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Mr. Jacobson and I

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It had already been a long day. It was the first day of my second semester. I was a senior this year, yup; I had half a year left to go of school! Well, at least until I started college. As I walked through the hallway I watched the freshmen wandering aimlessly trying to find their classes and said hi to my friends as I passed them. I saw my little cousin Juli and led her to her last class of the day. After all, I didn’t want her to be one of the loser freshmen who came in after the bell rang because they’d gotten lost.

After that, hurried to my locker and shoved my book bag in it. It was the first day of these classes; I didn’t have any books to carry yet. Then I took a peek at my schedule. Fourth period – U.S. History with Mr. Jacobson, Room Number 201. Who the hell was Mr. Jacobson? He must be new this semester. I didn’t recognize the name but I knew where the room was, second floor, first door on the left.

I grabbed a notebook and pen and hustled to the room, dodging all the losers who liked to hang out in the hallways until the last second. My ex-boyfriend, Matteo, tried to stop me as I walked past him but I kept going; I had nothing to say to the no-good cheating scumbag.

I rounded the corner and walked into the classroom. I first looked around the room, there were like five other students there already. Mr. Jacobson wasn’t even there yet. The desks were arranged in a “U” shape; all of the desks backed up to one of three walls. The fourth wall, at the front of the room, held the board and Mr. Jacobson’s desk. Most teacher’s went with the rows of desks arrangement, how boring. But this was pretty cool.

Well the arrangement WAS cool, until Matteo walked in and sat directly across from me. Great, now I would have to stare at his disgusting mug the rest of the year. I prayed Mr. Jacobson would put us in alphabetical order or something so I didn’t have to stare at Matt. All the rest of the students filed in and my best friend Nikki sat down beside me.

Right as the bell rang, who we assumed to be Mr. Jacobson, strode into the classroom and I, as well as all the other girls in the class I’m sure, was pleased. He was a very attractive man. He couldn’t have been over 25 years old. And after all, most of us WERE 18.

He began taking role and we all answered when it came to our turn. Mr. Jacobson then asked every person to go around the room and say something about themselves to the class. He started with himself.

“Well, I’m obviously new to your school, and I’m obviously not much older than many of you in here. I do not teach in the traditional manner as you will see. I like my classroom to be fun as well as educating. I am 24 years old, single, and have my own house right outside of town… well that’s not true, I share the place with my dog Bandit,” he finished with a gorgeous smile to the class.

Everyone went around speaking their pieces. When it came Matt’s turn he sent me what I used to think was a heart-stopping grin; now it was just disgusting.

“My name is Matteo Clemington, and I am in love with that girl right there,” he said pointing to me.

I felt my face go beet red and saw the teacher raise his eyebrows and smile. I raised my hand politely hoping to hell the teacher called on me to speak out of turn.

“Yes… Erin?” he said.

“I’d just like to make it clear that he may love me, but I can’t stand to look at him,” I said with a glare at Matt.

The teacher and class chuckled and Matt grew red with anger. I ignored him. He had cheated on me with some slutty freshman, no way was I going to forgive him!

The kurtköy escort rest of the class passed quickly and we were all dismissed to head out to our cars. I went to my locker and packed up all my stuff I’d acquired that day. Then grabbing my book bag, I started to head to my car. I was sidetracked by a friend and stood talking to her for a few minutes. By the time I left her the halls were deserted, no one ever stayed any longer than they had to.

I rounded the corner and went to go downstairs. As I rounded that corner I saw Matt standing there with a mean gleam in his eyes. Frustrated, I continued walking and tried to brush by him. But as I did he grabbed my arm in a painful grasp. I yelped in pain and smacked his chest.

“Matt, get the fuck off of me,” I said calmly and he squeezed harder, causing me to grimace.

“You think you can make a fool out of me in class and get away with it? I don’t think so bitch,” he said before slamming me up against the wall. I grunted as my head connected with the concrete wall and then I started to struggle telling him to get off of me and kicking and hitting him. I knew Matt was strong, he was captain of the football team, but I never thought he was dangerous. I started to get scared.

Matt leaned in whispered roughly in my ear, “I will have you again, Erin. Whether you want me to or not, I will have you. Right now. The halls are deserted. No one will find us for at least an hour when the janitor comes through. And he’s old. You know how long that could take,”.

His wrist was pressing into my throat and my head was becoming light from lack of air. Matt then proceeded to roughly push me on the ground, pinning me there with his body weight. I struggled beneath him to no avail. I began to cry as he roughly began groping my tits, causing pain as he pinched and squeezed my nipples through the thin t-shirt I was wearing. He had one hand over my mouth so I couldn’t yell out, I was beginning to panic.

Just as he pushed my shirt up, roughly, to expose my bra and stomach, I heard a voice.

“What the fuck?!” and then felt Matt’s body being easily lifted from mine and saw him being backed against the wall. It was Mr. Jacobson, I realized. He had Matteo pinned against the wall. He yelled out for another teacher and soon Matt was drug away, I suppose to the principal’s office. I tugged my shirt down and sat in the corner Matt had thrown me in. tears were still streaming down my face and I was shaking so badly my teeth rattled.

“Erin, oh god, are you ok?” Mr. Jacobson asked as he kneeled down beside me and took my hand in his. Mine were like ice, cold with fear. I couldn’t talk so I just shrugged in answer to his question.

“Did he hurt you?” Mr. Jacobson asked as he began to search my body for injuries. I shook my head no and winced when that hurt, I’d forgotten I’d hit it when Matt slammed me to the wall. My hand automatically went up to where it hurt and I cried out softly when I felt blood. Mr. Jacobson saw the injury and helped me up, allowing me to lean on his shoulder for support, we went back to his classroom.

“Don’t worry, I’m EMT certified,” he said as he sat me down in his desk chair and began to clean my wound. I winced as something stung and he apologized softly. I felt a bit dizzy and told him that. They were the first words I’d spoken since the attack and my voice shook.

Mr. Jacobson walked to the phone and dialed the principal’s office, telling the principal that I would give a statement tomorrow, I was too shook up to do it today. I was greatly relieved and sighed as I leaned back against the malatya escort chair.

“You can’t drive, c’mon, I’ll drive you home if you like,” Mr. Jacobson said softly as he helped me up. I nodded and we walked back to the hallway to get my bag. He carried it for me as we slowly made our way to his Jeep that was parked in the lot.?I smiled despite everything, this definitely was not a normal teacher.

He helped me up and I instructed him on how to get to my house. Once there, and he realized no one was home, he insisted on helping me get settled before he left and followed me in the house. I explained to him that both Mom and my step dad traveled in their work, and my step brother was in college, so normally about 5 days out of seven I was on my own.

Mr. Jacobson then instructed me to go shower and that he’d wait here until I did. I agreed and went up and took a quick shower to get the blood off of me. I then dressed in a pair of short cotton shorts and a cami. I came down the stairs and saw Mr. Jacobson sitting on my couch laughing at something on TV. I smiled despite myself, man he was a hunk. I walked in and sat down on the other end of the couch. He asked if I was feeling better and I nodded yes. He patted my knee and said good. When his hand touched my knee I felt a surge of electricity from his touch and gasped. He yanked his hand back as if he too had felt it and blushed.

“I, uh, I guess I need to be going, Erin,” he said, “Are you going to be ok now?”

I realized I didn’t want him to leave, and, stood, then wavered a bit dizzily when I stood to quickly. Mr. Jacobson’s strong arms were instantly around me and once my head straightened out I gasped at the feeling of all the muscle in his arms. He looked down at me a confused look in his eyes and I smiled shyly.

“Uh, you ok?” he asked huskily. I nodded and leaned into his body a bit, not even realizing I did it. It just felt so right to be in his arms. I felt his arms tighten around me and knew he felt it too.

“Erin we shouldn’t, we can’t, I’m your teacher, you’re hurt… it… it just wouldn’t right,” he stumbled over the words as he spoke them but I could see the heat in his eyes.

“We shouldn’t but I can’t help what it feels like to be in your arms,” I said softly.

A soft groan came out of Mr. Jacobson’s lips as he bent his head and briefly touched them to mine. I pressed back and the kiss took on a heated flame, our tongues intertwined and I was amazed at how great it felt. I was now the one who moaned softly, into his mouth and in response he hauled me chest to chest with him, my tit’s smashed against his hard muscles.

I hooked my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. His lips traveled lazily over my cheek, neck and throat before landing on that spot behind my ear which made my knees go weak.

“Ohhh Mr. Jacobson,” I groaned softly.

“Tucker, call me Tucker,” he said in a rough voice.

My hands roamed over his body and I started to unbutton the tiny buttons holding his shirt closed. In return he lifted my tank top off of my body and then stared at my 36c tits, encased in a white silk bra.

“Oh, god,” he moaned again, just as I slid his shirt open and pulled it out of his trousers. I could see a considerable bulge there and couldn’t wait to see it without anything blocking it. I dropped to one knee and undid his pants, pulling them down. I smiled when I realized he had no underwear on. He grinned down at me wickedly and mumbled something about to confining.

His prick was huge. About 10 inches and very thick. I was concerned it wouldn’t even fit! kayseri escort My concern must have shown on my face because he chuckled before hauling me up into his arms again.

“I’ll be gentle,” he said as his hand lazily slid beneath the elastic waistband of my shorts and he laughed out loud when he realized, I too, had skipped underwear. His finger found my damp heat and slid back and forth along the slit there, teasing me, before he thrust a finger up into me. I cried out in pleasure.

His other hand unhooked the front clasp on my bra and I allowed it to slide off so we were both completely naked. My hand reached down and cupped his now rock-hard cock. I slowly slid my hand up and down as he fingered me. I was becoming soaked and he now had pre-cum leaking from the tip of his hard-on.

Slowly I backed away from him and he followed until I lay down on the couch and he followed me down, lying on top of me his finger still buried in my soaked cunt.

I felt his cock sliding along my entrance but he seemed to hold himself back. I groaned softly.

“Please, Tucker, please just fuck me,” I pleaded with him

As I said that I felt the head of it enter my passage. God it was so huge. I felt full just from the head. Slowly, inch by inch, he would maneuver that huge beast in me. Every stroke would bring it farther in. Minutes later he had it fully buried in me and I gasped at the full feeling. I heard him groan in pleasure as he slowly began a rhythm of moving in and out. I was so tight around him.

After a little while of this slow rhythm, Tucker suddenly switched our positions so I was on top and riding him. I smiled down at him and he reached up to play with my tits as they jiggled above his face. His hands caressed down my back and over my buttocks. I groaned as his finger slid along my crack. One of my fantasies had always been to have my ass played with, but I’d never found a man I wanted to do it with but suddenly I knew that I wanted Tucker to play with it.

I lifted my ass a little bit off of his pelvis and felt his finger trace through my crack again and I groaned louder this time when it brushed my puckered rosebud. He smiled up at me and I leaned forward to kiss him full on the lips. His cock was still buried deep inside of my cunt but I’d stopped riding him for a bit. I felt his finger trace along my slit, gathering wetness from my juices and then I felt it tracing my ass again. I gasped as I felt him push on my asshole. His finger slid in to the first knuckle. It felt odd but I liked it. Then, his finger slid deeper still until it was buried in my ass. I had his 10 inch monster cock in my pussy and his finger in my ass. I automatically came at the thought and feeling of this, my body convulsing on him. He smiled and then started moving beneath me. I got his message and began to ride him hard.

My ass slapped down to his pelvis, driving his finger up in me, and his cock drilled into my pussy. Pretty soon I felt his cock thicken in me and then after that I heard his cry of release as he poured his hot juices into my canal.

I collapsed on top of him breathing heavily and he slowly slipped his finger out of my butt. His now spent cock slowly slid from inside of me as well and he just held me there.

A little while later we both got up and got cleaned up in the shower, having a little fun while we were at it. We redressed and I walked Mr. Jacobson, no, Tucker, to the door.

“Erin what happened in there tonight, I liked it a lot. I want to see you more,” he said before he walked out and I nodded, knowing that it would happen again. I was sure of it.

He gave me a quick peck on the lips then walked to his Jeep and pulled away, sending me a wink as he did. I smiled to myself then went back in to fix myself something to eat, feeling as if I was on cloud nine.

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