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Mama Shows Me Her Skills

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Mama Shows Me Her Skills
“It’s ok, mom. I don’t mind.” My mother was looking at my naked breast, my nipple standing up where she had just touched me, then pulled her hand back. It felt nice to be caressed by her. She has been lonely since dad left. And I’ve always been attracted to older women. I thought, “Why not share my body with her?” She touched me again and I let my eyes flutter closed at the gentleness of it. When I opened them, she had just put her mouth on my nipple and was suckling softly.

“That’s nice,” I said. My bare vagina was tingling as her hand rested in my hip. I wanted her to touch me there, to reach in between my legs and pleasure me the way I imagined only a woman could. She began to massage me, rubbing her hand back and forth, reaching around an touching my butt cheek. It made me so horny! Her tongue traced from my nipple up to my neck and back down.

“Take your teddy off,” I requested. She sat up on her knees and removed the lingerie, revealing her pert boobs and trimmed canlı bahis siteleri pubic hair. A tiny protrusion of pink darted out between her legs. It was so hot, I felt a trickle between my legs.

She rolled me on my back and ran her hands between my thighs, tickling and caressing. I couldn’t believe we were doing this! She kissed down my tummy, her hand beginning to play around my puss. She found some wetness trickling for the base and spread it up with her fingers, sliding over me easily. I inhaled suddenly when she touched me like that.

“You like that, baby?” she asked me, pleased that seemed to be enjoying it.

“I do, yes…” I said, feeling her rub me up and down there. She sucked at my nipples some more as she stroked with two fingers. She dug down into my butthole. I opened my legs to permit her better access. I moaned softly as she rubbed the wetness around, creating little circles around my hole, then pushing into it.

“Oh my god, mom…” I said, my head falling back makrobet in the pillow. She smiled at me, then positioned herself between my legs. Her breasts lay into the comforter, her butt sticking up where I could see it beyond my knees. She played with my lips and clit for a minute or so, seeming to enjoy exploring my details.

“You are so pretty down here,” she said. Then she laid her tongue flat on my clit. It hit me like lightning. I pushed my hips up into her mouth as she licked down, then up, then down. The rhythm owned me as mama ate my pussy like no guy ever had.

“Ohhhhh, mommmm, fukkkkkk yes eat my pussyyyy….” I said, using words she would normally tell me not to use. It didn’t seem to make sense to worry about it now that she was actually eating my pussy. And doing it so well! Her hands gripped me around the butt, pulling me open even winder so she could take more of me into her mouth. Her tongue flittered expertly across my clit, tickling and stimulating me with a makrobet giriş deftness that made me think she’d done it before.

“This isn’t your first time, OH! …is it, mmmmm,” I couldn’t even get a sentence out with the pleasure interrupting me.

“Ha, no it isn’t. I’ve done this before.” Her tongue seemed to envelop my clit as I felt a finger ease up inside me.

“Who….?” I asked. I was curious now.

She delayed a minute, her eyes playfully feigning innocence before she finally said, “Gina Fenmarch.”

Oh my god, Mrs. Fenmarch was married to the principal of my high school! I knew they were friends but, just…oh my god!

“Mom! In college, or..uhhhh, fukk…before you met dad..?”

“Um,” she said, her eyes dancing in that innocent way again, “last weekend…?”

Holy fuck my mother was going down on other ladies now? I felt two fingers enter my vagina and begin to thrust as she expertly licked my clit, slobbering an sucking until I peaked and came in her mouth. She rode me through the contractions as I pumped into her fingers, cumming and cumming with abandon.

Afterwards I watched her cleaning me up with her tongue and asked, “Do you think they’d let me join you…?”

She looked a little shocked, then smiled. “I’m sure they’d love it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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