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The next morning after kissing Helen goodbye and exchanging email addresses, Tim and Michele had their coffee and fruit for the last time on the beachside porch. They watch as new faces, and bodies, walked by them on the beach. The Resort would be changing over with guests. Many have been leaving and arriving the past days.

They were busy packing their things and Michele commented on how much was still clean, unused with their acceptance of the nude way of life there. Michele was nearly finished with her large suitcase and was working on the smaller one that had contained all the intimate items Tim and her mom had selected for her when the older couple they met earlier in the week stopped in. They had two gifts for them which was a surprise. Tim and Michele were both still naked but their clothes were laid out for later. The woman saw Michele’s dress and commented on how nice it looked but asked her to pack it and open her large box. Inside was a wraparound dress. Michele held it up to her and it was a perfect size. She also noticed how light weight it was. It wasn’t sheer, but was very light material that would cling to her. Also, inside the box was a new pair of sandal heels, quite high. There was nothing else in the box. Michele looked at her questioningly.

The woman smiled and replied to the unspoken question, “No, my dear. No underwear. Please, do us this final favor. You two are so stimulating for us. We loved the idea that you might travel home wearing this and only this.”

Michele looked at Tim and smiled. Tim smiled back and said, “You love being the exhibitionist. You just didn’t know it before all this. Please, yes, do it.”

Michele smiled at the couple and hugged them both, giving each a kiss. “Thank you. You are very sweet and we enjoyed our time together. Especially the dinner at your friend’s estate. He was very charming. Please thank him again for us when you see him again. Okay, I will wear the dress. It doesn’t look like it closes very well but if my husband doesn’t mind bailing me out of jail, okay.”

The woman then asked Tim to open his. He and Michele were very puzzled. Inside were two very small electronic units that looked like remotes, but to what? They both looked at the last little box in Michele’s hand at the same time. Michele looked at the woman who just nodded for her to open it. Inside were two small smooth items. Michele blushed. Tim still loved how she could do that. Standing nude in front of a couple they only kind of knew and being very comfortable but the realization of what she had caused a blush. The larger was an egg shape. Smooth and of a shiny metal surface. Tim pushed a button on one of the remotes and the smaller one looking like a smooth cylindrical shape with rounded ends started vibrating. He pushed the button on the other remote and the egg started vibrating. His smile got bigger. The egg was for Michele’s pussy. The smaller one was for her anus.

The woman again requested, “And, we think your trip would be ever so much more enjoyable if you, Michele, were carrying these inside you and Tim controlled the remotes.”

Michele gasped, “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, yes, dear. Very serious. Don’t you agree, Tim?” The woman already understood the relationship they enjoyed and knew that getting Tim’s agreement was more important than getting Michele’s.

“Yes, I do. A wonderful idea. We will have a much more enjoyable time. Thank you.”

“One more thing, though. Be sure to have these toys in your carry-on bag. Better to have them found in the bag than have it show up inside her when she goes through the scanner at the airport. That would be a little awkward to say the least.”

They hugged and kissed the couple, again. They made a last walk through the cabin, bathroom and the porches to make sure they were not leaving anything behind and finished up their packing.

They got dressed and Tim contacted the front desk to let them know their bags were ready and they would need a van to the airport. Tim turned around, looked at Michele, and whistled. The heels were very high. Higher than she normally wore. But the dress. The impression of her nipples was clearly showing through the fabric. And, the overlap of material at the waist was minimal. It only overlapped by about twelve inches at the waist and much less the higher and lower the dress went from there. The top was open in a V to below her breasts. If she leaned over, it would gap out and show her lovely breasts to anyone paying attention. Below it was clear it would open as she walked. He asked her to sit on the bed. Sure enough her entire thigh became exposed. He asked her to walk around the room. With each step, her thighs flashed in front of his eyes. And, her breast was free to bounce and jiggle. This was going to be such a good trip home, especially in Miami where they would have to transfer to another plane for the flight home.

At the reception desk, Tim closed out the account for the added expenses of the rides around the island, the cruise, etc. He thanked them for a wonderful week, turned and the woman called him back. She passed him a courier box that said it was from Mr. Rodriguez. He requested that you not open it until you were in the air and they could consider illegal bahis the contents together.

He turned to Michele, shrugged his shoulders and led her out to the van which already had their bags and carry on. They made it through security fine but it seemed Michele was drawing a lot of attention from security and passengers, alike.

Finally, in the air and above the magical 10,000 foot elevation, Tim got out of his seat, retrieved the box and was about to sit back down but asked Michele, “Almost forgot, did you take care of your gift after getting through security?” She said no, so he let her out to use the restroom. The plane was a small jet with two seats on each side. When she returned, he ripped open the seal on the box and dumped the contents on the seatback table. Inside was a letter, two envelops and a DVD case. Tim picked up the letter and held it up between them so they could both read it. But, first, he set both the egg and bullet to a low vibration setting. In it, Mr. Rodriguez said:

“Tim and Michele,

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our night together at my estate. My friends, the other couples, can’t stop talking about it. They were thoroughly taken by you, Michele. And extremely grateful to you, Tim, for sharing her with us in that way.

They wished to share their gratitude with a small toke … small for them anyway. There is an envelope included from them marked as ‘Guests’.

I would also like to extend my personal appreciation. The other envelop is from me and contains a certificate at a boutique called “Endless Nights”. It is located in your city. I will get into how I know that later in this letter. Michele, this is for you. They will not accept your money at this store and they will provide you with everything you could possible need for adventures in endless nights of fun and pleasure. The certificate is not time limited or for one time use, only. Use it frequently and as often as you like. I will be billed directly. Just show them this letter and your ID when you enter the first time. After that you will be in their system. It is a wonderful store specializing in erotic wear for women. My late wife used it exclusively for her intimates.

The DVD included is the recording of the evening at my estate. Again, thank you both. It was a delightful evening and very stimulating. I am sure you will enjoy the video as I have several times since that night.

Finally, I have a proposal, offer, suggestion, however you want to consider it. I would like to host similar events and activities in the future. I arranged the last one on a lark at the recommendation of the couple you met at the Resort. I found it very stimulating and exciting and would like the opportunity to do so more. My proposal is that you occasionally spend some time as my guest at my estate. I will provide full transportation from your front door to my estate. My private jet will be the easiest, quickest, and most comfortable when it is available. I will make sure you have plenty of free time during the day for vacation activities and relaxation. In exchange, Michele will be available for evening activities much like the last time but obviously expanding with time and familiarity.

That’s it for now. I include various methods of contacting me. Please think it over and let me know. If you are not comfortable now, please keep this offer in mind. I will leave it open for your consideration.

Again, thank you both very much. I admire the openness and passion you share. With sincere hopes for a continued relationship,

Yours Truly,

Jose Rodriguez”

All Michele could say was, “Wow.”

Tim agreed, “Yes, indeed, WOW. That’s certainly an interesting proposal. But let’s agree to not make any decision about the proposal at this time. Let’s just sit on it for a few days and then think about it.” And then he increased the vibration in her pussy. She immediately flinched, opened her mouth but nothing came out. Tim just smiled. He had both remotes at the side of his leg away from her. He lowered the egg vibration and increased the bullet’s. Back and forth, several minutes of each.

Then he looked at her after increasing both to the six of ten levels and said, “Michele, I have a confession to make. The honeymoon turned out so erotic that I had to do something more with it. Each day I found a way to get to the lobby and worked out a dictation of each day’s activities. They were excited to assist me. So, you can imagine now why you were such a hit with people around there. They knew more about your sexual encounters than they probably experience themselves over months. So, each morning I would go back, use their computer and log onto a website I found some time ago when you got involved with Cody. I would copy and paste the written account into postings to the site. It will be interesting to see how many people will have read about your escapades over time. I also sent your mom and dad a message with the website address and suggested they become members, free, and keep up with our honeymoon. I believe they did.”

She replied, “What website is this?”

“It is specifically related to human/dog sex. Obviously, most of the postings are stories, made up, people’s imagination. But some are true. Like yours. There is a woman from Belgium who now wants to illegal bahis siteleri have a ceremony with two dogs. She’d have you beat.”

“Has she actually done it?”

“No, she’s just thinking about it, looking for ideas.”

“Then I’ve still got her beat.”

“What would you recommend for her to consider?”

“Well, I really like what we did. With me really exposed in front of a group of really close and intimate friends. Even my parents. The vows spoken in front of others for them to know and accept. To have a final commitment act of mating was very important. Ours, of course, included other dogs mating with me at the ceremony. Not to mention all the men and women who also shared in my body that night.”

“I think in this case it might be her partner’s parents.”

“Even more exciting. His parents would know and encourage her submitting to the dogs. But I also submitted to you as a slut. Is she going to that, too?”

“I don’t know. She just mentioned the dogs.”

“That’s so hot. So, other people do this, not just a few weirdoes like us?”

“No dear, other people do this. You need to check out this site.”

“What are the postings called? … Oh, Tim. I don’t know if I can hold on with these vibrating at this level.”

He lowered the level and smiled, “Sorry, dear, I should let you have a clearer thought process for this. I called the posting “Michele’s Wedding”.”

“You used my real name?”

“Who is going to know? As of now, only us and your parents. So, if we don’t say anything, how could anyone really know?”

“Yeah, well how about everyone we were involved with at the Resort?”

“But then they could also be identified.”

“Oh god, Tim, I’m cumming. Hold me, please. I don’t want to make a scene on the plane.”

Tim took her in his arms and she buried her face into his neck. The stewardess came to check on them just then and said, “I don’t want to wake her but is there anything either of you need? Oh, she’s not sleeping, she’s … is she … she is … she’s cumming isn’t she.” Finishing with a whisper. “Are you the honeymoon couple that came down last week? I thought so. Congratulations on keeping it going.”

Arriving in Miami, they had a quick connection after clearing customs. Michele felt a bit awkward walking in such high heels that caused her breasts to move more than usual. Tim commented to Michele how people seemed to be paying a lot of attention to her. This only increased the awareness she was already feeling. At that moment while moving along a moving walkway, Tim hit the intensity of both vibrators which caused her to gasp. Tim helped her off the walkway and to the side of the concourse where she leaned into Tim and whimpered and groaned as silently as she could. Her second orgasm of the trip home. Tim decided that was probably enough and put the remotes in his carry-on and left them there.

Finally reaching their home town airport, they were met by her mom and dad. After the hugs, kisses and handshakes, luggage retrieved, and packed into the car, they were finally heading home. They walked into their house and found Cody bounding up to them, tail wagging and bouncing everywhere he was so excited.

Michele said, “Oh thank you for getting Cody from the kennel to be here when we arrived.” She knelt down and gave him a big hug, rubbing him and cooing his name and various other affectionate names. “I have missed you so much. Have you been a good boy? I bet you’ve been without for the whole time we were gone. We’ll have to take care of that now that I’m home, again.”

There was silence and Michele looked up. She looked at Tim who only shrugged his shoulders. She looked to her mom and dad and asked, “What?”

Her mom spoke, “Honey, we’ve read all the postings about your honeymoon that Tim submitted. My god, what a honeymoon! You need to know that just reading about it has stimulated our sex life immensely. That was so hot. And I can’t wait to see the actual video of the dinner party.”

“But we only found out about the DVD on the way home.”

Tim corrected, “No, dear, you only found out on the way home. Mr. Rodriguez told me that night that he would give me a copy. And, I told your parents.”

“Oh, I feel like you must think I’m some kind of whore the way I have acted.”

Her dad responded with a smile, “Oh, no, dear. A slut maybe, but not a whore.”

And her mom added, “But, dear, you committed to Tim to be his slut. And from the postings, you certainly are. Look at me, Michele, it’s wonderful. Remember what I said to you the night of your commitment? I envied you! I did and I still do. You committed to something that I wish I could have. And not only that, but you lived up to that commitment. I’m so proud of you. And I so respect what you are doing for the two of you. I respect both of you so much. You for wanting to do it and doing it. Tim for finding ways for you to fulfill those desires and keeping you safe. I think I’m going to cry.” And she held her daughter tight.

When she pulled her face back, she looked into Michele’s eyes, and Michele saw passion in her mother’s eyes and face. Michele put her hands on each side of her mother’s face, smiled at her, and kissed her on the lips. Then again. Then she leaned all the way in and gave her mother a full out passionate kiss, lips mashed to each other, then mouths open, tongues seeking canlı bahis siteleri each other’s and the open mouths. They pulled back gasping. Michele looked at her mom, then her dad who was watching with a similar look in his eyes and finally to Tim. She said to all of them, “Wow, this is just sinking in. I think I might have two more lovers in my life now.”

Her mom and dad embraced her together. Her mom said, “Dear, we would love nothing better than to be able to share ourselves with you. No, that’s not being honest. Dear, we would love to be able to fuck you. We want it. We really want it.”

Michele hugged her parents, again, and there probably were a few tears of joy at the moment. But her mom interjected, “But right now, right this minute, what we really want is to watch you take Cody for the first time since after the ceremony. Please, we know you are going to, just let us watch you with him.”

Michele knelt down in front of Cody and asked him, “Are you ready to give me a good fucking, boy? It’s been quite a while hasn’t it? Are you ready? Yeah, I think you are. Okay.”

She stood, kicked off her shoes and undid the tie at her waist and the dress fell open exposing her naked body. Her mother exclaimed, “Michele, you came all this way dressed like that?”

“Mother, come on. I’ve essentially been naked all week. I’ve fucked up a storm all week with complete strangers. I’ve fucked dogs. At this point so what if I end up exposing some of my body to other strangers. Hell, Tim even made me cum transferring in Miami! Talk about exposed.”

“Okay. And I asked to watch you fuck your dog. Good point.”

Michele started to get down on her hands and knees and realized she needed to take care of two more things. She bent over in front of her mother and asked, “Mother, would you help me, please?”

Her mother looked right into her crotch at a fancy string hanging out of her daughter’s asshole. She took hold of it and started pulling and out came the bullet. Her mother just gasped. “You had this in you the whole time?”

“Yes, and Tim had the remote for it. But there is more. I need you to put your fingers in my pussy or should I have dad do this. Yeah, let’s have dad do this one.” She moved over to her father and bent over in front of him and said, “Dad, put your fingers in my pussy and search around. You’ll find it.”

Tentatively, he inserted one and then two fingers into his daughter’s pussy and found something inside. He had to work it some and this was getting Michele going. Not only the effort to remove the egg but that it was her father. Suddenly, both Michele and her father felt it start vibrating and they flinch with surprise. Tim and Michele’s mom both laughed. Finally, it came out. Michele was now well lubricated. She got onto the floor on her hands and knees and called Cody to her. He came immediately, sniffed her ass and started licking, and licking, and more licking. Michele told him to fuck her already. Whether he understood that or not, he got up onto her back and made some thrusts at her. Michele reached underneath, found his cock on one of his humps and guided it into her pussy. She gasped at the urgency she felt and encouraged him to fuck her, to mate her, to take her his bitch that has been away too long. He pumped with jackhammer intensity. He wanted release. Maybe he wanted her to know where she belonged. Maybe that was thinking about it too hard. But whatever, he pounded her and she moaned and groaned and encouraged him. Her voice was inconsistent with the pounding. Then she felt the knot forming and hitting her pussy lips. When she felt he was urgent to get it into her, she matched his thrust with one of her own. As it pushed into her, she pushed back against him. She also wiggled her butt, doing whatever it took to get that knot inside. When it finally was, she gasped and groaned again. It went so deep and the knot filled her up so well. He pushed harder and faster with the knot inside and she felt him going deep … and she knew her mother and father were intently watching and listening. She went over the top and orgasmed. Then, perhaps because of the contractions of her pussy, Cody slammed into her and held himself. She felt his spurts of cum splashing into her body. More and more it came. Yes, he had plenty saved up for her. There were still spurts but much less and they were tied. She wasn’t going anywhere for a while. The knot felt large and very firmly placed.

As she was trapped there on the floor tied to the dog, her mother came to her and kissed her on the lips. Then her father did. And she came again. Tim said to her parents, “Want to see something really interesting? Watch what happens when I move Cody back and forth with the knot inside her.” And he did. He took the dog and moved him in and away from Michele’s ass. Each time the knot rubbed across her g-stop and she shook. A dozen times and she was orgasming, yet again.

Her mom gave her another kiss and said, “Thank you, darling. That was absolutely beautiful. You are inspiring me to new heights of experimentation and challenge. But we’re going to go now and let you two get your rest. At least after the dog lets you. We will see you both at our place for dinner Friday night. I’ve talked to Tim. We can’t wait to talk about your honeymoon and watch the video with you. Promise us you won’t watch it until we can all watch it together. Love you.”

Michele thought, how strange is that? Tied to a dog and she is just carrying on a conversation like it is nothing. What a family we’ve become.


Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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