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Mistis’ Adventures Part 65

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 65
Billy and Cathy rode around for a few hours, stopping at a department store to browse and pick up a few things they saw or might need. From there they stopped at a Drive-In to get something to eat and drink. Both had been too busy to eat at the reception, and hadn’t had anything since early this morning, and both had had little appetite from a case of nervousness from thinking of the wedding. They also knew, with some certainty, that there would be little chance to eat upon their return to the farm. Abe and Gail, Betty and Tod, and Barb and Rick would all be there waiting for them to consummate the marriage in front of them. Then Cathy had one more date with Abe, and Billy had a date with Barbara. Nobody knew when or how it would go after that. Rick had already told him that he wanted to get Cathy one more time before he returned to the hospital. Cathy had told him that she was looking forward to it.

They drove around while they ate and stopped at a lonesome lake they had seen once before. It had been especially nice, and in a very secluded place. They sat there for a short while before deciding to head for the farm. Everybody should be gone by now. If they weren’t, they would drive around a little more.

Billy stopped just short of the turn-off, where he could see if there was anybody still present. The only car still there was Sharon and William’s. They would be okay. They pulled in and drove to the back of the house, between the house and the barn. Their Jeep couldn’t be seen from anyplace except standing in front of it.

They left the things in the car for later and went in the back door, being as quiet as possible. They entered through a utility room türkçe bahis and were inside the hallway that led to the kitchen and dining room. The floor was carpeted, so their footfalls were silenced. They stopped and listened at the kitchen door to see if they could hear any voices. They could hear voices, but, they were so faint as to be unable to make out what was being said. It was just a jumble of sounds, unrecognizable as words. Some were deep enough to recognize as Abe’s voice, as he had a deep bass voice.

They kissed one more time, slipped off their shoes, and left them in the short hall space for later. They were in stocking feet as they went through the kitchen, and into the dining room. There was absolutely no sign that anything had gone on here. Bless their Hearts. The ladies had everything as clean and neat as if it had never seen a dirty dish. Cathy made a mental note to thank every one of them. There were a few covered dishes sitting on the counter. Probably things from the reception. That would be good to know, in case they got hungry after while.

The voices were clear now, as they were just around the door sill from the living room. They both felt a thrill as they had when playing Hide and Seek as c***dren. Cathy put her hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle. He was looking at a window where he could see reflections almost as clear as from a mirror. Trouble was, his two ilder brothers were looking at them in return, using the same window. “Okay, you two. Quit trying to sneak up on us. We watched you come in the dining room, and have been waiting to see what you were up to. NOW!! Get in here. We’re all waiting for our kisses.”

They dashed into the room, güvenilir bahis siteleri now that they had been discovered, going from one to the other kissing and hugging everyone. They sat in the floor, sprawling comfortably.Sharon reached behind her ant took a couple of pillows, tossing the to the two new arrivals. “What kind of mischief have you two been into?” asked Gail. “I know good and well you have been up to something. Now..Spill it.” Both of them assured her that they hadn’t done anything out of the way. Gail frowned at them. “The day you don’t get into, or start something, hasn’t come, yet.” Both of them flashed their most angelic looks at their Mother. “We promise, Mommy.” pleaded Cathy. “We’ve both been VERY good.”

Sharon raised her eyebrow, just like her mother, in total disbelief. “Everyone who believes that junk, stand on their heads.” A short pause. “Just as I thought. I don’t see any ankles in the air.” Billy crawled over to his sister from the other Mother, and kissed her knee. “I promise you, Sis. We shopped a little, got a bite to eat, and looked at that lake we told you about. That’s all we did. And no hankie-pankie while we were gone.”

Barb leaned forward to add her two cents. “You better not have. I’m expectin’ good things from my new brother. Heaven help if you disappoint me. Is anybody else needing nourishment, yet. There’s food in the kitchen, and I’m as hungry as a she wolf with a big litter of pups.” The others expressed similar feelings, so they went into the kitchen to get some food. There was a big stack of paper plates, and a box of plastic flatware to eat with. Glasses were set down and filled with ice. There was tea and Kool-ade güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in the fridge, Soon everyone was around the table eating. In a few seconds Gail started snickering. “Did you see the guy you hit with the garter?”she asked. Nobody had, so she went on. “It hit him almost between the eyes. He fell over in a dead faint, and had to have someone wash his face with cold water to bring him around. I got it all with the movie camera. YOU, DEAR, had EVERYONE’s full attention. There could have been a tornado come in the door, and no one would’ve noticed. They were all too busy looking at your honey-pot, or teasing the Kelly girl. She’s a real Sweetheart. We got to visit a little after you left. She is a little doll.” Billy had to agree with her, relating what had happened outside the store yesterday.

They finished eating and sacked up their trash to be carried away, and went back into the living room. Sharon stopped in the doorway, turned and grabbed both of the newlyweds. “Both Moms told me to give you something for them when you got back. You got away before they could give it to you, themselves.” She reached out and gave both tight hugs, and warm kisses. “They also give you their undying love. Now. It’s MY turn.” She gave each of them another similar hug and kiss. “This ones from ME! I love you both so much it wants to make me explode. Just promise me you’ll love each other the same way.” They both gave her their kisses and hugs. “We promise, Sis.”

They went into the living room for a little bit. They were encouraged to get undressed, and soon they were all naked. Cathy was handed a pillow and advised as to where to put it. Delaying long enough to go upstairs and use the bathroom, she did as she was told. The pillow was placed under her butt. Tod and Rick assisted her in laying back, and then they sat back to watch the show. Both had expected this part. The others were going to watch them have sex for the first time as man and wife.

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