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Luke and Leah Ch. 02

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Luke phoned Leah at work, in her office, and said, “Come downstairs, to the car park. I need you to suck someone’s cock.”

Leah sat there for a moment, looking at her work, her office, at her whole professional life. She sat there feeling excited and ashamed, and then she said, “Okay.”

He phoned her again when she stepped out of the lift. He must have been able to see the lift doors from wherever he was. “The red SUV,” he said. “The man in the back. Do it and then leave, and do it without saying a word.”

Leah nodded, nodding obviously, so Luke could see her, and then hung up her phone. She looked around, and found the car. It wasn’t one she’d seen before.

She hesitated, nervous, and then made herself walk over to it.

As she approached, the back door opened. Inside, she saw a man in a suit. She got in, carefully not looking at his face. She didn’t want to see it. She was imagining him as a stranger, as someone she didn’t know. She wanted him to be a stranger, because this was sexier if he was, so she was careful not to look at him in case it spoiled her pretence. She slid into the car, without a word, and pulled the door closed behind herself. She bent over the man trousers, and unzipped him, and took out his cock. She kissed it once, and then again, then put him in her mouth, and started sucking.

She sucked, and heard him make a little groan. He laid his hand on her back, and moved it a little, stroking her. Stroking the back of her white shirt, stroking downwards, towards her sensible skirt. Stroking clothes that were part of her professional life, she thought, wondering if that was actually what he was doing. She was wearing a suit without the jacket, because her jacket was still hanging in her office upstairs. She was wearing a suit, and her shoes were low and sensible, and her hair was up in a loose bun. She wasn’t dressed like someone who would do what she was doing, and perhaps that was part of what made this exciting for him.

It was for her, she thought. She was dressed for work, had been at work, and was doing this in her work’s carpark. It was dangerous and sexy and far too close to her real life, and was exciting because of that. illegal bahis It was completely silly, too. Anyone could be around. Someone she knew might see her. Her own car was only a couple of rows over, but right now, she didn’t really care. She sat there, bent over, sucking this man’s cock. Licking him, and sucking him, and sliding him in and out of her mouth.

As she did, his hand moved upwards. It shifted onto her neck, and in her hair. He held her there, trapping her against his body, pushing downwards a little, so she opened her mouth wider, and sucked as best she could.

Her mind wandered, as she sucked. She daydreamed. She thought about other things she could be made to do, and how much more depraved this could get. She thought about being told to come downstairs to give a blowjob, as she just had been, but getting there and finding two men waiting for her. Two, or three, or even more. She thought about being made to suck all their cocks, a lot of cocks, all of them wanting her mouth. She thought blowing them, but them getting impatient, and making her fuck them too. About all of them fucking her, using her, while she still did her best to suck them off, while she knelt in a car, in her work clothes, in her work carpark, downstairs from her real life. She thought about all of them finishing, all coming inside her, then imagined herself being pushed out the car. Pushed out, when they were done, without a care for her.

She wondered about herself, being turned on by that. She wondered, as she sucked. As she tasted the man’s cock, and felt the shape of him in her mouth, and listened to his gasps and groans, she wondered about herself and whether, as a fantasy, that wasn’t all a little odd. Some of the things that turned her on puzzled her, sometimes. Like what she was doing now, and like her daydreams as she did it. Some of that really was a bit strange, she thought, even though it was exciting her, too. She didn’t quite know why it was exciting her, but it was, so she kept daydreaming, as she sucked.

She thought about then all finishing inside her, and then her being pushed out of the car. She thought about them keeping her underwear, for some reason, and not letting illegal bahis siteleri her have anything to wipe herself with, either. So she had to just walk away, and go to the lift, and stand there waiting, self-consciously, awkwardly squeezing her legs together, hoping not to drip and make a mess so other people saw and knew what she’d just done. And of course, in her daydream, there was suddenly a crowd at the lift too. There were a dozen people watching, all her friends, her boss too, all watching her as she felt it ooze and drip and land between her legs, there on the concrete floor, giving her away. Or the lift had broken down, perhaps that instead, she thought, so they all had to climb the stairs together, and as they climbed, she knew, just knew she wasn’t going to manage without oozing and, she was about to be caught, and that excited her too.

Leah daydreamed, and sucked, and was a little surprised at herself, and how detailed and depraved her thoughts were. She liked the ideas, she was excited by those ideas. She just wasn’t sure why she was thinking some of them.

She knelt there, sucking, and trying to listen to what was going on nearby, as she did. Trying to keep her head down, to be discreet, since it was the parking garage of her office building, but tempted not to, as well. Tempted to sit up a little too much, and let her head come into view as she went up and down. She was excited enough to do that, almost. She was aroused enough that she almost wanted to masturbate while she sucked him, but that seemed like a bad idea. It seemed like it would be much more embarrassing, if she was actually caught doing both at once, so she didn’t.

She sucked, and suddenly a car went past.

Leah jumped, even though she’d half expected it to happen. She stopped moving, and listened carefully, trying to decide where the car had stopped. A few spaces along from them, she thought. Close, but not right beside them. Far enough away that the driver shouldn’t look into their car, walking past.

Leah stayed motionless, listening, still bent over as she had been, assuming she’d be much more obvious if she suddenly sat up. She waited, and nothing else happened.

The canlı bahis siteleri driver must still be in the car.

After a moment, she decided to keep sucking. It didn’t really make much difference now. She sucked, trying to keep the noises her mouth made soft and gentle, but the man groaned anyway. Groaned, as if this was much more exciting with someone else around.

Leah supposed it must be, or they wouldn’t be doing it at all.

She sucked, trying to listen over the soft slurping sounds her mouth made, and over the man’s rough breathing. She listened, and suddenly she heard a voice. A woman talking, nearby, and then a car door slamming shut and echoing around the garage. The person from the car, Leah assumed, and froze again. She heard heels tapping, and then the voice got quieter. It was probably someone talking on her phone as she walked towards the lifts, Leah thought.

She began sucking again, and moving up and down too. She sucked, and slurped more loudly now, and sucked deeper and harder, thinking she should hurry this up. She used her tongue, and stroked his balls, and moaned, as she sucked him into her mouth.

It worked, she was smugly pleased to realize. The man groaned quietly, and began to come. He spurted in her mouth, hot and thick. He came, and held her down on himself, and she swallowed as much as she could. She swallowed, and when he finished, he took his hand away so she could sit up.

Leah sat up, and wiped her mouth, and looked around, quickly.

“She’s gone,” Luke said.

Leah nodded, relieved. She was into their kinky sex, but was still thankful not to actually be caught. She looked at Luke, and kissed him, and then said, “You’re such a pervert.”

“I know,” he said, and kissed her back.

She straightened her hair, and smoothed down her shirt. She glanced around, and checked she hadn’t dripped, or made a mess.

“Whose car is it?” she said.

“A loaner from the mechanic. While mine gets serviced.”

“Oh,” she said, impressed he’d thought of that. “Clever.”

He grinned.

“I should get back,” she said.

He held out a bottle of orange juice. She was puzzled for a moment, then realized. So her breath didn’t smell of semen, she supposed. She took it, and swallowed a mouthful or two, then gave the bottle back.

“I’ll see you at home,” she said, and kissed him again, and then got out and went back to her office.

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