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Making The Cake

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The characters portrayed in this story are at least eighteen years of age.

It’s been a while since I have come home to Maine from school. I go to college a few states over in Vermont. It’s roughly a six hour drive home, and all of it is highway driving. I found out that today’s class was canceled, so my three day weekend suddenly became a four day weekend. I had called my parents ahead of time. They had been planning a trip, just the two of them, to California to visit some relatives in a town two hours south of Los Angeles. That’s fine by me. I wouldn’t have minded seeing them, but then, I would have had some mad-crazy rules put on me again, and I don’t like those. I had formed a sort of half plan. I was gonna go home, dump all my stuff in my room that was now freakishly clean and devoid of my personality due to my Mother. Then I’ll visit my girlfriend.

Her name is Amber. She is absolutely amazing. Her eyes are the color of the Caribbean ocean with a streak of hazel to mix them up. Her hair is a wavy golden blonde with slight brown streaks to accent the color. She has a full, round face with a light complexion that always seems to sparkle when she smiles. Her body is well built. She isn’t skinny, she’s got curves. Just the kind of thing I like. A lot.

I smile every time I think of her. She’s like a ray of light that brightens up every lecture hall. Her clothes match her demeanor with their bright spring and summer colors. She usually wears a fairly low cut tank top with thin spaghetti straps in pastel colors, and she will wear ankle length skirts with them even in the dead of winter. It’s taken some convincing to get her to dress a little warmer that way she doesn’t freeze her toes off. Thinking about my woman helps to pass the time that I’ve spent driving. Normally, most of the ride I keep the radio on, but switching stations every border has become more of a nuisance. Besides, I can keep my mind occupied by thinking of my plans for the weekend. I can watch the snowflakes whip by at seventy miles an hour, and just drive while thinking of my woman.

I reach my hometown around noon; I had left at six fifteen that morning. It’s always sort of surreal when I pull into my hometown again. There’s always some new building or one of the stores from my childhood has closed down. That’s not to mention the changes that have happened at home. I take a right off the exit ramp and drive up the hill, taking a left onto Main St. The snow falls lightly on the ground. It’s only snow so far. There hasn’t been enough precipitation to create a coating of black ice on the ground. I take a turn onto a winding country road, then another left onto the street I grew up on.

Every house seems to creep by as if an invisible force field is slowing me down, yet the speedometer reads twenty seven miles an hour the entire way down the road. After a miniature eternity I see my driveway and mailbox. The driveway hasn’t been shoveled because of my parent’s vacation, but luckily there is only a couple of inches worth of snow on the pavement. I pull in and hear the crunching of tires on fresh snow. I turn the car to face the garage door and then slowly back into the space between the shed and a small copse of trees.

I turn off the engine and hop out, shutting the door behind me. I reach over the side of the bed and grab my travel bag, shoulder it and press the button on the remote garage door opener. I slip the button back into the pocket of my brown leather jacket and duck underneath the door before it fully opens. I shut the door, open the door to the house and walk into the mudroom.

I look around and take in the familiar smell of home. It’s one of those things you don’t realize you miss until you are only home for a couple of days at a time. Taking off my hiking boots and jacket, I notice the light on the phone’s answering machine is on. I walk over to it and press the button to play the message back.

“Hey James,” It’s my mother voice. She sounds so much older on the phone than in person. “Sorry we couldn’t be home. There are leftovers in the fridge and some deli meats in the drawer as well. Sorry we couldn’t welcome you home baby. Dad and I love you. Bye!” Typical thing parents say. Ah well.

I walk around to the front room and then up the stairs. I go through the door to my room and pitch my bag to the floor before falling face first on my bed. I let loose a sigh of comfort rolling onto my back, the image of my girlfriend pops into my mind. I see her vividly, and I see the two of us together and what we could be doing later today. I get up off the bed and feel the cloth of my pants strain against my erection. Gee, that was fast.

I re-adjust and head back downstairs. Why do the work myself when I can have a beautiful woman to make it that much better later? Back in the kitchen, I open the fridge. First things first, I’m damn hungry. I pull out some of the deli meat, cheese, and a pickle and throw it all together on some bread to make a sandwich. As an after thought, I grab a keçiören escort bottle of root beer and sit down at the counter to eat.

With my sandwich finished, I grab my jacket and head back out the door to my truck. I climb in and start the engine. Luckily the cab hasn’t cooled down all that much. I pull out of the driveway and onto the road again. A surge of excite flows through me leaving the landscapes a blur. I am going to see Amber again! Unconsciously my foot presses hard on the accelerator causing me to go about fifteen over the speed limit the entire trip.

Just the thought of being able to hold her warm body in my arms again and to smell her sexy womanly scent. To be able to bury my face in her hair and hold her close against my body. To feel her soft lips press against my mouth in a passionate kiss. Before I know it, I’m almost on her road.

I go careening around the corner onto Amber’s street and fly down to her yellow house where I almost hit her mailbox. The excitement is flowing so freely. It’s taken over complete control of my body, disconnecting my rational mind from everything. I back up and pull into her driveway, skidding to a halt before her garage door. I flick the engine off and am hopping out the door when a blur of color bursts out the house’s front door.

“Jimmy!” Amber screams and tackles me, shoving me against the door that I had just shut.

“Oof, hi!” I’m being smothered in the greatest hug of all time by Amber. Her hair smells like fresh fruit, and her clothes match those of a normal persons summer wear. She’s wearing a light blue tank top wit a white blouse over it. Her skirt is denim and she is wearing flip flops in the slush. “I missed you so much babe.” I manage to mumble with my face in her hair.

She pulls a bit away and kisses me softly on the lips. It’s as if it was our first kiss all over again. Electricity courses through my veins, causing every extremity to tingle. She wraps her arms around my neck, and I move one arm to around her back, and the other slides down to hold her sweet ass. I never want to end this kiss.

She pulls back to catch her breath and flips the hair out of her face with one hand.

“So, you must be happy to see me, am I right?” She smiles with a twinkle in her eyes.

I am suddenly very aware of my erection poking her just below the navel.

“Heh, well you know…”

“That’s ok Hun, I love you anyway.”

She goes to kiss me again, and drops her hand down, giving my crotch a little tweak that makes me jump. I take her kiss, and hold her head. I kiss her hard, real hard. Enough to feel the quiet moan she lets go. I pull away and kiss her neck lightly then I let our lips meet again. Finally Amber breaks off.

“Oh, sorry you must be freezing your boobs off Hun.”

Amber laughs, “Just kinda.”

“Ok then, let’s go inside.”

I make a sudden move. My left arm goes behind her back and my right one behind her knees, and I lift her up off the ground.

“Jimmy!” She squeals in two parts giddiness and one part fear. “Put me down! You’re gonna drop me!”

“What? Maybe you should have put some real shoes on. That way I wouldn’t have to save you from the vicious snow and slush.”

I carry her with her arms tight around my neck to the door leading inside. She grabs the handle and pulls it open as I turn sideways to fit both of us through the doorframe. There are stairs that lead up to the kitchen and a door to the garage. I carry her up the stairs slowly.

“James, you better not drop me.” She says seriously.

She only calls me James when she is either trying to get my attention, or being absolutely serious. The facade doesn’t hold though, and she bursts into a fit of giggles as I reach the top landing. Once she’s on her feet, she wraps her arms around my neck and I hold her around the waist. Her soft lips meet mine again, and we just hold each others kiss. It was beautiful.

When it ended, I started taking off my boots.

“So,” She said matter of factly. “I am going to make you a present, ok? Let’s see… What could I make for you…?” She pauses with a dramatic effect as I pull my arms out of my jacket and hang it up on the coat rack.

“Chocolate cake?” We say simultaneously.

I burst out laughing and sweep her up in another hard kiss, almost lifting her off the tips of her toes.

“That would be good.” I manage after a bit.

“Alright then. Hmmm… You need to help me though.”


“Because I said so, that’s why!”

“Good enough excuse. Ok, I’ll help you out.” She pauses, turning around, out of our embrace to pull a card out of a little brown box on the counter. “Ok, I need you to get me the cake mix, veggie oil, chocolate chips, flour, cocoa sugar and frosting. I’ll take care of the rest.”

She reaches into the cupboard above one of the counters. I start looking into one of the other cupboards.

“Hun,” She glances over at me. “Hun, Hun. The pantry.” keçiören escort bayan

I look over and open the pantry. Sure enough, everything is there on the shelf. I grab everything and put it all on the counter.

We throw the ingredients into the bowl one by one, Amber slowly mixing them into a batter. I watch her intently, the muscles in her arm flexing as she mixes the ingredients. She grips the bowl tightly all the while with a small smile on her face. I move myself behind her and put my arms around her waist. I move in close, pressing my body against hers.

“Oooh! Happy to see me are you?” She says, turning her head to look me in the eye.

“Just a little bit huh? I missed you babe.”

“I missed you too.” She says, snuggling her ass into my crotch, causing my hard on to get even worse.

I bite her earlobes lightly; nuzzling and kissing her neck, then sigh and rest my chin on top of her head as she mixes the cake mix. She finishes mixing the batter and sticks her finger into it.

“Here, try some.” She pulls it out covered in chocolate, then puts it in front of my mouth. I lick off the batter, sucking on her finger as she tries to pull it away.

“Tastes good to me! Your turn.”

I do the same for her and she sucks it all off, then bites onto my finger.


I take my free hand and dip it into the batter, pulling out a good sized glob of batter, the smear it onto the exposed tops of her breasts.

“Hey!” She exclaims, letting my finger go in the process.

She takes some more and smears it all over my mouth with a ferocious giggle. I laugh and return the favor. We both look like some little kid decided to do our lipstick and painted all around our mouths, but not actually getting our lips.

I twirl Amber around to face me, and plant a big kiss on her mouth. I lick off the chocolate as I’m kissing her, and biting her lips gently, pulling on them. She puts her arms around my neck again and we’re standing there, holding each other, making out in the kitchen and our faces covered in smears of chocolate.

“Are your parents around?” I ask after a pause.

“No,” She kisses me again, taking some chocolate and putting it on my nose. “They had to go to Florida to help my grand parents sell their condo.” She licks it off. “They’re gonna move back up around New Years Eve or so.”


I kiss her deeply, taking some more chocolate and putting it on her lips, then kissing her again. Our tongues meet together in brief flashes, as if they’re dancing the tango together. The taste of her kisses combined with the flavor of the chocolate creates a sweet, sexy taste.

She takes the blouse off, and I reach for the hem of her shirt and grab it with both hands. She puts her arms straight up in the air and I pull the shirt up, over her head and then toss it onto a chair by the kitchen table. Her lacey blue bra stands out in contrast to her fair skin tone. I reach around behind her, feeling for the clasp. Grasping it, I unhook both hooks and let the clasp fall free, instead, sliding the straps slowly off her shoulders and pulling it off her chest and down her arms. Her wondrous breasts fall free of their confinement, and I drop the bra to the floor. Somehow they manage to almost look larger out of the bra than they did with the bra on. Her nipples stand out, perky. They have a light pink color to them and look like two little pegs on plates.

I reach out and touch Amber’s breasts gently. Fondling them I step closer and she smiles up at me. “Did you miss them?”

“Oh, Yes I did…” I say, playing with her nipples.

I kneel down, my right knee almost on the floor. Still playing with her nipples I place her left one into my mouth, using my tongue to play with it. Teasing her. I bite on her nipple gently, causing a small gasp to come from her mouth. Amber reaches down and grabs my t-shirt, pulling it up as I suck on her nipple. I put my arms up in the air like she had done form me, and I let go of the nipple so she can pull my shirt off completely.

With my chest bare, I switch to her right nipple, and Amber places her hands on my shoulders, holding them tightly and letting the softest of moans escape. I swirl my tongue around the erect peg, nibbling lightly on it occasionally. She pulls my face away from her chest, and pulls me up to face her. She pulls me in close and wraps her arms around me and we kiss. Her bare breasts against the skin of my chest create the feeling of electricity flowing between our bodies.

I hold onto her breast as we’re making out. Occasionally tweaking her nipples and squeezing the breasts themselves gently. I she hold ms close and I Guide her to the counter, where she takes some chocolate mix and spreads it over her chest. I Lean forward and try to lick it off. My tongue flicking outward, removing the chocolate from her beautiful skin. Amber closes her eyes in bliss.

“I love you Jimmy…” She trails off as if lost in love.

“I escort keçiören love you too babe.”

I lick off the last of the chocolate and kiss each breast on the nipple. Then, slowly, I cover every square inch of her stomach with kisses. Starting with her breasts, I work my way down to her navel. Then to the hem of her skirt. Amber hooks her thumbs in the waist and pulls the denim skirt down, almost hitting me in the head as she does so. A sexy blue lace thong is revealed when she pulls the skirt off. Once it’s down to her ankles, she kicks it off across the floor.

“Careful Hun,” I laugh softly, as she giggles I kiss further along her smooth belly, and to the line of her thong. I kiss all along the bikini line, making her shiver and blush. I move my face directly in front of her covered pussy, and I kiss her inner right thigh. I move from her knee up to her pussy, the allowing my lips to trace across the fabric of her thong, I kiss along her left thigh, finally placing a deep kiss on her covered vagina, pressing in hard. Amber gasps deeply, and I hook my fingers inside her thong by her butt and pull them down over her ass, revealing her pink shaved lips to me.

“Oh, I see, you were prepared for this…”

“Maybe a little…” She sighs, and I give her lips a little lick and a kiss, making her shiver again. I pull the blue thong all the way down, sending it over to her skirt. I kick my socks off and send them over to my boots.

I scoop up some of the cake batter, and taking my index finger, I insert it into her lips. Her pussy is soaking wet and incredibly warm. I insert it just a little bit. My attention is focused completely on the pink flower before me. The sweet tangy smell wafts through my nostrils, making me even harder than I was before. I can feel myself throbbing away in my pants. I slip my middle finger in as well, and Amber falls back against the counter, propping herself up on her elbows. I move in close, and lick her wet pussy. I search a little bit with my tongue and find her clit. I rub it with the tip and Amber shudders violently, moaning loudly. I can taste the chocolate mixed with the tang of her pussy.

“Jimmy…” I work her clit furiously with my mouth, alternately playing with it with my tongue and sucking or nibbling on it. Each time I switch her whole body spasm uncontrollably. She’s barely able to hold herself up against the counter, and her knees are buckling. She moaning, and getting louder. Just for the hell of it, I insert two fingers into her soaked vagina. Amber screams out loud, spamming uncontrollably to the point that I need to take my free hand and support her myself. I fuck her hard with my fingers, pausing every now and then to tease her and let her regain some presence of mind.

I Pull my fingers out completely, and use them to separate her lips enough to see her pearly clitoris. I put my thumb on it and just hold it there as lick her open hole. Flicking my tongue in and out, tasting the sweet tang of her honey. In and out, around and around. My tongue moves like a snake, whipping back and forth, causing extreme pleasure for the love of my life.

At some point Amber pulls my head away from her crotch, panting and whispering to me. “No… No more… can’t handle…”

I grin innocently. “What? Can’t handle what?”

“Can’t handle… too much… please…” She gasps for a breath, her breasts heaving before me.

I help her stand up, and she’s shaking.

“How’d I do?”

“Oh… Fuck… Jimmy, oh fuck me…”

Hearing this response makes me shiver, myself.

“Well,” Amber cuts me off, grabbing the button mf my pants, and yanking the fly down.

She rips my jeans off, exposing my rock hard cock to the world. As I step out of my jeans, Amber grasps my shaft with her hand. I breathe in sharply, my eyes flaring wide open in half surprise at the suddenness of her actions and the pleasure of her hand on my cock. She begins pumping my penis fast and hard. I grab her head, and kiss her hard, and biting her lip. She goes to bend down like she wants to suck it, but I straighten her back up. I pick her up off the floor with a small squeal from Amber that makes me smile.

“I’m gonna fuck you on the counter.” I tell her matter of factly.

She nods and grabs my shoulder with one hand, spreading her legs open wide. Opening herself up to me, inviting me to enter her. Amber takes my throbbing cock and aims it at the opening. I’d do it myself, but it’s something she prefers to do. It’s a comfort thing. She pulls me forward, and my head reaches her lips, entering the opening. My entire shaft penetrates her slowly. I can feel the hot tight wetness crawl up my cock. Just going inside her gives me shivers. I can tell that Amber is having a similar reaction, because she gasps, her mouth forming a big O. I Kiss her lightly a few times and let her get adjusted before I start slowly gyrating my hips.

Amber shivers again. I move my hips back and forth, feeling the thigh walls of her muscles cling to my shaft. I push in and pull out, pumping her pussy slowly at first, then increasing the speed like an accelerating engine piston.

“Uhhh…” She lets a squeak go, letting me know I’m doing the right thing. Ambers hand goes into the bowl of chocolate cake mix, covering it completely.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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