg me, beg me to make u cum” I had M commanded. Without hesitation and shame I howled out wantonly “Beg you, Beg you, Make me cum”. As the obscenities of a slut left my mouth, it hit me, my first orgasm from a man’s cock – I screamed out my climax, I held tightly to M with my arms and legs. “Oh my god, oh my god” was spewing out from my mouth incessantly. I felt my cunt tightening on M’s cock not wanting it to leave my pussy wanting this wonderful cock to stay in there forever. M lay on top of me as I held on to him tightly as my orgasm slowly subsided, I found myself thinking: “I want this White man, I will do anything he wants to keep him”.

M then turned me around into “doggie” position and without hesitation plunged his hard monster cock into my saturated and quite sore cunt hole. I felt his balls slapping against my crotch with every thrust of his strong body. I was surprised to feel another orgasm building up as his expert cock worked its magic on my pussy. M picked up the tempo of his movement and within seconds I was screaming like a banshee, crying out my second orgasm from my boss. M withdrew himself and I slumped onto the bed, tears of joy flooding my eyes and luxuriating the feeling of cumming from a White man’s cock. A feeling that my previous Chinese lovers’ feeble yellow cocks were not able to give me. I now understood the superiority of the White men and my role to be subservient to them.

After allowing me a few moments of rest, M mounted me again and again, and with his magic White cock brought me to one orgasm after another, again and again. I finally passed out, after the countless orgasms drifting into a blissful stupor. In my cum induced haze I heard M grunted and I felt his cock twitched in my cunt and felt a wet warmness spreading through my pussy. M had deposited his genetically superior White seed in tipobet me, strangely I felt proud, proud to be just a container for White men’s seed. Yes, all of my orifice would soon become a container for many White men’s seed!

I was awaken by M’s “You can bathe me”. I was somewhat shocked by his request, having been previously very shy with my ex-lovers I was horrified that I had to be completely naked in the bright bathroom lights, exposing myself to him completely and having to have a full and complete view of M’s nakedness as I bathed him. M walked ahead of me to the shower; giving me a full view of his naked back and his firm butt, as he reached the shower he turned around exposing his front to me ensuring that I have a complete view of his muscular chest and his now flaccid though longish member. In the shower, M wanted me to soap him – M made sure that my hands soaped every single part of him. Starting from the neck, arms, chest, belly, legs and feet. As I soaped his cock it sprang to life gaining solid iron rod rigidity and my heart skipped a beat as I recalled how it had earlier destroyed my every bit of dignity. M told me to lift up his cock, giving a full view of his massive balls as I soaped both of them. The M turned around, and I did the same for his back, shoulders, back, butt, legs and ankles. Again, M’s deviant mind had something special for me, he told me to spread his butt cheeks and soaped his opening there, he leaned slightly forward exposing his puckered hole to me. In that few minutes, M had made sure that I had a complete view of a man’s torso, not a part was missed. M then had me shower the soap off him, when he stepped out of the shower he told me to towel him dry. M again made sure that I covered every single part of his body, of course including his cock and his anal passage. Yes I will soon be bathing many White bodies – soaping and showering their statuesque torso. I will also be drying these bodies not just with towels but with my mouth and tongue, sucking and licking them dry.

M walked out of the bathroom and told me to clean myself up. When I walked back to the bedroom, now more comfortable and less inhibited in exposing my nakedness, M said: “Dress Me”. By now being used to being subservient by M’s conditioning and also having been inculcated to treating him as a God, I instinctively obeyed. M remained seated on the bed and waited as I pondered on how to proceed having never had to dress a man before – after all given sexual equality, we women do not need to belittle ourselves with such tasks for men.

I knelt down and put on his socks I noticed that M’s cock has regained its full rigidity and was pointing straight at me. It was enormous and my mind wondered how I managed to accommodate his length and girth and to top it all actually enjoyed it in me. M must have noticed me looking at his cock asked: “Did u like him?” I could feel shame creeping over me and my face reddening as I struggled to answer his embarrassing question. M asked again, this time more menacingly: “Did u like my cock?” Startled by his tone of voice I answered meekly: “Yes”. Whack, whack, I felt two slaps across my face, M had used his iron rod for the slap and it hurt. “I cannot hear you” M angrily shouted, frightened I replied loudly: “Yes”. I felt a fear engulfing me, being alone in a room with this man with no means of escape. I suddenly felt very vulnerable and afraid of what else he would do to me that evening. I shuttered as the words “you are only starting” that M used earlier in the evening came to my mind and became very menacing.

My reverie was broken by: “You stupid cow, answer properly”, followed by two more cock slaps on the face and two really powerful slaps by his hands on each of my upper arms, which nearly threw me off balance from my kneeling position. I was trembling in fear and quickly tried: “Yes Sir, I liked Sir’s cock very much”. It was probably a better answer then he expected and he smiled. My mind was puzzled by this battering, believing that we women are the fairer sex and should be treated with respect and dignity by men. Further, why I was treated this way having accommodated to all his needs this evening – surely I deserved some tenderness and affection from him. I had just experienced my first lesson on discipline and punishment from M. I would learn later that a slave is never rewarded for what she has done well because that is her duty and that no matter how well she serves her Master, she will still be subjected to discipline sessions for the Master’s amusement.

I continued with dressing my boss, putting on his shirt and then as I was about to help him on with his briefs, I heard M said: “Kiss my cock and thank my cock”. I was totally revolted by the request; does he really expect me to thank his piece of white meat? My rational mind screamed out that I have suffered enough indignities that evening and besieged me to end it by refusing and walking out. Instead I found myself leaning forward and giving it a light kiss and my lips parting and saying the shameful words: “Thank you cock”. I realized then that he had broken me, like a wild horse I am now tamed and ready to obey this White man, no matter how deviant his request.

My thoughts were interrupted by M’s loud laugh and he said: “Ha, so you thought you are a high flying corporate executive, look at you now, you are nothing but a whore just like all your Chinese sisters.” He then mumbled something that sounded like “You are just another piece of ass in my stable, and my newest slut bimbo” which I didn’t really understood what it meant at that time.

Fully dressed, M proceeded to leave and headed for the door. “Open the door for me” he directed as I obediently followed him still totally naked. As I opened the door, it sheltered my nakedness from the corridor and he walked through. He then turnaround and led me by my hands until I was standing in the center of the doorway, the door no longer concealing my nudity and said: “Leave when you are ready, the room charges have already been taken care off.” He spoke slowly as if he enjoyed my predicament and perhaps was hoping that someone will walk by and see me in all my naked glory. He then said: “You will call me Master from now on”, “Yes Master” I replied. “Good girl” he said as he turnaround and headed for home. Two simple words. “Good girl” resonated in me and I felt myself thinking: “Yes, I want to be your good girl”. I knew then, that I will subject myself to all kinds of depravity he desires, just to hear those two words from him again!

As I lay on my bed that evening, reviewing the events of earlier, I was amazed that in a few short hours M has completely changed my moral values and completely redefined my boundaries of civility and decency. He had in that short time gave me a complete lesson on sex, of course I would later find out that I was then just touching the surface and will experienced very much more. I had enjoyed the most mind blowing orgasms in my life so far and taught me that only true fulfillment can come to a woman from these orgasms. He had shattered my believed principle of equality making me to do subservient acts and worshiping him. He had showed me the supremacy of White men, and it is natural order for me the Chinese woman to submit to him the superior White god. As I drifted into sleep I felt a sense of contentment and fulfillment, as if I have finally found my purpose in life – to be subservient to the White man.

From that day onward, my life changed completely. No longer was I obsessed with work and climbing up the corporate ladder, instead I find myself becoming just a bimbo waiting anxiously each day for M’s call to serve him and all his White friends. Yes, as my Master made me recite every day:

I am slave,
My name is whore,
I love cocks,
My mouth is for sucking cocks
My cunt is for fucking cocks
My arse if for fucking cocks

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